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Grade 2 Homework (Week 11): Distributed: Friday, November 15th 1. 2. 3.

Due: Friday, November 22nd

Literacy: Read your leveled reading book aloud to your parents for 15-20 minutes per night. Remember to fill out your reading log. Turn in your Reading Log on Friday. Spelling: Go to the Spelling City Website at: http://www.spellingcity.com/grade2bifs/ Then click on your Spelling List. Try one activity per night. There will be a spelling quiz on Friday. Literacy: After each time you read this week, practice retelling the main events of your nightly reading to your parents. Here are good retelling Retelling Learning Targets for Grade 2 students to aim for:

1. 2. 3. 4.

I can determine what is important to tell when retelling a story. I can retell the events of a story in sequence. I can tell a story expressively, not using the words from the book exactly, but in my own words and voice. I can retell a story with correct information. 4. Mad Minutes Ask your mom or dad to copy the addition worksheets which your teacher gave you recently. Practice a different Mad Minute sheet about 3-4 nights per week depending on how much or how little practice you need. Be prepared for a 1 minute quiz on Thursday or Friday of every week. PYP: On the A3 sized paper that your teacher gave you on Friday, practice being an architect and sketch a house design that fits with a specific climate. Your choices include the following: -A house for a family of 4 in a very hot, dry climate where it hardly ever rains; it is very hot during the day but it is still cool at night -A large house for a family of 8; they want to live at the edge of a rainforest in a hot climate where it often rains -A large for a family of 2 adults who both have very high paying jobs); they want to live in a crowded urban city where the weather has 4 seasons -A house for a family of 4, who live in the mountains; they want to enjoy mountain air and scenery; the summers are both cool and warm but the winters are cold and snowy -A house for a single person who moves around a lot and does not want to stay in one place; he or she wants to be able to enjoy different sceneries and weather conditions -A house for a family of 6 people (which includes 2 grandparents); they live in a hot climate near a river or beach; during summer it rains a lot and sometimes this causes flooding This project can not be related to the model house which you are building in class this week. Also, you are not allowed to copy a house design, rather you need to create your own design that is unique, creative and uses your imagination. Please give a title to your house design and write the climate or climates that it might be in. Its up to you whether you color the design or not. Please make sure to use a ruler.


Optional Bonus Homework: Math: Log into www.brainpopjr.com with this user name: bifses and password: brainpop. Watch a variety of Math videos and try the hard quiz for each one. Print out your quiz results or email them to your teacher. For every perfect score on a quiz or quiz with only 1 wrong, you may receive 2 stickers. Literacy: In class you have been doing activities adding post-its into books that you have read in class. On the post-its you have written one of the following symbols = !, ?, V, x, /, or T-S, T-T or T-W. Then, on the post-it you wrote a question, exclamation, visualization, disagreement, agreement, text to self connection, text to text connection or text to world connection that you thought of while reading the book. Read a book from the library, your home, class, etc. and add in 10 or more post-its with the symbols and sentences that we have been learning in class.