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Falmouth Elementary School Program of Studies Grade 5

ELA 5 Components of the 5th grade ELA program: Math 5 Students will be using the Everyday Mathematics program. The program is organized into mathematical content strands that cover a number of skills and concepts. Everyday Math is rich with language and builds on what the students were taught in previous years in Falmouth Accelerated Math Accelerated Mathematics at Falmouth Elementary School is a program designed to meet the educational needs of students who consistently demonstrate superior performance in mathematics classes. Every Day Math Units Number Theory Estimation and Computation Geometry Division Fraction, Decimals, and Percents Data Exponents and Negative Numbers Fractions Area Probability Answering literal and Interpretive Questions using the Better Answer Formula Narrative, expository, descriptive, poetry writing Writing process Grammar and Spelling Complex story elements to support comprehension Reading informational texts Research process Supporting opinions through text

The accelerated mathematics sequence uses the Connected Mathematics Project units beginning in grade 5 (heterogeneous classes use CMP materials in Grades 6-8). Science 5 Three six-week units are taught through hands-on lessons with a focus on observation and inquiry. The units are: 1. 2. 3. Earth Science - Students learn about different forces that change the earth's surface. Human Body -Students learn about systems in the body with a focus on how the parts of our body work together for movement. Energy - Students learn how energy is all around us, the transfer of energy, and the variety of forms energy takes in our world.

Social Studies 5 There will be 3 units with an overall focus of U.S. History. Unit 1: American History Timeline (Approximately 3 weeks) Learning Targets: Students will understand that history is sequential. Students will understand that the Colonial Era and American Revolution resulted from what came before and helped determine what came after. Unit 2: Colonial Era (1607-1763) (Approximately 6 weeks) Learning Targets: Students will understand that people came (or were forced to come) to America from different countries and regions (Great Britain, France, Spain, Africa) during the Colonial Era for a variety of reasons (religious, economic, and political). Students will understand that the Colonial Era settlers had to overcome many hardships (environmental, economic, and cultural) to survive and thrive in a new land. Students will understand that regions within the 13 Colonies developed differently (religiously, economically, and politically) and those differences sometimes led to conict. Unit 3: American Revolution (1763-1783) (Approximately 6 weeks) Learning Targets: Students will understand that the American Revolution had political and economic causes. Students will understand that the Americans won because of the way they fought and because the French helped them. Students will understand that the success of the American Revolution resulted in the creation of the United States of America. Spanish 5 In this course, students begin using the language by learning to hold short conversations about familiar topics such as the school day, making friends and describing people. We focus on oral

communication and pronunciation, and explore the culture of Argentina in an interdisciplinary unit.

Art Gr 5 Students in grade 5 art will review and expand their knowledge of art vocabulary and skills in hand built clay methods, color theory, and drawing. Major units of study include clay sculpture in the round, the use of tempera paint and brush control as they learn how to mix a range of hues, and how to vary line, value, and texture with their drawing tools. They will be encouraged to problem solve by working on introductory processing activities related to their major lessons. Band 5 5th grade band is the first year of instrumental music instruction at the Falmouth Schools. In 5th grade band, students learn basic playing techniques, instrument care, music reading and ensemble performing. Students receive instruction in small group lessons and rehearse in a large group setting. All lessons and rehearsals occur within the school day. Chorus Gr. 5 Open to all students regardless of previous experience. Students will begin learning basic solfege, score reading, begin 2 part singing and basic healthy vocal technique through a variety of repertoire. Students will also have the opportunity to participate on stage in the musical in years in which it occurs. Gen Music 5 Students will experience creating, performing, listening to and analyzing different genres, cultures and eras of music. Units of study may include medieval music, noise induced hearing loss and opera. Students will use a a variety of instruments including recorder and Orff instruments. Phys Ed Gr 5 The 5th grade P.E. curriculum is designed to expose students to activities that promote personal wellness and physical well-being. We will focus on non-competitive activities such as jump roping, scooter boards, rollerblading and snowshoeing, along with other health and wellness activities in order to make exercise fun. Although some introduction to team sports is included so that the skills learned in grades K-4 can be used, active participation and making every child feel successful (challenge by choice) is the primary goal. Both small sided and large group games are introduced in grades 5 and 6 as well as the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge. Health 5 The 5th grade Health curriculum is designed to help students develop awareness and responsibility for personal health and well-being. We will focus on health and wellness with an emphasis on physical, social and mental/emotional health. Topics will include wellness, communicable disease, foods and nutrition, and growth and development (puberty).