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Mapping Project

Research Reports
Flesh out the details for each of the following areas (750 words), which address the question of research: 1. Identify sources you will use and then label them (primary or secondary; interview, observation, or survey). 2. Summarize the sources: What do they contain? What do they say? How do they say it? Where do they say it? 3. Describe how these sources are useful. Do they provide background information, audience analysis, and/or content for the map? 4. Articulate, specifically and concretely, how you will use these sources? (e.g., I will use this restaurant observation to describe the food and the location in my Food Map. I will use my interview with Dr. X to provide background information about the statues on campus.)

Research Report Schedule

You are responsible for two research reports (each should address 2-3 distinct sources): 1. February 18 2. February 25 Send these as emails to me.