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Faran Ghahremani

Subject Humanities Grade 8 Unit Mediaeval Societies Title The Crusades


- Across the Centuries textbook - The Crusades - Episode 4 (0:9 - 11:54) - Richard the Lion heart and Saladin (49:54) 39:40 - 4 thinking hats handouts APPLICATIONS OF SOCIAL STUDIES - identify and clarify a problem, an issue, or an inquiry - interpret and evaluate a variety of primary and secondary sources - plan, revise, and deliver written and oral presentations - to consider a specific situation demanding a decision from different perspective. - to make a final and informed decision after exploring and considering closely the details of different perspectives - to gain an appreciation and to advance their understanding of the dilemmas surrounding the crusades. - Ayden will volunteer at least one answer, response, comment, or report. - Ayden will demonstrate knowledge of personal behaviour by writing a journal reflection at closing - Ayden will demonstrate on-task behaviour



IEP Objectives


- students are engaged in their group discussion and are able to express themselves with clarity both to their group and to the class - students show a sound understanding of the subject as per their discussions and reports - Ayden volunteers and contributes to the classroom discussion - Ayden shows an awareness of her personal behaviour in her journal reflection - students can individually reflect on their groups discussion, comparing their own role with the responses of their peers, and writing out their final thought on the issue. Jay: - Group work (with self and peer assessment elements) - Time give time at the end of class for homework - A handout with the instructions on it along with the corresponding colour to ensure that all students have access to visual cue, especially for Jay Ayden: - will write in her reflection journal - She will have a timer for each timed part of the group activity - Non-verbal cues to stay on task - Multi sensory modes - Teacher will praise positive behaviour

IEP Assessment


Adaptations/ Modifications

Faran Ghahremani Opening Plan of the day: - 4 thinking hats - division of labour 4 Thinking Hats:
Explanation: Groups of 4 are to put themselves in the shoes of Saladin and Richard during the conflict of and try to decide what to do in this situation. Each member, based on their colour will represent a unique perspective. (UDL 1.2) The members of each group will take on the following perspectives: (UDL 5.2, 6.3) Yellow: Optimistic imagining all things going perfectly, identifying benefits, seeking harmony, and making a decision accordingly. Blue: Pessimistic imagining all things going wrong and making a decision considering the worst case scenario. Pink: Emotions (UDL 7.1) intuitive or instinctive gut reactions or statements of emotional feeling no need for justification Grey: Logic considering purely what information is available, applying logic to facts, and making a decision while being cautious and conservative.



Video: (UDL 2.5, 5.1) The Crusades - Episode 4 (0:9 - 11:54) Personal Response: (UDL 4.1) students are to decide: What should Christina do? according to their colour, they begin writing down their ideas. Group Deliberation: (UDL 8.3) in their groups, each colour begins to share their view Final Decision: (UDL 9.3) the groups can now discuss together, outside their colours role, on what would be the best course of action. Video: Richard the Lion heart and Saladin (49:54) 39:40 the students watch and talk about how Saladin actually responded. Closure Home Work Catch Up: Students will have a chance to get a head start on their homework for the day (it could include homework from other classes) - Ayden will write in her reflection journal

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