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TITLE DERMOLIPOMA OF CONJUNCTIVA INTRODUCTION -Dermolipomas are solid choristomas which present as lateral canthal mass .

have characteristic appearance and are usually asymptomatic and patients present with cosmetic blemish. Surgical removal must be conservative aimed at removing visible tumour rather than acheiving complete removal PURPOSE - To report an interesting case of dermolipoma MATERIAL AND METHODS - 10yr old female child , torch , slit-lamp biomicroscope , snellen's visual acuity chart , direct ophthalmoscope DISCUSSION - 10yr old female patient presented to OPD with complaints of mass from lateral part of the right eye present since birth ,which was initially small in size but gradually increasing in size and associated with pain. On examination white to pale yellow-pink mass from conjunctiva near lateral canthus with a definite anterior border 5mm from the lateral limbus is seen and there was no posterior limit seen.The surface was pale, moist and keratinised and had a single, long, dark hair . The underlying tissue varied from solid white to glistening yellow fat . Ocular motility was normal. No features of Goldenhar syndrome noted . Vision was 6/6. Rest of anterior segment and fundus and left eye were with in normal limits. RESULTS - Surgical excision was performed to improve cosmosis. Complete excision without extensive dissection was possible Excised tissue showed a mixture of fat and fibrous tissue with occasional interspersed sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Differential diagnosis of dermolipoma must be kept in mind for all lateral canthal masses