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Lecture 00

Introduction Adnan Alam Khan


First Class Tasks

Write your email-ID on a paper with your cell#. Selection of Class Representative. Please share your Cell no and Email ID with the class. Why it is important?

Faculty will email you assignments on your email ID. It is necessary to submit your assignment weekly. One assignment means 1.5 marks. Total Marks=15 Any query you may call 0336-2722-577. Please write email subject: >CG Gulshan BB-1234 Assg-1< fb: adnan_kiet@hotmail.com Adnan Alam Khan

Grading Policy
Finals=50 marks Assignments=15 2 Surprise Quizzes=10 Class participation=5 One Mid-Term Exam=20

Teacher Copies Checking policy

Mostly faculty choose questions from your weekly assignments. It is necessary to focus your weekly assignments. Mid term examination duration is 2 Hours. Faculty will not entertain you in the examination Hall.