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Paige Shaw ESL Speaking and Listening Sample Syllabus Target audience- English as a Second Language/ middle school

Skill Level- beginner (novice low-mid)Student has possibly had some instruction in English but is not comfortable with the language and has a low vocabulary. Allotted time- two 9 week terms that meets 3 days a week for 50 minutes each time (in an actual course, daily topics would vary based on the actual topics and themes in the students other courses)

August 5-9 Unit 1Getting to know each other Greetings -common phrases -listen to a video clip of people being introduced -introduce yourself to your classmates

Useful expressions and Origin -express confusion or understanding -ask for clarification or explanation -tell where you are from Telling time -expressions of time -talking about our schedules and comparing the differences between the U.S. and home Sports and leisure activities -find out about popular sports and games in the U.S and other countries -Learn expressions for some board games and sports games (Literature) -learn about several genres of popular literature -read several exerpts of the most famous literature and find out which classmates like to read and what they like to read

Describing yourself -learn about physical traits and personalities -make comparisons with others in class -speed friending introducing yourself and describing yourself to others Computers and internet -using a search engine -checking and writing an email -social media -use expressions by playing some board games or other games in class -Share time describing favorite hobbies and sports (Art) -Learn about different types of art: architecture, painting, drawing, sculpture etc. -Look at images of some famous art -learn about size and dimension to describe some types of three dimensional art

August 12-16

August 19-23

School -items in the classroom and subjects -how many classes do you have and what is your schedule Hobbies -Learn about the hobbies of your classmates and others

August 26-30

Music, literature & art (Music) -popular singers in the U.S -learn about and listen to types of music and analyze lyrics

September 2-6

Labor Day- No School

Shapes colors and patterns -Review types of art, music and literature -view images of different art forms and describe them using shape color and pattern vocabulary Getting to places -find out where we go each week -compare U.S. customs with your own -practice telling each other how to get somewhere in town using direction vocab. -read short story about a road trip gone bad -answer comprehension questions -discuss the ending with your classmates Cooking -learn about recipes -find out each others secret family recipes and their ingredients -use expressions of quantity Restaurants ctd. -ordering in restaurants in the U.S -the check and the tip -review of units -practice dialogue at the restaurant in groups- 1 student is the waiter and the others are dining

September 913 Unit 2- Where am I anyway?

Where am I anyway? -getting peoples attention -asking questions -video clip of someone giving directions

Students choice Show and tell- talk about any of the previous topics Writing workshop -write about your favorite show and tell topic of another classmate Driving and buying in the U.S -learn about traffic and your car -make a transaction at the gas station (using money terminology and gallons) Share time -tell the class about a time when you got lost/ran out of money using the vocabulary from this and the previous week Presentations -present your prepared dishes to the class -talk about the foods you like and complement each other on their dishes Students choice -Bring an article from a magazine about food and explain it to class -Oral exam- out to lunch with the teacher

September 1620

September 2327

September 30October 4

Making and spending money -making a deposit and cashing a check at the bank -going shopping -learn about sales Grocery store -identify food and grocery store vocabulary -make a transaction at the grocery store -express what foods you like Restaurants -learn about different types of restaurants -find out how often your classmates eat in restaurants -read and understand the menu

October 7-11 Unit 3- Dealing with day to day issues

Monday -What things do you normally do in a day? -Who does chores? -learn about different chores

Wednesday Family Members -how big is your family? -chores and family in the U.S. and in other countries -vocabulary around the house Everyday Problems -talking about accidents around the house: dropping, spilling, and breaking things -talking about other problems using simple past tense Fall Break! no class Going to the Doctor -what to expect in the Dr.s office -describing symptoms In the office -vocabulary around the office -talk about what goes on in the office at school Seasons -talk about the weather and seasons -what holidays are associated with certain seasons in the U.S and in other countries

Friday Cooking and Cleaning -vocabulary and expressions for cooking and cleaning -using commands to make family members help around the house Watch video and discuss the everyday problems that occurred with your classmates -write about an everyday problem that you have had in the past

October 14-18

-more chores around the house -practice using commands and doing chores- role play

October 21-25 October 28November 1 November 4-8 Unit 4- The Modern World

Getting sick -types of illnesses -home remedies The Modern World -work- learning about different types of jobs -find out what kinds of jobs your classmates want to have Listen to a phone conversation and discuss with classmates -create dialogues for different types of phone conversations ex: ordering pizza, buying merchandise, asking your parents to go to a party. Create a dialogue for talking to your friends about the weather

- types of medication -Practice using vocabulary and phrases in the Doctors office Friends -what do you like to do with your friends -talking on the phone Weather -How is the weather today? -learn about different types of weather -listen to a weather forecast and discuss whether you think it is correct or not

November 1115

November 1822

November 2529 December 2-6

Traveling -means of transportation -where have you been and distance and where would you -talk about your favorite like to go vacation -learn how to say the names of other countries Thanksgiving holiday- No School! Students Choice -presentation on topic of your choice Students Choice -presentation on topic of your choice

Students Choice -presentation on topic of your choice

December 9-13 December 1620

Review of units 1 & 2

Review of units 3 & 4 Christmas Break!!

Oral exam