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After watching the video…

Answer these questions:

Is there many people in that farm?

Which animals are there in the farm?

Are there fences?

Is there a cat in the house?

Does the cat like Babe?

Does the pig help the farmer?

Match the questions with the answers:

Do the farmer and his wife get up early? No, there aren´t.
Are there tall buildings? Yes, they do.
Do the sheeps help Babe? Yes, it does.
Does the pig talk to the sheep? Yes, there is.
Is there quiet in the country? Yes, they do.

Choose the correct word:

There (is - are - isn´t) ____________ houses in the country.

(Does - Do - Is) ____________ the dog help Babe?

There (isn´t - aren´t - are) ____________ lions in the farm.

(Do - Is -Does) ____________ the pig cry in the video?

There (isn´t - is - are) ____________ a pond in the farm.