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Becoming a More Effective Manager Course Profile The course is based on the following assumptions about management practices:

Managers at all level are overworked. Managers, particularly business owners, want to control everything. Managers are involved in operations, or worse in handling daily activities. Managers do everything by themselves. Efforts are appreciated more than the results. Managers have a multi-functional role. The course aims at providing the following key points: Emphasize the need to be effective at work. ntroduce positive attitude and behavior. ntroduce ways to assess one!s own effectiveness. dentify the skills needed to improve their effectiveness. ntroduce appropriate forms of development and a plan of personal development. Course content 1. The need to be effective "hat!s effectiveness# "hy do managers need to be effective# 2. The ways to be effective $hifting to a positive attitude and behavior %ssessing your effectiveness &hoosing personal development methods mplementing development plan 3. Essential s ills for effective managers !. "ays to im#rove effectiveness $. Personal develo#ment Methodology Trainer applies the following methods to convey the content of the learning course: open'(roup discussion, case study, self-assessment, role-play, games, brainstorming and , mini-lecture Target %udience )*ecoming % More Effective Manager+ is designed for those who manage groups of people, including: - Managers at any level who want to become more effective managers. &uration , days