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1. Substructure
Work Below Lowest Floor Pad footings, pile cap, column stump, RC
Finish grade 30 ground beams, ground floor slab,
water proofing membrane, formwork
2. Superstructure
Frame RC grade 30 columns, beams and roof beams
Roof Timber roof trusses and clay roof tiles with
layer of insulation and sisalation soil, gutter
and RWDP, fascia board.
External wall Generally 115mm thick half brickwall,
plastered with cement and sand, damp proof
Window and external Solid timber flush door, decorative timber
door flush door, sliding door, timber casement
window with timber louvers with full sets of
Internal wall and Generally 115mm thick half brickwall,
partition plastered with cement and sand
Internal door Solid timber flush door complete with sets of
ironmongeries, PVC door
3. Finishes
Internal wall finishes Cement and sand plastering with emulsion
paint generally 1.8m high glazed ceramic
tiles to toilet, timber wall finishes
Internal floor Timber strips or unglazed ceramic tiles,
homogenous tiles to toilet, cement and sand
External finishes Weather shield paint, timber coat and
4. Fittings and Referred to Interior Design’s works
5. Services
Electrical installation Electrical supply and fittings
Plumbing installation Soil, waste, and ventilation pipe system, cold
water services storage water tank.
Sanitary Appliances Water closet; wash basin and other sanitary
Fire protection Fire extinguishers
6. External work
Timber decking Timber decks
Steps Timber steps
7. Landscape Referred to Landscape Architect’s Drawings
8. Preliminaries Referred to Landscape Architect’s Drawings

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