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2518 October 10, 2013

To Fellow Early Childhood Education Instructor:

Subject: Lisi Yu I have been requested to write a letter of recommendation for Ms. Lisi Yu based upon her performance and aptitude during her enrollment within ECE-1414; Early Childhood Curriculum, Method and Field Work, Winter 2013 semester. Please accept this letter as my recommendation of such. During the time period of her enrollment, I served as an adjunct instructor in the Early Childhood Development discipline at the Oakland Community Colleges Highland Lakes campus. Ms. Yu accepted the task of completing coursework with an emphasis on teaching methodology and curriculum. The course concentrates on the developmentally appropriate practices with children from three to five years of age. It includes concepts of active learning, adult-child interactions, daily routines, classroom arrangement, developing goals and objectives and planning, early learning standards, observation and assessment, team teaching, and parent involvement. Utilization of a holistic, research-based curriculum approach to teaching is emphasized. Students implement a variety of activities with children in an approved childcare setting. Course includes 45 hours of fieldwork in a single, licensed, early childhood education facility (Oakland Community College Course Catalog). I can report that I found her professionalism, attention to detail and overall execution of her tasks to have been exemplary. Yours truly,

Crystal D. Sanford-Brown

Crystal Sanford-Brown Manager of Campus Affairs Royal Oak and Southfield Campuses 739 South Washington Ave. Royal Oak, MI 48067 cdsanfor@oaklandcc.edu

Manager of Campus Affairs Royal Oak/Southfield Campus 739 S Washington Royal Oak MI 48067-3898