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edu December 16, 2013 English Committee Members Department of English Morrill Hall North Dakota State University Fargo, ND 58105-5075 Dear Committee Members: This portfolio contains the projects that I have completed for the class Researching and Writing Grants and Proposals. I have selected three different genres that reflect not only my academic achievements, but examples of the required assignments that I had to complete throughout the course. I am fairly content with my work, considering that I havent been required to take an English writing course in over five years. Even though I chose to revise a couple of my projects, I feel that this class has helped me expand my career as a future dietitian and has helped me excel in my abilities to write effective grants and proposals. I will now explain how my projects meet the objectives for this course. The works that I included in this portfolio include a proposal for Marys Books, an interview memo and a project management document. Based on my knowledge, all of these projects meet the required outcomes 1, 6, and 7 according to the following criteria. Outcome 1 included the ability to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts and genres, using a variety of communication skills. With the Marys Books proposal we had to interview Mary about her business and her personal interests, write and submit a proposal to her and then present that proposal in a professional setting. Also, this outcome was met by the interview memo assignment by requesting an interview by phone, having a face to face interview with a grant writer, writing a memo to the professor and then sending a thank you letter to the interviewee. Lastly, this outcome was met by our project management document that we submitted on our FoodPlay production in the form of a submitted a project analysis proposal describing the foundation, a clear outline and the evaluated success of our planned project. Another valuable lesson that I learned was how to use knowledge and ideas to create effective proposals. Outcome 6 included integrating knowledge and ideas in a coherent and meani ngful manner. This outcome was met by our Marys book proposal. This assignment used knowledge from not only academic resources including books and the internet, but also from creating ideas from the information that we received from Mary during her interviews. We

were able to use the knowledge that we obtained and applied it into a proposal for her. This outcome was also met by our project management document. We also used the knowledge that my group and I received by researching more about the FoodPlay production and created our own ideas for the project based off our own personal educational experiences and interests. Lastly, this class has prepared me for knowing how to work together in a group setting when it comes to creating large and complex projects. I really valued that I could use the knowledge of my peers to help me better understand the principles of the course and its assignments. Also, working in a group setting was very beneficial in terms of creating new ideas from the discussions that I had with my group members. Outcome 7 states, Develop professionalism exhibited in such qualities as self-direction, cooperation, civility, reliability, and care in editing and presenting the final product. This outcome was met by the Marys Bookstore proposal, because this assignment was our only required group project. Each member of the group was able to exhibit self-direction by contributing their own part of the proposal, while at the same time working together in a civil and reliable way. Everybody was able to find a time to meet and discuss the project. We were able to present our final project proposal to the class, in a professional manner, at the end of the unit and we showed care in editing when we chose to revise the formatting and grammar of our final project. Our group showed that we were professional and reliable by handing in our completed projects on time. Even when I had to do certain assignments alone, I was able to use my peers to help answer whatever questions I may have had. In conclusion, I have included three different genres that I feel exhibit my academic achievements in the class Researching and Writing Grants and Proposals. Those genres include a proposal, an interview memo and a project management document. I also explained in detail how those three projects meet the recommended English outcomes 1, 6 and 7. I really appreciate the knowledge and the experiences that I obtained from this class. I can now say that I can effectively write memos, proposals, and grants, conduct interviews and confidently present my work to others. I also learned how to work together in a group dynamic to create complex projects in a professional and time effective way. I feel that this class has helped me expand my career as a future dietitian and has helped me excel in my abilities to write adequate grants and proposals.