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Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

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Published by: Zac Gustafson on Sep 15, 2009
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As projects progress, you may find that certain projects or reports are no longer required
in your document structure. You can remove these projects and reports from the
document structure.

To remove a project Choose Add Or Remove Projects And Reports and type or browse
the location of the HTML files.

Removing a project also removes the HTML documents for any reports that are
associated with the project.

To remove a report Choose Add Or Remove Projects And Reports and type or browse
the location of the HTML files. Select the category and project containing the report(s)
you want to remove, then click Next.

2 Select the project you
want to delete.

3 Click to remove the
project and its accom-
panying reports and
HTML documents.

1 Select the category.

Publishing Reports on the World Wide Web 557

For details about transferring
HTML pages to the World Wide
Web, see Defining Projects and
Reports earlier in this chapter.

After you specify the projects and reports that you want to remove, click Finish and the
Wizard creates the HTML documents. If you want to examine the updated document
structure before transferring it to a central server, mark the Open The Reports And Other
Documents In Your Web Browser checkbox before you click Finish. The Primavera Web
Publishing Wizard opens the PRMINDEX.HTM file with your browser, allowing you to
inspect the document structure.

Once you modify the structure, transfer it to your server.

Removing a project or report from the HTML structure does not affect the original
project data—it only affects the data within the document structure.

1 Select the report to
remove from the project.

2 Click to remove the report.

Publishing Reports on the World Wide Web 558

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