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Short View: The Main Foreign Policy Actors in the United States LONG KimKhorn, 61283, PUC, MA.

IRs &Diplomacy July 10, 2013 There can be ranked in different way of the main foreign policy actors from one country to another depending to political regime. For the US, at least there are three people that play as the main foreign policy actors president, vice-president, and secretary of state. There are few more like secretary of defense, national security agency, central intelligent agency, ambassador and councilor. Depending on the US constitution, president is the commander-in-chief of the arm forces that authorize the president the first importance factor of the foreign policy in the US but even though he/she is in-charge, she/ he has no direct right/ authority to declare war unless there is approval from the Senate. The second importance person in US foreign policy is vice-president. Mostly, vice-president responsible in humanitarian affair, peace negotiation, and policy compromise with the congress and senate and join the funeral ceremony of another countries. For example, vicepresident Joe Biden, vice-president of the US, always play the key role to negotiate and compromise the policy initiative of the president Barack Obama between the White House and the Capital Hill in the both two terms. The third importance person in the US foreign policy is secretary of state. She/ he is the only person who bring the message from the White House to others Head of States/ Head of Government and furthermore through its embassies and counsels all over the world. She/ he is the key person to decide the priority agenda of the foreign affairs fro the president including the clarification of others countries leaders in both bilateral and multilateral relationship. And the fourth man should be the secretary of defense in charge in military affair and Finally, that always play the very important tasks for the US is the group of diplomat all over the world through their embassy and counselor to protect the interests of the United States of America. -END-