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Game Official

Role Descriptor
As referee (umpire) your primary task is to ensure that all players perform within the boundaries of all the agreed upon game rules in the most impartial way possible. That is, officials should not be persuaded to favor one team over another at any point in time.

Learn the game rules inside out. Call teams/player together for pre-game routines. Determine pre-game decisions (i.e., who kicks off; who gets first serve, etc.). Provide decisive rulings on game events. Be firm and consistent in your calls. Briefly explain your calls using the correct signals. Be fair (i.e., impartial) to both teams. Communicate with the timekeeper and scorekeeper for your game. Actively monitor players for un-sportsperson-like conduct and re port such behavior to your teacher. Maintain the flow of the game. Do your best (As a beginning official, you will make an error here and there . . .Its OK).

Skills/Attributes you will need to demonstrate

Be very familiar with all of the game rules in effect for games. Ability to focus on the action in the game for extended periods of time (i.e., not easily distracted). Demonstrate fairness toward all peers.

Good communication skills.

From Complete Guide to Sport Education by Daryl Siedentop, Peter A. Hastie & Hans van der Mars, 2004, Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.