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Determine the outside diameter of hollow steel tube that will carry a tensile load of 500 KN at a stress of 140 MPA. Assume the wall thickness to be one-tenth of the outside diameter. 2. A force of 10 N is applied to one end of a 10 inches diameter circular rod. Calculate the stress 3. What force is required to punch a 20-mm diameter whole through a 10-mm thick plate. The ultimate strength of the plate material is 450 MPA. 4. A wood-stave penstock of 1.8-m diameter is wrapped with steel hoops and subjected to a fluid pressure of 380 KPA. If the allowable tension in the hoops is 42.4KN, what is the maximum hoop spacing in mm? 5. A steel pipe 1.5m in diameter is required to carry an internal pressure of 750 KPA if the allowable tensile stress of steel is 140 MPA, determine the required thickness of the pipe in mm. 6. A spherical pressure vessel 400-mm in diameter has a uniform thickness of 6 mm. the vessel contains gas under pressure of 8,000 kPa. If the ultimate tensile stress of material is 420 Mpa, what is the factor of safety with respect to tensile failure. 7. A metal specimen 36-mm in diameter has a length of 360 mm. a force of 300 KN elongates the length by 1.20 mm. what is the modulus of elasticity. 8. A steel wire 5-m long hanging vertically supports a weight of 1200 N. determine the required wire diameter if the stress is limited to 140 Mpa and the total elongation must not exceed 4 mm. neglect the weight of the wire and assume E=200 Gpa. 9. An axial load of 100KN is applied to a flat bar 20 mm thick, tapering in width from 120 mm to 40 mm in a length of 10 m. assuming E=200 Gpa, determine the total elongation of the bar. 10. A steel bar 50 mm in diameter and 2 m long is surrounded by a shell of cast iron 5 mm thick. Compute the load that will compress the bar a total of 1mm in the length or 2m. use Es=200Gpa and Ec=100Gpa 11. A 10-m long simply supported beam carries a uniform load of 8KN/M for 6-m from the left support and a concentrated load of 15KN 2-m from the right support. Determine the maximum shear and moment. 12. A cantilever beam AB is 4-m long and is fully restrained at the left support A. the beam is loaded with a uniform load of 600N/m over a length of 2-m from the free end together with a clockwise couple of magnitude 4800-N-m at the tip B. Determine the maximum moment. 13. A beam 8.5-m long is fixed at the left end and supported by a roller at a point 1.5 m from the right end. There is an internal hinge at a point 2.5-m from the fixed end. The beam is loaded by a clockwise couple equal to 50 KN-M acting at a point 1m to the right of the fixed end, a downward concentrated vertical equal to 12 KN acting at a point 4.5-m to the right of the fixed end and a downward uniform vertical load equal to 5 KN/M starting at a point 4.5-m from the fixed end up to the right end of the beam. What is the maximum bending moment? 14. A truck with axle loads of 40 kN and 60 KN on a wheel base of 5 m rolls across a 10-m span. The maximum moment in the beam is? 15. A beam of circular cross section is 175-mm in diameter. It is simply supported at each end and loaded by two concentrated loads of 90KN each, applied 300-mm from the ends of the beam. Determine the maximum bending stress in the beam.

16. A cantilever beam 3m long is subjected to a uniformly distributed load of 30kn per meter of length. The allowable working stress in either tension or compression is 150 MPA. If the cross section is to be rectangular, determine the dimensions if the height is to be twice as great as the width. 17. A simple beam has a span of 5 m. the maximum moment in the beam is 69KN-m, the allowable bending stress is 138 MPA. The required section modulus is? 18. The structural I-beam supporting a floor caries a floor load of 4.6 KN/m2. The beam span 6.0m and are simply supported at their ends. Determine the center-to-center spacing if the allowable stress in the beam is 120Mpa and the section modulus is 543x103 mm3. 19. A steel shaft with a constant diameter of 50-mm and a length of 6.5-m is loaded by torque applied at gears fastened to it. Gear A is located at the right end with a torque T, Gear B is 3m to the left of A with 1200N-m torque, Gear C is 1.5m to the left of B with 1300 N-m torque and Gear D is at the left end with 800 N-m torque. Use G=83Gpa. a. What is the angular deformation of BC in degrees? b. What is the total angular deformation of the shaft in degrees? 20. A 6-m long cantilever beam has a rigid support at the left end. It is loaded by a trapezoidal load, 15kn/m is at the left end and 5kn/m is at the right end. Draw the shear and moment diagram of the beam and locate all points of zero shear and zero moment.