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Bella Armonia Syllabus

Welcome to the 2013-2014 choral season! Another season of concerts, festivals, rehearsals, and time to bond has come upon us. I am proud to say that we have really evolved over the years and had a great performance series last year. Our growth has proven that we are ready to for the next level. The next level will have some changes, so please make sure you read over this syllabus carefully. Everything is posted on my website: www.walkersingers.weebly.com

Sight-singing: Each example is 5 points Song Pass-offs: 15 points a song Solo Mid-term: usually around 70 to 100 points Participation: 10 points a day/ 40 to 50 points a week Concerts: 100 points a concert/ 2 concerts a quarter

Everyone cringes, but remember that sight-singing really helps in the long run. Even if you struggle, it is not so heavily weighted in your grade so you have room to grow. Every week you will have 2 to 3 sight-singing examples that I will ask you to do for me. You can do it in person or record it and email it to me. I ask that if you record it, you remember the honor code it needs to be your work! You can use an app or piano to get starting pitch, but then its your solo voice only! Every sight-singing will be posted on Monday whether we drop out or not. You will need to perform or send me your recording by midnight Friday night. After that, you can send it through Sunday taking away one point per sight-singing. Once we get to Monday, it will be a zero unless you and I have worked something out. There will be an award given at the end of the school year for my best sight-singing of each semester and the entire year. Occasionally I will post who is in the lead. If you do not want to be involved in the

competition, please let me know and I will not involve you. Your score will never be announced and I will only announce the top 3. I may not announce it every week, so do not expect it! Every Monday we will sing through the previous weeks signoff together so you can double check your work and answer any questions you may have.

Song Signoffs
This is a new this year, but I believe it will really help us all check to see if we really know our part! You will need to sign-off each song we sing. Sometimes it might be the entire song, and sometimes it might be just a section. It will just depend on the redundancy and length of the piece. These signoffs will be similar to sight-singing in that you may choose to sing them to me directly, or record them. I recommend recording them for the following reasons: You can record your voice in class while the entire group is singing. Just make sure you putting the device near your mouth so I can hear you. If you would rather, you can also sing it capella or with an instrument. As long as I can hear your voice, you are good. If the piece is acapella, then you will need to sing it acapella.

Song signoffs will happen before concerts. I will tell you the sections a few weeks before a concert and then give you due date that will be close to the concert. You will be able to send in your sign-offs anytime in that time period. When you send a piece, be sure to put the song title in the subject line. This only has to be homework if you want it to be. If you work hard in class and record it in class, it should not be any extra work on your end. I will grade on pitch, rhythm, and diction.

Our 2 concerts this semester will be Thursday, March 6 and Thursday, December 12. They will both begin at 7pm in the Coca-Cola Auditorium and have a call time around 6 to 6:15pm. We will also perform for Baccalaureate on May 16th at 5pm in Marietta United First Methodist near the Square. Call time for this event will be 4pm and black dress attire will apply. Concert attire Ladies: You will wear the black concert dress, black shoes, hair out of face, and no/low key jewelry. Gents: You will need to have black pants and black shoes. If you have a solid black dress shirt or want to get your own, you will need this as well. I have 3 black dress shirts if you need to borrow one. I will also supply a maroon tie

Concert Attendance Policy

Performances in the fine arts classes are the culmination of a students work and are considered by the faculty to be the equivalent of a test or exam in the course. It is very important for all students to be at the scheduled

performances and concerts. The following are the procedures regarding absences from performances in the fine arts department. An absence from a concert or performance due to a death in the family, family emergency, illness, or major religious holiday/event will result in the student writing a 5-page, typed, double spaced, research paper with MLA citations on an appropriate topic. An absence for any other reason will result in the student writing a 5-page, typed, double spaced, research paper with MLA citations on an appropriate topic and a 10-point deduction of the students final grade for the semester. Students are expected to be at and perform at all performances/concerts. All concert dates are given to the students at the beginning of the semester/year. As it is appropriate performance etiquette, performers are also expected to stay for the entire duration of the performance.

Mid-Term Solo
For your mid-term, students will sing a Jazz Standard. You will have three standards to choose from: Misty Fly Me to the Moon Satin Doll You will be graded with a rubric. The performance will be only for the Director with an opportunity to earn extra points if you sing in front of the class. You will get lots of practice during class and have many resources to help you practice at home. Your midterm will be October 30-Nov.1.

Attached is a list of riser etiquette. Please make sure that you read through this document carefully. Our goal is to make rehearsals not only as productive as possible, but give it more structure. This will not only help you in the long run, but also create a more positive, stress-free environment for you to feel free to learn and grow! Singing is hard work, but it should always be full of passion, emotion, and fun!

Sing Your Heart Out! Samantha Walker

Middle and Upper School Chorus The Walker School, Inc Samantha.walker@thewalkerschool.org