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Overview of the Functional Areas of a Bank

Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 10:45PM | Adrian Keys | 0 Comments and 0 Reactions | Share Every bank will reflect its own culture and personality which flows in many ways from the structural characteristics of the bank. How the bank is structured will depend on management expertise and understanding of the banking function, the regulatory framework and the resources available. Regardless of the circumstances, all banks will in some way mirror the following: Overview of Functional Areas of the Bank The bank is layered into divisions and units. There are 7 divisions: Financial Control Financial Reporting Budgetary Planning and Control Tax Planning Financial analysis and planning Marketing and Investment Services General marketing for the Bank Marketing the banks liability products Product Development Treasury and Asset Management Cash Management Asset Trading Institutional Liabilities Management Asset Management FX Trading Product Development HRD and General Services Personnel Management (Recruitment, Training and Development, Compensation, etc) General Services (Purchasing, Bearer Services, Utilities, Building Maintenance, Filing and Photocopying, Reception Services, etc) Corporate Banking Credit Services Private Banking Financial Advisory Product Development Operations and Compliance Transactions processing

Transactions verification and approval Monitoring for Regulatory Guidelines Securities administration Credit administration Information Technology Evaluation of banks information needs Evaluation of software and hardware requirements Systems Development Systems Maintenance Technological Assistance in Product Delivery - See more at: http://www.keysian.com/bank-operations/2011/12/14/overview-of-the-functionalareas-of-a-bank.html#sthash.ZzvAVYU8.dpuf