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Chiayo Portable Sound System

Highly functional portable amplifier with CD or CD/ Cassette Player built-in. Multiple microphone
facilities. Convenient plug and play design, easy to use, suitable for lectures, classrooms,
conference, sales presentation, outdoor activities.

Portable Sound Amplifier

Victory 2000 Challenger 1000 Focus 505

For the more sophisticated

All in one system suitable for Offered with CD player or you tech savor generation, a MP3
both indoor and outdoor can opt for a digital MP3 with built-in 64 MB memory
applications. Two ways recorder (64MB memory) and and a slot for CF card is also
speaker system with 85 with 75 Watts RMS power available. 30 Watts RMS power
Watts RMS power output.. output..

Smart 300 Coach 400

Coach 400 is truly

wireless! Battery
operation eliminates all
cables so you can take
Most compact & lightweight it anywhere! With max
Portable PA. Truly output of 40W..
cordless! Battery operation
eliminates all cables. 4” full
range speaker system with max
output of 30W..

Infrared Wallmount Amplifier

Beltpack Amplifier
IWA 200/220 IWA 300/320 BA-280

45 watt RMS single

or dual channel with
Built-in 1 infraRed
receiver module -
Option for a second
Built-in IR sensor. IR module possible.. Compact, lightweight,
Extra port for external
loud and mobile.
IR sensor, Max.
Rechargeable function
Amplifier power 20W
for economical use.
at 2 Ω load & with
Built-in charging
built-in 6.5" 4

Gooseneck Microphone System

GMW-200/ GM-200

Cardioid gooseneck
microphone included. Push-
To-Talk and Locked-To-Talk
buttons. Strong zinc die-cast
metal base with non glare
black finish..