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Karen Sullivan

EDCI 535 Leadership & Supervision in the School

Leadership Project Fall 2013

Part A. Proposal June, 2013 Leadership Goal

For this leadership class, I plan to organize parent meetings to introduce and inform parents of their 7th grade students middle school and ways they may help their student become more successful. I want to help parents feel welcome and valued at their students school. I want them to be comfortable coming to school and volunteering at school. Research proves that parent involvement is one of the greatest factors in ensuring a childs success in school. Parental involvement also can help reduce discipline problems which allows teachers be more effective in the classroom. Parents of 7th graders are my main audience, with an option to include 8th grade parents. I have already recruited help from Kimbrough Middle School principal, counselor, a classroom teacher, and the school PTA. Depending on the number of programs and the topics to be addressed, more teachers and staff will be recruited.

How I Will Achieve My Goal

During the Open House scheduled for Thursday, August 22, 2013, I plan to distribute literature and ask teachers to explain Kimbrough Middle School and Mesquite Programs designed to inform parents about curriculum and computer access to grades and other relevant information. This evening will also allow a time to welcome parents and invite them to 3-4 other evenings during the first semester. Other meetings and topics are tentative, but will include programs such as anti-bullying.

Data Supporting the Need

Research supports results that students success and parental support and involvement have a positive relationship. Many private and charter schools require parent involvement because they know that students perform better and behave better when parents are committed to their childs education. In my years as an educator, I have discovered that parents who are aware of their childs school and support teachers have better behaved children and children who take their academics more seriously. (more facts and data will be researched and presented)

Leadership Opportunities
This project provides me with the opportunity to organize and direct meetings with and for parents. Organization skills for data, materials, and programs will be needed to accomplish my goals. I have already discussed and recruited help from other staff members. Since I am not an expert on each topic I would like parents to be informed about, I will find people who will be able to educate parents in various areas. This is an opportunity to organize and plan, but also delegate some responsibilities.

My campus principal will be involved in discussions and final decisions concerning topics to be addressed and dates for programs. Campus counselor Donja Turner will be involved in

presentation of program concerning bullying and other such programs. Teacher Michelle Weed will instruct parents in use of computer based grade programs and availability of other internetbased information. As topics and dates are finalized, other teachers or staff will be recruited to assist with programs.

Preliminary List of Target Dates for Cohort 2013 BY

May 2013 May 2013 June 3 June 7 Early June June July August -early

Activity to be completed
Met with principal to obtain approval for project Select project journal style Submit proposal to Dr. Naizer and Susan Williams Get feedback and revise proposal accordingly Provide revised proposal to principal Begin gathering materials, conducting research on the project, and communicating with involved persons. Continue preparation and communication. Develop materials for distribution. Meet with principal to discuss and finalize project plan.

August- before Meet with cooperating teachers, staff and parents. Confirm dates school start date and presentation topics. Discuss needs and expectations. September 9 September (date TBA) November December 1 December 6 The Family Place presents information about anti-bullying and social media and how students might use it. Parent Connect instruct parents in ways to check on students grades, contact teachers through email, and find school websites. Help parents communicate with teachers and staff. Project evaluations for parents and staff. Collect and analyze all data. Finalize part B and draft Part C Submit completed project report to eCollege

My Personal List of Target Dates BY

May June 3 June August August 22 September September Sept or October

Activity to be completed
Principal approval for project Proposal submitted for further guidelines and suggestions Research topics and data for parent meetings Finalize topics, dates, and personnel to assist Open House information and surveys for parents Schedule program for parents presented by The Family Place Schedule information/training for Parent Connect Plan other Parent Education night as requested on surveys

After our last Issues class in May, I went to my principal, Alane Malone, to explain about the Leadership Class and the project. She already knew about the class, because other Cohort members had discussed their projects with her. I explained to her my desire to have meetings for parents to inform and educate them about Kimbrough M S and all the programs available to them for information and for involvement in the school. I explained that I planned to have informational type meetings similar to the Parent University sponsored by Mesquite ISD, but wanted it also specific to Kimbrough. We agreed that when parents are more aware of their students school and programs, they are more supportive of teachers. We discussed the Open House date in August and said we would plan the other dates later. Since that discussion, I have approached other staff for their assistance.

Outcome Assessment
Program evaluations will be included in each meeting for parents and staff. Final evaluation will be requested from teachers and appropriate staff to access programs and suggestions for any future parent programs. Example included below: ____________________________________________________________________________

Parent Open House Survey Kimbrough Middle School

1. How much does a busy schedule prevent you from becoming involved with your childs school? Not at all A little bit Somewhat Quite a bit

2. How much does your child not wanting you to contact school prevent you from becoming involved with your childs school? Not at all A little bit Somewhat Quite a bit

3. How much does feeling like you dont belong prevent you from becoming involved with your childs school? Not at all A little bit Somewhat Quite a bit

4. How involved have you been with parent groups at your childs school? Not at all A little bit Somewhat Quite a bit

5. What suggestions do you have for improving parent/teacher/school communication in insure academic success for your child?

6. What type of programs or topics would be of interest to you? What time of day/evening would be convenient for your schedule?

7. Do you know what parent/groups/resources are available at Kimbrough?