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Secondary School Technological Design TDJ 3MO Mr. Balian Unit 1- Careers & Presentation Techniques

Careers Research Journey of a Designer Layout Design Application

Introduction slide showcases the career with visuals and strong use of typography. All slides seem to be from one design package- Principles of harmony and continuity are applied. Presentation showcases visuals that are proportional to the layout design. Produced minimum five slides Rough Thumbnail sketches demonstrate layout design exploration

Typography Communications
Appropriate font selection to the chosen career. Content is readable- appropriate font size and colour. Hierarchy of information through the use of type is well executed.

Content Knowledge & Thinking

Content is readable and to the point Produced one page summary handout with referenced content

Professionalism Communications
Presented the work with interest while maintaining eye contact with audience


Level 1 5

Level 2 6

Level 3 7

Level 4 8 9 10