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Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

Sure Track 2.0 User Manual

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Published by: Zac Gustafson on Sep 15, 2009
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If you use identical or similar work breakdown structures for several projects, you can
transfer the WBS Dictionary from an existing SureTrak or P3 project to the current project.

For details on reviewing and
editing WBS code assignments,
see Assigning WBS Codes later
in this chapter.

Transferring a WBS Dictionary completely overwrites the existing dictionary in the current
project. Changing the dictionary this way has no effect on codes you’ve already assigned
to activities, so their codes may no longer match the new WBS Dictionary.

To transfer WBS codes Choose Define, WBS Codes. Click Transfer. Specify the drive
and directory of the project from which you want to transfer WBS codes. If the project you
are looking for does not appear in the list below the Project Name field, make sure the
drive and directory are correct and that you have specified the correct type of project.

SureTrak prompts you to confirm your decision to replace the current WBS Dictionary.
Click OK to confirm, or Cancel to abort the transfer.

Right-click and select a project
type from the drop-down list.

Select the name of the
project from which you want
to transfer WBS codes.

Click to perform
the transfer.

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure 247

Creating a WBS Code Template

If you work with essentially the same WBS codes in
each project, establish your own set of default codes
so that you do not have to redefine or transfer them
each time you create a new project.

To create a template Choose File, New. Choose
Define, WBS Codes to open the WBS Codes dialog
box. Define the WBS codes you want to use in the
template. Click Close. Save the project and exit

Use Windows File Manager or Windows Explorer to
locate the .TTL file for the newly created project. If you

SureTrak according to its Setup defaults, the .TTL file
is in the STWIN directory; SureTrak stores activity
codes and WBS codes in this file.

Using File Manager or Explorer, rename this file
TEMPLATE.TTL. Leave it in the STWIN directory or
move it to the directory that contains STW.EXE.

If an existing project already contains the WBS codes
you want to use as defaults, use File Manager or
Explorer to copy the .TTL file for that project to the
SureTrak program directory, renaming the copy

If you create a project named TEMPLATE, do
so in a directory other than the one where
SureTrak is installed. If you create a project
called TEMPLATE in the SureTrak directory
(usually the STWIN directory), you may
overwrite all the SureTrak defaults.

Creating a Work Breakdown Structure 248

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