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CE 611: Advanced Structural Mechanics Homework #5, Autumn 2013 Assigned: Thursday, Sep 05 Maximum Marks: 10 Due: Tuesday,

Sep 10

Use Matlab/Scilab/Python, or similar other languages for matrix manipulation. Submit your input and output les (e.g., .m, .sce, .py) along with a .pdf of your solution as a zipped (.zip) archive. 1. Analyse the three-storey frame (Figure 1) using the generalised exibility method. Moment of inertia of members AD, BE and CF is 3I ; DG, EH and FI is 2I ; and that of other members is I . Solve for support reactions and member end forces.
3kN/m 90kN J 4kN/m 30kN G H I K

2kN/m D E F

Figure 1 2. Analyse the pin-jointed plane frame (Figure 2) using generalized exibility method for the following support conditions: (a) There is no displacement at support E. (b) The horizontal displacement at support E is 6 mm towards right. Axial exibility of each member of the frame is 0.02 mm/kN.
G F H 1m E 4m 4m A B C 50kN 4m 4m 100kN 4m 50kN D

Figure 2