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Yongin Youth Retreat Center 2009-Design: Kyungam Architects Associates ATTACHED TO THE NATURAL TOPOLOGY OF THE MOUNTAIN THE

ECO-BRANCH IS A INCUBATOR FOR OUR FUTURE YOUTH. JUST AS A BRANCH IS CONNECTED TO A TREE FOR LIFE THE NEW YOUTH CENTER IS CONNECTED TO NATURE. THE MASS FORM ALSO ALLOWS USERS CLIMB THE BUILDING LIKE ARTIFICIAL TOPOLOGY AND ITS CLIMBING SEQUENCE SYMBOLIZES THE GROWING YOUTH. ALL THE MEETING AREAS ARE TIED TOGETHER INTO A MEETING ZONE TO CREATE A SENSE OF COMMUNITY. Yongin Youth Retreat Center - Building Information Location: Yongin, South Korea Site Area: 98,288.00 Building Area: 5,806.66 Gross Floor Area: 15,872.27 Bldg. Coverage Ratio: 5.7% Gross Floor Ratio: 14.37% Bldg. Scale: B1~5F Use: Youth Retreat Center Exterior Finish: THK 18mm double glaze, exposed concrete Design: Kyungam Architects Associates Ltd.(Changki Yun, Seungjoong Yang, Jaeyoo Yoo) Client: Yongin District South Korean Youth Retreat Centre images / information from Kyungam Architects Associates 2009 Kyungam Architects Associates Ltd. is a Korean-based company

Description of Project:

A Youth Center need to be build from where a variety of programs can be presented to children from different age levels through out the year. The Youth Center building should provide for the following: Pre-school:

At least three rooms/areas for a Day care/ Pre-school Facility for children from poor families Outdoor play and activity area for pre-school kids

Primary school and teenagers

At least three big rooms where older children can be taught new skills (computer, music, photography, English, leadership, and craft making) Sports and recreation area for older children

Communal areas: - Cafeteria or kitchen area where meals can be prepared - A Big meeting room/hall where all children can meet and where indoor sport can take place; concerts are hold etc - Boarding /accommodation for pre-school students from Day Care Center that can not stay with the families - Boarding/ accommodation for homeless teenagers or kids from dangerous family situations(separate dorms for boys and girls) - Bathroom facilities - Teaching rooms for English, crafts, music, computer classes Office area 1.2 Programs and services presented from a Youth Center:
1. 2. 3. 4. Day Care Service: children younger than 3 Pre-school Center: children 3-6 Kids Club meetings for older children: Teenagers Information regarding HIV, childrens rights, abuse etc

5. Hot line service for Children 6. Holiday programs for all ages 7. Leadership Development program for teenagers 8. Sport, Music, computer, craft and English Teaching 9. Scholarship Program 10. Recreational activities and social programs 11. Accommodation facility for children from troubled families

2. Location of Youth Center: The ACF is considering developing this Center in the Kathu area because of its central situation. Kathu area is also on the bus route and will be accessible to children. Patong will be too expensive to develop unless the Government can make land available. Since this is a rather big project enough land should be available in order to have the necessary space for the different buildings that will be part of this project. Enough land should also be available to develop an outside recreational area as well.
The International Youth Centre (IYC) was formed with the support of the Malaysian Government through a Cabinet decision on 6th February 1985. IYC functions as an institution for international youth development programmes as well as a hub for international youth NGOs to establish their offices in IYC. A well known Japanese Calligrapher, the late Tan Sri Kampo Harada donated 1 Billion Yen. The foundation was established as a non-profit organisation and registered under the Companies Act 1965. (Company Limited by Guarantee and Not Having A Share Capital). The Board of Trustees consist of five (5) members from Nihon Shuji Education Foundation, Japan and six (6) members from Malaysia including the Chairman of the Board headed by the Secretary-General Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia. The decision to name the Secretary-General as the Chairman was recorded in the Cabinet Paper and in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of IYCF (MAA). The centre was officially launched on 16 April 1988 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia (Rt. Hon. Tun Dr. Mahathir B. Mohamed).

Roy McMurtry Youth Centre : By Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects The site is an existing 40 hectare institutional site which was initially surrounded by agricultural fields. The Surrounding Community is now single family, suburban housing outside the Greater Community of Toronto. The site was cleared of an existing womens prison, with the exception of two buildings, which were maintained and renovated as part of the Youth Centre. Eight new buildings have been added to the site to provide services to 192 youth offenders, 32 girls and boys, aged 12 years to 17 years old. Over 300 staff members, volunteers and family members and visitors are included in the Immediate Community of the Youth Centre. These are intended to generate a positive attitude toward the public occupation of regional suburban roads. Intensifying the public use of the non-secured areas of the site is critical to the success of this Youth Centre, both in promoting a healthy public understanding of the ideals of the institution and the residents understanding of their place in their society.