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Small Group Reading/Project Learning

Fifth Grade Round 1 Start Date Tuesday, October 14th 8:15-9:30



Monday Thursday 8:15-9:30

Focus: Informational Texts that integrate with science & social studies concepts. Focus: Force & Motion, Industrial Revolution Essential Question How can technology impact the quality of life? **This will begin after Mrs. Whitings students complete their current literature circle book selection.

Bubble Group NiJayah F&P Q-S Jane Katie Remmy Lacie Phoenix Dorian Eric Haden Jarvin Advanced TBA Readers F&P T and above

Monday-Thursday: Self Directed Literature Circle Friday check in/conference date

Week 1 Tentative Outline J Tuesday Rollings & Jackson Gather some quick feedback using Lino wall app regarding what they consider good reading and collaboration to look and feel like. Discussion about expectations, set norms, and ask clarifying questions.

Introduce Edmodo group define purpose and how we will use this as a communication tool - iz88dr Challenge: After defining technology and what this word means, students will use the google doc link on Edmodo to do notice/wonder chart about technology in the world around them. What do they notice? What do they wonder? Wednesday Rollings & Jackson Notice/Wonder chart reflection discussion look for common patterns. Guide students to wonder why these technology examples were invented? Use this to guide conversation as we read informational articles. Review good reading/thinking strategies (Lino wall) Review vocabulary words to know perseverance, poverty, obstacles, generator Locate geographical points to know (google earth) - Sierra Leone Open and preview article (Edmodo to access) A Young Inventor article (DISCUS) Use PDF Annotate to read and discuss informational article, A Young Inventor Challenge: What motivates the boy in this article to improve his community? What would motivate you to improve your community? Students can document their thoughts/reflections however they choose (Edmodo, Lino, journal, etc.) Thursday Rollings & Jackson Share motivation reflections (from previous day challenge) Teacher make notes in Explain Everything to capture interests & motivations. Have students go back to article and re-read, locating examples of words the author used to create emotion in audience (using PDF Annotate to reflect thinking).

Teacher makes a web/list of these words (using popplet lite) facilitating conversation about why and how these words are important and powerful. Could the author have chosen other words to convey emotion? Have students generate their own list of words that they might use to create emotion related to what motivates them to want to take action (using popplet lite) Challenge invite students to review a list of inventions made during Industrial Revolution. What interests them? What would they like to learn more about?