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Bigger Is Better!
The New Honda 6-Speed Transmission


Changing Times in 2013

Another CVT; Subaru Lineartronic-CVT


ZF6HP21/28/34* (Gen. 2) Sonnax Solutions!

*These parts fit both M-Shift and E-Shift valve bodies unless otherwise noted.



NOTE: Install spring inboard.



Zip Kit ZF6-GEN2-ZIP

E-Shift, Upper Valve Body


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E-Shift, Lower Valve Body

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11. 3. 8. 7. 11. 5. 11.

Tool Required

1. 11. 4. 2.
Part Number

Low converter pressure/lube failure Overheating Harsh lockup apply & release Excessive TCC slip, RPM & related codes Converter overheat, low TCC release pressure Excessive TCC slip/cycling RPM Harsh/Erratic line pressure Broken parts Delayed/No reverse Poor shift quality

1. Oversized Lubrication Control Valve Kit 2. Oversized Converter Release Regulator Valve Kit 3. Oversized Bypass Clutch Control Valve Kit 4. Pressure Regulator Sleeve 5. Oversized Pressure Regulator Valve Kit 6. Oversized Solenoid Pressure Regulator Valve Kit 7. Clutch A & E Control Boost Valve Kit 8. Oversized Clutch A & E Control Valve Kits 9. Oversized Shift Valve 3 Kit 9. Oversized Position Valve Kit 10. Valve Body Accumulator Piston & Spring Kit
Set of 7 Fits 7 Locations Set of 2 Fits 2 Locations Fits Either of 2 Locations

F-95740-TL71 & VB-FIX F-95740-TL5 & VB-FIX F-95740-TL73 & VB-FIX

95740-71K 95740-05K 95740-73K 95740-29K

F-95740-TL69 & VB-FIX F-95740-TL17 & VB-FIX

95740-69K 95740-64K 95740-28K

Gear ratio/solenoid codes, wrong gear starts Delayed engagements Delayed/Harsh forward engagement Flare/Neutral on 5-4 downshift Flare upshifts or downshift bind-ups Pressure control out-of-range codes Harsh reverse engagement Burned D1 Brake Burnt A, B & E clutches Various shift complaints

F-95740-TL66 & VB-FIX F-95740-TL72 & VB-FIX F-95740-TL74 & VB-FIX F-95740-TL75 & VB-FIX

M-Shift Only E-Shift Only

95740-72K 95740-74K
M-Shift Only E-Shift Only

95740-75K 95740-15K 95740-27K 95740-30K

Firm up/downshift and/or engagement Erratic EDS solenoid control Soft/Inconsistent shift feel

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11. O-Ringed End Plug Kit 2 Large & 6 Small Plugs 7 Plugs 12. O-Ringed Internal End Plug Kit

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The New Honda 6-Speed Transmission: Bigger Is Better! Page 4

A Fresh Look at Voltage Drop Testing Page 22

Another CVT; Subaru Lineartronic-CVT Page 14


4 14 22 FUN WITH TRANSMISSIONS: The New Honda 6-Speed Transmission: Bigger Is Better! by Bill Brayton TALES FROM THE BENCH: Another CVT; Subaru Lineartronic-CVT by Jarad Warren A Fresh Look at Voltage Drop Testing by Steve Bodofsky 6T70/6T75 Changing Times in 2013 by Steve Garrett Partners Robert Truitt and Justen Beakley Earn Their ATRA Masters Certifications by Steve Bodofsky 36 38 42 44 52 Five Ways to Sabotage Your Business
by Nancy Friedman

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UP YOUR BUSINESS: New Game New Strategies

by Thom Tschetter

Shoes Matter: Ideas for a Shoe Policy, Volume 5, Number 5

by the California State Fund

SHOP PROFILE: The Voice from the Back of the Room Transmission Technicians, Massapequa, NY by Steve Bodofsky ATRAS 2014 Powertrain Expo Speaker Lineup

2 FROM THE CEO: What is Progress?
by Dennis Madden

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Partners Robert Truitt and Justen Beakley Earn Their ATRA Masters Certifications page 34

What is Progress?
rogress. I think thats something we all strive for to one degree or another. But what does it mean and by whose definition do we apply it. Progress to one person might seem like a disaster to someone else. In simple terms I think we can characterize progress for people in the transmission-repair industry as doing what you like to do, doing it better today than you did yesterday and getting paid well to do it. The old adage; do what you love to do and youll never work a day in your life really fits here. All the change the transmissionrepair industry has seen over the recent years doesnt change the fact that the vast majority of rebuilders still love rebuilding. I spoke with several shop owners at the recent Powertrain Expo in Washington DC who would rather close their shop than become just an R&R facility, essentially buying and installing units. Rebuilding is what they do and they love it. So the challenge is to find areas to expand your business while maintaining your identity as a transmission rebuilder. We discussed new business ideas at the recent member meeting, 2


by Dennis Madden

which took place at ATRAs Powertrain Expo. One idea that met with favor was returning to the area of wholesale work. Wholesale work is nothing new. However, what is new are the needs of the general repair shops that might want your service. In the old days general repair shops werent interested in installing units. They had plenty of work and it was easier to just send the whole car to the transmission shop. Today, they face the same challenges as many transmission shops; keeping the technicians busy. Sending a car out to a transmission shop doesnt do anything to help with that. So the answer for them was to buy a unit and install it themselves; which is where we are today. So, wholesale work today means selling units, not working on the car. Is this a viable approach for business expansion? Depends on who ask? For some, this risk of over-the-counter work is too great. Others see this as an opportunity to provide better service than their current transmission provider. In fact, one of the management sessions at Powertrain Expo (presented by Dave Riccio) was on that very topic;

how a traditional transmission shop could compete for wholesale work and provide superior service due to being local. Something else discussed at the meeting was the idea of ATRA administering a warranty program designed specifically for use with over-the-counter transmissions. The ATRA board of directors has embraced this idea and is working on just such a warranty. This has spawned other thoughts for point of sale and technical literature; all designed to help ATRA members wanting to expand their wholesale business. And lastly, ATRA has commissioned a new study targeted toward general repair shop owners to find out what they really want and need when it comes to transmission repair. That way, well be better able to help ATRA members reach this market and provide the best service possible to them. Sometimes, taking an old approach and repackaging it to meet the needs of your customers is a terrific way to bring in new customers and put some excitement back into your business. For me, thats progress. GEARS December 2013

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The New Honda 6-Speed Transmission: Bigger Is Better!


The New Honda 6-Speed Transmission:

by Bill Brayton

Bigger Is Better!

Figure 1

onda has brought out a few new transmissions in recent years. All of these units carry on the tradition of a stick shift built inside an automatic transmission style. Honda now has a 6-speed transaxle, and this very large unit carries on that tradition (figure 1). The new 6-speed is standard equipment on several Acura models and the 2014 Odyssey. In this edition of Fun with Transmissions, well take a ride through this unit and check out what separates 4

it from its predecessors. These units, while unique, arent something to be afraid of. Parts are readily available for them, and, when done correctly, they can be very profitable. The first and most obvious difference from past units is the solenoid body (figure 2). This body houses seven solenoids: four permanently mounted PWM solenoids and three replaceable on/off solenoids. There are also three pressure switches on the solenoid body. These green-colored switches close

when pressure rises to 36 PSI and open back up when pressure drops to 31 PSI. Theyre used as an input to the computer to control shift timing. The PWM solenoids are clutch pressure control (CPC) solenoids A, B, C and D. These solenoids control shift and lockup feel. This unit doesnt have CPC valves of any kind. Clutch apply and release oil flow through the clutch pressure control solenoids directly to the clutches, much like a 41TE. GEARS December 2013

The on/off solenoids are shift solenoid A, shift solenoid B and the line pressure solenoid A. This is the first Honda transmission ever to incorporate a line pressure control solenoid of any kind. The line pressure control solenoid doesnt control the line pressure rise, but rather line pressure reduction. The line pressure solenoid turns on to reduce pressure during low engine load conditions. The purpose of lowering line pressure is to reduce friction in the unit and increase fuel mileage. In addition to the solenoids and switches, the solenoid body has 11 short feed pipes connecting the solenoid body to the main control body. These tubes also have screens that face into the

solenoid body and must be clean and free of all debris for proper transmission operation. The end with the O-ring closest to the end of the tube faces out.

Failure to install the tubes correctly could lead to an improper seal in the bores (figure 3).

Figure 2

Figure 3

GEARS December 2013

The New Honda 6-Speed Transmission: Bigger Is Better!

Rebuild Techniques

After removing the main case from the bellhousing, the first thing to notice is the very large oil baffle (figure 4). This baffle keeps oil up on the gears where it belongs to prevent the lack-of-lube damage that has plagued other Honda units in the past. Its extremely important to use the correct pullers to remove the bearings from the shafts. Pulling on the gear to remove the bearing will cause gear tooth damage every time (figure 5).

As Easy as 1-2-3-4

Once the baffle is out of the way and the bearings are removed you can start to remove gears and shafts. Now, if you follow the factory manual for the next step, youd have to have two people and possibly a third to lift the mainshaft, countershaft, secondary shaft, and the idler gear shaft out of the case at the same time. But theres a better solution:
Figure 4

Figure 5A

Figure 5B

GEARS December 2013

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The New Honda 6-Speed Transmission: Bigger Is Better!

The shafts in this unit dont have to be removed from the main case together as the factory manual instructs. Instead, you can remove the shafts in four easy steps: Step one remove the second gear from the countershaft. Step two remove the mainshaft. Step three remove the third shaft. Step four remove the 2nd and 5th clutch drum from the secondary shaft (figure 6). Now all thats left to do is grab the secondary shaft and countershaft and Viola! out of the case they come, along with the idler gear shaft. All the shafts are out of the case, with no strained muscles or busted knuckles.

One Small Valve Body Note

The valve bodies are pretty standard Honda stuff, with fewer valves in the bodies. What makes the 6-speed different is that its the first Honda to have a separate sleeve for the mainshaft sealing rings to ride in. This sleeve has always been part of the pressure regulator valve body (figure 7).

Figure 6

The Mainshaft sealing ring bore is NOT apart of the Pressure Regulator Body

New Style Torque Converter

In the past, Honda has used a torque converter clutch disc thats welded to the impeller and is held away from the cover by converter charge oil. The 6-speed unit is the first Honda to use a clutch drum (figure 8) much like a Mercedes converter clutch setup. The converter is a pretty stout build. The clutch drum is part of the cover, and the piston has splines to prevent the piston from spinning in the housing (figure 9). There are two highenergy friction plates and two steel plates. There are no seals or sealing rings in the converter to seal the input shaft to the converter; instead, there are bushings in the cover to handle the 8

Figure 7

GEARS December 2013



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The New Honda 6-Speed Transmission: Bigger Is Better!

input shaft sealing duties. A note to torque converter rebuilders: The aftermarket has rebuild kits available, with clutches, steels, and O-rings for these converters. Pressure plates, bearings, and other hard parts are going to have to come from good used cores until further notice. The solenoid body is radically different from anything Honda has done in the past with its permanently mounted solenoids, pressure switches, and valves. The good news is that Honda has kept them reasonably priced, so replacing the valve bodies will be fairly painless when that time comes. The disassembly and assembly of the unit is much like its 5-speed predecessors; this unit just has more shafts to deal with. The removal of these shafts is as simple as 1-2-3-4. This is another case of working smarter, not harder, to save yourself from strained muscles and busted knuckles. The Honda torque converter and torque converter slip codes have been a real issue for the industry lately. The new 6-speed torque converter, with its clutch drum design, is a stoutly built unit and should reduce the number TCC slip complaints that weve seen in the past. All together, these designs add up to make a well-built unit. Therell be

plenty of opportunities to rebuild them, as theyll be starting to come out of warranty soon. These units will find their way into your shop in the not-sodistant future and now youll be ready for the challenge. The new Honda 6-speed is a big unit: More shafts, more clutches, more clutch drums, more gears, more of just

about everything. Even with more of everything, this 6-speed unit is just like most Hondas youve seen before. If you pay attention to the details and some of the key features of this unit, you can rebuild them profitably. And, lets face it: When youre making money, its hard not to have fun with transmissions!

Figure 8

Figure 9


GEARS December 2013



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Another CVT;

s auto manufacturers strive for better gas mileage, Subaru has come up with the Lineartronic-CVT. The average Subaru AWD with this CVT gets around 24 miles per gallon in the city and 30 miles per gallon on the highway. The average increase in fuel mileage is around six miles per gallon over the Subaru 4AT and 5AT automatic transmissions. The LineartronicCVT is found in these vehicles: 2009-2014 Outback AWD with the 2.5L motor 2010-2014 Impreza AWD with the 2.0L motor 2012-2014 Forester AWD with 2.0L or 2.5L motor There are other Subaru models that use the CVT that arent sold in the U.S. In this article, well examine some of the basic operation and different controls that Subaru built into this transmission. Youll learn what the dif-

by Jarad Warren


Figure 1

ferent driving modes do, how to check the transmission and differential fluids, and the type of fluids required for it to operate smoothly. And youll discover which filters are serviceable and which arent while the units in the car. Subaru CVTs are like most others manufacturers CVTs. Subaru uses a


typical style torque converter with a damper lockup clutch and a one-way sprag. The torque converter clutch starts to lock up at low speeds for more efficient operation. The torque converter unlocks on deceleration for smooth operation. The converter hub splines into the driven sprocket. The driven sprocket uses a chain to drive the internal tooth GEARS December 2013


Power from the engine travels through the torque converter to the primary reduction gear.
gear pump. The ratio of the drive and driven sprocket turn the pump faster than engine RPM to increase flow rate at low engine RPM. They have a steel drive chain and a primary and secondary pulley to change the ratio to power the vehicles. The CVT forward gear ratio in low gear is about 3.580:1; overdrive is around 0.570:1; and reverse is about 3.667:1. Subaru controls forward and reverse gears in their CVT a little differently than most other manufacturers, because Subaru changes the rotation after the secondary pulley with a single planetary gearset. Most CVTs change the rotation before the primary pulley. Subaru also has a differential built into the front of the transmission like most Subaru transmissions, and a transfer clutch in the rear for the AllWheel Drive system. So powerflow goes like this (figure 1): Power from the engine travels through the torque converter to the primary reduction gear. From there it travels through the primary pulley to the secondary pulley, to the secondary reduction gear through the forward/ reverse changeover mechanism, where its distributed to the front and rear axles by the active torque split AWD system. The front driving power is output to the front axle through the transfer gear to the front differential. The rear driving power is output to the propeller shaft.

Figure 2



Figure 3


Subaru has built a car that offers all wheel drive, fuel efficiency, and a sporty drive. This transmission always operates smoothly and efficiently. The shifter has park, reverse, neutral, GEARS December 2013

automatic, and manual positions (figure 2). Automatic mode You feel no shift or gear change; engine load, engine RPM, and ratios are monitored and adjusted for best driving and fuel consumption. Primary and secondary pulley pressure adjusts to change the ratio in smooth increments. When youre coasting or decelerating youll feel a small amount of engine braking. Manual mode When you move the shifter to the left into manual

mode, you take control of six different ratios, just like a 6-speed transmission. There are a paddle shift buttons on the steering wheel (figure 3); downshift is on the left and upshift on the right. When you upshift to the next higher gear, youll see an arrow pointing up in the center of dash, above the gear youre in. When youre at a safe engine speed, the system shows you when its safe to downshift. On the left side of dash there are controls for Vehicle Dynamic Control, 15

Another CVT; Subaru Lineartronic-CVT

Hill Holder, and Electric Park Brake (figure 4). When Vehicle Dynamic Control is deactivated, it turns the ABS and traction control systems off. When you activate Hill Holder (as Subaru calls it), the Electric Park Brake applies whenever youre at a stop on a hill, to keep the car from rolling.

Checking the ATF Level

Hill Holder control

Electronic Parking Brake

Subaru Lineartronic-CVT takes between 12.7 and 13.2 quarts (12.0 and 12.5 liters) of Subaru CVTF, part number K0425Y0710, when dry filling the transmission. To check the fluid level: Start the engine. Raise the transmission fluid temperature to between about 95115F (3545C). Use a scan tool to confirm fluid temperature. Raise the vehicle on a lift. Shift through the shifter positions and back to park.

Vehicle Dynamics control

Figure 4

With the engine still running, pull the filler plug from intermediate case, driver s side rear (figure 5) with a 10mm Allen wrench.
With the engine still running, pull the filler plug from intermediate case, drivers side rear (figure 5) with a 10mm Allen wrench. A small amount of oil should run out of filler plug hole. If not, add the proper CVT-F type oil until it just starts to dribble out of the filler plug hole. Reinstall the filler plug and torque it to 37 lb-ft (50 Nm). 16

Transmission fill Plug

Figure 5

Front differential fill location

Figure 6

GEARS December 2013

Another CVT; Subaru Lineartronic-CVT

Checking Front Differential Oil Level

Just like most Subaru transmissions, the differential is a separate fill. The front differential takes 1.3 1.5 quarts (1.251.5 liters) of GL5 75-90w gear oil. Heres how to check the fluid level: Remove the overfill drain plug. If its full, a small amount of fluid should dribble out of the hole (figure 6). If not Remove the vent breather that sits above passenger side axle (figure 7) Add the plain old synthetic gear oil until a small amount of oil dribbles out of the overfill drain plug. Theres a drain plug for servicing the differential, but the factory manual says no service is required.

Transmission drain plug

Diff. drain plug

Diff. overfull plug

Figure 7

Servicing the Transmission

Subaru factory manual shows no service intervals for transmission unless driving in severe conditions; then it recommends servicing every 24,855 miles (40,000 km). The transmission has two filters: One sits in the pan and is serviceable (figure 8); the other filter is in the intermediate case housing (figure 9) and isnt serviceable unless you remove the transmission from the vehicle. After replacing the filter, refill the transmission to the proper level using the correct fluid. See the procedure for checking the fluid level. The Subaru Lineartronic-CVT is going to begin showing up at your shop soon. Nows the time to get ready to service these new CVTs. In upcoming issues well examine how easy it is to diagnose and rebuild this transmission. Special thanks to Perfection Plus Transmission Parts in Portland, Oregon.

Figure 8

Internal filter for lube

Figure 9


GEARS December 2013

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A Fresh Look at Voltage Drop Testing

A Fresh Look at Voltage Drop Testing

eve covered voltage drop testing before; in fact, virtually every electrical program ever created in the history of the world covers voltage drop testing to some degree. But an in-depth analysis of the auto repair community (which mostly consisted of me asking a couple random techs about it at Expo) revealed that a lot of technicians still dont get it. Thats bad, because a voltage drop test is one of the most valuable tests for examining control circuits, such as electric motors or, more importantly for our purposes, transmission solenoids. So whats the problem? If the informations out there, why isnt everyone getting it? Those questions got me to take a second look at some of the explanations that have been written over the years including some that Ive written myself! and I came to the conclusion that maybe we need to approach voltage drop testing from a new direction. So lets take a fresh look at the whys and hows of voltage drop testing.

by Steve Bodofsky

Figure 1: Voltage drop isnt something mysterious; in fact, when you connect your voltmeter to the battery terminals, youre actually checking the voltage drop between the terminals.

All Voltage Tests Check Voltage Drop

Voltage drop is simply the difference in voltage between two points on a circuit. So when you connect your voltmeter to the battery terminals, youre effectively checking the voltage drop between the terminals (figure 1). Simple, huh? No magic here. Just the difference between the leads. So why all the fuss about a voltage drop test? 22

Because a voltage drop test can be one of your greatest tools for finding a faulty connection in the circuit. Think of a voltage drop test like a metal detector: With a metal detector, you wave the wand across the ground. When the wand passes over a metal object, it beeps to let you know theres something there. Same thing with a voltage drop test: But instead of nickels and quarters, youre looking for unwanted electrical resistance, such as a loose or corroded connection. You run the voltmeter lead down the circuit, checking voltage at various points along the way. When the meter displays a voltage, you know theres resistance between the last point you checked and this one.

What Is a Circuit?

For a clearer understanding of why a voltage drop test works, its important to understand a few principles of electrical circuits. For that, we first must define what makes up a circuit. In electricity, a circuit is a continuous connection between a power source (battery) and a resistance (light bulb or solenoid). Of course a circuit can also have protection devices (fuses) and controls (switches, relays, or computers), and multiple connectors, but these are optional and will vary with the specific circuit or system. The only requirements for a circuit are a power source, a resistance, and the wiring to connect them.

GEARS December 2013

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A Fresh Look at Voltage Drop Testing

A ? J H +

A ? J H


M A H4 A = O



* = JJA HO

Figure 2: While checking the voltage drop on the positive side of this simple transmission circuit, we see a little more than half a volt. That indicates a bad connection in the circuit, creating additional unwanted resistance.

Why a Voltage Drop Test Works

Next, we need to consider three very important principles of simple circuits: 1. The voltage will be the same throughout the power side of the circuit. 2. The resistance will use all of the voltage available to it. 3. The voltage will be the same throughout the ground side of the circuit. Read those principles again and think about what they mean. Based on those principles, if you take a voltmeter and check the voltage anywhere along the positive side of the circuit, from the positive battery terminal to the resistance, you should see the exact same voltage from one end to the other. Because the voltage will be the same throughout the power side of the circuit. Which means that, if you find any loss of voltage, anywhere on the positive side of the circuit, from the positive battery terminal to the solenoid, it has to be caused by additional resistance in the circuit such as a bad connection. If you check the voltage after the resistance, or anywhere else along the 24

negative side of the circuit, the voltage should be zero. Because the resistance will use all of the voltage available to it, and the voltage will be the same throughout the ground side of the circuit. Which means that, if you find any voltage, anywhere on the negative side of the circuit, from the resistance to the negative battery terminal, it has to be caused by additional resistance in the circuit such as a bad connection. Okay, but why do we run a voltage drop test by comparing voltage along the same side of the circuit? Positive to positive or negative to negative? Why not just check the voltage from a chassis ground? Thats because system voltage can vary depending on a wide variety of conditions, such as engine RPM or the cooling fan coming on. And that variation will muck-up your voltage drop readings; remember, just a couple tenths of a volt is enough to indicate a problem. But if you simply compare the voltage along the power or ground side of the circuit, any voltage that shows up on your meter indicates unwanted resistance.

Before You Perform a Voltage Drop Test

Before actually performing a voltage drop test, there are a couple things you need to remember: 1. A voltage drop test is only effective when checking a control circuit, such as a solenoid or motor. A sensor circuit generally doesnt have enough current flowing for a voltage drop test to provide valid results. 2. You must load the circuit to perform a voltage drop test. An open circuit wont provide valid test results. Some circuits are easy to load; others, less so. Some transmission solenoids are normally energized at a stop; to run a voltage drop test on those circuits all you need to do is turn the key on or start the engine. For others you may have to use your scan tool to activate the solenoid circuit. One final thing to remember is that wires generally wont spontaneously create resistance. Unless you see damage to the wire, such as a crimp or burnt insulation, additional resistance will usually occur at the connectors.

GEARS December 2013

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A Fresh Look Another CVT; Subaru at Voltage Lineartronic-CVT Drop Testing

A ? J H +

A ? J H


M A H4 A = O



* = JJA HO

Figure 3: When we move the meter lead back before the resistance, the voltage drops almost to zero. This proves that were looking at excessive resistance in the power relay or its connections. Clean the connections and replace the relay and the problem should disappear.

And a connector can have resistance where the terminals meet, or on either side of the connector where the terminals are crimped to the wire. So connectors are your most likely source of unwanted resistance in a circuit.

How to Perform a Voltage Drop Test

Lets start with a check of the positive side of the circuit. Well check a transmission shift solenoid thats ground controlled and receives power from a transmission control relay (figure 2): Energize the circuit Depending on which solenoid youre testing, that may mean just turning the key on, or you may need to use your scan tool to energize the circuit. Connect the positive lead from your voltmeter to the positive battery terminal. Actually, you could connect either lead; using the positive lead simply means that, if you find resistance, itll show up as a positive voltage on your meter. If you connect the leads the other way the voltage will show up as negative. Set your meter to read DC volts. 26

Use the negative lead to backprobe the power terminal at the transmission connector. Acceptable voltage drop is about 0.1 volts for the positive side of the circuit. If theres 0.1 volt or less, theres no reason to check further; the positive side of the circuit is okay. If you see more than 0.1 volt, start probing at various connectors along the circuit, moving back toward the power relay and the battery positive terminal. When the voltage drop returns to less than 0.1 volt, you know the excess resistance is between the last two locations you checked. For example, say you have 0.5 volts drop at the transmission connector, and it continued to show up at the power relay output terminal (figure 2). Then, when you checked at the power relay input terminal, the voltage dropped back almost to zero (figure 3). Youre probably looking at a faulty power relay. Check the terminals for corrosion or being loose, but if theyre okay, replace the relay and then recheck for a voltage loss. Now lets check the negative side of the circuit. Remember, youre still performing a voltage drop test, so youll still need the circuit energized.

Connect your negative meter lead to the solenoid control wire at the computer. Once again, this is just to provide you with a positive reading if theres any resistance in the circuit. Set your meter to read DC volts. Probe the control wire terminal at the transmission connector. There should be no more than 0.1 volts on your meter. If theres 0.01 volts or less at the transmission connector, theres no reason to check further; the negative circuit has no additional resistance. If you see any more than 0.1 volts, start probing along the circuit connectors until the voltage drops back to 0.1 volt or less. The excess resistance is somewhere between the last two checks. Thats all there is to performing a voltage drop test. Sounds simple, doesnt it? Thats because it is. Too many people make too much out of a voltage drop test. Its an easy test, and a valuable way to find loose or faulty connections anywhere in the circuit.

GEARS December 2013


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6T70/6T75 Changing Times in 2013

6T70/6T75 Changing Times in 2013

by Steve Garrett

s we conduct the seminars each year, we try to focus on product issues youll likely see in your shop and on the updates that each of the different transmissions have undergone. The logic of focusing on those areas is to help you quickly diagnose and repair common product issues that you might face, and to help you avoid issues that have already been addressed by updates and product changes. With that said, the 6T70 and 6T75 are becoming very popular in many shops. Product changes have occurred in the 6T70/75 to address specific problems, while other changes were designed to improve its performance and longevity. Like the 6T40 family of transmissions, the 6T70 has undergone several changes through the years. The largest and most comprehensive of these changes were introduced for the 2013 model year. The 6T70 with RPO M7W or M7U and 6T75 transmissions with RPO codes M7V and M7X received a major control system update for the 2013 model year. As with updates on other transmission applications, this major change wasnt implemented in all 6T70/6T75 applications. Because of parts availability, only 6T70/6T75 applications with RPO codes M7W, M7U, M7V, or M7X received the update for 2013; other units wont receive the update until 2014 production. This means that two versions of the 6T70/6T75 transmission were available in 2013: Generation 1, which doesnt include the update package, and Generation 2, which does. The most reliable way to determine

Figure 1

if your vehicle is equipped with a GEN 1 or a GEN 2 control system is to look at the RPO code located on the service parts ID label. The label is typically located in the glovebox, center console, or on the spare tire/jack storage area. IMPORTANT: For the most part, GEN 1 and GEN 2 components arent interchangeable. Generation 2 changes were made to improve shift feel and durability of the unit. Generation 2 changes include: Wider snap ring groove for the diode one-way clutch. 1-2-3-4 clutch piston fingers are

taller. The 1-2-3-4 clutch wave and driven plates were redesigned (Figure 1). Redesigned 3-5-R/4-5-6 clutch housing and associated parts; 4-5-6 piston seal was moved from the piston to the housing, return springs, and clutch dam. The 3-5-reverse drive and driven plates and wave plate were changed and the snap ring groove was repositioned by 0.25 mm. Compensator holes were added to the turbine shaft (Figure 2). Redesigned TEHCM: The presGEARS December 2013


sure switches were eliminated, and the TEHCM now uses clutch pulse learn technology to control shift adapt operation. In addition, the PWM solenoids were updated from a variable bleed (VBS) to variable feed (VFS) design (Figure 3). Redesigned spacer plate and gaskets; updated spacer plate includes an updated cover design.

In addition, the PWM solenoids were updated from a variable bleed (VBS) to variable feed (VFS) design (Figure 3).
Figure 2

Figure 3

GEARS December 2013


6T70/6T75 Changing Times in 2013

Figure 4

Three actuator feed accumulator pistons and springs were added to the valve body (Figure 4). One checkball was added to the upper valve body. All of these valves were updated to a new design: Pressure regulator 2-6 clutch regulator (Figure 5) Low reverse 4-5-6 clutch regulator Clutch select solenoid valve 2 1234 C456 C35R clutch boost valve Actuator feed limit valve 1234 clutch regulator valve 3-5 R clutch regulator valve

4-5-6 clutch accumulator piston springs, retainers, and isolator spring were updated. Low/reverse snap ring, wave plate, and friction discs were changed. 2-6 clutch wave plate and friction discs were redesigned. 3-5-reverse clutch snap ring, wave plate, and driven discs were updated. The Transmission ElectroHydraulic Control Module (TEHCM) used with the GEN 2 control system doesnt use pressure switches. Instead, it uses a new process, known as clutch

Clutch Pulse Learn

pulse learning, to control the shift adapt system. According to GM, the TEHCM momentarily commands a clutch on at low pressure. It increases pressure pulse commands until it detects an interruption in transmission input speed. The first characteristic the TEHCM learns is the return spring force. After that, it uses different pulse commands to determine the volume of transmission fluid required to move the clutch piston far enough to apply the clutch. The TEHCM calculates fill time based on learned volume. It conducts CP Learn during steady conditions in 3rd, 5th, and 6th gears. Heres when the TEHCM enables CP Learn: GEARS December 2013


6T70/6T75 Changing Times in 2013

Figure 5

4-5-6 clutch 3rd gear 1-2-3-4 clutch and 26 clutch 5th gear 3-5-R clutch 6th gear. A rough road could cause a false reading for transmission input speed interruption, so if the TEHCM detects a rough road, it aborts CP Learn until road conditions improve. You may notice a slight, momentary bump or drag when the TEHCM performs CP Learn; this will take place about every 1250 miles (2012 km). This is normal; dont try to correct it. 32

CP Learn frequency is normally based on the number of clutch apply cycles, but the TEHCM will initiate a CP Learn sooner if the shifts indicate improper clutch fill times. Well as you can see, a lot has changed in the 6T70 family of transmissions. So keep this article close at hand; it could be a lifesaver. Until next time, remember what Abraham Lincoln once said, I dont think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday. GEARS December 2013


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Partners Robert Truitt and Justen Beakley Earn Their ATRA Masters Certifications

t, T obert Truit ley and R k a e B n te us

C Auto &

ervice Machine S

in Lamar,


by Steve Bodofsky

his article was originally written to honor Robert Truitt, lead technician and partner at TC Auto & Machine Service in Lamar, Colorado, as he became only the second person to earn ATRAs new Master Technician Certification. But in hearing about Roberts accomplishment, his business partner and brother-in-law, Justen Beakley, decided to take the plunge. So were now pleased to announce that TC Auto & Machine Service has two ATRA Certified Master Technicians: Robert Truitt and Justen Beakley. The stories of the two brothers-in34

law couldnt be more different: Justen was raised in the business and began working on cars back when he was second grade. Robert never really thought about getting into auto repair; its something that just sort of happened. Even the story of TC Auto is a little different than some you may be familiar with. It didnt start out as a transmission shop: They opened as a general repair shop and slowly morphed into a transmission shop. Today TC Auto is almost exclusively transmissions, and only provides general repairs to a select few customers whove been loyal to them over the

years. This at a time when so many transmission shops are beginning to expand into general repairs to remain profitable. Funny how things work out

About TC Auto

Tom and Carol Beakley opened TC Auto in 1974 as a general repair shop in Golden, Colorado. Tom was an auto mechanic, so opening his own shop was the next logical step in his career. But Golden was growing a little too quickly for their comfort, and they had family in Lamar, so in 1993 they moved their home and business there, where the GEARS December 2013

Tom and Carol Beakley first opened TC Auto in 1974

pace was more relaxed. Lamar is a small town; total population is about 8000 people. We all live nearby; within about a half mile from the shop, explains Carol. They began working on transmissions in 1994, shortly before Robert came back to work there. No one else in town was doing transmission repairs, explains Robert. So we decided to get into that end of the business. It may have been fortunate timing; front wheel drives had been out for about 15 years, and computer controls had only recently started showing up in transmission shops. So Robert and Justen didnt have to lose any outdated business concepts. And, since theyre the only transmission shop in town, they dont have a lot of competition. Today the shop consists of just four people, three of them partners: Carol who runs the office, Robert, Justen, and technician Pedro Orosco. The shop takes up two small buildings, for a total of five bays, located right across the street from the lightand-power plant. And in a town of just 8000 people, everyone knows right where to go when they have a transmission problem.

when he lost his job there, his in-laws called and asked him to come work in the family business. So he moved to Lamar with his wife and son, and began working at TC Auto. Of course, nobody just decides to start fixing transmissions; a lot of education and training needs to go on before you can put up a shingle that says transmission repair. Robert got much of his training by attending ATRA seminars. And then he extended that education by studying on his own, through books and on line. According to Robert, Earning my Masters Certification has given me a lot more confidence when Im faced with the diagnostic challenges that we deal with every day. Robert and his wife, Rebecca, have three sons: Cody, 18; Brett, 13; and Alex, 11. When hes not fixing cars, Robert enjoys cooking. Smoked meats Dutch ovens that sort of thing. Im an outdoor cooker! Is he good at it? My family seems to think so, he says with a chuckle. Justen grew up in the auto repair business: His parents opened TC Auto around the same time he was born. And he can remember coming to help out at the shop after school when he was about seven years old. During my junior year in high school, the electives I signed up for werent available, so I ended up taking

Meet Justen Beakley

Meet Robert Truitt

When Robert graduated high school, he moved to Denver to work for the Jolly Rancher factory, doing pretty much whatever they needed done. But GEARS December 2013

shorthand, says Justen. Within a week I knew Id never use that, so I went to the guidance counselor to switch to a different class. The only class available was autoshop; overhaul, but that was a fourth level class, and I hadnt taken the earlier classes. I told the councilor, I think Ill be all right. The first day, the shop teacher says, mount your engine on the engine stand, so we can get them apart. I put my engine on the stand, tore it down, and had everything miced. The teacher comes by and says, Wait, you were just supposed to put the engine on the stand. We need to get everything measured. And I said, I did; here are all the measurements. Meanwhile the rest of the class was trying to figure out how to mount their engines on the stands! In his spare time, Justen has an IMCA modified race car that he works on with his 11-year-old son, Jakob. He and his wife, Diana, also have a daughter, Danica, whos 6. And while Justen is proud to have his son work with him on their race car, hed rather that Jakob choose a different way to earn his living than fixing cars. So there you have it: Robert Truitt and Justen Beakley two ATRA Certified Master Technicians from the same shop. On behalf of the entire Association, wed like to bestow them each a sincere atta-boy! Keep up the great work!


Five Ways to Sabotage Your BUSINESS

here are many, many ways to sabotage your business. And, chances are, your staff is doing some of these now on the phone and in person. And worse yet, youve probably even heard some of this yourself (ouch!). Thats the bad news The good news is were able to bring to you the top five sabotage practices and then show you how to neutralize the effects. So get ready. You and your staff are about to be in a much better position to handle the Five Ways to Sabotage Your Business today: This is normally used as an excuse more than anything else. Its a sure sign that the employee has not been shown how to explain something to the customer. This phrase is used as something to say when the employee doesnt know what to say. When the customer hears I have no idea they immediately respond (usually silently) with, you gotta be kidding me? Interestingly enough, there normally is a certain

by Nancy Friedman, the Telephone Doctor

1. I Have No Idea

blank stare accompanying this statement. Sad.

2. Its Not My Department

Well, then whose is it? Lets remember one of our Telephone Doctor mottos: Tell the customer what you do, not what you DONT do. If you get a call and someone asks for something that you dont handle, its far more effective to say, I work in the paint department. Let me get you to someone in the area you need. This is far more

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Untitled-1.indd 1 10/24/2013 2:49:08 PM

GEARS December 2013

effective than telling someone its not your department. And please dont say, YOU have the wrong department. Take full responsibility with the I statement.

customer than, Im new. Again, Im new is more of an excuse. Remember to state the length of time. Its a creditability enhancement. Im new is a creditability buster.

3. I Wasnt Here That Day (or I was on vacation when that happened)

5. Silence on the Phone or a Blank Stare in Person

This one really makes me laugh. Does that excuse the company? I dont remember asking them if they were there that day. Do you really think the customer cares if you werent there when their problem happened? Honestly, they dont, so thats not even an issue to discuss. Just tackle the problem head on. Apologize without telling them where you wereor werent. Remember, you ARE the company whether you were at work or on vacation when the issue occurred.

4. Im New

SO? Okay, youre new. Now what? Does being new allow you to be anything but super to the customer? When the customer hears this sabotaging statement, do you really think they

say, Oh, so youre new? So thats why Im getting bad service? Well, then thats okayyoure new. Now I understand. Yes, even if you are new, the customer honestly believes you should know everything about your job. Heres the Telephone Doctor answer on this one. Tell the customer, Please bear with me, Ive only been here a few weeks. That will buy you time. And a bit of sympathy. For whatever reason, hearing the short length of time you are with the company means more to the

I called the doctors office the other day and asked to change my appointment. It went down like this: Hi, this is Nancy Friedman. I have a 9 a.m. appointment with Dr. Ring and I need to move it to later in the day. Then NOTHING for about 10 15 seconds. Zip/nada/zilch. So I said, Hello? Are you there? A very irritated voice came back with, Im checking. Wouldnt it have been nice for her to tell me that? Ah, if the doctors only knew. Good luck! Nancy Friedman, president of Telephone Doctor, is a featured speaker at association, franchise, and corporate meetings. For a Demo & packet on Nancy, please email Donna. Bryan@telephonedoctor.com Or call 314.291.1012.

Business Made Personal!

GEARS December 2013



New Game New Strategies

heres little argument that the forward pass is the most explosive offensive weapon in modern football. Its exciting its risky its both rewarding and punitive and, most of all, the fans love it. Contrary to common belief, Knute Rockne didnt invent the forward pass. The fact is the forward pass was first legalized by a football rules committee formed in 1905 to change the rules to make football safer. The conservative football establishment didnt embrace the changes and felt the forward pass, in particular, sissified the game. Coaches were reluctant to include the forward pass in their game strategies. The first pass was completed in 1906, but it was first successfully used as part of a team strategy by Glen Scobey Pop Warner, innovative coach of the Carlisle Indians, in 1907. But the forward pass was ultimately popularized by Knute Rockne at Notre Dame in 1913. Fast forward 100 years: Today, a football game without the forward pass is unimaginable. Just as it took progressive, innovative leaders to bring the new forward pass strategy into the game of football, it will take a new breed of leadership to bring progressive, innovative, strategic thinking to our industry. In the last issue I drew some parallels between the demise of Kodak and the challenges we face in 38

by Thom Tschetter

our industry today. Like Kodak, we face technological challenges, new competitors using new distribution and sales methods, new supply channels, and a changing market in terms of what customers want and need. Anything short of making a serious commitment to accepting and adapting to the new order of things only delays the inevitable. The truth is, it makes more sense to

develop and implement new strategies that are based on meeting the needs and desires of customers by filling voids and tapping into new opportunities created by the changes. Like it or not, the new generation of customers, employees, and customercentric entrepreneurs are in charge. You have to choose between being driven in unforeseen directions or taking proactive steps to become the driver. GEARS December 2013


New Game New Strategies

Rather than spending your time, money, energy, and emotions fighting the tides of change, think about ways to harness the energy thats inherent in change, and put it to work for you. Avoid attachment to the past and base your strategies around customers being customer-centric rather than clinging to an existing business model. Over the past several months, the Whats Working forum has exploded with posts about the threats we face from transmission remanufacturers and distributors of reman and used units. Lets consider some of the concerns and some strategic actions you can take, not only to minimize, but possibly capitalize, on the situation. These ideas wont be everyones cup of tea, but theyre better alternatives than to do nothing. Based on some of the posts, as well as conversations Ive had with a number of progressive, innovative shop owners, many shops are already taking proactive steps to implement effective strategies for recapturing the market share lost to unit suppliers and general repair shops. Theyve given me permission to share their strategies anonymously in this article. To save space and redundancy, even though there are differences, Ill refer to remanufacturers and distributors of remanufactured and used units collectively as unit suppliers. And Ill refer to remanufactured transmissions and used units simply as replacement units. Ill also refer to general repair shops as GR shops. To begin, we started with the premise that theres a better way to address the challenges inherent in replacement units than to start a war with unit suppliers that cant be won. It doesnt matter who the unit supplier is, replacement units are now part of the landscape and a real alternative for consumers and GR shops alike. As much as you might like to fight them, its unlikely that any shop or band of shops (under any banner you want to wave), will be able to compete head on to stop the unit suppliers from gaining market share. Some have suggested that ATRA should help fight the battle, but ATRA is already helping by providing management and technical training and support to make you better 40

and more successful. By the way, unit suppliers arent monopolies as some of you have suggested. But they do have financial power, size, and now, too much momentum to attack head on. And they do fill a space in a void that exists in the marketplace. As Dave Riccio pointed out in his presentation at this years EXPO, if there were no market void, they wouldnt have succeeded in the first place. Dave also added that we need to accept responsibility for creating the very void that the unit suppliers are filling.

Traditional independent transmission shops can strategically implement a systematic transition into the not-so-complicated wholesale business as a complement to their retail business.
As I said earlier, you can choose to be driven or to be a driver. Thanks to all of you who have contributed your ideas. Many of these ideas are from the volumes of posts on the Whats Working forum. Lets look at a couple strategies you can consider: outflanking and piggybacking. The beauty of these strategies is that you can peacefully coexist with the unit suppliers and GR shops. This coexistence can be cooperative, symbiotic, and even synergistic. These are strategies for capturing the GR shops business thats currently flowing to the unit suppliers, and recapturing some of the retail customers that now go to GR shops for replacement units. To outflank the unit suppliers, exploit the voids and cracks that are inherent in their respective sales propositions, and demonstrate to the GR shops how your shop can serve them better than the unit suppliers. Some of best ideas are related to the personalized support you can provide to the GR shops that unit suppliers dont things like diagnostic help,

custom in-shop (handcrafted) rebuilds, personalized service, loaner flushing machines when they buy a unit from your shop, after-installation assistance and rechecks, and more. To piggyback on them, take advantage of the momentum and marketing that the unit suppliers have already done to get the GR shops to add transmission service and replacement to their service menus. This is similar to outflanking, but instead you go to the GR shops open-minded to the fact that they may choose to provide transmissions, and you distinguish your shop by offering to be their local supplier and even a mentor. The key is, instead of trying to convince the GR shop not to do transmission work, you demonstrate to them that if they choose to do it, youll help them do it right. Make them your ally. Demonstrate how you can help them avoid the landmines. Explain why custom rebuilding the customers unit in your shop is as good or better than a replacement unit, how you can help protect them from making diagnostic blunders, and, since youre local, how you can help them on site. Once the spirit of cooperation is clear and youve established trust, youll not only get the GR shops overthe-counter rebuilds, youll start getting referrals and sublets again. You can also sell replacement units whenever it best fits the situation. This doubleedged approach makes allies out of the GR shops and the unit supplier(s) you choose to do business with, and the onsite help is something the unit suppliers dont offer. Traditional independent transmission shops can strategically implement a systematic transition into the notso-complicated wholesale business as a complement to their retail business. Make your shop the recognized transmission expert and one-stop resource for the GR shops in your area. Here are a few things you can consider to differentiate your shop from the unit suppliers as well as from other competing traditional transmission shops. Negotiate preferred pricing on replacement units with a unit supplier. Buy under GR pricing; resell to the GR make $$$ and a new GEARS December 2013

client just for taking a phone call. In many areas, the unit supplier provides drop shipping and core pickup. Develop a specialized web site that will differentiate and promote your wholesale business. Create and distribute a monthly newsletter with technical and management tips, personalized for your shop, to share with your existing and potential GR accounts. Email it, snail mail it, post it on line, or hand it out through your outside sales program. Create a second newsletter that your GR accounts can offer their customers, providing valuable information and tips to help reinforce their new transmission business model. For more ideas or resources for these newsletters, contact me directly. Establish a consistent outside sales program to kick start, promote, and maintain your strategic plan in your market area. Create, print, and distribute through your outside sales program

promotional materials for your wholesale accounts that promote referrals, sales of your custom, handcrafted rebuilds, sublets, and replacement units. pull-through marketing materials for your GR client shops to help them sell your transmission products and services to their customers. Provide technical support to help your GR client shops with diagnosis and post-service problems. Give them transmission installation and diagnostic tip sheets that contain contact information for your shop. Develop creative warranty solutions: o Supplemental warranties that extend beyond the limits of the ATRA Golden Rule Warranty for jobs done in your shop. o Non-ATRA warranties, issued and backed by your shop, that provide nationwide protection for you, your customers, and the GR shops customers for your over-the-counter units. o Become a warranty service cen-

ter for the unit suppliers get paid to do the work and build a relationship with the customer as well as a working relationship with the unit suppliers. Just as it took progressive, innovative leaders to bring the forward pass to football, itll require progressive, innovative, strategic thinking to redefine your business model to meet the changes that our industry is facing. As I said at the beginning, this isnt something that everyones going to embrace, but for those who do, it could be a highly productive business strategy. If youd like to discuss any of these ideas further, contact me by phone or email for a confidential conversation.

About the Author Thom Tschetter has served our industry for more than three decades as a management and sales educator. He owned a chain of awardwinning transmission centers in Washington State for over 25 years. Thom is always eager to help members of our industry and continues to be active in his retirement. You can contact him by phone at (480) 773-3131 or e-mail to coachthom@gmail.com.

The Slauson App

The industrys first parts identification App for Android (iPhone version coming soon)

All bearing holes fitted with thick sleeves, made from 6061-T6 Aluminum Screws hold sleeves firmly in place

The fully redesigned Slauson.com website. New look, new features, updated SmartPart tm ID/ordering technology.

Slauson.com 2.0

The Slausonator Honda Case Fix! The only bullet-proof Honda case bearing fix on the market.

The Slausonator

U s e d , N e w an d Re b u i l t H a r d Pa r t s , S o f t Pa r t s E l e c t r i c al C o m p o n e n t s & F l y w h e e l s

Order Online 24/7 at www.slauson.com Phone Hours: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm/ PST
Call (800) 421-5580 Local (310) 768-2099 FAX ( 310) 768-8298 Se habla Espaol!
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1/4/13 6:32 PM


Shoes Matter: Ideas for a Shoe Policy

Volume 5, Number 5

by the California State Fund

any warehouses, packing sheds, storage rooms, and shops have concrete flooring on which workers stand in one general area for the duration of their shift. Often times, workers wear their own, personally purchased boots or shoes and unless asked, it is unknown if any worker wears cushioned insoles in their footwear (see the ErgoMatters on insoles). Although standing in a neutral posture is not generally considered a high risk factor, standing all day on hard surfaces such as concrete can cause sore feet, hips, and knees, low back pain, swelling of the legs, varicose veins, and general muscular fatigue. When standing involves little movement, circulation decreases and overworked muscles are not allowed to rest. Not only does standing on hard surfaces cause physical discomfort and fatigue, but walking around without proper foot support or cushioned insoles can be problematic. A shoe policy sets standards which workers should consider when purchasing a pair of work boots or shoes. A shoe policy educates workers about choosing the best shoe for their job or about using insoles. Choosing the proper shoes or insoles improves comfort and may result in less fatigue for those workers who are on their feet all day long. When selecting comfortable work boots or shoes, workers should consider:

Boots or shoes that provide a firm grip at the heel (otherwise known as the heel counter). If the back of the shoe is too wide or too soft, the foot will not have the control and support it needs for stability. The use of some type of shockabsorbing cushioned insole (not gel material) when working or walking on metal or concrete floors. Shoes that allow freedom to move the toes within the shoe's toe box. Pain and fatigue result if shoes are too narrow or too shallow. Firmly secure the lace instep of the footwear to prevent excessive movement inside of the footwear, which may lead to discomfort. The use of padding under the tongue if there is tenderness over the bones at the top of the foot. Not wearing shoes with heels higher than 2 inches. Footwear appropriate to the hazards and conditions at the workplace. Because individual fit and comfort is critical, all footwear should be tried on and walked around in before purchasing. Footwear with support extending up to or above the ankle. For the best fit, insoles should be brought and tested when purchasing new footwear.

Good anti-fatigue mats provide a cushioned surface over hard floors (see the ErgoMatters on anti-fatigue mats at http://www.statefundca.com/safety/ ergomatters/FatigueMats.html). Foot rails or foot stools, with a maximum height of 5 inches, allow workers to elevate a foot to improve comfort and minimize pressure on the low back by putting the low back into its three natural curves. The use of a foot rail or foot stool should not force workers to work with extended reaches, excessive bending, or trunk twisting.


GEARS December 2013

Our Focus Is on You

Lots of companies talk about how the customer is their top priority, with warranties that sound great until you try to make a claim. At Valve Body Xpress, our focus on quality and customer service is simply unmatched, and our exclusive warranty is rock solid. Our remanufactured valve bodies are individually tested and calibrated to ensure peak performance and backed by a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against any and all defects. No questions asked! Imagine how confident we must be in the quality of our products to make a promise like that. The next time you need to purchase a remanufactured valve body, make sure you are comparing apples to apples when it comes to products, pricing, and warranties. At Valve Body Xpress, we stand behind our warranty, so our customers stand behind us. Talk to a Valve Body Xpress representative today about what goes into manufacturing the valve body you need. Call (866) 2GET-VBX or visit www.vbxus.com.


Transmission Technicians, Massapequa, NY

The Voice from the Back of the Room


by Steve Bodofsky

Transmission Technicians, Massapequa, NY

Transmission Technicians, Massapequa, NY

here are a lot of folks weve gotten to know over the years through the pages of GEARS. People you may never have met, but have become old friends nonetheless individuals whose names youve come to recognize instantly when you hear them mentioned or see them in print. Then there are the ones whove been there all along but never called attention to themselves. Theyre the heart and soul of the industry, but they sit quietly and work in the shadows. Theyre our Silent Majority our voice from the back of the room the ones who keep the industry moving without ever wanting to take center stage. 44

Walter Laut, owner of Transmission Technicians

GEARS December 2013

Transmission Technicians, Massapequa, NY

Pat Smyth and our new flatbed

Mark Rizzi, Center Manager

Walter Laut, owner of Transmission Technicians in Massapequa, New York, out on Long Island, is one of those quiet guys who gets things done without any desire to get noticed. As he himself said: One of my suppliers once called me the biggest secret in the transmission business on Long Island. Hes been to every Expo and local seminar that ATRAs produced over the last 27 years, yet not one of us could reliably pick him out of a lineup. He comes in, sits down, takes notes, and then brings what hes learned back and applies it to his shop. And he makes the most of everything hes learned. So who is Walter Laut? The secrets out, and the answer like the man is pretty interesting.

Frank Cirillo, rebuilding solenoids

Unusual Beginnings

Walter began his career in an entirely different business: He owned a small trucking company. And business was pretty good. The business grew and I kept expanding into larger spaces, says Walter. Problem was, virtually all of his business was from one company. And one day the owner of that company let Walter know that he wanted the trucking business. It wasnt really a request; more like an offer you cant refuse. Just like that, Walter was out of business and looking for something else to do. Over the years, Walter and his landlord had become pretty good friends. So when he found himself looking for new opportunities, his landlord sug46

gested they talk to a couple guys who were renting another one of his properties; they were operating an AAMCO Center, but their partnership was on the rocks and he thought they might be open to sell. So Walter and his landlord decided to become partners, and they agreed to shadow the AAMCO Center owners for a little while, to learn the business with an eye toward buying it. Then one of the partners backed out, so Walter and his landlord friend were right where they started. Walter continued his search; now he had a taste of the auto repair business and he liked it especially because it served a wide variety of customers instead of just one or two. And his trucking business had given him some experience with repair. So he found a working shop on Long Island Earls

Automatic Transmissions which he bought in 1986.

From General Repair to Transmission Only

These days, more and more transmission shops are expanding their services to include general repair. This provides them with a greater earning potential, and, maybe even more importantly, it gives them a better opportunity to build relationships with their customers, because those customers come back more often for service and repair work. When Walter bought his shop, it was already a general repair shop that also offered transmission repair. He maintained that business model until 1990, when he discontinued the general repairs and became exclusively a GEARS December 2013

Transmission Technicians, Massapequa, NY

Dave Casamassa at his bench

Amanda Stewart, Receptionist

transmission repair shop; exactly the opposite path that so many other shops are taking. I wanted to specialize, explains Walter. But before I opened the shop, I went to a Terry Greenhut seminar in Dallas, Texas. I figured if I was going to do this, I was going to learn how to do this. One of the things that Walter did was to build his wholesale market. When I first opened my doors, probably 90% of my business was wholesale. Today its a lot less. But wholesale is still a substantial part of his market.

his car in. Here in the New York area, roads are very congested. And most shops are at the mercy of towing companies. Theyre very busy; you call for a tow and they might not get there for three or four hours. Meanwhile the customers sitting there, stranded. After a while they say I dont need this; Ill go someplace else. I have friends in the business who ask, Why do you have your own tow truck? But my tow truck keeps my shop busy all day long. Its one of the ways that I make things happen. As anyone who has a transmission shop knows, a lot of calls you get are just testing the water; theyre price shoppers. So how does Walter make it happen? I sell the service we provide, he says. When I was a kid, my mother used to do all her shopping at Abraham & Straus. It was a big store here in New York, and pretty high end. And there were seven of us, so that could get expensive. I asked her, Why shop here? Why not one of the lower priced chains? And she explained, If I have any problems they take it back; they dont give me a headache. Its service, and thats what were all about. So when a customer calls, we sell him on service. Were not selling him a transmission. We sell him on picking the car up we sell him on doing the job right. If he has a two-year warranty

I Make Things Happen

Walter believes the key Transmission Technicians success is efficiency and production. I dont wait for things to happen; I make things happen, he says. What does that mean? Say a customer calls or comes into the shop; hes thinking about having work done. Many shop managers would offer their input and then hope the customer would agree to the repairs. Me? Ill do whatever it takes to make it happen. Ill go out of my way provide a special service for the customer to make it happen. And my employees know thats my attitude; they appreciate it and they follow my lead. One way Walter makes things happen is by owning his own tow truck. Ive always owned my own tow truck. Why? Because when a customer calls and hes stuck, I go out and tow 48

Selling Service

and he calls with a problem in two-anda-half years, we go get the car. And if we discover the problem is something other than the transmission, we farm it out to one of our wholesale accounts. We sell service. We dont sell transmissions we sell service. We dont quote prices over the phone. If someones just price shopping, thats not our customer. If someones calling because they want to get their car fixed, a lot of times they ask price because they dont know what else to ask. So well tell them, Lets see what the problem is; then we can give you a better idea of what its going to cost. Once we get it in, we can worry about selling the job.

Marketing the Shop

Like so many shops today, most of the marketing for Transmission Technicians is on line. Their web site www.transmission-tech.com is designed, hosted, and marketed by Autoshop Solutions, an ATRA Supplier Member and a regular exhibitor at Expo. Were getting a lot of leads through the web site and through social media, says Walter. Were doing a lot more retail work because of those leads. And, while he still advertises in the Yellow Pages, hes cut way back to a basic ad and listing. Thats something the people in our industry really have to wake up to. The shops that are getting the work are GEARS December 2013



ATRAs technical support staff is on call to help you solve your most challenging transmission problems. Our experienced staff offers the peace of mind to get your customers back on the roadfast!

Call 1-866-GO-4-ATRA 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST or visit members.atra.com to submit an inquiry.

Transmission Technicians, Massapequa, NY

Cleton Zindoga, Installer

Frank and Larry diagnosing a tough issue

the ones with the good web sites the ones that work with social media the ones who respond quickly to customer emails or texts. I have someone who spends most of the day just responding to those requests, and she convinces them to call or come to the shop. Same with the phone: I have five phone lines coming into the shop because I dont ever want customers to call and not have someone answer the phone. Walters tried other types of advertising, but hes adamantly against running specials or coupons. I dont want coupon customers, he says. I want customers who want the job done right and are willing to spend the money necessary for that. Do we get the price shoppers? Yes. Do we serve them? Yes. But we dont look for them. And thats what you get with coupons.

Every Expo

Walters been an ATRA Member since he bought the business back in 86. I joined because I wanted someone I could lean on for technical and management support. And the warranty lets me be competitive with the larger chains. And hes convinced of the value of education and training. Thats why hes attended every Expo since he opened; this year was his 27th. Marketing today is a whole different ballgame than when I first came into this business. Thats why I keep 50

going to ATRAs trade shows and seminars: so we can keep abreast of all the changes that are taking place. And I think thats why were doing so well. There are no secrets in what were doing here. If everyone went to the ATRA seminars, theyd all be doing what Im doing. One thing that amazes him is how few new faces he sees at Expo every year: There are thousands of shops all across the country. And yet, when I go to the shows, I see all the same faces every year. Where are the rest of them? I dont get it. Walter freely admits that not every idea he learns at Expo will work for his shop. But thats his job: To listen to all the programs and ideas, and choose which ones he thinks will have the best chance of succeeding in his market. And every year theres at least one thing I take back with me that I can use. Not every minute of every day is work for Walter. I know every car thats in the shop, but when I go home, Im home.

The Shop

Hes been married to Maureen for 35 years, and they have three children: Jessica, 32; Danielle, 30; and Jeffrey, 27. All three are grown and have moved out and begun their own lives. When he has time, Walter loves to golf. Im not ready for the tour yet, but I can usually break 100, he says with a chuckle. I do it as a social thing; anyone calls me to go and Im there. Heres what Walter says about his view of life and business: Time is something you dont get back. Lots of things, you put them off and you can come back to them. But if you waste time, youre never going to get it back. Cant argue with that.

Off Hours

GEARS December 2013

Have a transmission problem? The answer is just a phone call away. Receive one-on-one assistance from an ATRA transmission-repair expert, Monday Friday, 6:30 a.m. 4 p.m. PST.


ATRA helps you increase new customer trafc and get vehicles xed quickly, meaning payday comes faster and more frequently. Our technical departments massive library and other resources offer you unlimited access to the information you need right when you need it.


The ATRA website contains more than 70,000 pages of material, including bulletins, seminar manuals and Gears Magazine articles. Just insert a keyword and the answer is a click away. As an ATRA member, you have access to the industrys top three automotive databases:




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Transtar Industries Inc. Acquires TexarkanaBased TPS Transmission Supply

GEARS does not endorse new products but makes this new information available to readers. If you have a new product, please email the press release information with applicable digital photo or drawing to fpasley@atra.com or send by mail to GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030.

New Stacked Plate Trans Oil Coolers from JDS Worldwide!

Transtar Industries, Inc., the premier provider of world-class driveline solutions, has acquired the assets of TPS Transmission Supply, a Texarkana, Texas-based supplier of original equipment and aftermarket transmission replacement parts. TPSs business will be integrated into Transtars central region operations. We are excited about this acquisition, and the attractive market opportunities it will deliver in this important region, said Tim Bowes, chief executive officer of Transtar. Our organizations share the same focus on customer service. TPS is a great fit for Transtar, and I look forward to the significant regional presence theyll bring. Pete Kaburick, president and CEO of TPS stated, Ive enjoyed a professional relationship with members of the Transtar organization for many years. Weve long been familiar with their business, and watched them grow into an industry-leading distributor. Im very pleased to join forces with their highly-respected team, and anticipate a smooth transition for our customers and employees. TPS has five locations in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana, and approximately 35 employees. TPSs transmission repair business, Kason, was not part of the sale to Transtar and will continue to operate independently under its current name. This acquisition allows us to have a physical presence in this part of the country, explained Corby Wilemon, vice president, central region. While we do ship to customers in these cities, we look forward to offering same day service from local Transtar branches as well as serving the significant customer base that TPS already has established. For more, visit Transtar on line at www.transtar1.com.

Jonathan Westphal

JDS Worldwide is proud to be expanding its transmission oil cooler line to include stacked plate oil coolers. In business since 2004, JDS Worldwide has always been a manufacturer and supplier at heart, previously producing tube and fin, high performance, and built-in fan coolers. And its new stacked plate cooler line brings with it new choices and availability to warehouse distributors and importers around the world. Ranging in size from a small light duty cooler measuring 6 x 11 x 0.75 up to a heavy duty cooler with a GVW rating of 22,000 pounds and measuring 11.625 x 11 x 0.75, there is a product for a vast array of applications. For more, visit JDS Worldwide on line at www.jdscorp.com.

and refinement to support the high quality standards and cost-effective manufacturing of Sonnax high precision products.

Doug Allard

Sonnax Welcomes New Engineer and Sales Rep

Over the summer, Sonnax continued to grow its manufacturing capabilities and customer support team with the addition of two new individuals to the companys world headquarters in Bellows Falls, VT. Jonathan Westphal is a manufacturing engineer who joins Sonnax as a recent graduate of Keene State College, where he earned a bachelors degree in sustainable product design and innovation with a minor in management. He brings to the company a strong set of skills in 3D modeling, creative problem solving, communication, and group work skills. Westphals focus is on process design

Also new to Sonnax is Sales Representative Doug Allard, who brings several years of experience in the manufacturing industry to his position. He works closely with the companys fast-growing driveline product line, which includes aluminum yokes, shafts, and bushings, as well as a brand-new lineup of high-quality performance slip yokes. Allard holds a bachelors degree in management and tourism from the University of New Hampshire. About Sonnax Industries Sonnax designs, manufactures, tests and distributes a wide variety of innovative products used to rebuild automatic transmissions, remanufacture torque converters, and protect GEARS December 2013


driveshafts and associated components from over-torque damage. Sonnax is a 100% employee-owned company. Visit Sonnax on line at www.sonnax.com.

Lenkgetriebe, Lenkungspumpen und elektrische Lenksulen Steering Gears, Steering Pumps and Electrical Steering Columns

complete units. For more, visit ZF on line at www. zf.com.

ZF Services, LLC Releases Online Catalog App

Version 01 | Valid from 10.2013

G-TEC Introduces Oil Cooler Flush Data Acquisition

ZF Services, LLC, the strategic aftermarket business unit of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, is pleased to announce the release of its first mobile web app for the North American market. The new mobile app, ZF Services Aftermarket, is an online mobile catalog application. The new ZF Services Aftermarket app provides an intuitive way to provide data about product information to the end user. Catalog data can be found through several easy ways, including by vehicle lookup, part number search, and the app even has the ability to search directly by VIN code. The ZF Services Aftermarket app features accurate catalog data, product information and photos, and video installation tips. This app makes it quick and easy for the end user to find all the necessary catalog information for ZF products in their vehicles, said Mark Cali, product management and marketing manager, ZF Services, LLC. The ZF Services Aftermarket App offers direct access, connecting users to ZF through the available tech tips and installation videos. ZF Services Aftermarket is currently available for download for Android devices for free. The Apple app will be available shortly. Use the keyword ZF when searching in the app store.


1.) The first Steering Gears, Steering Pumps, and Steering Columns for Passenger Cars catalog in the ZF Lenksysteme brand design 2.) ZF Servolectric ZF Services offers three versions as complete units under the ZF Lenksysteme brand.

ZF Services with a New Product Brand: ZF Lenksysteme

ZF Services, the international aftersales specialist of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, and ZF Lenksysteme GmbH a 50:50 joint venture between ZF and Robert Bosch GmbH are restructuring their collaborative efforts: As of 2014, ZF Services will assume the responsibility for the international IAM business for steering gears, steering pumps, and steering columns. ZF Lenksysteme GmbH will focus on production and remanufacturing. Starting GEARS December 2013

in 2014, the complete product portfolio will be sold by ZF Services under the new ZF Lenksysteme brand. With the reorganization of the worldwide IAM activities, ZF Lenksysteme GmbH and ZF Services aim to achieve advantages for the customer in particular: As of the beginning of 2014, customers can obtain the entire portfolio of high-quality complete units from one organization, at transparent terms and by using uniform logistics processes, says Dr. Ulrich Walz, member of the board of directors, ZF Services, responsible i.a. for marketing and market development. At the same time, the new ZF Lenksysteme product brand opens up new sales opportunities and this on a worldwide basis. As a first step, ZF Services plans to optimize the availability of products and services as well as implement uniform measures to promote sales. As one of the leading OEM suppliers for steering systems, ZF Lenksysteme GmbH accompanies its customers from the initial development phases through to the start of production. The resulting know-how and the corresponding quality standards are also reflected unchanged in the IAM

G-TEC, the leader in hot oil cooler line cleaning/flushing for over 23 years, brings you data acquisition for your flusher. Their DAQ module (with printout) can be added to any current G-TEC flusher, or you can have it factory installed. The printout reports start time, temperature, input PSI, output PSI, and flow in GMP. It also records stop time, temperature, input PSI, output PSI, and flow in GPM. And you can take a snapshot any time during the flushing process. Suggested retail is $1400 for a DAQ kit. Contact Steve Glassinger at G-TEC for any additional information. His direct email address is steve@gtec.com.

Capital Core Introduces Chrysler 62TE Low Clutch with Teflon Coating

A Chrysler 62TE low clutch drum with Teflon coating that offers improved performance over the O.E. component is now available from Capital Core, Inc., a leading supplier of transmission components serving the Midwestern United States. Available for 2007-up applications, the new 62TE low clutch drum features a Teflon coating where the sealing rings fit, minimizing sealing ring wear in the aluminum that can cause leaks. 55


*Due to torsional loads placed on the differential cover from the engine/ transmission mounting, a gasket wont function properly in this application. Overhaul kits DP2610, 2610, and bonded piston kit 4845 are in stock and available for immediate delivery. For more, visit Corteco on line at www.TransTec.com.
New and improved Chrysler 62TE low clutch drum with Teflon coating offers greater durability and longevity.

Alto Introduces Clutches for the 6T40/45E Trans

GM Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module (TEHCM), Front View.

The new and improved low clutch drum, part number A262559A, offers greater durability and performance, extending the life of the drum. You can order the new 62TE low clutch drum from Capital Core by calling toll-free 800-223-1884.

New Product Announcement

6T40/45E Generation 1 transmissions. These plates are offered individually or may be purchased as friction and steel modules. Friction module part #204752 Steel module part #204753 For more information on these and other Alto products, visit Altos online catalog at www.altousa.com.

GM Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module (TEHCM), Back View.

Corteco Introduces Chrysler 62TE Six-Speed Chrysler 62TE 6-Speed Alto Products Corp now offers Overhaul Kits with Bonded Pistons Kits with Bonded Pistons friction and steel clutch plates for the

GM 6T70 6-Speed Transmission.

w available from Corteco, TransTec overhaul kits with bonded overhaul TransTec kits with bonded GM Customer Care & Aftersales tons for the Chrysler 62TE transmission. Kit DP2610 (with Durapistons for the Chrysler 62TE transmis(GM CCA) is releasing the diagnoscover and kit 2610 (without cover ne pan and pan and sion. Kitgaskets) DP2610 (with Duraprene tic and programming keys essential to skets) will cover all 2007-Up 62TE models.

Now available from Corteco,

GM Releases New Trans Control Module Programming Tools

repairing and replacing GM 6-speed automatic transmissions. So independent shops will be able to access the digital tools needed to flash the Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control 4845 Bonded piston kit TransTec Description Module (TEHCM). B37097 Front seal Number Theres never been a better time B29952 Left & right axle 4845 Bonded piston kit seals for independent shops to get into the 3528 Sealing ring kit B37097 Front seal GM 6-speed transmission servicing B11530 Duraprene pan gasket business, says Jessica Earl, product B29952 Left and right axle seals B11529 Duraprene valve body cover gasket specialist, transmissions and transfer 3528 Sealing ringkit B11531 Duraprene end cover gasket cases, GM CCA. With expanded avail B11530 Duraprene gasket ability of the TEHCM and ready access * Differential pan cover gasket B11529 Duraprene valve body cover to essential diagnostics and programto torsional loads placed ongasket the differential cover from the engine/transmission ming tools, they wont be forced to nting, a gasket will not function properly in this application. B11531 Duraprene end cover gasket leave money on the table with transmission work. * Differential cover gasket verhaul kits DP2610, 2610 as well as bonded piston kit 4845 are The programming setup is availin stock and available for immediate delivery

pan and cover gaskets) and kit 2610 (withoutFeatured pan and Components cover gaskets) will cover all 2007-up 62TE models. TransTec Number Description Featured Components

able via download through a TIS2Web Service Programming subscription, GMs next-generation Technical Information System. Seven different subscription packages are offered, varying by price, expiration date, and support level. From there, all you need is a J2534 device or scan tool. For a limited time, GM CCA is offering a 2-day TIS2Web trial subscription to ISCs at no charge (not available to subscribers in Massachusetts). When they purchase a GM 6-speed replacement automatic transmission assembly between Oct. 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014, shops can access the TEHCM programming with the no-charge subscription. Meanwhile, GM is expanding availability of its OE TEHCMs, which are the preferred replacement option. They are now sold under the ACDelco brand, as well as the Genuine GM Parts name. For additional information, contact your GM dealer or go to www.genuinegmparts.com. GEARS December 2013


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International Lubricants Names Kelley Bolas Marketing Manager

International Lubricants, Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of unique chemistries and related products for the automotive, industrial, and various other chemical markets, has named Kelley Bolas as its new marketing manager. Ms. Bolas will be responsible for overseeing all marketing functions including product development, advertising, and public relations. The addition of Kelley Bolas will strengthen our ability to introduce new products and market existing ones and is key to achieving our growth goals, noted Dave Flowers, director of sales and marketing. Her comprehensive experience in creative marketing and management will greatly benefit the LUBEGARD brand and our customers. Before joining International Lubricants, Inc., Ms. Bolas served as a product manager at Newell Rubbermaid, where she oversaw the introduction of the companys newest closet line. She also served as VP marketing at Bonne Bell, Inc. directing product management, advertising, and public relations functions. For more information on International Lubricants, Inc., contact: ILI, 7930 Occidental South, Seattle, WA 98108. Call Toll Free (800) 3335823 (LUBE) or visit their web site at www.Lubegard.com.

Tri produces all linings in a variety of materials and thicknesses, including custom sizes.

For more, visit Tri Component on line at www.tricomponent.com. 1.8L (6-speed FWD) 2009-12 Lova L4 1.4L, 1.5L, 1.6L (4-speed FWD) 2010-11 Orlando L4 2.0L (6-speed FWD) USA 2009-13 Cruze L4 1.6L, 1.8L, 2.0L (6-speed FWD) 2012-13 Sonic L4 1.6L, 1.8L (6-speed FWD) Toyota U760E Overhaul Kit: K75900S (with pistons) K75900SX (without pistons) Banner Kits: K7500SW/O (with pistons) K7500SXW/O (without pistons) Master Kits: K7500S (with pistons) K7500SX (without pistons) Application: 2009-13 Toyota Camry L4 2.4, 2.5L 2008-13 Toyota Highlander L4 2.7L 2010-13 Toyota Sienna L4 2.7L 2011 Toyota Vanguard L4 2.7L 2008-13 Toyota Venza L4 2.7L 2011-13 Scion TC L4 2.5L All kits are available for immediate delivery. For more, visit Precision on line at www.transmissionkits.com.

G-Cor Automotive is Proud To Announce Two Promotions

Jacob Snyder(L), Jayson Price (R)

Precision International Introduces New Kits for 6T30 and U760E Transmissions

Precision International has introduced Overhaul Kits, Banner Kits, and Master Kits for these transmissions: GM 6T30 Overhaul Kit: KP52900Y (with pistons) KP52900YX (without pistons) Banner Kits: KP5200YW/O (with pistons) KP5200YXW/O (without pistons) Master Kits: KP5200Y (with pistons) KP5200YX (without pistons) Applications: Non-USA 2009-2012 Aveo L4 1.4L, 1.6L (6-speed FWD) 2012 B-CUV L4 1.L8L (6-speed FWD) 2011-12 Gentra L4 1.2L, 1.4L, 1.6L, GEARS December 2013

Tri Component announces the immediate availability of an OE, duplicate grooved converter lockup lining, FX-23-70MK, for Ford 5R110W, 8-stud diesel. The standard version features 0.070 thickness and Kevlar based material. The application uses three linings per converter.

Tri Component Introduces New Ford Converter Clutch

Stanley Greenblott, President of G-Cor Automotive, is proud to announce the promotion of two employees to the Rebuilders Sales Team. Jacob Snyder and Jayson Price will be selling directly to the Rebuilders Industry. Snyder started in the Solenoid and Valve Body Department. Price started in teardown then moved to hard parts sorting. They may be young but both are very good learners and they have been trained under the watchful eye of Ryan Crosby. Greenblott said both Jacob and Jayson have the it when it comes to the parts business. They want to learn more each day, have the desire to be the best sales reps they can be, and they have a great mentor in Ryan. Contact Jacob: jacob.s@g-cor. com / Jayson: j.price@g-cor.com G-Cor supplies Transmission Hard Parts to Rebuilders, Wholesale, Export and Shops. With a massive but simplistic sort process G-Cor can supply you what you need, when you need it. Just Ask! 57



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Authorized Parts Distributor

Division of Wentworth Engineering

We are a full line supplier with 3 locations to serve you. Automatic, Standard, Transfer Case Parts. New & Used. Our Machine Shop rebuilds pumps, converters repairs drums and welds aluminum...

Reman Trans 6HP - 5HP - 4HP BMW - Audi - Jaguar - Range Rover Valve Bodies & Torque Converters

Hard Parts: NEW / USED / REMANUFACTURED Soft Parts / Friction Kits / Steel Kits / Repair Manuals Lifetime Fluids / Rebuild Kits / Valvebody Kits

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Fax: (860) 395-0047

146B Elm St., Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Foreign & Domestic
Off Vehicle Flash Programming
Computer Module Specialist


A/C COMPRESSORS A/C Parts Specialist

Engine Control Module (ECM) Transmission Control Module (TCM)

Accept Major Credit Cards

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Technologies, Inc.


8515 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77037

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Sprinter Ansermatic sTested


1-800-369-6601 silverstartransmission.com

Remanufactured Transmissions with Converter IN STOCK

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GEARS December 2013


Equipment Manufacturing Corp.

BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi

Remanufactured to Perfection
Hundreds of Transmissions in-stock. Immediate installation available. 2 year unlimited warranty. Dyno-tested. Remanufactured torque converter included.


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Toll free 800 - 372 - TRANS

1331 Rollins Road Burlingame, CA 94010 tel 650 - 348 - 3990 fax 650 - 348 - 3019



Just Ask!

Hard partsneed one? Need 100? Cant find what youre looking for?

G-CorAutomotive.com 1.877.888.5160

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GEARS Shopper advertising costs $325.00 for a one time insertion ad, (2 1/4 X 3) 2.25 X 3. Larger ads can be placed elsewhere in the magazine and are charged at comparable rates. Check or money order must accompany all orders. For information on Shopper advertising in GEARS, contact GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030, or call (805) 604-2000.


Fix it in less than fifteen minutes with one of our easy to use kits. No machine shop required.


Standard Transmissions Transfer Cases New & Used Parts Rebuilt Units *ONE CALL DOES IT ALL*

Northland Transmission Inc.




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4 3 2 7


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Equipment Manufacturing Corp.


HARD PARTS FOR Domestic and Foreign AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS Late and Early models


In Stock



CALL 602-971-0477 getithardparts.com


Overhaul System!

Call for a free catalog 877-298-5003 www.atiracing.com 6747 Whitestone Road Baltimore, MD 21207

GEARS December 2013

Transfer Case Assemblies with Encoder Motors Reman Transmissions New & Reman Engines 3 yr./100,000 Mile Parts & Labor Warranty Nationwide Delivery Truckload Pricing
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SPRINTER Transmissions
Remanufactured Sprinter 722.6 Transmissions

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Leading The Industry Since 1978



www. Trans-Tool .com

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600 Bruckner Road Spartanburg, SC

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Quality Remanufactured Torque Converters

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GEARS December 2013



December 2013
able! Owner to retire. Please contact us at ctrans1969@gmail.com. ATRA Mbr EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: TCRS single gun torque converter welder. Works good with all adapters. For information or photos please contact Marcin at (239) 707-8054. ATRA Mbr HELP WANTED: Large 12 bay shop searching for a driveability / diagnostic technician in the Jacksonville, FL area. Experience required, w/ good leadership skills. Locally owned and operated, looking for a new addition for our team to continue to grow in the future. Shop is located approx 30 minutes from the beaches, mild winters, and within minutes of the St. Johns river, world famous for its great shing! Great relocation opportunity for the right technician, no state or local income taxes! Contact Jason for more information: aamco356@gmail.com. ATRA Mbr HELP WANTED: Experienced Installer/Swingman who wants to learn to rebuild from a master rebuilder. Must have current references, 40 hours per week, no weekends, A/C in the summer and Waste oil heat in the winter, 401k plan, one week paid vacation after one year. Call Jay at (860) 646-0022 - 24/7, Manchester CT. ATRA Mbr HELP WANTED: Inside Sales International clutch plate manufacturer seeking an inside sale position. Good Technical skills and experience in automatic transmission parts is preferred. Send resume to: hr@altousa.com. ATRA Mbr HELP WANTED: Well established transmission shop with multiple locations looking Service Writer, R&R Technician and Trainee/Driver. Contact (818) 823-8685 or (714) 552-6608. ATRA Mbr HELP WANTED: Industry Supplier seeks sales manager for new territory development. Offering Industry competitive salary, Bonus package, and Travel stipends. Sales experience in the Automotive Aftermarket required.

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Maxx Fluxx Bushings

Minimal or No Adjustment Required

For our Canadian Subscribers

Some of the 800- toll free numbers listed in the shopper ad section do not work In Canada. Therefore, as a service to you we have listed direct line phone numbers to our shopper advertisers:
has multiple locations (860) 388-4418 (503) 284-0768 (713) 697-5511 (641) 394-5955 (305) 642-4621 (305) 885-7355

Innovative Solenoid Solutions

For The Ford 5R55N/W/S

Highest Quality Remanufactured Valve Bodies

A&REDS Transmission Parts Eriksson Industries Transmission Exchange Co. Autocomp Technologies Precision of New Hampton Inc Lory Transmission Parts Miami Transmission Kits

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Sales@ValveBodyPros.com ValveBodyPros.com

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ART Auto Sport Unlimited (616) 748-5725 Remanufactured Transmissions Weller Auto Trucks Instaclean Silver Star Transmission Trans-Pac Motor Parts Transfer Case Express Has many different shop locations (928) 680-4445 (405) 330-9300 (310) 637-9156 has multiple locations

BUSINESS FOR SALE: 12 Bay Transmission Shop with 7 lifts and over $200,000 worth of equipment and inventory includes modern 12 camera DVR , large waste oil heater , customer list going back 10 years and much more asking $180,000. Also available 9800 sq. ft. building for sale or rent located less than half a block from one of the busiest 4 lane highways in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Call Lucy Sane (706) 979-1287. ATRA Mbr BUSINESS FOR SALE: Very protable transmission and auto repair business in the Monterey Bay area of California. Thirty three years at the same location, 4,000 + sq.ft., 9 bays, 7 lifts, large ofce and build room. Located on the busiest main road in a afuent town just minutes to the beach, mountains with the best weather in the country. The shop has an excellent reputation within the community and other repair shops. The business has experienced over 15% growth for the last 5 years, 1mm gross sales with strong growth in general auto repairs. Tools, hoists and diagnostic equipment is the latest available. The business is valued at close to $500k, asking $250k, some owner nancing. SBA loans are far more avail-

Please send resumes to: dbland@ atra.com - Subject line: BB# 0813-1. ATRA Mbr HELP WANTED: Experienced rebuilder for busy transmission and gr shop in Red Deer, Alberta Canada. Work with a great team and shop reputation, great wages, health benets and possible retirement package with long-term commitment. Fax resume to: (403) 347-9644 or call Dave or Scott at (403) 347-9595. ATRA Mbr HELP WANTED: Looking for an experienced Automatic Transmission Rebuilder. Must be capable of rebuilding all makes and models. Must


GEARS December 2013

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Feb 8 Houston, TX Mar 1 Dallas, TX May 10 Denver, CO Feb 15 Orlando, FL Mar 8 Boston, MA Feb 22 Charlotte, NC Mar 22 Biloxi, MS

ATRA'S POWERTRAIN EXPO 2014 Oct 30- Nov 2, 2014

800.428.8489 http://members.atra.com MEMBERS.ATRA.COM

Check http://members.atra.com for more dates and locations to come!

speak English, have own hand tools and must be a team player, willing to work with co-workers to make any necessary improvements. Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Competitive pay and benets. Contact e-address: trans1958@aol.com. ATRA Mbr

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ATI Performance Products ............................................20, 21 www.atiperformanceproducts.com ATRA Membership............................................................... 51 http://members.atra.com ATRA Technical Department ............................................... 49 http://members.atra.com Capital Core Inc................................................................... 37 http://cctransmissionparts.com ETE Reman ......................................................................... 25 www.etereman.com EVT Parts ........................................................................ OBC www.evtparts.com Exedy Globalparts Corporation ...............................12, 13, 36 www.exedyusa.com H & A Transmissions, Inc. ................................................... 17 www.hnatrans.com Jasper Engines & Transmissions ...................................... IBC www.jasperengines.com Life Automotive Products Inc............................................... 45 www.smartblend.com Mid States Transmission Parts............................................ 63 http://mstp.net Omega Machine & Tool, Inc. ............................................... 36 www.omegamachine.com Precision European Inc ....................................................... 39 www.PEIus.com

Precision International ......................................................... 11 www.transmissionkits.com Raybestos Powertrain .....................................................9, 47 www.raybestospowertrain.com RMP Powertrain Solutions Inc. ............................................. 3 www.powertrainsolutions.com Seal Aftermarket Products................................................... 27 www.sealaftermarketproducts.com Slauson Transmission Parts ................................................ 41 www.slauson.com Sonnax Industries.............................................................. IFC www.sonnax.com Superior Transmission Parts ............................................... 31 www.superior-transmission.com Toledo Drivline, Llc .............................................................. 19 www.toledodriveline.com Transmission Remanufacturing Company LLC................... 37 www.transmissionrebuildcenter.com Transtar Industries, Inc. ....................................................... 23 www.transtar1.com TransTec By CORTECO........................................................ 7 www.transtec.com VBX - ValveBody Xpress, Inc. ............................................. 43 www.valvebodyxpress.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. ........................ 33 www.wittrans.com

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A340 O/D Planet Set

V6 $125 V8 $175