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Vicksburg is mostly known for its affect and how it affected wars during its beginnings but not all are about the wars and what happen there are also books about how life was back then. The one book that does tell about the history of Vicksburg is the book "the Vicksburg Campaign that Open the Mississippi." It doesn't just tell about the battle of Vicksburg, but it starts from the begging's of Vicksburg to the end. It wasnt all about the battle Mr. Ballard inputs peoples emotions and affect from the war and what changed them.

Michael B. Ballard tries to get readers to understand Vicksburg and why it was important during the war to accomplish the goal; Ballard explains everything in detail for you to see what happen during a scenario, and inputting the civilians input on the war and how it affected them. While the Mississippi region was a source of supplies for the Confederacy, especially Vicksburg but Lincoln did not agree that it was part of their life line of supplies. Vicksburg was not an easy. This explains the author's decision to focus primarily on the city itself and exclude some related battles, such as the Port Hudson campaign; this is an understandable decision given the scope of Union operations in Mississippi in 1862 and 1863. Another valuable facet of this book is that success but took many battles to attack the city its self. Ballard inputted different back stories from different people and civilians and how the union reacted to the southern civilians. Ballard treats the officers involved on both sides with an even hand, acknowledging their success and their failures. While John Pemberton's limitations as a Confederate field commander are laid out in stark relief, Ballard also explains Pemberton's difficulties as a result of problems in the Confederate command structure. John McClernand, on the other hand, is credited for his military abilities, but his acerbic personality. Ballard tries to make sure to show both sides greatness and failures, particularly excessive caution during his fall 1862 battle of northern Mississippi. But some of these assessments would be more credible if Ballard had examined available manuscript sources. Neither Grant's nor Joseph Johnston's papers are listed in the bibliography. This seems to be a curious oversight given the important roles played by both men in this campaign. Even though these shortcomings, Ballard has made his goal by making a great and useful on the strategic, military, and social aspects of the Vicksburg campaign in a single well-done book. I would suggest this book to anyone who seeks interest in the civil war.


The end of a long and gruesome war wages on the people who are in charge of the fallen and the one who survives. That power is above any soldier no matter who you are and one of them was President Lincoln (1860-1865). He was a man who controls the union army to respond against the hot dreadful south. Most of The time he would worry about the war, and hoped for a solution to stop it... After time again and so many battles Lincoln decided it was time to finish the war by attacking the confederates supply town and the most important one is Vicksburg. The war was coming to an end and was some to be a union victory. President Lincoln was coming to conclusion of wear to hit the south next and make an end to the war. Lincoln and General Grant decided the only way to win is to hit at the heart of the confederates supply route and areas that produced the product for their military. This was a good plan and a good strategy but where would they start first? The only way to win is to find a city or main route until a few days later Lincoln wanted control of New Orleans and Vicksburg. The reason for this is because of New Orleans gets supplies from other countries to support the confederates and Texas supplies goods by trade to Vicksburg.

Before I get to in-depth with civil war I want to remind what power is and how it relates to the great leaders during the civil war. Power is the ability to do something or act in a particular way, esp. as a faculty or quality. This is important to know in order to understand what Im explaining. Power is everywhere but in this case when comparing the civil war we are talking about who had great power and how they overcome obstacles. To continue with the story Lincoln has ordered his navy fleet to attack New Orleans and continue up north on the Mississippi. It was in the month of April of 1862 that New Orleans was captured and the union from the north took Memphis later on. The union has surrounded the town of Vicksburg and the confederates are low on food and supplies since the union controlled all main supply routs Vicksburg was planned to fall; after a long month of fighting Vicksburg fell into union hands. Lincolns risky moves and the bravery of his men lead the war to a union victory on April 9, 1865 wen General Robert E. Lee surrendered in Virginia. If you are interested in the last battle of the civil war I would suggest this book who seeks interest in the war.