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Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

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Published by: Zac Gustafson on Sep 15, 2009
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You can enlarge the PERT view of your project to focus on details, or reduce the size of
the view to show the big picture.

Choose View, Zoom Out to make
activity boxes smaller so you can
see more activities.

Customizing the PERT View 462

You also can use Zoom In
the Cosmic view and Trace
logic view.

To customize a zoom level Choose View, Zoom, then choose the Custom option to
display the view at a specific percentage.

Choose View, Zoom In
to magnify activity
boxes so you can focus
on a selected group of

Customizing the PERT View 463

The number of activities that fit onscreen also depends on the activity box config-
uration and size. Choose Format, Activity Box Configuration to change the size of
activity boxes.

Choose a custom zoom
level from 5% to 400%.

Customizing the PERT View 464

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