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Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

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Published by: Zac Gustafson on Sep 15, 2009
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Use SureTrak’s copy and paste options to duplicate one or more activities. You can copy
activities to save data-entry time, and you can cut or copy activities into a different appli-
cation, edit them, and paste them back into your SureTrak project to update it. When you
paste an activity, you must assign it a unique Activity ID. When you copy an activity,
SureTrak copies any information on the Activity form as well as dates associated with the
activity. You can also choose to copy relationship and/or resource and cost information.

To copy and paste activities Select the activity or activities you want to copy and
choose Edit, Copy Activity. Select the activity you want the copied activity to appear below
and choose Edit, Paste Activity. If you are copying from and pasting to the same project,
you will have to change the Activity IDs being pasted in the Paste Options dialog box. To
copy and paste partial activity data, select the cell containing the data you want to copy.
Choose Edit, Copy Cell. Select the cell or cells to which you want to copy this information.
Choose Edit, Paste Cell.

Specify how you want
SureTrak to handle
duplicate Activity IDs.

Mark to have the copied
activities inherit the
codes, predecessor, and
successor data of a
particular group.

Mark to add any new codes among the pasted activities
to the WBS, Activity Codes, and the Resource Dictionary.

Adding Activities 96

To cut and paste activities Select an activity or activities in the Activity columns and
choose Edit, Cut Activity to remove the activity from the project window and copy it to the
Clipboard. Select the activity that you want the copied activity to appear above and
choose Edit, Paste Activity. You may have to specify how you want SureTrak to handle
duplicate Activity IDs in the Paste Options dialog box.

If you add codes to the dictionaries when copying activities from one project to another,
the best results occur if your dictionaries and codes are set up similarly. Set up each
project’s codes so that they appear in the same order, and so that the codes in each
dictionary are the same length; otherwise, you may have to adjust the codes after you
copy the activities.

Adding Activities 97

Handling Duplicate Activity IDs
When Copying Activities

When you paste copied activities, you must assign
unique IDs to the copied activities. In the Paste Options
dialog box, the Change Duplicates Only option enables
you to copy activities as they exist. If a duplicate is
encountered, SureTrak prompts you to specify a new ID
for that activity. The Change All Activity IDs With Prompt
For Each Activity option assigns a new ID to each
activity. SureTrak displays each activity with an existing
ID in a table, prompting you to enter a new ID for each
one. The Change All Activity IDs with Prefix/Suffix
option specifies a prefix and/or suffix to add to the IDs.

The Change All Activity IDs with Auto-Increment option
creates new IDs that are automatically incremented.
Specify a start-at ID and indicate the amount by which
SureTrak should increase each ID. For example, specify
100 as the start-at ID and 10 as the increment to obtain
the new IDs 110, 120, 130, and so on.

The Change All Activity IDs with Arithmetic Add option
increments IDs numerically, starting with a number you
specify. For example, if you specify 10 as the increment
for Activity IDs 100, 200, and 300, the new IDs will be
110, 210, and 310.

Choosing to add codes while pasting only adds codes; it
does not paste dictionaries or descriptions. Pasting
codes with activities works best when the dictionaries of
the project from which you’re pasting are in the same
order as the dictionaries in the project to which you’re
pasting. You can set up the dictionaries in the project to
which you are pasting so that they match before you
paste activities. Then, when unfamiliar codes are pasted
into the project, SureTrak will place them in the correct

Choose to overwrite
activity information
when SureTrak finds
a matching Activity ID.

Choose to paste
activities into a
selected group;
each activity inherits
the data represented
by that band.

Adding Activities 98

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