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Cathecism 1 The Elementary Principles He Existed Before All Things: John 1:1-3

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God, He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. He Became A an:

Philippians !:"-# $o%r attit%de sho%ld &e the same as that of Christ Jes%s: 'ho( &eing in )ery nat%re *od( did not consider e+%ality ,ith *od something to &e grasped( &%t made himself nothing( ta-ing the )ery nat%re of a ser)ant( &eing made in h%man li-eness. And &eing fo%nd in appearance as a man( he h%m&led himself and &ecame o&edient to death/ e)en death on a cross0 His 1ife 'as Perfect And Blameless: 1 Peter !:!! He commited no sin( and no deceit ,as fo%nd in His mo%th. His 'or- 'as *reat And *lorio%s: Acts 12:3# ..... ho, *od annointed Jes%s of 3a4areth ,ith the Holy 5pirit and po,er( and ho, ,e ,ent aro%nd doing good and healing all those %nder the po,er of the de)il( &eca%se *od ,as ,ith Him.

He 6ied 7or 8%r 5ins: ! Corinthians ":!1 *od made Him ,ho had no sin to &e sin for %s( so that in him ,e might &ecome the righteo%sness of *od. 9saih "3:"(: B%t he ,as ,o%nded for o%r transgressions( he ,as cr%shed for o%r ini+%ities; and the p%nishment that &ro%ght %s peace %s peace ,as %pon Him( and &y His ,o%nds ,e are healed. 'e all( li-e sheep( had gone astray each of %s has t%rned to his o,n ,ay; and the 1ord has laid on Him the ini+%ity of %s all. He <ose Again: Acts !:!= B%r *od raised him from the dead( freeing Him from the agony of death( &eca%se it ,as impossi&le for death to -eep it>s hold on Him. He 'as Exalted: Acts !:3: Therefore let all 9srael &e ass%red of this: *od made this Jes%s ,hom yo% cr%cified( &oth 1ord and Christ. Philippians !:?-11 Therefore *od exalted him to the highest place and ga)e him the name that is a&o)e e)ery name( that at the name of Jes%s e)ery -nee sho%ld &o,( in hea)en and on earth and %nder the earth( and e)ery tong%e confess that Jes%s Christ is 1ord( to the glory of the 7ather. He 'ill <et%rn: atthe, !=:32 At that time( the sign of the 5on of an ,ill appear in the s-y( and all the nations of the earth ,ill mo%rn. They ,ill see the 5on of man coming on the clo%ds of the s-y( ,ith po,er and great glory.

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