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prwcs RECEIVED BY TRICF 14 JUL 2009 14 JUL 2009 PROCUREMENT MINUTE SHEET SH Henan Tron co: Mr. R. Forrest, FINANCE tor fol vf - Mr. G. Girod, INTER cooeeees etsy ‘Mr, D. Macdonald, PROCUREMENT Reference: ITB 12/2009 - Supply and Installation of IT equipment — Vietnam Project VIE 07/02/EEC Vietnam 1. Please find attached a Minute and supporting documentation regarding pre- submission concerning the supply and installation of IT equipment for the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Vietnam, and isin two parts. The competitive bidding procedure is being conducted under the umbrella of project VIE/07/02/BEC which is executed by the ILO and funded by the European Union. 2, _Asthe solicitation is expected to lead to the execution of a contract exceeding USD 250, 000, the clearance of the Contracts Committee by a recommendation to TR/CF is requested in order to commence bidding activities ‘The Committee has reviewed the file and raised a number of detailed questions and queries. The question raised and answers received are in the attached file, From the various exchanges, the Committee notes that: = The Project will be advised to put a covering letter in with the invitation to bid to pre-determined suppliers. = PROCUREMENT will advise the ILO Office in Hanoi to ensure at least two ILO officials are included in the bid opening; = PROCUREMENT will require the Project to make this a two-stage process i.e. to separate the technical from the financial aspects. 4, Ona wider matter, please see the separate Minute from Mr. Girod dated 17.06.09. ‘The Committee would recommend that these comments are reflected in the Risk Register and Cahier des Charges. It may be useful for these points to also be included in the Risk Register and Cahier des Charges of future bidding procedures of this nature. Inthe light of the above, the Committee recommends commencement of the bidding process subject fo the comments made above. 6. Foryour consideration and action as appropriate. Qaaner Nose , 13 July 2009 Deborah France-Messin Chair, Contracts Committee