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PHED 239 High School Module Teaching Reflection Template DIRECTIONS: Include the following information to help you

u organize your reflection paper into the different sections/paragraphs. A. Teaching Behaviors: For each teaching behavior, reflect on what went well AND what needs improvement AND why. You are NOT reiterating what you taught! 1. Planning/Preparation 2. Lesson Content 3. Transition/Classroom Management 4. Content Delivery 5. Feedback given by you to the Students 6. Feedback you received from Cooperating Teacher B. Final paragraph - discuss what was/were the most important thing(s) that you learned while teaching today. FORMAT: Top of first page should include the following information. Your name Date of lesson taught / lab day Lesson # (1/4) Lesson focus Name of cooperating teacher Name of high school Submit reflections via google drive one (1) day after your teaching episode. Remember to use correct grammar, spelling & punctuation deduct .25 for each mistake. If after the first reflection there are significant grammatical mistakes, you will be required to seek assistance from the Writing Center prior to submitting all future reflection papers - - documentation required - submit maximum of three (3) days after teaching episode! Ryan Boddie 11/19/13- Tuesday

Lesson 2 of 4 Target Heart Rate Coach Podwarski Agawam High School 1. Planning/Preparation On this lesson, I think that my station cards were a lot better than they were last week. They were short and to the point but the font was at a readable size so that the students did not spend a lot of time reading the cards. If I were to do this lesson again, then I would need to make sure that I plan more station so that I do not have to go through the stations twice. This will allow the students different OTRs but still reach the main objective for the day. 2. Lesson Content Overall the content was right where it needed to be in terms of the difficulty for the students because they were able to do what I asked of them without any trouble. One thing that I would need to fix is to make sure that I try to make it even simpler for the students so that it is not so much information at one time because one of my classes was all freshmen and they were learning this for the first time. 3. Transition/Classroom Management This week the transition from station to station went so much better. I made sure that I told the students what direction I wanted them to go in before I let them go station to station. One thing that I would need to work on for next week is just making sure that I have more stations so that the students stay involved and do not get bored of the same five stations. 4. Content Delivery In my second lesson, I delivered my content better than in the first because I needed to make sure the students understand what everything that I was saying means. For instance, i needed to make sure that the students knew what their target heart rate was and how they could reach it. I made the adjustments for the second lesson. One thing I definitely need to work on is when I am demonstrating, I need to give the skill cues that I want them to be doing at each station instead of me saying It should look like this 5. Feedback given by you to the Students

This is one of my strongest aspects while I am teaching. During my lessons, I am constantly giving feedback to every student. I try to give each and every single student feedback at least once during a lesson. One thing that will come with practice is while giving feedback I need to keep my back to the wall instead at the students. I have started to make the adjustments as I progress through my lessons. 6. Feedback you received from Cooperating Teacher Coach Podwerski says that hands down, feedback is my strongest aspect as a teacher because you are constantly giving it to every person. Coach Podwerski believes that as a teacher You need to be the master of the subject that you are teaching and to make sure when you are teaching the information as you are saying it to the students, have confidence in what you are saying. The most important thing that I learned from teaching today is that I need to make sure I am the master at what I am teaching so that the students gain as much knowledge as possible. Also, the major thing that I need to focus on is my demonstrations. While I demonstrate, I need to make sure that all the students are paying attention on me and I need to make sure that the skill cues are given while I am doing the demonstration, not as I am walking to the next station.