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Saboor 1 Farasat Saboor Kelly Turnbeaugh EN-1010-029 Aug 08, 2013 Annotated bibliography Being as pregnant in a teenager couple.

C.K. , Wren. "The Disadvantages of Being a Teen Parent. ehow. N.p., n. d. Web. 20 Jul. 2013. Summary: Being as a teen parent have facing problems such as finical problem, health problem, social life and other problems come up in their life. Mostly problems start in teenager is less education, because in the researches mostly teen left their school in the early ages.
According to the March of Dimes, over half of children born to teenage mothers live in poverty and 75 percent of unmarried mothers will access welfare by the time their child is 5.

Evaluation: In C.K. research, I am agree with his research paper because in his article he talk about the disadvantages of being a teen parents, he explain his article very simple and educated way so its easy to understand for everyone. Reflection: My reflection about his article, we should teach our kids and explain all these matters in a very deep details so our kids understand what is good or what is bad. So they can easily differentiae. This article is a good start to show our kids of different people researches about these kind of matters that we are facing for so many years.

Saboor 2 Edwards, Janet Rich. "Teen pregnancy is not a public health crisis in the United States. It is time we made it one." 31.3 (2002): 555. Print. Summary: In Edwardss research 98% pregnancies in US after age of 14, these numbers are very high according to the biological risk factors in teenager because that cause problems in our generation. What we have alternative to stop or at least prevent this problem because they are our future generation for the country. Evaluation: If we look at his article title thats tells you everything we have to unite as a one team. And fight against the pregnancy in teenager because in the researches almost 98% in US teenager get pregnant in the age of after 14.these are big numbers thats cause problems in our teenager that we are seeing every day. Reflection: My reflection about his research is very optimistic and we have to work together especially parents. So we can teach some good lesson to our teenagers. K, Shelly. "10 Tips for Talking to Your Teen about Marriage. Yahoo! Contributor Network. N.p., 30 Aug. 2006. Web. 20 Jul. 2013. Summary: In her research how she describe the top 10 tips for every one especially as a parent to teach our kids and share everything with them so they can learn what is good or what is bad. Because sharing experience with your kids is very important. Evaluation: In shelly research is very creditable for everyone because the way she describe to the parents how to explain our teenager about marriage life. And how to get their marriages life successful

Saboor 3 Reflection: My reflection about her article, its good to teach our teenager and explain everything in front of them, but we have to make sure our teenager keep inside the boundary. Parents responsibility is not limited to explain everything and then say go whatever you want because we done from our responsibility thats my way to keep my kids safe. May be I am very protective parent. Lyons, Linda. "Teens' Marriage Views Reflect Changing Norms." Gallup. Education and Youth Editor, 18 Nov 2003. Web. 24 Jul. 2013. Summary: In the research of Linda explain how the religion and non-religion teenager effect on their lifes because in the research mostly problems in their lifes those who have no religion or we can say that those teenager hardly to go their churches, basically not in practice. Also in the article of Linda tell us mostly girls are pass through the divorce process as compare to boys. Evaluation: In the Lyons research she did individually researches on teenager and when they get divorced and what ages they get married all these kind of important stuff that help us to understand. Reflection: My reflection about her research she proof all the important matters that is important to understand for me and for the audience; too. Because if the article shows you the picture, graphs its easy to stay in my mind, because pictures click in my mind so quickly and fast. And stay there for a long period of time. Thats a good point of her research that I like it.

Saboor 4 Mennell, Charissa. "Risk Factors for Teenage Pregnancy. ehow. N.p., n. d. Web. 20 Jul. 2013. Summary: In this article Pregnancy is a normal process of a woman, but pregnancy in a teenage its an invitation of problems that you are going to invite you in your life and with your kid most problems in teenager facing its health. In a research of "national campaign to prevent and unplanned pregnancy babies born to teenage mothers are 50% more likely to become victims of child abuse. Evaluation: In this article she describe a pregnancy how it work for a women, but if its a teenager then situation is almost opposite. Because teenager having problems about in health wise and a lot of different problems they have to face. Reflection: My reflection about this and all other article I hope our teenager learn something from all these researches and save our next generation. Because teenager marriages are not successful in their life that all researches proof it. And almost all these unsuccessful marriage turns into divorce and especially turns into pregnancy, that is not also a good sign for our young youth, and later having problems in their lifes. Always think before you do anything please dont go with the flow. Because mostly teenager think thats so cool, but thats not true.