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P-Primary S-Secondary

Key Question

Methods (P/S)
Pathway analysis (P) Access audit (P) Activities in the area (S) Land Use map (P)



Possible Improvements
I could add more categories to my access audit. Find more categories for my land use map.

Does inequality exist between disabled and non-disabled people in Kings Heath?

Using the pathway analysis you can see the perspective from a disabled/nondisabled person and use the paths a disabled person would use and time how long it would take to walk up the high-street and then compare it to a non-disabled persons time. Show inequality because if there are no paths for disabled people it may take longer for them to walk from one place to another. Using access audit I can see how much shops are accessible for disabled people e.g. if there are steps taking you to the shop or a flat surface etc. Also see how many traffic lights/pathways there are for disabled people. Activities in the area show which activities are available for disabled people.

By doing the pathway analysis you may make assumptions about certain disabled people so the pathway analysis may not be accurate.

ATTIYA REHMAN Does inequality exist between young and old people in Kings Heath?

P-Primary S-Secondary Access audit (P) Land use map (P) Pathway analysis (P) Activities in the area (S) Bus timetables/routes (S) The access audit can be used to see what target audience the shop is aimed for and who may visit it. Land use map shows bus stops and telephone boxes and could show inequality as it would be harder for older people to access things which are far away. Bus routes show how anyone can easily travel from one place to another Activities in the area show which activities may be available specifically for each gender. The activities in the area may not show which ages the activities are available for. Find the times buses leave from Kings Heath which can be linked in with school children if buses come at the appropriate times etc.

Does inequality exist between male and female people in Kings Heath?

Activities in the area (S)

This information may not be available on the website.

Add more categories to the access audit so this can be used to measure inequality between genders.