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20 Age

To the teacher
1. Make one copy of this page for every two students. Cut along the dotted lines to make a set of 15 dominoes. 2. Put students in pairs. 3. Explain the rules of Dominoes and have students play the game. Rules for Dominoes The dominoes are placed face down on the desk and shuffled. Each player takes five dominoes, leaving the remaining five on the desk. One player places a domino face up on the desk. The other player tries to place one of his or her dominoes next to it either to match a blank or make an idiom. If the player cannot make a match, the player picks up another domino from the pile on the desk, and the turn passes back to the other player. The winner is the first player to get rid of all of his or her dominoes.


getting on

in years

of a certain


long in

the tooth


the hill

past its


wet behind

the ears

live in

the past


the times

have seen

better days

on its

last legs

a blast

from the past

put someone

out to pasture

as old

as the hills

In the Know: Supplementary Activities

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