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A Tale of Two Conquerors

Jesus and Alexander died at thirty-three! A TALE OF TWO CONQ E!O!" Jesus and Alexander died at thirty-three! One li#ed and died for self$ one died for you and %e& The 'ree( died on a throne$ Christ died on a )ross$ One*s life a triu%+h see%ed$ the other ,ut a loss& One led #ast ar%ies forth- the other wal(ed alone$ One shed a whole world*s ,lood$ the other .a#e /is own One won the world in life and lost it all in death$ The other lost /is life- to win a whole world*s faith& Jesus and Alexander died at thirty-three& One died in 0a,ylon- and one on Cal#ary& One .ained all for hi%self$ and one /i%self .a#e& One died to )onquer- and one the world to sa#e& The one %ade hi%self 'od$ and 'od %ade /i%self less$ The one li#ed ,ut to ,last$ the other ,ut to ,less& When died the 'ree(- fore#er fell his throne

of swords$ 0ut Jesus died to li#e fore#er- 1in. of 1in.s and Lord of Lords& Jesus and Alexander died at thirty-three! The 'ree( %ade all %en sla#es$ Christ %ade all %en free! One ,uilt a throne on ,lood$ the other ,uilt on lo#e& The one was ,orn of earth$ the other fro% a,o#e& One )onquered all the earth- to lose all earth and hea#en$ The other .a#e u+ all- that all to /i% ,e .i#en& The 'ree( fore#er died$ Christ fore#er li#es! /e loses all who .ets- and wins all thin.s who .i#es! Author un(nown