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Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

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Published by: Zac Gustafson on Sep 15, 2009
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The status bar along the bottom of the SureTrak window contains messages from
SureTrak, information about the currently highlighted activity, and information about the
active project.

The fifth box indicates the scheduling setting: F/B indicates forward and backward
passes, FWD indicates forward pass only, and OFF indicates no automatic scheduling.

The rightmost box on the status bar indicates the leveling setting: LEV indicates leveling is
on, and a blank field indicates leveling is off.

Messages from
SureTrak about the
current cursor function
such as “Change the
data date.”

These three boxes display project data that you specify, such
as the project title, company name, and layout description.

Customizing SureTrak’s Default Options 503

To display or hide the status bar Choose Tools, Options, click the View tab, and mark
the Status Bar checkbox.

To configure the status bar Double-click anywhere on the status bar to open the Status
Bar dialog box, or choose Tools, Customize, Status Bar.

Set the width of each section of the status
bar, or simply drag the edge of a box in
the project window with the mouse to
adjust its width.

Click to select the data
item to display in the
status bar from a
drop-down list.

Customizing SureTrak’s Default Options 504

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