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Introduction to the KBSR English Language syllabus Interpretation of the syllabus - Components and organisation of curriculum specifications - Syllabus items and Curriculum specifications - relationships between syllabus items and curriculum specifications

What is a syllabus?
A list of items to be covered (Chitravellu, 2005) Does not specify:- amount of time spent on each item - In what order the items need to be taught

What a syllabus is
Spells out what needs to be taught in any one year KBSR syllabus planned in 1993 needs to be interpreted. Its a unit organised thematically

What is Curriculum Specification?

Spells out the aims of the English language education in Malaysia in this terms: English is taught in both the primary & secondary schools in Malaysia. Its position is that of a second language. It is a means of communication in certain everyday activities and certain job situations. It is an important language to enable Malaysia to engage meaningfully in local & international trade & commerce. It also provides an additional means of access to academic, professional, and recreational materials.

Components and organisation of Curriculum specifications

Task: Study the CS Identify the way it is organised What are the headings specified? What does each heading contain? Write key words to describe each heading.

Relationship between syllabus and Curriculum specifications

Task: Study the syllabus and its features What is the relationship between the syllabus and Curriculum specification?

Task : identify the following in the CS

Themes Learning outcomes Specifications and levels Language skills and Language content Concept of the integration Teaching-learning strategies and activities

Discuss the components and organisation of the curriculum specifications Identify syllabus items and Curriculum specifications of the Year 3 KBSR Englsih Language syllabus Analyse relationships between syllabus items and curriculum specifications