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Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

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Published by: Zac Gustafson on Sep 15, 2009
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Filtering by Activity IDs If your Activity IDs contain meaningful information, use that
information to filter activities. For example, the prefix HR in an Activity ID could stand for
Human Resources. Combined with a wildcard character (*), this portion of this Activity ID
produces a filter that shows all human resources activities.

The Contains operator will
not filter if the value contains
an asterisk, which is a
wildcard character.

Filtering by text in descriptions Add a new filter, or click Edit in the Filter dialog box to
change an existing filter. Use the Contains operator in the Is column of the filter specifi-
cation to filter activities based on partial or complete text strings. Type one or more words
or a word fragment in the Low Value column; you need not match upper- or lowercase
letters. This feature enables you to find activities with data items containing keywords; for
example, filter for all activity descriptions that contain the word “deadline.” Click OK.

Right-click and select the
name of the data item
containing the text string
from the drop-down list.

Right-click and select the Contains or Does
Not Contain operator.
Type the text string you want to search for and filter on.

Selecting Activities by Filter 281

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