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1(A) The major axis of an ellipse is 150mm long and the minor axis is 00 mm long.

Find the foci and draw the ellipse by Arcs of circles method. Draw a tangent to the ellipse at a point on it 25mm above the major axis? (B).Construct a diagonal scale of R.F=1\32 Showing yards, feet and inches and to measure up to 4 yards 2(A)Draw the projections of the following points on the same ground line, keeping the projectors 25mm apart. (I) A, in the h.p and 20mm behind the v.p (II)B, 40 mm above the h.p and 25mm in front of v.p (III)C. in the v.p and 40mm above the h.p (IV) D,25mm below the h.p and 50mm behind the v.p (V)E, in both the h.p and the v.p (B)Draw the projections of a 75 mm long straight line in the following positions (I)parallel to both the h.p and the v.p and 25 mm from each (II)parallel to and 40 mm in front of the v.p and in h.p 3(A) A line CD is parallel to vp and inclined at 40degrees to hp. C is in hp and 25mm in front of vp.Top view is 50mm long. Find its true length (B)A line AB 65mm long has its end A 20 mm above hp and 25mm in front of vp. End B is 40 mm above hp and 65 mm in front of vp. Draw the projections of AB. Find its inclinations with HP and VP