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Topaz HTC English Manual

Topaz HTC English Manual

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Topaz HTC English Manual
Topaz HTC English Manual

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Whenever you connect your device to the computer with the USB cable, the
Connect to PC screen displays and prompts you to choose the type of USB


Select this mode when you need to do the following:

Synchronize Outlook e-mail messages, contacts, calendar appointments, files,
and other data between your device and your computer.

Have read and write access to the whole device.

For more information about using ActiveSync, see Chapter 5.

Disk Drive

This mode is available for selection only when you installed a microSD card on your
device. Select this mode when you want to use your storage card as a USB thumb
drive, and copy files between your device’s storage card and your computer faster.

When Disk Drive mode is enabled while your device is connected to the computer:

You will not be able to use your device to access files from the storage card or
run applications that are installed on the storage card.

Your computer will only connect to the device’s storage card. When you
access your device from the computer, you will only see the contents of the
device’s storage card.

Internet Sharing

When you do not have Internet access on your computer, you can select this mode
to use your device as a modem for your computer. For more information about
using Internet Sharing, see “Using Your Device as a Modem (Internet Sharing)” in
Chapter 8.

Chapter 2

Using Phone Features

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