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air systems

Practice Bomb

BEX 11
With smoke signal cartridge CART-SN B-11


The BEX 11 practice bombs are intended for air to ground practice attack operations by aircraft, simulating bombs of the MK 82 type and similar, able to be launched from the

Overall length Maximum Diameter Distance between sights Weight Cartridge weight Cartridge length Cartridge diameter

571 mm 102 mm 355.6 mm 11.25 kg 70 g 112 mm 25 mm

bomb bay, from conventional pilones or from launching devices of the SUU-20A and SUU-20B type. The smoke generated by the smoke signal cartridge permits identification of the point of impact to a distance of 1500 meters, allowing evaluation of the precision of the launches carried out. The body of the practice bombs is constituted of cast iron.

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