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What is the population?

This research is basically to find out the impact of supportive role of different financial institution on new business startups. Therefore, we visit different financial institutions like, , Small and medium enterprise development authority (SMEDA), Bank Al-Habib, Meezan bank, chamber of commerce, Bank Islami, , Burj Bank, Silk Bank, Adamjee insurance, , East west insurance, Allied Bank, State life insurance and many new entrepreneurs Rawalpindi and Islamabad. So, the populations for this study are the entrepreneurs and managers. What is the sample size? Sample size: our sample size would be 100 and that would be based on new and existing entrepreneur, bank manageress. Sample characteristics: we will get our questionnaires filled from different age groups from banking sector, loan officers, and branch managers, new and existing entrepreneurs. What type of data will be used? Primary data would be used to collect the required data, for this proposes we will get questionnaire filled by targeted population which is entrepreneurs and bankers. How the data will be collected? Questionnaire will be used to collect data from new and existing entrepreanurs and bankers to collect data. What are the sources of data? Study will be basically about the affects of financial institutions on entrepreneurial culture in the country, so we would need primary data and sources would be bankers and entrepreneurs. Time Horizon With the help of our developed questionnaire required data was collected from different manager and entrepreneurs during January to June 2013 and research would complete in June 2013.