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Resetting Shift Adapts: Myth or Must? Page 4

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4 10 16 THE WORD ON THE STREET: Resetting Shift Adapts: Myth or Must? by Mike Souza TALES FROM THE BENCH: Getting Familiar: Subaru Lineartronic CVT by Jarad Warren A SHIFTING BUSINESS: Double Duty Dodge Diesel: The 68RFE P0871 Overdrive Clutch Failure by Mark Puccinelli What's That Sucking Sound? by Steve Garrett STREET SMART: Stop that Dipstick! by Mike Brown UP YOUR BUSINESS: Soap Operas Arent Only on TV
by Thom Tschetter by Brian Sacks

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The Secret Recipe for Growing Your Business in 2014! FROM THE TECH DIRECTOR: TrainingIts a State of Mind!
by Lance Wiggins

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by Dennis Madden

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Remembering Ewell Dickerson! page 110

ver the past year, Ive made a concerted effort to avoid negative influences. Ive stopped watching political shows, I dont get involved in political discussions, and I try to avoid people who spend their time complaining. And with good reason: I was becoming increasingly disturbed by current events and the economy. As a result, I found it harder and harder to stay positive and focused. There was bad news everywhere you turned: The country was falling apart, the economy stinks, and theres misery as far as the eye can see. I wrote about this last January and of my decision to avoid negative influences. Rather than spend time listening to the news or my favorite political shows, I now spend that time with my family and my hobbies. Its a decision I dont regret. It was tough at first; Id made a habit of watching certain shows in the evening and, like any habit, the first few weeks were difficult. Now I dont even think about it. I no longer focus on all the bad things going on around me; instead, I concentrate on effective ways to avoid them, move past them, and even benefit as a result of them. Just look around and listen to the language of people bogged down by victimhood; its becoming a growing trend and its spreading everywhere. Signed onto a bad loan? Its the fault of predatory lenders. Someone didnt get that promotion they were looking for? Its discrimination. Business not doing well? Let's blame it on reman companies. We even see it in the NFL locker rooms. 2

Dont Be a Victim
Not to say there arent bad things going on, or people looking to take advantage of you; there are, and thats something you need to watch out for. And its certainly not to suggest that the commoditization of transmission repair hasnt made it a challenge to run a transmission shop; it has. But while everyone is faced with these challenges, plenty of shops are doing well; some are doing extremely well, in spite of the challenges. So what is it about those shops that makes them successful while others are struggling? In looking back over the shop profiles for the last few years, one thing stood out that they all had in common: A great attitude. No matter how many obstacles they face, they make it a point to face them with a can-do attitude. Theyve chosen not to be victims: Instead, theyve managed to focus on the customer by providing exceptional service. Many have found they dont need to expand into general repair to stay in business. They can focus on what they love doing: transmission repair. Its not that they arent facing the same difficulties as the rest of the industry. Theyre just more determined to succeed. One of the ways that many of the more successful shops have chosen to


by Dennis Madden

face the new paradigm is to refocus on wholesale work; reaching out to general repair shops that offer transmission repair in their area. For them, its become a great way to expand their businesses, while maintaining their focus on transmission repair. Thats why this years Whats Working study is going to reach out to the general repair industry. Were going to find out what theyre looking for when it comes to wholesale transmissions. And were going to analyze that data, and use it to help ATRA Members evaluate whether theres room for them to expand into the wholesale market. As we move into 2014, make the decision to stay positive and focused. Just like anything else, it gets easier with practice. And, once you get past those negative thoughts, its harder to see yourself as a victim. Suddenly, a world of possibilities opens up for you. And that study on general repair shops? Well share that with you this October at ATRAs Powertrain Expo. I look forward to seeing you there; I positively cant wait!

GEARS January/February 2014



Resetting Shift Adapts: Myth or Must?


Myth or Must?

Resetting Shift Adapts:

by Mike Souza

Figure 1

hether youre installing a remanufactured transmission, rebuilding the original unit, or just changing the valve body, you need to reset the shift adapts on most vehicles in todays market. If the aftermarket scan tool youre using doesnt have the capability to reset adapts, you may have to tow the vehicle to the nearest dealer for the reset procedure even if your shop is 300 miles away. In some cases, if the transmission isnt shifting too aggressively (which could damage internal parts) or isnt

slipping (which would damage the new clutches), you may be able to drive the vehicle to the dealership or shop equipped to reset the shift adapts. One of the most important issues, too often overlooked, is the need to clear all codes in most modules. Any codes that affect engine load signals must be cleared before resetting shift adapts. In addition, engine and transmission temperatures must be at operating temperature in most vehicles. Many vehicles can be drive-learned, but do so with caution: It may damage the new

clutches. If its possible to drive the transmission through all the gears on a lift before taking the vehicle on the road, do it. This is similar to what most shops did on the early Chrysler A604 transaxles. Some vehicles antilock brake (ABS) or traction control systems (TCS) may not allow you to drive the vehicle on the lift. Those systems require all four wheels to be turning at the same time. In those instances, drive the vehicle at light throttle through all the shifts at least ve to ten times before relearning shift adapts at a medium GEARS January/February 2014

Figure 2

or heavy throttle. Its also important to perform an engagement relearn. Shift adapt resets have been around before 1996, or pre-OBD-II compliant vehicles. One example is an OBDI type vehicle such as a 1994 Chevy pickup with a 4L60E transmission. We had one of these come in with the 2-4 band burnt to a crisp and the reverse input drum completely distorted (hourglassed). After installing a rebuilt transmission, the 1-2 shift was extremely harsh; somewhat brutal. It would relearn on its own, but the time it would take was uncertain. If given back to the customer before the relearn was complete, you can be sure thered have been a complaint. Most scan tools had a functional test section (gure 1) to reset the shift adapts to factory settings. The vehicle still had to be driven to relearn the shifts, but the shifts wouldnt be so brutal. There was a term used in transmission shops called brain deading the computer. You simply removed the battery cables and clamped or taped them together for several minutes, then turned on a few electrical items, such as the radio, windshield wipers, or headlights. This process would discharge all the capacitors in the computer that were holding power for memory. After GEARS January/February 2014

turning all the items off, youd reconnect the battery and basic factory shift adapts were reset. A great example of this type of reset is a 1994 Ford Taurus that came into our shop. The vehicle complaint was it shifted late. I drove the vehicle and found that it was shifting from 1st to 3rd and then to 4th. The scan data revealed the computer was commanding this shift pattern. The transmission uid was extremely burnt and contaminated. After sitting on the lift for a couple days with the battery disconnected during the rebuild and install, it shifted the same way. We disconnected the battery for a few minutes while I pressed the brake pedal. The transmission then shifted through all the gears properly. The reason for the odd shift pattern was Fords failsafe function called FMEM Failure Management Effects Mode. The rst time the transmission slipped going into 2nd gear, the computer raised the pressure during the shift into 2nd gear by 33%. If 2nd gear continues to slip, the computer strategy raises the pressure 33%, up to 3 times; if it still slips, the computer eliminates the shift altogether. On some later vehicles, performing the brain-dead procedure can cause the computer to lose key memory, so the engine wont start. If the local dealer doesnt have off-board ashing capa-

bilities, the vehicle would have to be towed to them to be ashed through the data link connector (DLC). Thats why using the function test feature from a capable scan tool is smarter than using the brain-dead technique. Lets go over a few examples of some later model reset procedures. Some vehicles are quite simple while others require a capable scan tool. The rst example of a simple reset that doesnt require a scan tool reset function is the Aisin TL80-SN transmission (gure 2). The Aisin TL80-SN is an 8-speed, rear wheel drive transmission, found in the 2014 Cadillac CTS. Youll need to perform a self-learn procedure after any of these repairs: transmission replacement transmission internal service or repair valve body repair, cleaning, or replacement torque converter replacement TCM replacement TCM software/calibration update Any service or repair in response to transmission DTCs.

Self Learn Procedure

You must meet these conditions before performing the self-learn procedure: Perform any adjustments, 5

Resetting Shift Adapts: Myth or Must?

programming, or setup procedures required when removing or replacing a component or module. Clear the TCM of all DTCs. Make sure the transmission fluid is at the correct level. Verify with a scan tool that transmission fluid temperature is at least 65C (about 150F). Once youve verified these conditions, youre ready to perform the self-learn procedure: 1. Move the shift lever from neutral to drive and back to neutral. Perform this procedure five times, pausing for five seconds between each neutral-to-drive-to-neutral position cycle. 2. With the engine running, move the shift lever from neutral to reverse and back to neutral. Perform this procedure five times, pausing for five seconds between each neutral-to-reverse-to-neutral position cycle. NOTE: Steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 require driving the vehicle. Never use manual gear function to perform these steps. 3. With the engine running, move the shift lever into drive. 4. Accelerate the vehicle at light throttle (scan tool throttle position between 15%-25%) to 73 km/h (45 MPH), then decelerate to a complete stop. Perform this procedure five times. 5. Accelerate the vehicle at medium throttle (TP 45%-55%) to 73 km/h (45 MPH), then decelerate to a stop. Repeat this procedure 5 times. 6. Accelerate the vehicle at heavy throttle (TP greater than 70%) to 72 km/h (45 MPH), then decelerate to a stop. Repeat this procedure five times. 7. Turn the ignition off for at least two minutes. Thats all there is to it; youve performed the self-learn procedure, so the transmission should be shifting properly. This next example is for late model Kias; it requires a capable scan tool. The adaptive values must also be relearned by following steps 2 and 3 after resetting (figure 3). Use the scan tool to 6

Figure 3

Figure 4

reset the automatic transmission adaptive values found in the automatic transmission section menu. Follow the steps shown in RESETTING AUTO T/A VALUES or INIT OF TCU

LEARNING Menu Sections

1. Connect your scan tool to vehicle and input VIN or auto select VIN. 2. Select Automatic Transmission system. 3. Select Vehicle S/W Management tab. 4. Select Init Of TCU Learning. 5. Key on, engine off.

6. Shift lever in park or neutral. 7. Vehicle speed 0 MPH 8. Click OK. 9. Adaptive reset is complete. 10. Turn the key off for ten seconds. NOTE: The 2005-on Sorento requires pressing the accelerator pedal 50%. Follow the instructions on the screen carefully.

Dynamic Automatic Transmission Adaptive Learning Procedure

Connect your scan tool and set it to monitor ATF temperature and TPS opening. GEARS January/February 2014

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Resetting Shift Adapts: Myth or Must?

Bring ATF temperature to just over 120F (about 50C). Drive from a stop, shifting from 1st to 3rd gears (5-speeds from 1st to 4th gears) at 30% TPS (about 3000 RPM shift). Repeat 35 times until any shock or flare is eliminated. NOTE: 2005-on Sorento Sub-ROM same as above except 8-12% TPS. If TPS goes over 12%, relearn wont occur and youll have to restart the learning procedure.

Static Shift Relearn

Figure 5

Stop the vehicle. Shift into N for three seconds. Shift from N to D for two seconds. Repeat 35 times until theres no N to D shock. Stop the vehicle. Shift into N for three seconds. Shift from N to R for two seconds. Repeat 35 times until theres no N to R shock.

Some Toyotas may require a scan tool to perform an adapts reset similar to Kias, using one of two procedures. The chart (figure 4) shows which years require procedure 1 using a capable scan tool. This procedure is shown in figure 5. Vehicles that dont require a scan tool for procedure 2 is shown in figure 6. Heres how to perform procedure 2: 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable for 5 minutes. 2. Reconnect battery cable. 3. Start the engine and warm it up to normal operating temperatures before test-driving. 4. Perform a thorough test drive, with several light-throttle accelerations from a stop, until its shifting properly. 8

Figure 6

Thats all there is to it. No doubt about it: Resetting shift adapts is no myth; its a must. Its one that can have a dramatic effect on your transmission repairs. Failure to reset adapts can reduce the life of your

rebuilds and cause customer complaints. And in many cases, the procedure isnt all that much more involved than a thorough road test!

GEARS January/February 2014

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Getting Familiar: Subaru Lineartronic CVT


Getting Familiar:
s more CVTs are being used today we need to keep up with the technology. The Subaru Lineartronic CVT will be showing up at your shop soon. Getting familiar with this transmission and its controls is the first step to a successful repair. In this article youll learn about the transmission sensors and locations; how to operate and test the sensors; and how to test the inhibitor switch, line pressure, and transfer case clutch pressure. Figure 1 provides a reference to the major components. On top of the transmission are two main electrical connections. Subaru calls the black connector the T3/B12 connector; it contains wires for the inhibitor switch and the primary speed sensor. Subaru calls the gray connector the T4/B11 connector; it contains wires for seven transmission solenoids, the transmission temperature sensor, front wheel speed sensor, secondary speed sensor, secondary pressure sensor, and the sensor grounds. These connectors are easy to reach while performing your electrical tests. The passenger side of this transmission is where most of the sensors are located (figure 2). The primary pulley speed sensor is located below the main connectors on top of the transmission. The primary pulley speed

Subaru Lineartronic CVT

by Jarad Warren

Figure 1

Figure 2

sensor is a three-wire Hall Effect sensor that creates a signal based on the speed

of the primary reduction gear. The secondary pressure sensor GEARS January/February 2014



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Getting Familiar: Subaru Lineartronic CVT

delivers a signal based on the pressure in the secondary circuit; think of secondary pressure as line pressure. The inhibitor switch is on the manual shaft. To remove this switch you have to knock out a roll pin and remove the shift lever. This is easier said than done. The inhibitor switch is the basic range switch for telling the TCM what gear the transmission is in. It also allows the engine to start in park and neutral and controls the backup lights. On the drivers side of the transmission there are just two sensors and a ground wire (figure 3). At the rear of the transmission on the tail housing you have the front wheel speed sensor. Yes, the front wheel speed sensor is on the rear tail housing, which is a long way from front wheels. The front wheel speed sensor creates a signal from the outside of transfer case clutch drum. The transfer case clutch drum is powered by the forward or reverse clutch assembly and also powers the transfer gear to the front differential. The front differential powers the front wheels. This is a confusing way of doing things, but in the transmission trade thats normal. Under the sound shield in the middle of transmission is the secondary speed sensor. The secondary speed sensor creates a signal based on the secondary reduction driven gear, which is in the case and powered by the secondary pulley assembly. Take particular notice of the ground location. This wire provides ground for the three speed sensors, inhibitor switch, and one of the grounds for the transmission control module. The three speed sensors on this unit are all three-wire, Hall Effect sensors. They receive system positive voltage from the shutdown relay and ground. The third wire is the signal wire to the transmission control module. The sig12

Figure 3

nal wire (center terminal) will produce a five-volt digital signal if the sensor is operating correctly. In-car testing of the inhibitor switch is easiest at the T3 black connector on top of bellhousing. This connector is in the middle of the main harness. Use figure 4 as a guide for testing the inhibitor switch in the car. This is T3 pin out view. Figure 5 shows the pin location of the range sensor for bench testing. Figure 6 identifies the wires and terminals at each connector. The last piece of information you need to test the inhibitor switch is shown in figure 7. Now lets test the inhibitor switch at the T3 black connector. Set your meter to check continuity and check for continuity between the terminals shown: (see chart below) With the transmission in: Park (for the starter circuit) Reverse (for the backup lights) Neutral (for the starter circuit) Drive Test the transmission temperature sensor at the T4 gray connector: Set your meter to check resistance.

Figure 4

Figure 5

You should have continuity between these terminals: 4 12 4 10 4 12 4 3 11 2 9 1 11 8

Connect the leads to terminals 19 and 16 (figure 8).

GEARS January/February 2014

Getting Familiar: Subaru Lineartronic CVT

You should have 2.5k ohms at 68F (20C) and 330 ohms at 176F (80C). You can also check the solenoids resistances at the T4 connector. Figure 9 provides all the solenoid values and pin numbers to check; all of the solenoids are normally grounded to the case, so just check the resistance between the terminal listed and a good

chassis ground. Pressure testing this unit requires a special fitting (14mm x 1.5mm) and gauge set. This transmission creates high pressures; close to 1000 PSI. You need a gauge or pressure transducer that can handle those pressures and deliver the pressure readings accurately. Subaru offers its own pressure gauge and fitting tools: Range switch terminal's and 498575400 Gauge adapter fitting descriptions. 498897700 Adapter T3 Range Pin description set connector sensor 18681AA000 Gauge 1 3 Neutral range assembly To check line 2 5 Reverse range pressure, connect your 3 2 Park range gauge to the second4 1 Common ground ary pressure tap (figure 2, see page 10). You 5 Primary speed sensor power should have 72218 6 Primary speed sensor signal PSI at idle in drive and 7 Primary speed sensor ground reverse. At stall you should have 652870 8 4 Drive range PSI. 9 8 Reverse lights To check the 10 7 Reverse lights transfer case clutch, connect the gauge to 11 9 Starter system the transfer case pres12 6 Starter system sure tap (figure 3, Figure 6 see page 12). In park,

neutral, and FWD-only mode you should have 0 PSI. In AWD in manual 2 range you should have 58102 PSI with the transfer case duty cycle set to 60% on your scan tool. At 100% duty on scan tool you should have 145174 PSI. You can also test the secondary pressure switch (figure 10). Pin 1 receives a 5-volt signal from the transmission control module. Pin 3 is the sensor ground; pin 2 is the signal wire to the transmission control module. Connect your voltmeter to terminal 2: Key on, engine off zero volts Engine idling; no load 0.5 volts Engine stall 4.5 volts At this point, you should have all the information necessary to find and test the electrical components in the Subaru CVT. And you should be ready to handle basic electrical and pressure tests when one shows up in your shop. Special thanks to Jerry at Perfection Plus Transmission Parts in Portland Oregon for the use of the core for this article.

Inhibitor switch test

Range Park Reverse Neutral Drive Starter P/N Back-up light T3 connector 4 4 4 4 12 10 3 2 1 8 11 9
Figure 7

Range switch 2 5 3 4 9 8 1 1 1 1 6 7
Figure 8

Solenoids Secondary Forward & Reverse Lock-up on/off Primary Down Primary Up Lock-up Duty AWD 14

Solenoid Resistance
T4 connecter 5 9 3 1 6 2 4
Figure 9

Resistance 5-7 ohms 4-6 ohms 15-17 ohms 10-13.5 ohms 10-13.5 ohms 10-13.5 ohms 2-4.5 ohms
Figure 10


GEARS January/February 2014

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Double Duty Dodge Diesel: The 68RFE P0871 Overdrive Clutch Failure


Double Duty Dodge Diesel:

The 68RFE P0871 Overdrive Clutch Failure

by Mark Puccinelli

Figure 1


n 2007, Dodge introduced the 68RFE in the 3500-series truck equipped with the 6.7 Cummins diesel engine. This transmission is the heavy duty, 6-speed version of the 45RFE transmission introduced back in 1999. Whats interesting about this powertrain combination is that these trucks are truly used as work vehicles. On the other hand, the 2500 series trucks are equipped with the 5.9 diesel and the 48RE transmissions are more often

used as hotrods and dragsters. In case you were wondering, RFE stands for Rear Drive Fully Electronic. In the 3500D series, the 68RFE transmission is exposed to a harsher working environment than a 45RFE in a 1500 series truck. The harsher working environment has created some unique problems with the 68RFE that are rarely seen with the 45RFE.

Common Problems

Here are some of the more com-

mon 68RFE complaints: DTC P0871 when hot Repeated overdrive clutch failure Binds in 3rd gear when hot. This condition is often confused with a bindup on the 3-4 shift What weve discovered is that all three of these conditions can relate to the same basic failure. Heres why: Code P0871 indicates an overdrive fluid pressure switch rationality fault. What this means in simple terms is, when the overdrive fluid pressure GEARS January/February 2014

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Double Duty Dodge Diesel: The 68RFE P0871 Overdrive Clutch Failure

switch should be open, its closed; or when its supposed to be closed, its open (figure 1). This code can be set by either an electric or hydraulic problem. Each clutch in the solenoid pack has its own fluid pressure switch, just like a 604. All of the pressure switches receive a reference voltage signal from the TCM. As long as the overdrive fluid pressure switch is open, the reference voltage will remain high; that is, itll stay at reference voltage level. When the switch closes, it grounds the circuit. The voltage pulls down to zero volts. If the overdrive pressure switch circuit shorts to ground, the TCM will see the overdrive switch as closed; if it hasnt commanded 4th gear yet, the TCM will set the code. Code P0871 usually sets when the overdrive switch circuit voltage remains at zero volts in 1st through 3rd gears. This usually indicates a valve body problem.

Electrical P0871

Cut the overdrive pressure switch circuit wire: pin 16 at the transmission connector

Figure 2

Hydraulic P0871

If a crossleak develops in the valve body and closes the overdrive pressure switch, the reference voltage will again drop to zero volts. The question becomes how to determine whether the code was set electrically or hydraulically. Both problems an electrical short in the overdrive switch circuit or a valve body crossleak that closes the switch will pull the reference voltage to zero volts. The TCM cant determine which condition caused the problem. It only sees that the overdrive switch voltage is zero when it should be at reference voltage, so it sets the code.

Figure 3

or its open in 4th gear. Monitor the overdrive pressure switch PID only, using data stream select mode. This means the only PID the scan tool is looking at is the overdrive pressure switch. If the switch closes in 1st3rd, it indicates a valve body problem. See road test method 2 to confirm your findings. Cut the overdrive pressure switch circuit wire: pin 16 at the transmission connector (figure 2). This eliminates

Diagnostics and Road Testing

Road Test Method 1

Check your scan tool for event data. If the data shows that the code sets in 1st through 3rd gear, then most likely the code is being generated by a valve body problem. If the event data isnt available, youll need to road test the truck to duplicate the code setting condition. Remember the code definition: the overdrive pressure switch is closed in any gear other than 4th, 18

Road Test Method 2

the possibility of a shorted circuit causing the code to set. Since youve taken the circuit out of the equation by cutting the wire, if the code sets while in 1st through 3rd gears, the TCM has to be at fault. Always recheck the TCM event data on your scan tool to make sure the code didnt set while in 4th gear. If the transmission shifts into 4th with this wire cut the P0871 will set on the 3-4 command; thats normal, because the circuit cant pull down the way it should in 4th gear.

Road Test Method 3

Install the oil pressure test pan, GEARS January/February 2014

*See our website for full warranty details

Double Duty Dodge Diesel: The 68RFE P0871 Overdrive Clutch Failure

A worn #4 checkball will feed line pressure in the overdrive circuit.

Miller 1456-6, and attach a 100-PSI gauge or transducer to the overdrive clutch port. If you dont have the test pan, make a trip to your local hardware store and pick up some 1/16 pipe thread brass fittings for 1/8 plastic tubing. You can run the gauge tubing or the wiring for a transducer out the filler tube (figure 3). Road test and monitor the pressure in the overdrive circuit. While the transmission is in 1st through 3rd gears, the overdrive clutch circuit should remain at 0 PSI. If you see pressure on the overdrive clutch circuit while the transmission is in 1st through 3rd gears, the code is being set hydraulically. The majority of P0871 problems occur when the switch is closed hydraulically in 3rd gear: a valve body problem.

Figure 4

Valve Body Problems

A worn #4 checkball will feed line pressure in the overdrive circuit. Wear in the solenoid switch valve bore can cause P0871 to set by feeding the overdrive circuit and closing the switch. There are aftermarket repair kits available to fix this (figure 4). While there are other possible valve body problems that can set code P0871, they havent been resolved yet. If the code still sets after repairing the switch valve bore, the only other solution available is to replace the valve 20

body with a new one. Dodge sells a replacement valve body with the solenoid pack for $479. If the overdrive pressure switch is closing from a valve body problem, the pressure will also apply the overdrive clutch when its supposed to be off. This will cause a bindup in 3rd gear and cause the clutch to drag and burn out.

Vehicles equipped with a 68RFE are generally being used as work trucks. They pull large trailers all the time, while the 1500 series truck with a 45RFE may pull the family ski boat

68RFE vs. 45RFE Work Environment

once a month. A transmission thats subjected to constant high line pressure, high torque demands, and repeat hot-cold temperature cycles is going succumb to metallurgic fatigue. This is why the 68RFE is showing up with problems that 45RFEs rarely exhibit. The RFE series transmission is a well-built unit. As with any transmission repair, paying attention to the details before, during, and after the repair is the key to the customers and your success.

GEARS January/February 2014



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Getting Familiar: Subaru Lineartronic CVT

What's That Sucking Sound?

ot too many years ago a mount was simply a mount. It was made of rubber and, if it wasnt broken or collapsed, it was thought to be good. In our everchanging industry, mount technology has changed just like other vehicle systems. Today you can find four different mount technologies in use: Mechanical mounts conventional molded rubber interlaid with metal strips. Hydraulic mounts fluid filled for dampening. Electronic an electric motor controls dampening noise or vibration. This design measures the vibration frequency and amplitude of the vibration. The mount is then signaled to develop a movement 180 out of phase, effectively cancelling the vibration. Some electronic mounts, such as those developed by Delphi, use a technology known as Magneto Rheological fluid. This design uses a fluid with tiny particles of iron suspended in it. By sending current through the fluid, the iron particles line up, effectively changing the mounts fluid viscosity/dampening. Vacuum typically fluid filled, controlled by vacuum and an 22

by Steve Garrett

Figure 1

electronic control system. The advent of the vacuumcontrolled mount is really nothing new, but does raise a lot of questions when you find a couple of vacuum lines connected to the mount. Honda, Toyota, and GM are just some of the manufacturers that use this design mount. The advantage of a controlled engine mount, including vacuumcontrolled it they can adjust to accommodate a wide range of vibrations. A standard mount will dampen the effects of specific frequencies, yet transfer frequencies outside its

design range; causing vibrations that passengers can feel. The controlled mount varies its frequency dampening throughout the entire range of the engine. Issues such as fluid leaks, rough engine idle, misfire, harsh transmission engagement and knock/clunk on the shift are just some of the symptoms that you may run across. Most vacuum mounts on the market today operate in a similar manner, so lets take a detailed look at one of the systems. To understand the operation of the mount, lets look at the 2014 Cadillac ATS (figure 1), which uses vacuum-controlled engine mounts GEARS January/February 2014

Vacuum controls a pair of diaphragms within the mount, which control fluid channeling. Vacuum to the mount is turned on or off to control fluid flow within the mount.
on the 2.0L (RPO LTG) turbo and the 2.5L (RPO LCV) engines. The system consists of: Fluid-filled (glycol) mounts with various built-in orifices that regulate mount dampening. By controlling which passages the fluid travels through, the dampening rate of the mount will vary. Fluid is forced through the different channels by the main rubber element located on top of the mount. The idle path and the bounce fluid paths control mount movement and dampening. Vacuum controls a pair of diaphragms within the mount, which control fluid channeling. Vacuum to the mount is turned on or off to control fluid flow within the mount. Each mount has two vacuum ports: The port with the larger opening in the mount body is the bounce port; the port with the smaller opening is the idle port. Solenoids control the vacuum supply to the mounts. Two solenoids are used: one controls the bounce port while the other controls the idle port. Both solenoids are On/Off design, which means the solenoid can apply vacuum to the port or allow atmospheric pressure to vent the port. The solenoid electrical connectors are part of the vacuum system, so a vacuum leak in the electrical connector can cause problems with the mounts operation. GEARS January/February 2014

Vacuum Supply
OFF = No Vacuum ON = Vacuum Idle

Drive-Away SRS

Idle Port Bounce Port

Vacuum ON Vacuum ON

Vacuum OFF Vacuum OFF

Vacuum OFF Vacuum ON

Vacuum supply to each mount port will vary depending on the operating mode Figure 2

A vacuum reservoir supplies engine vacuum to the solenoids, while vacuum lines, a filter, and a check valve are used to connect the system. The FPCM (Fuel Pump Control Module) is used on this application to control the operation of the vacuum solenoids. The Cadillac vacuum mount system uses three operating modes: 1. Idle Vehicle speed less than 9 MPH (14 km/h); engine speed above 300 RPM. 2. Drive-Away Vehicle speed 965 MPH (14105 km/h) or VSS above 85 MPH (137 km/h). If a fault is detected in the mount system, the control unit will default to Drive-Away mode. 3. SRS (Smooth Ride Shake State) Vehicle speed between 65-85 MPH (105137 km/h). Vacuum supply to each mount port will vary depending on the operating mode: (see chart above) Diagnosis of the system is fairly straightforward. Inspect the system for any evidence of glycol in the lines or other areas of the system. If glycol is present, the mount is leaking and must be replaced. Inspect the lines and connectors for evidence of damage or deterioration. Your scan tool, vacuum gauge, and a hand vacuum pump are the tools you need to diagnose a vacuum-controlled mount. The scan tool will allow you to turn the solenoids on and off as part

Testing and Diagnosis

of its output override functions. The vacuum gauge will allow you to measure the vacuum available in different parts of the system, while the hand vacuum pump lets you test the system and mounts for leaks. If you decide to use the engines vacuum supply, the engine will need to be running. By monitoring the vacuum available at the mount ports with your vacuum gauge, vacuum should be available and then vented at the mount or solenoid as you cycle the solenoids on and off with your scan tool. If the vacuum supply doesnt appear to be working properly, you can use your hand vacuum pump to isolate the problem area. If vacuum is available at the mount, you can use your hand vacuum pump to check the integrity of the mount. On some vacuum mount systems, you may be able to use a smoke machine to locate leaks in the system. GM warns against this practice: Theyre concerned with over-pressurizing the system, as it was designed to hold vacuum; not pressure. Well, as you can see, the vacuum mounts that are coming into your shops really arent that big a deal. A little time, a little understanding, and some basic equipment, and you can diagnose just about anything that hits your door. The only challenge here is to explain to the customer why the mount costs so much. Until next time remember By failing to prepare, youre preparing to fail.


Stop that Dipstick!


Stop that Dipstick!

nce upon a time, transmission maintenance included periodically checking the transmission fluid level by pulling a metal dipstick from a tube alongside the engine. Well, those days are rapidly coming to an end. Most new vehicles are doing away with transmission dipsticks and easily accessible tubes for adding fluid to your cars transmission. Have you ever wondered why? Was it the price of the stick and tube? Was it to prevent you from taking care of your car and forcing you to bring it back to the dealer? A lot of people think so. Heres the real reason for the change: vehicle owners can damage transmissions by overfilling or using the wrong fluid. How many times have you heard this? I checked my transmission fluid and it was a quart low, so I added a quart and now I have a leak. Most backyard mechanics dont realize that the difference between the add mark to the full mark is only 1 pint. So, if you check the transmission fluid when its cold, itll be at the add mark; this is normal. If you recheck it hot, itll read full. But if you added a quart when you checked it cold, the transmission will be a quart overfilled. When the transmission gets hot the level rises and

by Mike Brown

Fill Plug

Figure 1A

reaches the moving parts in the transmission. This aerates the oil, allowing it to expand even more. This is where the problem starts: the expanded transmission fluid starts blowing out the vent. If youre lucky, all you end up with is a mess, but if the fluid leaks onto the exhaust it can catch fire! Just by adding too much transmission fluid. Transmission fluid isnt a generic item any more. Manufacturers are using fluids with specific formulas to provide the precise match for lubricating and operating the internal components of todays transmissions. Using the wrong fluid can cause a variety of problems: harsh shifts, slide-bumps, shudder during converter clutch lockup it can

even cause the transmission to fail long before the cars warranty expires. Manufacturers generally dont like replacing transmissions under warranty. Its expensive. But proving the owner damaged the transmission and voided the warranty by using the wrong fluid is difficult and often more expensive than replacing the transmission. Thats why manufacturers are making it difficult to service transmissions: to protect themselves. Theyre extending recommended service intervals and, in some cases, are offering prepaid maintenance when you buy a new car. Lets take a look at whats involved in servicing the transmission on a 2008 Tundra with an AB60E. This transmission requires Toyota Genuine ATF WS GEARS January/February 2014


Aisin solenoid rebuild tool kit, SAP # 35199, works on large canister solenoids found in Aisin 5 speed and 6 speed transmissions. Includes: AW55-50, TF60 (09G, 09M, 09K), TR60 (09D), TF80 (AF40-6).

#1 SAP Solenoid Tool Set


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Stop that Dipstick!

Overflow Plug Thermostat control cooler Drain plug

Figure 1B

transmission fluid. After servicing the transmission, make sure the vehicle remains level while adjusting the fluid level. Remove the refill plug and overflow plug (figure 1). Fill the transmission through the refill hole with the amount of fluid listed in the capacity chart. Reinstall the overflow plug. Transmission Fill with Trailer Towing System (with Thermostat): Use compressed air to blow dust off of the thermostat cap to clean it. Using a screwdriver, push the shaft of the thermostat until the screwdriver contacts the step inside the cap (figure 2). With the shaft of the thermostat pressed, push a pin (diameter: 1.01.8 mm [0.0390.070]) into the hole on the side of the thermostat cap. Slide the pin in until it passes through the hole on the other side of the thermostat cap to fix the shaft in place. 26

Fill the transmission with the amount of fluid listed in the table. Reinstall the refill plug to prevent the fluid from splashing.

Standard Capacity

If you cant add the listed amount of fluid, try this: Fill Amount 2.1 Liters (2.2 US qts, 1.9 Imp. qts) 5.4 Liters (5.7 US qts, 4.8 Imp. qts)

Transmission Pan and Drainplug Removal Torque Converter Removal

Transmission Valve Body Removal 4.7 Liters (5.0 US qts, 4.1 Imp. qts) Install the refill plug. Allow the engine to idle with the air conditioning off. Move the shift lever through the entire gear range, one range at a time, to allow the fluid to circulate. Wait for 30 seconds with the engine idling. Stop the engine. Remove the refill plug and add fluid. Reinstall the refill plug.

Fluid Temperature Check

When not using the Techstream (using indicator light): Connect a jumper between terminals 13 (TC) and 4 (CG) of the diagnostic link connector (figure 3). Start the engine. Turn all accessories off, such as the air conditioning, audio system, and lighting. GEARS January/February 2014

Push in With Screw Driver Insert the Pin Until it Passes Through the Hole on the Other Side

Figure 2

The indicator lights of the meter blink to output DTCs when terminals TC and CG are connected. Slowly move the shift lever from P to S, and change the gears from

1st to 6th. Then return the shift lever to P to circulate the fluid through each part of the transmission. Move the shift lever to D, then

quickly move it back and forth between N and D (once every 1.5 seconds) for at least six seconds. This will activate the fluid temperature detection mode.

Used, New and Rebuilt Hard Parts, Soft Parts Electrical Components & Flywheels



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STP_Gears_1-14-3.indd 1 GEARS January/February 2014

12/22/13 4:33 PM


Stop that Dipstick!

Standard condition: Indicator light (D) remains lit for two seconds and then turns off (figure 4). Return the shift lever to P and disconnect terminals 13 (TC) and 4 (CG) at the diagnostic link connector. Allow the engine to idle until the fluid temperature reaches 46C to 56C (115F to 133F). The indicator (D) will come on again when the fluid temperature reaches 46C (115F) and will blink when it exceeds 56C (133F).


Jump Pins #13 & #4

16 8

15 7

14 6

13 5

12 4 3


10 2 1

Figure 3

Indication of ATF Temperature

Below Proper Temperature Data List [ATF Temperature 1] 37C (99F) or less Indicator Light (D) Off NOTE: Perform the fluid level inspection while the indicator light is on. Proper Temperature Data List [ATF Temperature 1] 37C 44C (99F 111F) Indicator Light (D) On

Above Proper Temperature Data List [ATF Temperature 1] 44C (111F) or Higher Indicator Light (D) Blinking

Fluid Level Check

Start the engine and let it idle. Remove the overflow plug and the refill plug. Fluid should dribble out the overflow tube. If no fluid comes out, add fluid through the refill hole until it starts to dribble out the overflow tube. If fluid runs out, let it continue to drain until its just a trickle. Reinstall the overflow plug and the refill plug. Shut the engine off. Remove the pin from the thermostat. Make sure the thermostat shaft is protruding from the hole of the cap (figure 2). Make sure theres no ATF leaking from the cap hole.

Will Light When Temp Reaches 99F

Figure 4

Job complete! As you can see, this is no job for the do-it-yourselfer. Transmission fluids still break down. Transmissions still develop leaks and they still need to be serviced. Failure to maintain a transmission through routine service will shorten the 28

transmission life. But from the manufacturers point of view, a transmission that fails outside warranty isnt their problem. And since most people who purchase new cars dont keep them longer than five years, they probably wont have to do anything other than routine maintenance. So what should you do? Experienced mechanics change the transmission fluid on their vehicles every 40,000 to 50,000 miles. They want their vehicles to last and they understand the importance of maintenance. If your customer plans on keeping his car for 200,000 miles, recommend

that he allow you to change the transmission fluid level occasionally, and to check the level between changes. Its no longer a simple matter of lifting the hood and pulling out the dipstick to check the fluid level on newer style transmissions. Its an involved process that demands the professionals touch. Thats where you come in. Fluid level is still critical to your customers and their cars. You have the equipment and the know-how to perform those checks reliably. And thats not just smart thats street smart!

GEARS January/February 2014

Dare to Compare
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Soap Operas Arent Only on TV

p Your Business is an exclusive GEARS Magazine feature in which Ill share details about real customer disputes that Ive helped settle through mediation and arbitration. This is a story worthy of being a script for a television soap opera. Below are the details obtained from statements by the parties and from an expert witness. 1. The customer left her 2001 Chevy S-10 with a 4L60E at a shop for a diagnostic evaluation. The truck had about 70,000 miles on the odometer, and she claimed the transmission had been serviced at 50,000.

by Thom Tschetter

The Details

2. Her problem was no reverse. She said she lost reverse when backing out of the garage that morning. 3. The road test revealed no reverse engagement; there were no abnormal noises and it worked fine in all forward ranges. The fluid was clean, clear, and had no odor. 4. The service writer advised the customer that the problem was inside the transmission and that the shops recommendation was to rebuild the unit. 5. The price quoted was for a soft parts overhaul, a torque converter, and an allowance of up to $200 for hard parts, fluids, supplies, and miscellaneous. It also included a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty.

6. The customer authorized the job, the work was completed within the estimated price, and the customer picked up her truck two days later. So wheres the soap opera? Well, as Paul Harvey used to say, And now, the rest of the story.

Behind the Scenes

The service writer and the shop owner were at odds over the recommendation, and, apparently, they often exchanged words over other similar situations. The service writer believed that certain types of damage on lower mileage units should be corrected by what he called a point-of-failure repair. In this case, he thought the shop should

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30 GEARS January/February 2014

have offered to replace the sun shell and reseal the transmission to correct the problem. He was okay with offering the rebuild as an alternative, but strongly felt the shop should at least offer the repair option. He argued that hed previously worked at a shop that did these types of repairs and had fewer problems than they did with rebuilds. The shop owner countered that there was too much risk in doing the

repair. His belief was, If anything goes wrong with a unit after we work on it, were going to get the blame and have to take care of it, and we dont make enough on the repair to cover the risk. He justified his position with the fact that the shop warranted the rebuild for 3 years or 36,000 miles, and the customer did, in fact, get a rebuild. A few weeks later, a similar dispute resulted in the shop owner firing the service writer.

The Plot Thickens

Unbeknownst to the shop owner, shortly after the job was done, the service writer began a romantic relationship with the 2001 Chevy S10s owner. Youve probably already guessed what happened next: The customer filed a complain stating that the shop performed unnecessary work on her transmission. She was seeking a full refund. The shop refused, stating that the work was clearly needed as the

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GEARS January/February 2014 31

Soap Operas Arent Only on TV

truck had no reverse and the problem was internal. The parties ultimately agreed to have the dispute arbitrated through the BBB. The arbitration process includes written statements from both parties, submission of supporting documentation, written affidavits from industry experts, and notification that either party may bring witnesses to testify at the hearing. At the hearing, when the service writer (now boyfriend) walked in, it was as though all the air was sucked out of the room at least on the side where the shop owner was seated. The shop owner claimed he felt ambushed, but he wanted the case heard and decided, so the hearing proceeded. The basic points 16, itemized earlier, were never disputed. However, the behind-the-scenes details were offered up and debated during the service writers testimony and cross-examination by the shop owner. They both stuck to their beliefs neither of them budged or softened. The shop owner finally threw up his hands and stated, I rest my case! This is why were here today. Ill go with whatever the arbitrator decides. (Actually a moot point, since the parties signed a statement agreeing to abide by the arbitrators decision before the hearing began.) He was clearly frustrated and felt ambushed.

The Decision and Reasons

In this case, I ruled in favor of the shop for the following reasons, in no particular order of importance: This was more of a continuation of the philosophical dispute between the shop owner and service writer than a legal dispute. The fact that the customer and fired service writer were romantically involved gave rise to possible conflict of interest and prejudicial testimony.

They both stuck to their beliefs neither of them budged or softened. The shop owner finally threw up his hands and stated, I rest my case!
There was no evidence presented that the work performed wasnt needed. (If there had been, the ruling would likely have been different.) There was no evidence presented that the work wasnt performed. (If there had been, again, the ruling would likely have been different.) The shop performed the repairs it agreed to at the agreed price. I chose this particular case because it highlights a gray area that shops frequently face. At my shops, we used to call these types of repairs targeted repairs. We performed hundreds of targeted repairs over the years with very few complications. Heres how we handled them. 1. We never offered a targeted repair if there were any doubts as to it providing a successful, lasting repair.

Three Questions

Here are three questions for you to consider before I reveal the results of this case. 1. Do you feel the shop did anything wrong? 2. How do you feel about point-offailure repairs? 3. What would you have decided if you were the arbitrator in this case?

2. When applicable, we fully disclosed that there were alternatives to solving the problem. 3. We explained the pros and cons of each alternative and, as appropriate, emphasized that the most complete solution was a rebuild. (It was amazing how many customers would choose the rebuild even with a less-expensive alternative.) 4. We got top dollar for our targeted repairs. We felt justified in charging for the value of our knowledge that the targeted repair could resolve the problem. 5. We provided a warranty that described the targeted repair and clearly stated that it only covered the parts and labor provided. 6. Our warranty stated that if the repair failed or the transmission developed other problems during the first 90 days or 4000 miles, wed apply 100% of the price paid toward the subsequent repairs, if performed at our shop. And, after the initial warranty time and mileage, we would apply 50% of the price paid toward subsequent work, if performed at our shop. By following these steps, we controlled our financial exposure, and we were able to retain lasting customer relationships. When it comes to gray area decisions, I like to apply one of my favorite quotes by Norman Vincent Peale: Theres no right way to do a wrong thing. About the Author
Thom Tschetter has served our industry for more than three decades as a management and sales educator. He owned a chain of award-winning transmission centers in Washington State for over 25 years. In 1996 his business was honored as the number 1 small business in the state and ranked in the top 10, nationally. He calls on over 15 years of experience as a certified arbitrator for topics for this feature column. Thom is always eager to help members of our industry and continues to be active in his retirement. You can contact him by phone at (480) 773-3131 or e-mail to coachthom@gmail.com.

What Can We Learn?

My Thoughts

This is a sensitive subject. There are valid arguments to support both sides of the issue. At the end of the day, I believe that, while a shop owner has the right to set the shops policy regarding point-of-failure repairs, I more fully believe that complete disclosure rules the day. 32

GEARS January/February 2014

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The Secret Recipe for Growing Your Business in 2014!

The Secret Recipe for Growing Your Business in 2014!

by Brian Sacks
Trackable Response Inc.

To be found, you must be where your clients are searching and be easy to connect to.

m about to share a very simple sentence with you. Please dont dismiss it just because it seems too simple, okay? Ready? To be found, you must be where your clients are searching and be easy to connect to. Yes, I realize thats a simple sentence, and the point seems obvious. Yet so much has changed just in the past 12

months that it bears repeating. I recently gave a presentation on mobile marketing at the annual TOW MANS Convention in Baltimore, with over 10,000 operators present. Then, just a few weeks later, I was honored to give this same presentation at the APEX Convention in Las Vegas. As I started to present some statistics, one of the gentlemen in the audiGEARS January/February 2014

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The Secret Recipe for Growing Your Business in 2014!

ence jumped up and started screaming. No, he wasnt angry at me, but he sure was angry because he had just finished spending over $200,000 yes, you read that correctly! on Yellow Pages print ads for his shops and towing business (figures 1 & 2).

Figures 1 & 2: These slides are what greatly upset him.

Figure 3

Heres Whats Important

Studies show that the one device most people carry around with them and engage with at least 15 hours or more a day is their mobile device. Before we go on let me explain that a mobile device can be a tablet like an iPad or a smart phone like the Droid or iPhone. But you not only need to be able to be found on mobile devices, you also need to be easy to connect with.

All of these facts point to your need for having a mobile web site that allows customers to connect with you. Google predicts that, this year, searches for businesses on mobile devices will overtake those on computers and desktops. That simply means people will be searching on their mobile phones for your business; its up to you to make sure you can be found. Whether you personally like that fact or not doesnt matter. Heres an example: Look at this service stations web site before they were mobile-optimized and after (figure 3). Do you see the difference? Its important to remember that, when consumers search for you on their mobile devices, theyre looking to take an

action. In fact, over 80% of searches on mobile devices are for local businesses and often result in a visit or sale within 24 hours. Customers can now just click a button and the phone will dial the business. They can schedule an appointment. They can hit the address and it will integrate with their mobile navigator. They can get coupons. They can even refer a friend or relative to your shop.

Is Anyone Really Searching for Me?

These screen shots (Figures 4 and 5) are from a tool from Google that

Figure 4


GEARS January/February 2014

The Secret Recipe for Growing Your Business in 2014!

allows you to see what terms people are searching for, what devices they are searching on, and how many people each month are searching. This can provide us with a very clear picture of where we need to be found. This shot was taken over a year ago; at that time there were 3000 monthly searches for AUTO REPAIR TAMPA on desktops and laptops, and 900 on mobile devices (phones and tablets). The mobile number is growing each and every day. In fact, as of today, that number is over 1500. That means half of all searches are now on mobile devices and growing larger daily.

Take a minute right now: Go to your cell phone and type in your web site address.
this case your mobile web site. More importantly, people searching on their mobile devices are buyers! If you arent easy to get in touch with, theyll simply go to your competitor. Recent statistics tell us that 90% of all web sites arent currently mobile optimized. Is yours one of the 90%? We know that searches are happening on mobile devices. We know that people searching on mobile devices tend to be action takers looking to connect and not just shoppers. We know that this shop had 87 visitors. Finally, if this shops average ticket is $300 per transaction and they were only able to serve 10% of their visitors, optimizing for mobile devices would add $2500 to the shops bottom line in just 30 days! Contrast this with most Yellow Pages or newspaper ads, radio, TV or other marketing services, and you can

see the difference. Instead of just hoping the ad is working, you can be sure whether the money youve invested is producing a return or not. Take a minute right now: Go to your cell phone and type in your web site address. Look for the link that allows you to see what your customers see when they search for you on their mobile devices. Are you easy to connect to? If your answer is no, this may be the one thing you can easily fix and see an immediate return in new business.
Brian Sacks is a mobile marketing expert with over 26 years of direct response marketing experience. Hes the cofounder of Trackable Response Inc., the #1 mobile marketing provider to the auto and aftermarket industry, located in Catonsville, Maryland. Hes a published author who has appeared on over 42 stations around the U.S., and on ABC, CBS, NBC, MPT, and Comcast as a marketing expert. You can receive his free book The 5 Mistakes Transmission Shop Owners Make by going to www. TransmissionShopOwner. com You can reach Brian by e-mail at brian@trackableresponseauto.com or call him at 410-747-1100.

Some Simple Math

Does This Work? Why Should I Care?

Dont you hate it when a salesperson calls or visits you and promises you the world? They have the cure for your business problems and promise to show you the best way to get new customers fast. Well its time to hold them accountable. The simple way to do this is by knowing the ROI Return On Investment. The best way to accomplish that is to track the number of visitors youre getting to your ads, or in

Figure 5


GEARS January/February 2014


SINCE 1962

GFX is a Miami based distributor and manufacturer of automatic transmission hard parts and steel plates. GFX has over 50 years experience in the automatic transmission aftermarket industry. GFX is your direct link to a wide variety of products such as bands, CVT chains, filters, pistons, pump gears and pump components, solenoids, switches, sprags, surplus and used hard parts. We invite you to look through our website at www.gfxcorp.com


GFX Corporation 4810 NW 74 Avenue Miami, Florida 33166

2013 GFX Corp. All Rights Reserved.

Tel: (305) 499-9789 www.gfxcorp.com


by Lance Wiggins

ets face it: not everyones excited about training. And no wonder: You get home from a long days work, hands hurt, back sore, hungry, and in need of a shower. But wait, lookie there, homework! Just what you were hoping for!

Tra i n in g ITS A STATE OF MIND!

Yeah, right. More likely you think of every excuse imaginable to avoid the training or homework, just like you did when you were in high school. And, once upon a time, you could get by with that attitude.


GEARS January/February 2014

No more: This business changes daily. If you have any hope of keeping current, you have to bite the bullet, and take part in that training you were trying to avoid. Fortunately for you, ATRA is here to help, with training programs that fit your schedule. Our programs are designed to allow you to study at your own pace, study with colleagues, and, most importantly, gain consistent knowledge without infringing on your free time. ATRA offers five ways to gain the education you need to stay on top of your game: 1. EXPO 2. Seminars 3. Webinars 4. Literature (rebuild books, GEARS, Shifting Times) 5. Testing and Certification Lets take a look at each of these programs and see how they can fit comfortably into your busy schedule.

gram is already set in motion, with the top speakers in our industry on board and ready to go. As a special treat, weve got a couple double-ups, because theres just too much to go around. See what you think about this lineup:

Bob Warnke Niel Speetjens Bill Anthony Dan Marinucci Jack Rosebro John Parmenter Mark Puccinelli Bill Brayton Steve Garrett Mike Souza Bob Nuttall Randall Schroeder Sean Boyle Alan McAvoy Stevie LaVallee


This years EXPO is scheduled for October 30November 2, 2014, at the Rio All-Suites Hotel. The pro-

You want training? Weve got a leader in valve body repairs and hydraulics, bringing common failures from the valve body world. Theres a ZF specialist, to introduce the latest on the ZF 8-speed, including diagnostic

and rebuild procedures. We have the head builder and general manager for TDE of Illinois, bringing his knowledge of the 6HP-19, 6HP-26, 722.9, Audi CVT, and Nissan RE5 units. Add to that the latest inside the hybrid world, hands on the Ford CFT30, and a key to victory seminar: Tips from the Rebuilders Bench. These are programs presented by veterans whove been with us at EXPO for over 20 years. Expo is where youll learn about new transmissions, such as the DPS6 transmission, or learn how to keep the oldies together for the entire race and make sure you have what you need to take the checkered flag. Theres even factory experience on the latest Chrysler products and a wealth of knowledge from a true blue Ford man. To put this into perspective, there isnt one other show, or one other place on the planet, where youre going to get 25.5 hours of nothing but transmission training packed into a single weekend nowhere on earth! This is exactly where you need to be October 30November 2, 2014.


Business Made Personal!


GEARS January/February 2014


Make no mistake about it: If youre going to call yourself a transmission professional, this is where you need to be and no, Halloween isnt a real holiday, so dont try to use that as an excuse to miss this once-in-a-lifetime event!


This years seminar book is packed with the latest in fixes: over 235 pages of technical material. Between that, the presenters, and the other attendees, you can plan for a day of intense training, networking, and fixes to propel you to the top of your industry. Seminars are Saturday starting around 8:00 AM and ending between 3:004:00 PM. As usual, during the breaks you can visit with the suppliers, see new products, and discover fixes youll put to work first thing Monday morning. Its like a mini-EXPO in your home town!


Through webinars, ATRA brings you the latest information available, in small bites designed to target specific areas of training. This is ongoing training, not just a weekend or week-long training session; theres a new ATRA webinar scheduled every other week, 20 times a year. ATRA webinars are sponsored by SAP (Seal Aftermarket Products). Learn more about SAP at their web site www.sealaftermarketproducts.com. The webinar schedule for 2014 is huge, starting in January and ending in November. And each webinar repeats several times, so theres no reason to miss one of these 30-45 minute learning experiences. Go to members.atra. com/?page=Webinar_Schedule to view the schedule; we guarantee youll love these programs or your money back!

Whats news? Weve got the latest scoop for you. GEARS Magazine and Shifting Times to bring you regular management, technical, and networking advice and news to help you improve your business. Learn what other shops are doing to be successful, and become familiar with the movers and shakers that keep our industry going strong.

Books and Periodicals

Make no mistake about it: If youre going to call yourself a transmission professional, this is where you need to be

Seminars and webinars are great. But thats not all we have to offer: We also offer rebuild books, exclusively available through the ATRA BookStore. These are books written and designed by ATRAs own technical experts, packed with the most valuable tips and tricks to help you diagnose and repair todays transmissions successfully. 42

So far there have only been a handful of technicians whove been able to earn the new ATRA Masters Certification. Not much wonder: Its the industrys toughest test for transmission technicians.

Testing and Certification

The ATRA certification program was designed by the top transmission technicians in the industry, specifically for transmission technicians. There are no gimmes in this program: Every question was designed to push your knowledge and understanding to the limit. As an ATRA Certified Master Technician, you can take pride in knowing you took on the toughest and you earned your stripes. Youre at the top of your game, and theres no one out there who can deny it. You have a right to be proud of your accomplishment: Youve earned that right. So whether its getting the education to propel you to the top of your game, or the certification to prove you made it, no one has more to offer than ATRA. Take advantage of it, and get ready to take your game to the next level!

GEARS January/February 2014

I Have A Dream, Too for Your Business

any years ago, the world was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther Kings I Have a Dream speech. As I reflected on how powerful that short message has been, it stimulated my own thinking about how the business world, and specifically the automotive aftermarket, could use a new dream. Consider the following for your own shop or enterprise. I have a dream that someday there will be a world where: People always keep their word and can be trusted. Things are done right, the first time. Technicians and clerks follow through to completion. People dont leave things undone. People say what they mean, instead of what they think you want to hear. People are courteous and respectful to each other. Work is always completed on time. People show up on time. People truly listen and pay attention. Managers genuinely do the right thing by workers and customers. Workers take care of their tools and workplace. People take pride in their work and their behavior. People apologize sincerely. People admit their mistakes and then make them right. People say thank you when they should. Nobody tolerates bad behavior or poor performance. People keep accurate records. People use language correctly. I could go on, but I think you get the point. Now imagine with me what your world would be like if the above were normal. If that were the case: We wouldnt need locks. A servicerelated phone call would take 1/8 the time it takes now. Files would be easy to locate and theyd be accurate and complete. People would look forward to working with each other. Customers would want to come see you and they wouldnt withhold information from you nor try to trick you into lower pricing. Youd always know exactly where you stand with everyone. Do-overs wouldnt exist. Insurance rates would drop profoundly. Extended warranties would cost less and be less likely to be needed. Tools and equipment would last longer without repair. Sales would be easy and honest. Inventory losses and pilferage would no longer exist. Products would be reliable and so would service. And you wouldnt have to check to make sure things got done correctly and on time. The cost of a do-over isnt just a small, marginal expense. It costs the time, talent, and resources to do it the

by Jim Cathcart

Do it right, the first time!

first time and then costs the same again for the re-do, plus the lost productivity and opportunity while you were repeating the actions instead of doing something new and valuable. It also costs your reputation and affects your feelings, and bad feelings affect work quality and the attitudes of others. Yikes! This is getting expensive. A re-do costs many times more than doing something once. So when you see a sign that says, Do it right, the first time! Take it seriously as a way for you to help make this world better for yourself and the rest of us. I have a dream that this could happen. Will you help make it true? Whats the first thing youll do? How about a quick all-hands staff meeting to read and discuss this article? Then make a list of the things everyone and each one can do. Next, manage that list until it becomes your new normal. And lets work together to keep the dream alive and build a better normal for all of us: Send your ideas to GEARS so we can share them with others. Jim Cathcart, CSP, CPAE, is a world-renowned professional speaker, author, and business coach. More importantly, hes a part of the ATRA/GEARS family. Contact him at Cathcart.com or send a message to Jim Cathcart at GEARS Magazine.


GEARS January/February 2014

ATRA Returns to Las Vegas!

Hosts the





North Texas Transmission

North Texas Transmission; Arlington, Texas;

A Family Tradition for over 34 Years


by Steve Bodofsky

North Texas Transmission, and yes, thats AT&T Stadium in the background, home of the Dallas Cowboys.

lot of transmission shops are family oriented: owned and operated by several members and even several generations of the same family. This is often deliberate, to share the responsibility and security of a family business. Nowhere is this consideration for family more evident than a shop in the great state of Texas; north Texas, to be specific. In fact, thats the name of the shop: North Texas Transmission, in Arlington, Texas. The shops owner is Richard Maddux; his wife, Sheila, handles the office and provides customer service. Their son, Dustin, is the shop manager. And Richards father, Fred, helps out,

Shop owner Richard Maddux with his wife, Sheila.


GEARS December 2013

driving cars and running errands as needed. Three generations all working under one roof. Of course, not everyone in the shop is family. Theres Curtis Furguson, who, according to Richard, is my right hand man; hes been with me for 15 years. He can do it all he has experience with high end European cars, doing electrical diagnosis and repairs. Then to round out the shop, theres J.T. Cox and Jesus Holguin, who handle the shops R&R work.

The History

Richard opened North Texas Transmission in 1990; 23 years ago. But their story begins even earlier: Richards father owned a transmission shop Able Transmissions, in Fort Worth, which he opened in 1979. Unlike so many other guys whose dad owned a shop, Richard never really got involved in the business while he was young. I was going to take a year off before going to college, but my Dad said, Instead of sitting around, come work for me for a year. Ill give you a set of tools and teach you how to R&R a transmission. At least youll learn something you can use to earn a living. That was 32 years ago. Richard found his niche working in the transmission repair business. He continued working for his father. Within a few months I was tearing down units and cleaning parts; within six months I was rebuilding 350s. I was building maybe 10 transmissions a week. He was still working there when his father decided to sell Able Transmissions in 1987. Six months later I was offered a job running a new shop in Arlington, says Richard. I worked for that shop for year. But the shop didnt meet his expectations for integrity. So I took $500 from my personal savings and put a deposit on a building and opened my own shop. My new career as a shop owner started with me working as many as seven days a week, doing whatever needed to be done pulling units while lying on my back, rebuilding, and so on. The location was great so I really didnt need to advertise; work just came in and we grew through word of mouth. GEARS December 2013

Curtis Furguson has been with North Texas Transmission for 15 years.

Dustin, the shop manager, scanning for trouble codes.

After about three months I hired my first employee. Thats when I realized that I still had a lot to learn about running a business. I saw an advertisement for a management course; between that and the subsequent ATRA management seminars, we grew into a successful business. And were continuing to grow, thanks to support from ESI, ProfitBoost, and of course ATRA and its Whats Working program. In fact, a couple years ago they moved into a new, larger building from 2500 sq-ft to 5000 sq-ft about

a block from the old shops location. The new shop is right near several major Dallas stadiums, including the Cowboys and the Rangers. Sometimes they rent our parking lot for the games; thats how close we are. While Richard doesnt thing having the stadiums nearby had a direct effect on his business, theres no doubt that it brings more customers past his shop. And they really cleaned up the neighborhood when they built the new stadium, he says. Its had a good effect on Arlington, thats for sure! 47

North Texas Transmission

A birds eye view of inside North Texas Transmissions shop.

Business Model

While many shops today are expanding into general repairs, North Texas Transmissions remains a powertrain specialist: They service transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, and axles. And they stay pretty busy most of the time. They usually rebuild their own units, but they will use remans when necessary. And these days theyre using more remans than ever before. We probably buy one or two remans every month, Richard says. When do they choose a reman? When were backed up and need to get the cars turned. We dont have the luxury of having three or four rebuilders on hand, and its getting harder and harder to find qualified help. I know the arguments against using remans, but when the work starts backing up, you have to take care of the customer. And remans can be a good way to do that. Where do they get their work? I do transmission work for the nearby CarMax, including their warranty work. Most of the rest of our work is retail. We get a lot of referrals. There are other transmission shops within walking distance, but 48

I dont consider them competition. I think we separate ourselves with our commitment to honesty and integrity. Thats what our shop is all about. Our philosophy is that we never sell anything that doesnt need to be sold. And when it comes to serving their customers, Richard says that I take the money out of consideration. If we dont sell the job for the right price or theres an issue with the repair, it doesnt matter: We make sure the cars right, regardless of the profit. That philosophy seems to have paid off pretty well: Weve been in business for 23 years now, and in that time Ive never had a Better Business Bureau complaint and Ive never been to court, he says proudly. Im not saying we dont have complaints; we do everyone does. But Ive learned how to deal with them how to make problems go away. And its easier than fighting about something we can fix. Thats how we built our business. In fact, they never even bothered to advertise their shop until recently. My son, Dustin, joined the shop about five years ago, and since then weve started to try to re-grow the shop. Before that

we never did any real advertising; it was all word of mouth. The web site is new www.ntxtransmission.com and weve gotten onboard with ESI to help build the business. We have a FaceBook page, but thats all were doing with social media for right now. Dustin went to Baylor University where he earned a business degree. Hes a scratch golfer, and its become a running joke: I ask him what he learned in college and he says how to play golf! But theres little doubt that Dustins business degree is a valuable asset for running a transmission shop. Thats really the whole premise behind the Whats Working program: teaching shop owners to work on their business; not in it. Im glad hes here, because hes really sharp on computers and he knows cars. Hes done some R&R work and repairs, but hes really focused on finding the information we need to fix cars. Its amazing how good hes become. To hear Richard tell it, the web site is all the advertising they do. It took a bit of coaxing to discover they also serve their community when possible. GEARS December 2013

Were involved in the community, through the Elks Lodge, the church, and a nearby shelter for battered women. We try to take care of their cars when they have a problem; well get a call that someone needs something, and well take care of it. What does he mean by take care? He wasnt very forthcoming with that, but when pressed it turns out that their shop will often fix the cars without charging anything at all. Funny how it never seemed to occur to him that he could consider that advertising. It was just something they do; thats all.


North Texas Transmission became an ATRA Member when Richard opened the shop back in 1990. The reason? Great technical support. There were no schools to go to back then; technical information was handed down from older, more experienced rebuilders. But transmissions were beginning to change, and the need for technical support was growing daily. ATRA could provide that support. And, according to Richard, that support is still ATRAs most valuable asset one they depend on regularly. What about the Golden Rule Warranty? According to Richard, hes only taken advantage of ATRAs warranty once; hes honored it more for other shops than hes ever needed it himself. But he still considers ATRA membership a worthwhile investment, particularly for their training programs: He usually tries to get to Expo and takes a few of his staff. His technicians go to the technical seminars while he and Dustin attend the management program. And he always tries to send at least one or two guys to local seminars.

Three generations of the Maddux family Dustin, Richard, and Fred in front of their 1940 Chevy coupe.

Sheila Maddux answers phones, takes care of customers, and generally runs the office.

Free Time

No one wants to fix cars all the time, and Richards no exception. He likes to devote some of his free time to his grandchildren: Richard and Sheilas daughter, Crystal Delahoz, has two daughters, Mia Grace, 7; and Ellie, 2. And now theres a third grandchild: Dustin and his wife, Heather, had a boy born last Friday (November 15)! says proud grandpa Richard. His GEARS December 2013

name is Holt. So what else does Richard do when hes not fixing cars? For one thing, he and his father built a street rod out of a 1940 Chevy coupe, and he has a 39 Chevy thats sitting here, waiting to be built one day. He also has a motorcycle a 1989 Harley that he and a friend tore down to its frame and completely rebuilt. He loves to take it on the road whenever he has a chance. We usually try to ride to Austin once year (about 200 miles away). I used to make the rallies, but I havent had time for them in a while. We put about a thousand miles or so on the bikes every year.

And he holds a blue belt in Brazilian ju jutsu. He studies under Carlos Machato; an ex world masters champion and a pioneer in Brazilian ju jitsu in the U.S. So Richard may not be the best person to mess with. (Could that be why hes never had a complaint?) North Texas Transmissions a family shop with a tradition of serving the public. Maybe its not surprising that theyre doing so well. Maybe theyre just another example of whats working in todays transmission repair market.


really dont like New Years resolutions. If youre going to resolve to do something then just do it; if not, dont. Having said that, I do believe that the beginning of each year provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate where you are and where youd like to be, both from a personal and professional standpoint. In business, youre either moving forward or falling behind: theres no standing still. So, whats your plan to keep your business moving forward this year? I hope it includes training. I believe one of the biggest obstacles to success we face as an industry is the failure to recognize the importance of continual training, mainly from the management side of the shop. Thats not generally the case on the technical issues, because technology is forever changing: To be profitable, you have to keep up with the latest fixes and updates on the newer transmissions. But training shouldnt be relegated to just one aspect of your organization. Technical training is important, but so is management training. Because its not whether you know something; its how well you know it. If you came up in this business from the technical side, think back to the first transmission you rebuilt successfully. Say you built a THM 350, installed it, and it worked flawlessly. From then on you considered yourself a rebuilder but how good of a rebuilder were you back then? To become a master at anything takes time, experience, and focus on what you seek to master. And yes, it takes training continuous training in 50

Just t I o D I


your field of expertise. Its no different in the management area of your business either. Personal development, attitude, and sales skills are all enhanced when you continually hone each discipline to mastery.

Jeffrey Gitomer and Rodger Bland

Introducing Gitomer Virtual Training!

I believe theres no better management training in our industry than the program we offer at our annual Expos. World-class speakers, real-world topics, and like-minded attendees are just part of what makes management training at Expo a must for shop owners and their management teams. The only problem with Expo is it only happens once a year. Its been said that you only retain and use about 15% of the information you learn in classroom training. The audio files for each session help, but only if you use them on a regular and consistent basis. For any training to have a real impact it has to be internalized. That is, it needs to be repeated, applied consistently, tested, and tracked. Repetition is key. At ATRA weve been looking for a way to do just that, to create a virtual training system where shop owners and managers could access world class management training at the click of a button 24/7, 365 days a year. We found that such a system already exists and it aligns perfectly with what weve discovered in our Whats Working study; namely the five recurring traits of all successful shop owners and how, with this training, everyone can hone each of those traits to a mastery level.

The Pathway to Mastery is Repetition

Jeffrey Gitomer is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The Sales Bible, The Little Red Book of Selling, The Little Black Book of Connections, and The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude. Jefferys syndicated column, Sales Moves, appears in scores of business journals and newspapers in the United States and Europe, and is read by more than four million people every week. In 2008, Jeffery was inducted into the National Speakers Associations (NSA) Speakers Hall of Fame. He delivers over 100 seminars and public speeches each year around the world. Visit him on line at www.gitomer.com. And now his training is coming to our industry! Last December, I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina, to engage in four intense days of training. I was personally trained by Jeffrey to become a Gitomer Certified Advisor, so I could offer his training workshops to our industry. Whats more, ATRA is now authorized to grant access to Gitomer Virtual Training! Finally, world class management training that aligns completely with what works for our industry. Virtual management training for our industry is here. The next step is up to you just do it! To take a tour of this amazing training, go to www.gitomervt.com. When you subscribe, be sure to use ATRA code 2047 and receive free processing on your subscription.

GEARS January/February 2014

20 S EM 1 IN 4


February 8 - Houston, TX February 15 - Orlando, FL February 15 - Columbus, OH February 22 - Charlotte, NC March 1 - Dallas, TX March 8 - Boston, MA March 15 - Phoenix, AZ March 22 - Biloxi, MS March 29 - Coeur DAlene, ID April 5 - Minneapolis, MN April 12 - St. Louis, MO April 26 - Concord, CA May 3 - San Antonio, TX May 10 - Denver, CO May 10 - Des Moines, IA May 31 - Vancouver, BC June 7 - Tulsa, OK August 9 - Albuquerque, NM August 23 - Los Angeles, CA September 6 - Atlanta, GA September 13 - Billings, MT September 20 - Chicago, IL September 27 - Clark-Newark, NJ November 8 - Baltimore, MD









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Fax Fax your payment & registration information to:

(805) 988-6761

http:// members.atra.com
Mail your payment to:

Atra Members: $165 Non-Members: $210 4th person FREE On-site registration: $240

ATRA Seminar Registration 2400 Latigo Avenue Oxnard, CA 93030

Registration: 7am - 8am Seminar: 8am Lunch: 12pm - 1pm

What Youll Learn

ALL GM Reprogram 6T30 Slip/No 3rd Gear, Possible P0752 6T40/41 Bimp or Surge when at a stop Generation III Updates 6T70/75 TCC Shudder, Engine Misfire, Misfire Codes Shudder, No 3rd/5th/Reverse and/or 4-5-6 Apply TCC Slip, Shudder or Engine Stalls After Rebuild Lack of Power, Shift 6L45/50/80/90 Hard Shifts, No Shift 6L80/90 Slips in All Forward Gears, Slow Engagement, Fwd and Rev. Planetary Noise, Planetary Damage Unigear Planetary and Speed Sensor Design Change No Fwd, Slips Moving Fwd, Neutrals on the 1-2 Shift, Check ball Location and Identification Updated Spacer Plate and Added #8 Check Ball 1-2-3-4 Pressure Plate Identification and Installation 4L60E Hybrid P2797 4L60/65/70E No 2-3 Shift, Failsafe has 3rd Gear, After Overhaul Service 4wd Message, DTC C0327 LCT 1000 Pump Bushing Damage, Radiator Failure, Vibrating Sound After Repair Burnt 3-5 Reverse and 2-6 Delayed Reverse Engagement, Double Bump Reverse Engagement, Bang in Reverse Shift Solenoid Command Specifications TL-80SN (8 Speed) Introduction Shift Solenoid and Speed Sensor Identification Clutch and Brake Application and Ratio Chart Self Learn Procedure CVT-7 Introduction Fluid Level, Line Pressure and Pulleys Clutches and Brakes, Oil Pump, Aux Gear Box, Reduction Gear Set, Valve Body, Solenoids, Sensors and Valves 1ET35 Introduction

6R60/80/90 Valve Body Separator Plate Changes 6R80 Starts in High Gear 4R70/75E/W Dragging Sensation Check Ball Identification 5R55S

Intermittent Hard Shifting Harsh Reverse Engagement, Harsh 3-4 Shift 5R110W/Torqshift Chatter in Reverse Pressure Specifications 6R140W/Torqshift 6 Clutch Application and Stall Speed Charts Gear Ratio and Solenoid Application Charts Clutch Clearances Fluid Specifications and Pressure Test Charts Front and Rear Selective Shim Charts Fwd, Dir, Inter and OD Selective Snap Ring Charts Shift Speed Charts Torque Specifications Perameter Identifications Solenoid Identification and Type 2-3 Flare, DTC P0733, Delayed Reverse Engagement Excessive Column Shift Efforts, Feels Frozen DPS6 Shudder on Light Acceleration Fluid Level CFT30 Pressure Testing

41TE DTC P0750, Multiple Solenoid Codes 45RFE DTC P0888 Erratic TCC Operation DTC P1791, Delayed Engagements 45/545/68RFE Stalls the Engine in Forward and Reverse 545RFE Wrong Gear Starts, P2706 DTC P0750, Multiple Solenoid Codes High Speed Momentary Bind 68RFE Updated Separator Plate, Solenoid Body and Check Ball Location Clank Noise from Drive to Neutral DTC P0871, OD Clutch Failure DTC P0876, 2C Clutch Failure 48RE #2 Check Ball Eliminated 62TE Harsh Shifts 8HP45/W5A580 DTC P0730 722.6/NAG1 DTC P0748 DTC P0730, Limp Mode or Neutral Condition Adaptation and Repair Verification AS69RC Introduction Valve Body Input Shaft, Gears, Bearings and Speed Sensor Location F1 Roller Clutch and B2 Clutch 948TE Introduction Specifications Clutch Application Chart Valve Body and Solenoid Identification Dog Clutch Identification

Acura MDX No Reverse

Odyssey B7TA/B7YA All Solenoid Codes Set Odyssey BYBA/BGRA No 3rd or 4th Gear After Overhaul MDX, MDKA Bearing Noise While Driving, In Park and Neutral, Goes Away in Gear at a Stop 722.9 Check Ball Identification and Location No Movement Binds on the 3-4 Shift Stuck in Failsafe Stuck in Failsafe, Arratic Shifts, No 1-2 Shift 2-3 Flare After Rebuild RE5F22A Harsh Delayed Forward Engagement Harsh Downshift Erratic, Harsh, Soft or Rough 1-2 Shift RE0F09A AWD Noise, Damaged Gears, Cracked Case Codes, Erratic Shifts, Harsh Engagements, Harsh 3-4 shift ZF4HP16 Neutralizing in 1st and 4th, P0705 A6LF1 Introduction Fluid Level Check Fluid Contamination and Cooler Hose Damage Side Cover Leaks Component Identification Solenoid Identification A and B Shift Solenoid Function Line Pressure Solenoid Function Torque Converter and 2-6 Brake Solenoid 3-5-Reverse, Underdrive and Overdrive Solenoid Function Transmission Range/Inhibitor Switch Internal harness and connector Pin Identifications Valve Body removal Transmission Temperature Sensor (TOT) Valve Body Circuit Identification Input and Output Speed Sensors Case Air Checks Low/Reverse Sprag Rotation Valve Body Exploded View (Outer) Valve Body Exploded View (Middle) Valve Body Exploded View (Inner) Valve Body Exploded View (Outer Small Parts) Valve Body Exploded View (Middle Small Parts) Valve Body Exploded View (Inner Small Parts) 2-6 Brake Clutch Endplay Checks 2-6 Brake Clutch Endplay Checks (Alternate Procedure) Low Reverse Brake Clutch Endplay Checks Overdrive Brake Clutch Endplay Checks Delay or Slips in Drive Unit Endplay Specifications (Front) Unit Endplay Specifications (Rear) Diagnostic Trouble Code Definitions TCM Relearn Procedure Specifications A4CF2 Solenoid Identification Valve Body Identification Adaptive Learning

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A & Reds Transmission Parts * 3737 W. 29th St. S. Wichita, KS 67217 Toll Free: (800) 835-1007 Phone: (316) 942-5300 Fax: (316) 942-8947 www.areds.com A & Reds Transmission Parts * 2000 Indiana Ave. Kansas City, MO 64127 Toll Free: (866) 780-7337 Phone: (816) 483-7337 www.areds.com A & Reds Transmission Parts * 2300 N. Westport Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57107 Toll Free: (888) 215-3639 Phone: (605) 338-3800 www.areds.com A&A Midwest / Transmission Quest * 4050 S. Wentworth Ave. Chicago, IL 60609 Contact: Steve Feinstein Toll Free: (800) 826-7403 Phone: (773) 624-6111 Fax: (773) 624-6660 spf@transmissionquest.com www.transmissionquest.com www.aamidwestcores.com A&A Midwest / Transmission Quest * 2580 N. Commerce St. North Las Vegas, NV 89030 Toll Free: (800) 426-8771 Phone: (702) 649-9776 Fax: (702) 649-6777 www.aamidwest.com A1 Transmissions & Parts Co. * 1020 Yuma St. Denver, CO 80204 Phone: (303) 623-1401 Fax: (303) 623-4923 Phone: (864) 297-9913 Fax: On Request info@alltransparts.com www.alltransparts.com All Trans Remanufactured Transmissions * 1333 N. 21St. Phoenix, AZ 85009 Toll Free: (800) 858-7269 Phone: (602) 233-3835 Fax: (602) 253-1760 www.alltransremanufacturing.com Alliance Manufacturing Services 257 Hopeland St. Dayton, OH 45417 Contact: Don Gray / Clyde Webb Phone: (937) 222-3394 Fax: (937) 222-2578 don@alliancemfg.net www.alliancemfg.net

Adapt-A-Case * 3400 Jefferson Ave. S.E. Grand Rapids, MI 49548 Contact: Michael Black/ Duane Reister Phone: (616) 331-0000 Fax: (616) 452-5624 www.Adapt-A-Case.com Advanstar Communications * 2501 Colorado Ave., Ste. 280 Santa Monica, CA 90404 Phone: (310) 857-7500 Fax: (310) 857-7510 www.advanstar.com All-Trans, Inc. 134 Transit Dr. Greenville, SC 29607 Toll Free: (800) 922-9562

Allomatic Products 609 East Chaney St./P.O. Box 267 Sullivan, IN 47882 Contact: Israel Tabaksblat Toll Free: (800) 568-0330 Phone: (516) 775-0330 Fax: (516) 775-5543 apcsales@allomatic.com www.allomatic.com


Company names with * are proud ATRA Supplier Members

GEARS January/February 2014

800-835-1007 Free CD Parts Catalog! CALL TODAY

and get your free copy of A & Reds CD catalog. Its free and contains a Transmission vehicle index, detailed parts listing by year, make and model Plus a handy list and net price guide, cooler line return chart, band adjustment chart, speedometer gear listings and much, much more.


WHY CHOOSE A & REDS? For nearly 40 years we have done one thing and we do it well. We help transmission rebuilders get the job done. We are full line distributor carrying all soft parts, rebuilding kits, new and used hard parts for, Automatic transmissions, Manual transmissions & Transfer cases. Domestic and Imported. PRODUCTS We stock top name brand products we are proud to sell from leading companies and you will be proud to use. Alto Trans-Tool Borg-Warner DT Components Dacco Life Automotive Lube Gard Loc-Tite Raybestos Seal Aftermarket Products Rostra SPX Sealed Power Sonnax Superior Smart Blend Teckpak Fitzall Trans-tec Transgo Valeo Muscle Products Miller Tool Wade Parker Seymore Toledo Driveline LOCATIONS Wichita KS 67217 3737 West 29th Street South 800-835-1007 316-942-5300 Kansas City MO 64127 2000 Indiana Ave. 866-780-7337 816-483-7337

Sioux Falls SD 57107 2300 North Westport Ave 888-215-3639 605-338-3800

Your Complete Source for Transmission Cores and Parts

Our People

A&A Midwest: Your Comprehensive Resource

A&A Midwest is a comprehensive source for cores, recycling and auto wrecking services, along with transmission hard parts and engine parts under our TransmissionQuest and EngineQuest divisions. A&A Midwest has been family owned and operated since 1949 and continues to be known for its outstanding customer service and high degree of integrity.

TransmissionQuest: Our Mission is Your Transmission

A&A Midwest launched TransmissionQuest (TQ) in 2011 with a full-line of thoroughly inspected transmission hard parts. Coverage includes domestic, import, CVT/hybrid, 6-speed, ZF, Mercedes, Aisin Warner, Honda, Acura and many other hard-to-find, late-model applications. TQ offers a complete teardown and inspection of internal hard parts to ensure that every component is rebuildable. This is backed by TQs sister company, A&A Midwest Cores, with over 25,000 automatic and standard transmission and transfer case cores in stock.

Bill Stolberg President & COO (800) 826-7403, Ext. 302 wds@aamidwest.com

A&A Midwest Cores

A&A Midwest Cores is a leading core supplier to transmission and engine remanufacturers, providing expertise to customers on whether new, remanufactured or reclaimed will work best for the transmission or engine project they are working on.

Salvage, Scrap Metal and More!

In addition to its TQ division and cores business, A&A Midwest (formerly AAEQ), operates A&A Midwest Auto Wrecking, a major automotive salvage business in Blue Island, Ill. that dismantles vehicles and exports complete engine, drive train systems and body components to developing countries. A&A Midwests engine parts division, EngineQuest (EQ), stocks hard-to-find new, remanufactured and reclaimed engine parts, specializing in stock and performance cylinder heads. From our Las Vegas headquarters, A&A Midwest Recycling pays top dollar for scrap metal.

Steve Feinstein Transmission Operations Manager (800) 826-7403, Ext. 309 spf@transmissionquest.com

The Proper Handling of Cores

A&A Midwest has learned through experience that the proper handling of automotive cores, particularly transmissions and engines, must be done carefully to ensure their future usefulness. The goal of A&A Midwest is to provide customers with the cleanest, usable parts. A&A Midwest takes special care in accepting, handling, processing, storing and shipping engine and transmission cores and their components.

Brad Heilman Hard Parts Specialist (800) 826-7403, Ext. 304 bdh@transmissionquest.com

4050 S. Wentworth Ave. Chicago, IL 60609 (800) 826-7403 (773) 624-6111 Fax (773) 624-6660 www.aamidwestcores.com www.transmissionquest.com


2580 N. Commerce St. North Las Vegas, NV 89030 (800) 426-8771 (702) 649-7776 Fax (702) 649-6777 www.aamidwest.com


Please call our Chicago facility for all inquiries related to transmissions and transmission parts.









Press Quickly Slides Apart to Handle Lo/Reverse In Many Applications!


Recent Rebuilder-requested tools and fixes

September 19-22 Stop by and visit! Were at booth #520



Fits most popular jacks



Allstar Automotive, LLC 6200 N. Washington, # 10 Denver, CO 80216 Toll Free: (866) 668-0463 Phone: (303) 477-2838 parts@allstarautomotivedenver.com www.allstarautomotivedenver.com Alto Products Corp. - Corporate HQ * One Alto Way Atmore, AL 36502 Phone: (251) 368-7777 Fax: (251) 368-7774 sales@altousa.com www.altousa.com American Torque * 105 22 150 St. Jamaica, NY 11435 Phone: (718) 526-2433 Fax: (718) 526-2338 Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants P.O. Box 191 Kingsville, TX 78364 Contact: David & Eline Haunschild Toll Free: (800) 631-2240 info@dehoil.com www.dehoil.com Contact: Mike Tilley Phone: (602) 992-2961 www.bearinginstaller.com ATP (South Island) LTD * 3 Elmdale Lane, Linwood Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND Toll Free: 011+0800 658 121 Phone: 011+(03) 379 2065 Fax: 011+(03) 379-2065 info@atpnz.co.nz www.atpnz.co.nz ATP-Inc. 1300 W. Pratt Blvd. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Phone: (847) 967-6790 Fax: (847) 967-8686 order@atp-inc.com www.atp-inc.com ATR - Authorized Transmission Remanufacturing, Inc. 401 Terrace Dr. Mundelein, IL 6060 Toll Free: (866) 738-7267 Phone: (847) 566-4488 Fax: (847) 566-5207 sales@atreman.com www.atreman.com

ATI Performance Products 6747 Whitestone Rd. Baltimore, MD 21207 Contact: JC Beattie Jr. Toll Free: (877) 298-5003 Phone: (410) 298-4343 Fax: (410) 298-3579 info@atiracing.com www.cw3welder.com

ATI manufactures a multitude of high performance parts including Competition Transmissions, Treemaster Converters, Torsional Super Dampers, Compu-Flow Valve Bodies, Flexplates, and Adapter Kits as well as the extremely accurate CW3 converter Welding & Overhaul System to build your own high quality converters.

Anaheim Gear * 1271 S. Talt Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Contact: Pat Massey / Eric Skillman Toll Free: (800) 477-1103 Phone: (714) 778-1103 Fax: (714) 778-1733 pat@anaheimgear.com www.anaheimgear.com APRA - Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association 4215 Lafayette Center Dr., Ste. 3 Chantilly, VA 20151 Phone: (703) 968-2772 Fax: (703) 968-2878 www.apra.org Arizona Transmission Machine, Inc.- EZ-Driver 16236 N. 41st Place Phoenix, AZ 85032 58

ATRA - Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association * 2400 Latigo Ave. Oxnard, CA 93030 Contact: Membership Phone: (805) 604-2000 Fax: (805) 604-2005 http://members.atra.com

ATK and Parts, LLC * 6311 NW 99th Ave Doral, FL 33178 Contact: Diego Garcia Phone: (305) 593-0980 Fax: (305) 593-7494 sales@atkits.com www.atkits.com ATP (New Zealand) LTD * 275A Neilson St., Onehunga Auckland, NEW ZEALAND Toll Free: 011+0800 658 899 Phone: 011+(09) 636 7832 Fax: 011+(09) 636 9710 info@atpnz.co.nz www.atpnz.co.nz
ATRA (Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association) is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the automatic transmission repair industry for work quality, customers service and business success.

Company names with * are proud ATRA Supplier Members

GEARS January/February 2014

942 942 Windy 942 Windy Windy Road, Road, Road, Apex, Apex, Apex, NC NC 27502 NC 27502 27502 Phone: Phone: Phone: (888) (888) (888) 847-7036 847-7036 847-7036 Fax: Fax: Fax: (919) (919) (919) 342-6261 342-6261 342-6261 www.autoshopsolutions.com www.autoshopsolutions.com www.autoshopsolutions.com info@autoshopsolutions.com info@autoshopsolutions.com info@autoshopsolutions.com

Autoshop Autoshop Autoshop Solutions Solutions Solutions

Company Company Company Profile Profile Profile

Products Products Products

The The The People People People

Autoshop Autoshop Solutions Solutions is the Automotive the Automotive Industry Industry leader leader Autoshop Solutions is is the Automotive Industry leader Autoshop Autoshop Autoshop Solutions Solutions Solutions in in Website in Website Design Design and Internet and Internet Marketing. Marketing. We are We are Website Design and Internet Marketing. We are is the is is the industry the industry industry leader leader leader dedicated dedicated to to creating to creating impactful impactful websites websites and engagand engagdedicated creating impactful websites and engagin in automotive in automotive automotive website website website ing marketing ing marketing solutions solutions forfor independent for independent shop shop owners owners ing marketing solutions independent shop owners design design design and and developand developdevelopand the and automotive the automotive industry. industry. We take We take pride pride in in working in working and the automotive industry. We take pride working ment. ment. ment. We We create We create create cuscuscusexclusively exclusively within within the automotive the automotive aftermarket aftermarket vertical, vertical, exclusively within the automotive aftermarket vertical, tom, tom, tom, built-from-scratch built-from-scratch built-from-scratch and our and executive our executive team team has over has over 3030 years 30 years of of combined of combined and our executive team has over years combined websites websites websites that that drive that drive drive experience experience in in the in automotive the automotive industry. industry. From From design design to to to experience the automotive industry. From design business business business and and increase and increase increase development, development, Internet Internet marketing marketing to to original to original content content development, Internet marketing original content profits. profits. profits. Our Our deep Our deep deep creation creation and world-class and world-class customer customer service, service, allall ofall our of our creation and world-class customer service, of our industry industry industry knowledge knowledge knowledge work work is done done in-house in-house at at our at corporate our corporate office office in in Apex, in Apex, and work is is done in-house our corporate office Apex, and cutting and cutting cutting edge edge edge methodologies methodologies methodologies in in graphic in graphic graphic design, design, design, NC. Autoshop NC. Autoshop Solutions Solutions is a is a proud member member of of ATRA. of ATRA. content NC. Autoshop Solutions is proud a proud member ATRA. content content creation, creation, creation, and and web and web web development, development, development, combined combined combined with with with state-of-the-art state-of-the-art state-of-the-art analytics, analytics, analytics, enable enable enable usus tous to provide to provide provide you you with you with with data-driven data-driven data-driven websites websites websites that that make that make make the the phone the phone phone ring! ring! ring! Award Award Award Winning Winning Winning Designs Designs Designs - In - In 2009, - In 2009, 2009, two two of two of our of our clients our clients clients websites websites websites landed landed landed in in Auto in Auto Auto Inc. Inc. Magazines Inc. Magazines Magazines Top Top 10 Top 1010 Automotive Automotive Automotive Repair Repair Repair Web Web Web Sites. Sites. Sites. Since Since Since then then then we we have we have have received received received a total a total a total of of 19 of 19 wins 19 wins wins forfor automotive for automotive automotive website website website design, design, design, including including including 4 winners 4 winners 4 winners in in 2013. in 2013. 2013.

Services Services Services

Danny Danny Sanchez: Sanchez: CEO CEO Danny Sanchez: CEO Margaret Margaret Klemmer: Klemmer: VP of VP Operations of Operations Margaret Klemmer: VP of Operations Neal Neal Maier: Maier: VP of VP Business of Business Neal Maier: VP of Business Erin Erin Smith: Smith: Sales Sales Team Team Leader Leader Erin Smith: Sales Team Leader Kristen Kristen Maniscalco: Maniscalco: Marketing Marketing Team Team Leader Leader Kristen Maniscalco: Marketing Team Leader Rebecca Rebecca Powell: Powell: Production Production Team Team Leader Leader Rebecca Powell: Production Team Leader Since Since 2006, 2006, our customized our customized Since 2006, our customized marketing marketing plans plans have have helped helped marketing plans have helped hundreds hundreds of of automotive of automotive shops shops hundreds automotive shops expand expand their their businesses. businesses. expand their businesses. Whether Whether you want you want to to attract to attract Whether you want attract more more customers, customers, build build customer customer more customers, build customer loyalty, loyalty, get found get found onon Google, on Google, loyalty, get found Google, or or target or target your your local local market market via via target your local market via the mobile the mobile web, web, we provide we provide the mobile web, we provide solutions solutions tailored tailored to to fit to your fit your needs. needs. Our comprehensive Our comprehensive solutions tailored fit your needs. Our comprehensive marketing marketing services services include include Search Search Engine Engine Optimization, Optimization, marketing services include Search Engine Optimization, certified certified Google Google AdWords AdWords marketing, marketing, local local and mobile and mobile certified Google AdWords marketing, local and mobile marketing, marketing, e-newsletters, e-newsletters, and real-time and real-time social social media media marketing, e-newsletters, and real-time social media management. management. AllAll of All our of inbound our inbound marketing marketing strategies strategies management. of our inbound marketing strategies serve serve to to create to create conversation conversation and to and drive to drive people people to to your to your serve create conversation and to drive people your website website - making - making the phone the phone ring and ring putting and putting cars cars in in in website - making the phone ring and putting cars your your bays! bays! your bays!

Whats Whats Whats New New New

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Companies Companies Companies

ATSG * 18635 S.W. 107th Ave. Miami, FL 33157 Contact: Susan Dietrick Toll Free: (800) 245-7722 Phone: (305) 670-4161 Fax: (305) 670-4162 susan@atsg.biz www.atsg.biz Austling Guangzhou Co., LTD Rm 1705, No. 19, Dong Hua Nan Rd. Guangzhou, CHINA Phone: 011+(86) 20832 92187 Fax: 011+(86) 20832 92617 Australian Transmission Components * 152 Hammond Ave. Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650 AUSTRALIA Phone: 0011 612 69336888 Fax: 0011 612 69336898 admin@austtrans.com www.austtrans.com Fax: (281) 847-3635 orders@autocompdirect.com www.autocompdirect.com Automatic Transmission Exchange 4120 E. Washington St. Phoenix, AZ 85034 Toll Free: (800) 352-8604 Phone: (602) 275-9571 Fax: (602) 275-4738 www.autotransexchange.com Automotive Management Institute (AMI) 8190 Precinct Line Rd., Ste. 100 Colleyville, TX 76034 Contact: Toni Slaton Toll Free: (800) 272-7467 x129 tslaton@amionline.org www.amionline.org Automotive Research and Design 2010 E. Lindberg Rd. Port Angeles, WA, 98362 Toll Free: (800) 549-8369 Fax: (360) 504-2790 info@go2hev.com www.go2hev.com Automotive Video, Inc. 6280 Arc Way Fort Myers, FL 33966 Contact: Katie Hallnan Toll Free: (800) 718-7246 Fax: (239) 561-9111 khallnan@auto-video.com www.auto-video.com Automotive Wholesalers, Inc. 2224 W. 94th St. Bloomington, MN 55431 Contact: Jerry Jurkovski Toll Free: (800) 231-3011 Phone: (952) 884-2336 awi@tds.net http://personalpages.uslink.net/~jurkovsj/ danny@autoshopsolutions.com www.autoshopsolutions.com Autrans Transmission Parts & Service * Industrieterrein De Stroet 19-21 Lunteren, 6741 PT NETHERLANDS Phone: 31 318 484144 Fax: 31 318 483644 info@autrans.nl www.autrans.nl

BAAN Powertrain Corp. 8620 53 Ave. Edmonton, AB T6E 5G2 CANADA Contact: Laurie Schlamp Toll Free: (877) 633-2780 Phone: (780) 633-2780 Fax: (780) 669-5750 lws@baanpowertrain.com www.baanpowertrain.com Bishop International Inc. 224 N. Corinth St. Dallas, TX 75203 Toll Free: (800) 843-5068 Phone: (214) 426-6449 Fax: (214) 946-4654 www.bishopengine.com

Manual Transmission / Transfer Components * Synchro Rings / Synchro Assemblys * Rebuild / Overhaul Kits * Differential C.W.Ps & Components * Remanufactured Transmission Assemblys * New Transmission Assembly's

Auto Matic Kings, Inc. 725 Rivera St. Riverside, CA 92501 Phone: (951) 782-0901 sales@automatickings.com www.automatickings.com Auto Matic Kings, Inc. 1773 West Lincoln Ave. #T Anaheim, CA 92801 Phone: (714) 533-2690 sales@automatickings.com www.automatickings.com AutoComp Technologies, Inc. 8515 N. Freeway Houston, TX 77037 Toll Free: (888) 217-4072 Phone: (281) 447-9800 60

BorgWarner, Inc. Transmission Systems 1350 N. Greenbriar Dr., Unit B Addison, IL 60101 Phone: (630) 261-9980 Fax: (630) 261-9986 www.borgwarner.com Autoshop Solutions, Inc.* 942 Windy Rd. Apex, NC 27502 Contact: Danny Sanchez Toll Free: (877) 847-7036 Phone: (919) 342-6024 Fax: (919) 342-6261 Company names with * are proud ATRA Supplier Members Bosch Diagnostics 2030 Alameda Padre Serra Santa Barbara, CA 93103 Toll Free: (800) 321-4889 Fax: (805) 966-9540 softwaresupport@us.bosch.com www.boschdiagnostics.com GEARS January/February 2014


BAAN Powertrain is Canadas fastest growing aftermarket powertrain distributor. With over 4000 transmissions and over 1500 transfer cases in stock, BAAN provides cost effective options to the repair industry. BAAN Powertrain distributes throughout Canada and exports worldwide.


Whats New
BAAN now stocks :
New BMW and Mercedes transfer cases AS68RC for Dodge 6.7L Cab and chassis applications G56 Manual transmissions for late Dodge 6.7L New Late Model GM transfer cases - 1626XHD, 1226XHD, 3024HD, 3023LD, 1222LD, 1225HD, 1625HD Front differentials BAAN has a large selection of late model transmissions in stock.. These include various six, seven and eight speed automatic transmissions such as 6L80E, 6L90E, 6R60, 6R80,6F35, 6F50, 6T35, 6T70, 62TE, RE7R05, 8HP and many more.

BAAN specializes in late model applications and often has new transmissions available at very attractive prices to our customers. Remanufactured transmissions, differentials and transfer cases New surplus transmissions and transfer cases Low mile take off transmissions and transfer cases New, remanufactured and low mile take off engines

Constant Sourcing

BAAN is continually sourcing worldwide, both new and OEM Remanufactured excess stocks of transmissions and transfer cases. BAAN works with the OEMs to maximize their return on obsolete and damaged material without disrupting the OEMs traditional supply channels.


P: 1.780.633.2780 F: 1.780.669.5750 Sales@baanpowertrain.com Baanpowertrain.com

BAAN Powertrain Corp

Head Office
8620 53 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6E 5G2

1995 Markham Rd, Scarborough, Ontario Canada MIB 2W3

Ontario Warehouse

BorgWarner, Inc. Transmission Systems 1350 North Greenbriar Drive, Suite B Addison, IL 60101 Phone (630) 261-9980 Fax (630) 261-9986 www.borgwarner.com

Our Company
BorgWarner, Inc. Transmission Systems is an original equipment supplier of highly engineered components and systems, primarily for automotive drivetrain applications. BorgWarner designs and manufactures OEM clutch plates, transmission bands, one-way clutches, and other products at its Bellwood, IL and Frankfort, IL plants, and in plants located in other major markets throughout North America, Europe and Asia. BorgWarners Aftermarket Operations Center in Addison, Illinois makes these components available to the transmission rebuilder industry through an authorized distributor network throughout the country.

Featured Products

Our Products
Clutch Plates (Automotive/Industrial), Transmission Bands (Maji-Band, Uni-Band, Flex-Band), One-Way Clutches (Sprag and Roller), and Electronic Transmission Solenoids.

BorgWarner carries a wide range of quality engineered electronic transmission solenoids for improved fuel economy, reduced emissions, and enhanced performance.

Automotive Racing Sponsorship

Since 1936, BorgWarner, Inc. has sponsored the Indianapolis 500, automotive racings largest spectator sport. Each year, the winners visage is immortalized on the sterling silver BorgWarner Indianapolis 500 trophy. BorgWarners proud sponsorship of the Indianapolis 500 symbolizes our continuing commitment to top performance and leading-edge automotive technology.

BorgWarners Aftermarket Center warehouses and distributes exclusively to the transmission rebuilder industry hundreds of parts for more than eighty transmissions world-wide through an authorized distributor network that can provide same day and next-day parts delivery.

Our People
BorgWarner, Inc. Transmission Systems - Aftermarket Center Addison, Illinois
Tom Hardies, Sales/Business Development............................. Extension 25 Liz Villela, Customer Service Manager..................................... Extension 11 Gabriela Camargo, Customer Service........................................ Extension 15 Mike Massey, Customer Service.................................................. Extension 24 Tammy Seleski, Customer Service.............................................. Extension 27

Our goal is to provide the rebuilder zero-defect products with 100% availability and 100% on-time delivery at competitive prices.

BorgWarners Aftermarket Operations Center in Addison, Illinois.

TheBorgWarner Indianapolis 500 Trophy is a registered trademark of BorgWarner Inc.


Consolidated Vehicle Converters

4991 Hempstead Station Drive Kettering, Ohio 45429 Phone: 937-443-0408 Toll Free: 800-727-4461 Fax: 937-443-0418 www.cvcconverters.com

Domestic and Foreign Torque Converters Consolidated Vehicle Converters (CVC) offers a complete line of torque converters for domestic and foreign vehicles including industrial, heavy duty and racing applications. Allison relined dampers also available.

Company Profile
CVC, a family owned and operated entity, was formed through a clear understanding of our customers needs and expectations. Our commitment to good, old-fashioned quality and service has been and continues to be our sole operating philosophy. Our company provides customers with the highest quality torque converters on the market today. We have incorporated many unique engineering advancements into our rebuilding processes, therefore ensuring the longevity of our units. This allows us to eliminate several OE design deficiencies. Most recently, we purchased a second state-of-the-art sand blasting system that provides us with the ability to preserve the integrity and original design of most OE components. Additionally, we recently updated or replaced all of our Hines computerized balancers and we are awaiting delivery of an Ultra HighSpeed/High Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor which will be employed to check Impeller Hub dimensions and/or wear. CVC is also firmly committed to employee training and manufacturing process improvements. These quality programs assure our customers of high level converter output, all the time, every time.

Our Distributors
We are pleased, proud and fortunate to be represented by a group of distributors who are clearly the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Please visit our web site at cvcconverters.com to locate your nearest distributor.

Product Literature
All CVC products are displayed in our October 2011 catalog. You may call to request your personal copy or view our current iMAG catalog along with our new products section and our factory tour video all available on our web site.

Our Management
Julie Maynard Turner.......................................Marcia Maynard Prugh Timothy L. Prugh ..................................................John B. Maynard, Sr.

Company Belief
As the premier provider of rebuilt torque converters, CVC adheres to the highest standards of quality, manufacturing processes and customer service.

Mission Statement
CVC will support our customers with excellent products and service and a dedication to continued investment in engineering and our employees.

Vision Statement
Achieving Success By Placing The Customer First!

Bowler Performance Transmissions Rt 4 Box 148 Lawrence, IL 62439 Phone: (618) 943-4856 Fax: (618) 943-3690 info@bowlertransmissions.com www.bowlertransmissions.com Buffalo Engine Components, Inc. * 1824 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14214 Phone: (716) 893-2661 Fax: (716) 893-0790 info@buffaloengine.com www.buffaloengine.com dayton.warehouse@captialcoreinc.com www.capitalcoreinc.com Capital Core of Pittsburgh, LLC * 500 Dargan St. Pittsburgh, PA 15224 Toll Free: (800) 223-1884 Fax: (412) 246-0608 pittsburgh.warehouse@capitalcoreinc.com www.capitalcoreinc.com Capital Core of Detroit, LLC * 33026 Capitol St. Livonia, MI 48150 Toll Free: (800) 223-1884 Fax: (734) 793-3680 detroit.warehouse@captialcoreinc.com www.capitalcoreinc.com CARFAX 5860 Trinity Pkwy., Ste. 600 Centreville, VA 20120 Toll Free: (888) 655-5362 Fax: (866) 378-8416 www.carfaxservicenetwork.com Casanova Trans Inc.* 319 Victoria St. Laredo, TX 78040 Phone: (956) 727-1044 Fax: (866) 806-7738 sales@chagear.com www.chagear.com Chrysler - Mopar 1000 Chrysler Dr. Auburn Hills, MI 48326 www.mopar.com Cika Automotive Parts Co. 58, Noi-1gil, Nogong-eup Dalseo-gun Daegu, KOREA Phone: 82 53 593 8756 Fax: 82 53 593 8753 cikaauto@gmail.com www.cikaautomotiveparts.com Cincinnati Gearing Systems 5757 Mariemont Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45227 Contact: Kenneth Kiehl Phone: (513) 527-8600 Fax: (513 527-8635 gearsales@cst.com www.cincinnatigearingsystems.com Citibank * 2153 Young Ave. Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 Contact: Franco Fortunato Phone: (818) 922-4946 Fax: (805) 496-9784 franco.fortunato@firstdata.com Cleveland Transmission Supply * 5308 Blanche Ave. Cleveland, OH 44127 Toll Free: (800) 678-0646 Phone: (216) 441-0646 www.clevelandtransmissionsupply.com Clutch & U-Joint / Proven Force 11071 93rd Ave. N. Maple Grove, MN 55369 Toll Free: (800) 444-0755 Phone: (763) 425-7474 Fax: (763) 424-4722 provenforcemn@aol.com www.provenforce.com Coan Engineering 1602 East Havens St. Kokomo, IN 46901 Phone: (765) 456-3957 Fax: (765) 456-3960 www.coanracing.com

Canada-Wide Parts Distributors Ltd. 15745-118 Ave. Edmonton, AB T5V 1B7 CANADA Toll Free: (800) 665-7671 Phone: (780) 453-3460 Fax: (780) 453-3460 www.canadawideparts.com Canada-Wide Parts Distributors Ltd. 261A Shawson Dr. Mississauga, ON L4T IN2 CANADA Toll Free: (877) 564-3116 Phone: (905) 564-3316 Fax: (905) 564-3119 www.canadawideparts.com Canada-Wide Parts Distributors Ltd. #1, 18771 96 Ave. Surrey, BC V4N 3P5 CANADA Toll Free: (877) 560-0287 Phone: (604) 881-0205 Fax: (604) 881-0206 www.canadawideparts.com Capital Core Inc.* 3790 East 5th Ave. Columbus, OH 43219 Toll Free: (800) 223-1884 Fax: (614) 464-1885 sales@capitalcoreinc.com www.capitalcoreinc.com Capital Core of Dayton, LLC * 1025 N. Keowee St. Dayton, OH 45404 Toll Free: (800) 223-1884 Fax: (937) 228-0587 64

Central Valve Bodies 15551 S. Hwy. 66 Claremore, OK 74017 Contact: Donny Lester Toll Free: (877) 341-0266 Phone: (918) 341-0266 Fax: (866) 826-1847 donny@centralvalvebodies.com www.centralvalvebodies.com Certified Transmission * 1801 S. 54th St. Omaha, NE 68106 Toll Free: (800) 544-7520 Phone: (402) 558-2117 www.certifiedtransmission.com CHA Industries, Inc. 1720 Wallace Ave., Unit B St. Charles, IL 60174 Toll Free: (877) 432-7738 Phone: (630) 443-4327

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GEARS January/February 2014


EVT Parts EVT Parts 1155 N. McKinley Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90059-3504 1155 N. McKinley Ave. Phone: 323-758-1302 Los Angeles, CA 90059-3504 Toll Free: 866-388-7278 Phone: 323-758-1302 Fax: 323-758-9999 Toll Free: 866-388-7278 Web site: www.evtparts.com Fax: 323-758-9999 E-mail: evtparts8825@netscape.net Web site: www.evtparts.com E-mail: evtparts8825@netscape.net

Up to Date UpPackaging to Date kits calls for a high degree of accuracy and
an Packaging awareness kits of even callsthe formost a high subtle degree of changes of accuracy made and an OEMs. by awareness EVT uses of even a computer the mostsystem subtle that of changes builds made a bill by materials of OEMs. EVT for uses each a computer kit it packages system and that then builds tracks a bill of materials inventory levels for each to the kit point it packages that the and packaging then tracks inventory is operation levels scheduled to the to point react that to sales the packaging volumes. operation is scheduled to react to sales volumes.

Our Products Our Products

Vince Hall, proprietor Vince Hall, proprietor

Overhaul Kits Overhaul Packaged, Kits ready and waiting for you. Whether the transmission Packaged, on ready your and bench waiting has for been you. around Whether for the transmission decades or is on a late-model, your benchEVT hashas been the around overhaul for kit you decades need. We or offer is a same-day late-model, delivery EVT has (limited the overhaul area) or kit you need. We offer shipment directly same-day to yourdelivery shop. (limited area) or shipment directly to your shop. Automatic Hard Parts Automatic EVT-inspected Hard Parts good used and aftermarket new hard parts EVT-inspected for most automatic good used applications. and aftermarket Take advantage new hard parts of EVTs forextensive most automatic on-the-shelf applications. inventory, Take which advantage of EVTs extensive includes good used on-the-shelf valve bodies. inventory, Same-daywhich delivery includes area) (limited good or used shipment valve bodies. directly Same-day to your shop. delivery (limited area) or shipment directly to your shop.

Support Support We are specialized as a supplier of automatictransmission We are specialized components as a including supplier of hard automaticparts, kits and transmission converters. We components have parts including on the shelves hard parts, for everything kits and converters. from the latest-model We have parts transmissions on the shelves all the for way everything back to from the early automatics latest-model from transmissions the 1950s. We all stock the both way back to early automatics domestic and foreign fromparts the 1950s. in that We manner. stock both domestic and foreign parts in that manner.

Torque Converters Torque EVT remanufactures Converters its own torque converters. Our Personnel building EVT remanufactures houses all the its machinery own torque necessary converters. to open Our Personnel Vince Hall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Founder and Operator building houses converter cores, all replace the machinery or restore necessary internal components to open Vince and Operator Eloise Hall Hall .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..Founder . . . . .Administration converter and then reassemble cores, replace andor test restore these internal units. We components make sure Eloise Hall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .General . .Administration Walter Quintanilla Manager andhave we thenwhat reassemble you need and by test computer-coordinating these units. We make sure Walter Quintanilla Rosaura Gomez . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .General . .Office Manager we have what you by computer-coordinating manufacturing for need inventory with converter sales. Rosaura Gomez . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Office Manager manufacturing for inventory with converter sales. Circle No. 202 on Reader Card 40 Transmission Digest Circle No. 202 on Reader Card 40 Transmission Digest

Consolidated Transmission Parts, Inc. * 20467 Hwy. 49 Saucier, MS 39574 Contact: Geraldine Chadwick Toll Free: (800) 773-8726 Phone: (228) 539-1559 Fax: (228) 539-1560 www.consolidatedtrans.com Consolidated Transmission Parts, Inc. * 2850 W. Airport Blvd. Sanford, FL 32771 Contact: Geraldine Chadwick Toll Free: (800) 578-8726 Phone: (407) 321-2055 Fax: (407) 321-2433 geraldine@consolidatedtrans.com www.consolidatedtrans.com Converter Man Limited* 246 Brockport Dr. #21 Toronto, ON M9W 6W2 CANADA Toll Free: (800) 265-8923 Phone: (416) 674-7000 Fax: (416) 674-7020 info@converterman.com www.converterman.com CVT Pushbelt BV * De Nedervonder 15a 5061 JP Oisterwijk THE NETHERLANDS Contact: Coen Vanbeek Phone: +31 13-521 74 48 Fax: +31 13-521 17 63 contact@cvtpushbelt.com www.cvtpushbelt.com Consolidated Vehicle Converters - CVC * 4991 Hempstead Station Dr. Kettering, OH 45429 Toll Free: (800) 727-4461 Phone: (937) 443-0408 Fax: (937) 443-0418 info@cvcconverters.com www.cvcconverters.com Custom Power Play* 640 S. 5th Ave. Brighton, CO 80601 Contact: Michele Brooks Phone: (720) 684-7636 Fax: (720) 685-1041 mbrooks@custompowerplay.com www.custompowerplay.com

DACCO Transmission Parts * 3316 Rufugee Rd. Columbus, OH 43232 Contact: Michael Snodgrass Toll Free: (800) 843-1430 Phone: (614) 237-2322 Fax: (614) 237-2323 Columbus.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 4839 E. 23rd St. Indianapolis, IN 46218 Contact: Clint Schmink Toll Free: (800) 466-5334 Phone: (317) 545-5334 Fax: (317) 568-1549 indianapolis.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 7300 N. Crescent Blvd., Unit 18 Pennsauken, NJ 08110 Contact: Michael Ward Toll Free: (866) 996-5435 Phone: (856) 488-5434 Fax: (856) 488-5437 Pennsauken.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 3810 Lake St. Macon, GA 31204 Contact: Steven Cook Toll Free: (877) 405-9397 Phone: (478) 746-4433 Fax: (478) 746-8991 Macon.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 2636 Farrington St. Dallas, TX 75207 Contact: Dan Kelly Toll Free: (888) 800-0457 Phone: (214) 951-9294 Fax: (214) 951-9297 Dallas.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 6311 N. Washington St., Unit N Denver, CO 80216 Contact: Gina Martinez Phone: (303) 227-9198 Fax: (303) 227-9168 Denver.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com GEARS January/February 2014

DACCO Transmission Parts * 741 Dacco Dr. Cookeville, TN 38506 Contact: George Marshall Toll Free: (800) 443-2226 Phone: (931) 528-7581 Fax: (931) 528-9777 GMarshall@daccinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 1500 3rd St. N.E., Ste. C Albuquerque, NM 87102 Contact: James Stump Phone: (505) 244-0563 Fax: (505) 244-0524 Albuquerque.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 1880 Commerce Rd. Athens, GA 30607 Contact: Thomas Walker Toll Free: (800) 481-3633 Phone: (706) 613-5265 Fax: (706) 613-1117 Athens.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 3925 2nd Ave. S. Birmingham, AL 35222 Contact: Shane Wright Toll Free: (800) 497-9401 Phone: (205) 595-2007 Fax: (205) 595-0999 Birmingham.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 3510 Rossville Blvd. Chattanooga, TN 37407 Contact: Lisa West Toll Free: (877) 265-7801 Phone: (423) 867-0018 Fax: (423) 867-0600 Chattanooga.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com


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DACCO Transmission Parts * 128A Grace Dr. Easley, SC 29640 Contact: Dawn Stimmell Toll Free: (800) 775-5470 Phone: (864) 220-9146 Fax: (864) 220-0012 Easley.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 2952 W. 95th St. Evergreen Park, IL 60805 Contact: Joe True Toll Free: (800) 818-3753 Phone: (708) 499-4430 Fax: (708) 499-4438 EvergreenPark.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 3514 S. Saginaw St. Flint, MI 48503 Contact: Mike Bray Toll Free: (800) 637-4515 Phone: (810) 234-3417 Fax: (810) 234-3550 Flint.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 175 Penrod Court, Ste. M Glen Burnie, MD 21061 Contact: Angie Stilts Toll Free: (800) 569-2630 Phone: (410) 761-2702 Fax: (410) 761-2704 GlenBurnie.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 2504 Weaver St. Haltom City, TX 76117 Contact: Alan Cookson Toll Free: (800) 880-1145 Phone: (817) 838-6793 Fax: (817) 838-6795 HaltomCity.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 145 W. Juanita, Ste. 4 Mesa, AZ 85210 Contact: Krystle Sassmannshausen Toll Free: (866) 263-2226 Phone: (480) 649-1560 Fax: (480) 649-1642 Mesa.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com 68 DACCO Transmission Parts * 3935 Government Blvd., Ste A Mobile, AL 36693 Contact: Michael Cole Toll Free: (800) 633-4390 Phone: (251) 660-0661 Fax: (251) 660-0556 Mobile.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 630 Oliver Rd., Ste. C&D Montgomery, AL 36117 Contact: Johnny Gaston Phone: (334) 271-2290 Fax: (334) 271-2037 Montgomery.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 2689 Longate Dr. Memphis, TN 38132 Contact: Rick Morris Toll Free: (800) 528-9317 Phone: (901) 345-1266 Fax: (901) 345-1268 Memphis.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 8601 Indiana St. Merrillville, IN 46410 Contact: Mark Busse Toll Free: (877) 519-3797 Phone: (219) 793-9072 Fax: (219) 793-9079 Merrillville.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 1726 E. Francis St. Ontario, CA 91761 Contact: Roy Holsheimer Toll Free: (877) 215-3471 Phone: (909) 230-7310 Fax: (909) 230-7316 Ontario.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 613 Triumph Court, Bay 6 Orlando, FL 32805 Contact: Teresa Skinner Toll Free: (877) 653-2422 Phone: (407) 295-9265 Fax: (407) 296-2542 Orlando.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 9900-D N. Palafox St. Pensacola, FL 32534 Contact: Richard Orlando Toll Free: (800) 383-9014 Phone: (850) 969-9800 Fax: (850) 969-0340 Pensacola.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 2301 N. 35th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85009 Contact: Pete Ramirez Toll Free: (800) 453-2226 Phone: (602) 269-6411 Fax: (602) 278-7591 Phoenix.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 5015-102 Rivers Ave. North Charleston, SC 29406 Contact: Bobby Charles Phone: (843) 747-0020 Fax: (843) 747-0095 NorthCharleston.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 485 Buford Dr., Unit 218 Lawrenceville, GA 30045 Contact: Craig Leis Phone: (678) 518-4518 Fax: (678) 518-4519 Lawrenceville.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 5125 Rio Vista Ave. Tampa, FL 33634 Contact: Rick Sawicky Toll Free: (800) 952-4324 Phone: (813) 879-4131 Fax: (813) 872-9225 Tampa.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 1399 Air Rail Ave. Virgina Beach, VA 23455 Contact: Sandy Johnson Toll Free: (877) 239-5563 Phone: (757) 363-8766 Fax: (757) 363-8754 VirginaBeach.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com

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GEARS January/February 2014


Just Ask!


Products & Services

G-Cor has 120,000 square feet of warehouse racked with inventoried hard parts. We have in excess of 10,000 inventoried transmissions and more than 40,000 finished hard parts ready to be shipped. Our expanded machine shop now includes more than 15,000 square feet. We provide a private label program for wholesale customers. G-Cors processing center for rebuilder hard part needs has expanded to 100,000 square feet. Just Ask!

Company Profile
G-Cor Automotive is a full-line core supplier that specializes in the processing and selling of automatic transmission hard parts. Our 90,000-square-foot organized processing center gives us the ability to dismantle upward of 600 transmissions per day. We can dismantle one or 600 like-kind transmissions systematically, and our sophisticated teardown process is amended daily. Three direct-flame furnaces pour 40,000 pounds of 380 aluminum per day.

Stanley & Kenny Greenblott Owners Joe Messana General Manager joe@g-cor.com Ryan Crosby Shop Manager ryanc@g-cor.com Jonathan Benner Wholesale Rep jbenner@g-cor.com Jacob Snyder Rebuilder Rep jacob.s@g-cor.com Jayson Price Rebuilder Rep j.price@g-cor.com Margarita Ordonez Export Rep margarita@g-cor.com Michael Bennett Shop Rep m.bennett@g-cor.com

G-CorAutomotive.com 1.877.888.5160 toll-free 614.444.5160 614.444.5165 fax

2148 Refugee Road Columbus, OH 43201

DACCO Transmission Parts * 7830 Byron Dr., Bay #4 Riviera Beach, FL 33404 Contact: Gus Felix Toll Free: (877) 686-2130 Phone: (561) 845-2752 Fax: (561) 845-2754 RivieraBeach.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 2102 S. 55th St., Unit 3 West Allis, WI 53219 Contact: Dan (DJ) Vaughn Toll Free: (866) 282-0682 Phone: (414) 383-7299 Fax: (414) 383-7841 WestAllis.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 5016 Byrd Industrial Dr. Richmond, VA 23231 Contact: Donald Day Toll Free: (877) 724-4196 Phone: (804) 222-3561 Fax: (804) 222-3564 Richmond.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 5518 MacCorkle Ave. S.W. South Charleston, WV 25309 Contact: Scott Wigal Toll Free: (800) 332-8905 Phone: (304) 766-2255 Fax: (304) 766-2257 SouthCharleston.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 817 Vandalia St., Unit 2A St.Paul, MN 55114 Contact: Steve Janz Toll Free: (877) 327-0280 Phone: (651) 641-1824 Fax: (651) 647-9311 StPaul.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 4609 Emerson St. Hyattsville, MD 20781 Contact: Bob Anderson Phone: (301) 209-0430 Fax: (301) 209-0431 Hyattsville.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com 70 DACCO Transmission Parts * 2426 Gibbs St. Corpus Christi, TX 78415 Contact: Hector Lazo Toll Free: (361) 857-0672 Phone: (361) 852-4810 Fax: (361) 857-0677 CorpusChristi.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 2210 Page Rd., Unit 106&107 Durham, NC 27703 Contact: Tonya Martinez Toll Free: (866) 234-7478 Phone: (919) 596-0153 Fax: (919) 596-8401 Durham.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 144 French Rd. Buffalo, NY 14227 Contact: Mike Vacanti Phone: (716) 668-5800 Fax: (716) 668-5822 Buffalo.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 1037 Wray St. Knoxville, TN 37917 Contact: David Idol Toll Free: (866) 754-1245 Phone: (865) 524-1872 Fax: (865) 546-1744 Knoxville.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 614 South Court St. Florence, AL 35630 Contact: Ed Cross Toll Free: (866) 645-1452 Phone: (256) 712-4373 Fax: (756) 764-8160 Ecross@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 2677 Metro Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63043 Contact: Charles Herbig Toll Free: (855) 332-7673 Phone: (314) 298-3872 Fax: (314) 298-3838 StLouis.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 210 N. First St. Nashville, TN 37213 Contact: Wendy Formby Toll Free: (800) 528-8062 Phone: (615) 256-3346 Fax: (615) 251-3558 Nashville.mgr@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com DACCO Transmission Parts * 290 University Dr. Pontiac, MI 48342 Contact: Doug Kuligowski Toll Free: (800) 589-8868 Phone: (248) 858-8868 Fax: (248) 332-0935 dkuligawski@daccoinc.com www.daccoinc.com Dartco Transmission * 4390 Long Rd. Columbus, IN 47203 Toll Free: (800) 371-7957 Phone: (812) 378-9599 Fax: (812) 378-9939 info@dartcotransmission.com www.dartcotransmission.com Dartco Transmission * 2830 E. Gretta Ln. Anaheim, CA 92806 Toll Free: (800) 327-6888 Phone: (714) 237-0911 Fax: (714) 237-0917 info@dartcotransmission.com www.dartcotransmission.com Dartco Transmission * 3601 N. Graham St. Charlotte, NC 28206 Phone: (704) 376-2611 Fax: (704) 376-2613 info@dartcotransmission.com www.dartcotransmission.com Dartco Transmission * 5620 B State Hwy 276 Royse City, TX 75189 Toll Free: (866) 355-1786 Fax: (972-) 722-2140 info@dartcotransmission.com www.dartcotransmission.com DCM Tech Corp. 4455 Theurer Blvd. Winona, MN 55987 Contact: Randy Taylor Toll Free: (800) 533-5339 GEARS January/February 2014

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Serious Towing and Hauling Demands a Engineered Solution

Loved by Driver's Ed instructors worldwide, Gearbox Group produces the parts that are making manual transmissions obsolete. Whether car or SUV, tractor or dump truck, bus or cement mixer, if it has an automated or synchronized transmission, you can bet Gearbox Group was responsible for the missing pedal. Under the Raybestos, Steel Parts and Allomatic brands, Gearbox designs, manufactures and distributes a diversified portfolio of transmission, wet brake and steering componenets, with a focus on friction and reaction clutch plates that facilitate automated gear changes. Gearbox Group is a market leader known for innovation, quality and reliability that supplies the world's foremost aftermarket distributors, automotive OEMs, Tier I Auto and industrial suppliers and heavy-duty transmission manufacturers. The Gearbox team is building a leading platform in the automated trasmission and wet braking niche.

Part # GPZ115

Guaranteed! 5 years/100,000 miles

Part number GPZ115 overdrive brake replacement for all Chrysler A500 through the latest 48RE transmissions is the most durable and affordable aftermarket choice for extreme-duty applications. Part of the GPZ100 Series, the GPZ115 gets its engineering and proven performance by using the same friction materials developed for the Z Pak clutch system, field tested to be superior in years of use. Were so sure that weve solved the typical high-failure transmission application of other materials that we back the GPZ115 with a 5-year/100,000-mile warranty.* Other GPZ100 Applications: 4L60E, 4L65, 4L80E/TH400, 68RFE
*For more details go to www.raybestospowertrain.com/warranty

On March 5, 2012, Monomoy Capital Partners, L.P., a New York private equity fund focused on value investment and business improvement, acquired the stock of Raybestos Powertrain, LLC and combined them with Steel Parts Manufacturing, Inc. to form a global growing transmission component platform. The combined business goes to market under the Raybestos, Allomatic and Steel Parts brand names, but Gearbox is the corporate name under which these brands reside.

711 Tech Drive, Crawfordsville, IN 47933 Toll Free: 800-729-7763 Fax: 765-364-4573 Email: raypt@raybestospowertrain.com www.raybestospowertrain.com

Featured Product - The GPZ100 Friction Plate

The GPZ100, the industrys first and only warranted clutch plate, provides enhanced durability and performance at the same price you would expect to pay for OE. It gets its engineering and proven performance by using the same friction materials developed for the Z Pak clutch system, material that withstands high stress, high temperatures and repeated cycling. Raybestos Powertrain is so confident in the GPZ100's manufacturing process that any plate carrying the GPZ100 name is warranted for 5 years or 100,000 miles. (See www.raybestospowertrain.com/ warranty for more information.) A drop-in replacement for passenger and truck applications, the GPZ100 is currently available for 4L60E, 4L65/70E, 4L80E, 44/46/47/48RE(RH) transmissions, 68RFE and Allison LT1000. For more information on the complete line of Raybestos Powertrain products, visit us at www.raybestospowertrain.com.

Product Lines
The combination of Raybestos Powertrain, Allomatic and Steel Parts, has created a leading supplier to automotive and heavy-duty vehicle customers in both the aftermarket and OEM channels. Complementing Raybestos friction clutch plates, Steel Parts manufactures the mating non-friction clutch plates for OEM transmissions and provides highvolume stamping and value-added processing capabilities to the platform. Gearbox Group manufactures and/or supplies OE transmission friction clutch plates; flex, semi-rigid and ridgid bands; steel reaction plates; torque converter friction material, plates and products; transmission sump, valve body and cooler in-line filters; and various service items for domestic and foreign transmissions.

. . . . . . . . . . . VP Sales and Marketing . . . . . . . .765-359-2861 765-359-2861 Al Avila ....................... VP Sales and Marketing. .............. . .Customer Service . . . . . . . .800-729-2671 Kathy Gelzleichter. Gelzleichter ...Customer Service Manager Manager............ 800-729-2671 ChrisGers Horbach. . .Product Product Application Engineer . . . ...... . . . .800-729-7763 765-359-2888 Irvin ........... Dvlpmt. Support Engineer Irvin Gers. . . . . . . Product Dvlpmt.of Support Engineer . .630-581-2301 800-729-7763 Reinhard Brinkmeier ........ Director Sales .................... JP Gonzalez . . . . International Sales Manager . . . . . . . 765-359-2889

Gearbox Group 711 Tech Drive Crawfordsville, IN 47933 Ph: 765-359-2882 Fax: 765-364-4573 Tech Line: 800-729-7763 Email: raypt@raybestospowertrain.com Web Site: www.raybestospowertrain.com

Phone: (507) 452-4043 Fax: (507) 452-7970 www.dcm-tech.com Dean Transmission Parts * 21 Ramah Cir. Agawam, MA 01001 Toll Free: (800) 666-8726 Phone: (413) 789-4340 Fax: (413) 789-4662 deantrans123@cs.com www.deantransmission.com Defeo Manufacturing 115 Commerce Dr. Bookfield, CT 06804 Contact: Anthony Defeo Toll Free: (800) 682-1290 Phone: (203) 775-0254 Fax: (203) 775-0816 parts@defeomfg.com www.defeomfg.com Demandforce 22 4th St., 12th Floor San Francisco, CA 94103 Toll Free: (800) 246-9853 info@demandforce.com www.demandforce.com Derale Performance 3901 Medford St. Los Angeles, CA 90063 Toll Free: (800) 421-6288 Phone: (323) 266-3850 Fax: (323) 263-3948 www.derale.com DJ Products, Inc. 1009 4th St. N.W. Little Falls, MN 56345 Toll Free: (800) 686-2651 Fax: (320) 632-3553 info@djproducts.com www.djproducts.com DriveTrain Central, Inc. 10131 240th Ave. N. Spirit Lake, IA 51360 Toll Free: (888) 444-4734 Phone: (507) 856-1673 Fax: (507) 856-4198 www.drivetraincentral.com Dura-Bond Bearing Company * 3200 Arrowhead Dr. Carson City, NV 89706 Phone: (775) 883-8998 Fax: (775) 883-9497 72 www.dura-bondbearing.com DuraBuilt Converters and Transmission Parts/DTP Parts 1041 Terry Rd. Jackson, MS 39204 Toll Free: (800) 748-9046 durabuilt@durabuiltconverters.com www.durabuilttransmissionparts.com DynaFlow Acceptance 2611 Technology Dr., Ste. 210A Orlando, FL 32804 Toll Free: (877) 396-2356 Fax: (407) 745-3400 info@dynaflowacceptance.com http://dynaflowacceptance.com Dynamic Manufacturing, Inc. * 1930 N. Mannheim Rd. Melrose Park, IL 60160 Phone: (708) 343-8753 Fax: (708) 343-8768 info@dmimail.com www.dynamicmanufacturinginc.com Dynamic Racing Transmissions, LLC 104-5 Enterprise Dr., Unit 1 North Branford, CT 06417 Phone: (203) 315-0138 Fax: (203) 315-0352 dynamicracemail@aol.com www.dynamicracingtrans.com Toll Free: (888) 338-7296 Phone: (805) 526-3039 Fax: (888) 526-3259 maylan@esiseminars.com www.esiseminars.com Elite Worldwide, Inc. P.O. Box 9630 Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Toll Free: (800) 204-3548 contact@eliteworldwidestore.com www.eliteworldwidestore.com Endural LLC 1685 Scenic Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Contact: Sue Williams Toll Free: (800) 854-0553 Phone: (714) 434-6533 Fax: (714) 434-6528 sales@endural.com www.endural.com Equipment Manufacturing Corporation EMC 14930 S. Marquardt Ave. Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 Toll Free: (888) 833-9000 Phone: (562) 623-9394 Fax: (562) 623-9342 sales@equipmentmanufacturing.com www.equipmentmanufacturing.com Eriksson Industries 146 B Elm St. Old Saybrook, CT 06475 Toll Free: (800) 388-4418 Phone: (860) 388-4418 Fax: (860) 395-0047 www.zftranspart.com ETE Reman 8155 N. 76th St. Milwaukee, WI 53223 Toll Free: (800) 934-9479 Phone: (414) 586-0777 Fax: (414) 586-0778 www.etereman.com E&U Hetzel Gmbh * 76698 Ubstadt-Weiher SchlstraBe 25, GERMANY Phone: 011 49 7251 61820 Fax: 011 49 725618229 info@fzth.de www.fzth.de

Eagle Precision Products 13800 Progress Pkwy N. Royalton, OH 44133 Contact: Bruce Reger Phone: (440) 582-9393 bwr@eagleprecisionproducts.com www.eagleprecisionproducts.com Ease Diagnostics 61456 County Rd. #21 New Ulm, MN 56073 Contact: Bob Sorenson Phone: (507) 359-1197 www.riversidegarage.com Educational Seminars Institute (ESi) * 4615 E. Industrial St., Ste. 1E Simi Valley, CA 93063 Contact: Maylan Newton

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GEARS January/February 2014


European Exchange, Inc. * 240 Lodi St. Hackensack, NJ 07601 Contact: Richard Varjan Phone: (201) 880-6633 Fax: (201) 487-4707 european@europeanexchange.com www.europeanexchange.com Europeantransmissions & Parts, Inc. 2430 Oak St. E. Cumming, GA 30041 Phone: (770) 888-1499 Fax: (678) 807-1952 eurotrans@mindspring.com www.europeantransmissions.com

Future Transmission Parts 1227 Medical Center Pkwy. Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Toll Free: (800) 635-2877 Phone: (615) 895-4405 Fax: (615) 849-3438 www.futuretransmissionparts.com

Fatsco Transmission Parts * P.O. Box 635 / 337 Change Bridge Rd. Pine Brook, NJ 07058 Toll Free: (800) 524-0485 Phone: (973) 227-2487 Fax: (973) 227-5414 fatsco@optimum.net www.fatsco.net FB Performance Transmission, Inc. 85 Cleveland Ave. Bay Shore, NY 11706 Toll Free: (800) 769-1118 Phone: (631) 242-0008 Fax: (631) 243-3054 www.fbperformance.com Filtran, LLC * 875 Seegers Rd. Des Plaines, IL 60016 Phone: (847) 635-6670 Fax: (847) 635-7724 filtran.info@filtranllc.com www.filtranllc.com Flo-Dynamics, Inc. 2600 Jeanwood Dr. Elkhart, IN 46514 Contact: Frank Casale Toll Free: (800) 303-5874 Phone: (574) 262-3400 Fax: (574) 262-0198 fcasale@norcoind.com www.flodynamics.com Florida Torque Converter * 906 S.E. 9th St. Cape Coral, FL 33990 Toll Free: (800) 790-0039 Phone: (239) 458-9255 Fax: (239) 458-7510 www.floridatorque.com Ford Genuine Parts 16800 Executive Plaza Dr. Dearborn MI, 48126 Toll Free: (800) 392-7946 www.fordparts.com

Gandrud Parts Center 919 Auto Plaza Dr. Green Bay, WI 54302 Toll Free: (800) 242-2844 parts@gandrud.com www.gandrudpartscenter.com G-Auto Co., Ltd 970-30 Wolchul-Gong, Buk-gu Gwangju, 500-400 KOREA Contact: John Goodman Phone: 82-62-974-3007 Fax: 82-62-974-3010 john@gauto.net www.gautoprobe.com

EVT Parts * 1155 N. McKinley Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90059 Contact: Vince Hall Toll Free: (866) 338-7278 Phone: (323) 758-1302 Fax: (323) 758-9999 evtparts8825@aol.com www.evtparts.com

G-Cor Automotive Corp. * 2148 Refugee Rd. Columbus, OH 43207 Toll Free: (877) 888-5160 Phone: (614) 444-5160 Fax: (614) 444-5165 wholesaleinfo@g-cor.com www.g-corautomotive.com Gear Centre - Calgary 7170 Blackfoot Trail S.E. Calgary, AB T2H 2M1 CANADA Toll Free: (800) 661-1378 Phone: (403) 252-3880 www.gearcentre.com Gear Centre - Edmonton North 14811-116 Ave. Edmonton, AB T5M 3E8 CANADA Toll Free: (800) 661-8825 Phone: (780) 452-6933 www.gearcentre.com

EXEDY Globalparts Corp. * 8601 S. Haggerty Rd. Belleville, MI 48111 Contact: Bernie Solomons Toll Free: (800) 346-0691 Phone: (734) 397-3333 Fax: (734) 397-7300 amsales@exedyusa.com www.exedyusa.com


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GEARS January/February 2014

H & A Transmissions, Inc.

Remanufactured Transmissions for Honda & Acura Automobiles
8727 Rochester Ave. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 www.hnatrans.com Quality is the Cornerstone of Our Company!

Automatic or Manual Transmissions

Company Profile
H & A Transmissions, Inc. is a leading provider of quality remanufactured transmissions. We deliver nationwide to Honda & Acura dealerships, extended warranty companies, independent transmission and automotive repair specialists. At H & A Transmissions, Inc., we care about our customers. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and tech support are here to assist you. We have hundreds of transmissions in stock and ready to ship from one of our 4 distribution locations. Also, our subsidiary company, Gear Speed, offers a complete line of stock and hi-performance manual transmissions as well as a line of obsolete/vintage transmissions for those who still have their classic Honda or Acura on the road. And if you still prefer to build your own, Gearspeed offers an extensive line of manual, automatic and hi-performance parts to supply your transmission needs.

The Products
Honda Transmissions: Ridgeline Saturn Vue Odyssey Element Prelude Accord Civic Pilot CRV Fit Acura Transmissions: Integra Legend Vigor MDX RSX NSX RL CL TL

Nationwide Warranties
Our Tier pricing allows you the flexibility to choose the level of coverage that best suits your overall needs. Each Tier level option has coverage available for: 1 Year Unlimited Mileage 2 Year Unlimited Mileage 3 Year Unlimited Mileage Units built using OEM/OEM Compatible parts Price includes torque converter, inline lter & external ATF cooler (where applicable) Shipping and core return included Rental car and towing provisions included with parts & labor warranties R & R reimbursement is based on factory Honda/ Acura book times



Gear Centre - Edmonton South 6811-50 St. Edmonton, AB T6B 3B7 CANADA Toll Free: (800) 661-8807 Phone: (780) 466-4646 www.gearcentre.com Gear Centre - Fort McMurray 215 MacDonald Crescent Ft. McMurray, AB T9H 4B5 CANADA Toll Free: (866) 714-3570 Phone: (780) 714-3570 www.gearcentre.com Gear Centre - Grande Prairie 11406-96 Ave. Grande Prairie, AB T8V 5M4 CANADA Toll Free: (800) 661-8806 Phone: (780) 539-9606 www.gearcentre.com Gear Centre - Lethbridge 3912-14 Ave. N. Lethbridge, AB T1H 5T5 CANADA Toll Free: (800) 483-8952 Phone: (403) 380-6364 www.gearcentre.com Gear Centre - Medicine Hat 111 Southwest Dr. S.W. Medicine Hat, AB T1A 8E8 CANADA Toll Free: (866) 504-0635 Phone: (403) 504-0605 www.gearcentre.com Gear Centre - Red Deer #8, 7431 Edgar Industrial Dr. Red Deer, AB T4P 3R2 CANADA Toll Free: (800) 661-1629 Phone: (403) 340-3330 www.gearcentre.com Goerend Transmission, Inc. 119 N. Main St. St. Lucas, IA 52166 Phone: (563) 778-2719 Fax: (563) 778-2363 info@goerend.com www.goerend.com Goodson Tools & Supplies 156 Galewski Dr. Winona, MN 55987 Toll Free: (800) 533-8010 Phone: (507) 452-1830 Fax: (866)466-3909 orderdesk@goodson.com www.goodson.com Graymills Corporation 3705 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60613 Contact: Customer Service Toll Free: (877) 465-7867 Phone: (773) 248-6825 Fax: (773) 477-8673 info@graymills.com www.graymills.com G-TEC, Inc. * 611 W. Kathryn St. Nixa, MO 65714 Contact: Steven D Glassinger Toll Free: (800) 725-6499 Phone: (417) 725-6400 Fax: (417) 725-3577 g-tec@att.net www.g-tec.com

GEARS magazine is the premiere technical and management information source for the transmission rebuilder and powertrain industry. Gears magazine is loaded with information on transmission repair, transfer case repair, transmission and powertrain diagnosis, transmission parts manufacturers and distributors as well as service companies aimed at helping the transmission repair professional.

GearSpeed 8727 Rochester Ave. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Phone: (909) 476-7252 gearspeed@hnatrans.com www.gearspeedpartsstore.com General Motors Customer Care and Aftersales 6200 Grand Pointe Dr. Grand Blanc, MI 48439 Toll Free: (866) OE-PARTS Fax: (810) 606-3250 www.genuinegmparts.com Get It Hard Parts * 2630 E. Bell Rd., Ste. 4 Phoenix, AZ 85032 Contact: James or Dee Phone: (602) 971-0477 james@getithardparts.com www.getithardparts.com

GEARS Magazine * 2400 Latigo Ave. Oxnard, CA 93030 Contact: Rodger Bland Phone: (805) 604-2000 Fax: (805) 604-2006 rbland@atra.com www.gearsmagazine.com

GFX , Inc.* 4810 N.W. 74 Ave. Miami, FL 33166 Contact: Dios Garcia Phone: (305) 499-9789 Fax: (305) 499-9670 dgarcia@gfxcorp.com www.gfxcorp.com

H & A Transmissions, Inc. * 8727 Rochester Ave. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Toll Free: (866) 428-7267 Phone: (909) 941-9020 gearspeed@hnatrans.com www.hnatrans.com


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GEARS January/February 2014

Hangzhou Tenghua Automotive Transmission Co. LTD * No. 50 of Sheng'an Road Xiasha Economic Technological Development District, Hangzhou CHINA Phone: 860517-8901359 autotengha@sina.com www.autotenghua.com H G M Electronics * 2751 Plaza Del Amo #305 Torrance, CA 90503 Toll Free: (877) 744-3887 Phone: (310) 787-9260 Fax: (310) 787-9275 sales@compushift.com www.compushift.com www.hgmelectronics.com Hayden Automotive * 1801 Waters Ridge Dr. Lewisville, TX 75057 Toll Free: (888) 505-4567 Phone: (972) 316-8100 Fax: (972) 316-8211 www.haydenauto.com Hecat, Inc. 2910 Ridge Ct. Cumming, GA 30041 Contact: Karl Matis Toll Free: (800) 380-9501 Phone: (770) 205-5600 Fax: (770) 205-5633 karl@hecatinc.com www.hecatinc.com Heffernan Insurance Brokers 1350 Carlback Ave. #200 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Phone: (925) 934-8500 Fax: (925) 934-8278 www.heffgroup.com Hot Flush LLC * 511 Bailey Ave./P.O. Box 324 New Hampton, IA 50659 Toll Free: (800) 852-5713 Phone: (641) 394-6804 Fax: (641) 394-6224 info@hotflusher.com www.hotflusher.com Hotatech 15348 East Valley Blvd. City of Industry, CA 91746 Phone: (626) 401-3888 Fax: (626) 387-5453 sales@hotatech.com 78 www.hotatech.com Hydra-Lift Industries LTD #132-15028-32nd Ave. Surrey, BC V4P 1A3 CANADA Contact: Bill Ward Toll Free: (800) 387-5718 Phone: (905) 470-2235 info@hydra-lift.com www.hydra-lift.com john@jptransmission.com www.jptransmission.com

Identifix 2714 Patton Rd. Roseville, MN 55113 Toll Free: (800) 459-9649 Phone: (651) 633-8007 Fax: (651) 633-2188 www.identifix.com Insta-Clean Inc. 955 Kiowa Ave., #E Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403 Toll Free: (800) 331-6405 email@instaclean.com www.instaclean.com

Jasper Engines & Transmissions * 815 Wernsing Rd. Jasper, IN 47546 Toll Free: (800) 827-7455 Phone: (812) 482-1041 Fax: (812) 634-1820 sales@jasperengines.com www.jasperengines.com JDS Worldwide Corp. 9220 N.W. 12th St. Miami, FL 33172 Contact: Henry Gonzalez Phone: (305) 470-1800 Fax: (305) 470-1982 info@jdsworldwide.com www.jdsworldwide.com

K B Cores, Inc. 288 W. South Tec Dr. Kankakee, IL 60901 Contact: Justin Carlisle Toll Free: (800) 822-2673 Fax: (815) 929-1668 justin.carlisle@kbcores.com www.kbcores.com Karamatic Automotive 702 Fordham Rd. Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004 Contact: Mark Stevens Phone: (610) 668-1123 Fax: (610) 410-7373 kaparts@comcast.net King-O-Matic * 955 Pantera Dr. Mississauga, ON L4W 2T4 CANADA Toll Free: (800) 921-1956 Phone: (905) 624-1956 Fax: (905) 624-4628 komontsales@transtar1.com www.kingomatic.com GEARS January/February 2014

J.P. (Automatic Transmissions) LTD * 4 A&B, Pear Tree Industrial Estate, Upper Langford Bristol, Somerset B540 5DJ UK Bruce Palmer Phone: 44(0) 1934 852772 Fax: 44(0) 1934 852211 info@jpat.co.uk www.jpat.co.uk J.P. Transmission Recycling 1220 Dowdy Ferry Rd. Hutchins, TX 75141 Toll Free: (800) 443-8135 Phone: (972) 225-5600 Fax: (972) 225-2538

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KB Cores INC 288 W South Tec Dr Kankakee, IL. 60901

800-822-2673 ext 223 KB Cores INC 815-929-1668 288 W South Tec Dr www.kbcores.com
Kankakee, IL. 60901 800-822-2673 ext 223 815-929-1668

www.kbcores.com in the industry. No order is too big or too small for us to handle. So weather youre a shop that rebuilds 1 transmission a year or youre a production rebuilder rebuilding 100 transmissions a day we can supply you with the parts you need to get the job in and out and at most times saving you money over our competition. Contact us today to see how KB Cores can start saving you time and money. Founded in 1993, KB Cores is a worldwide core distributor . KB Cores serves a customer base from small automotive repair shops to some of the largest automotive part rebuilders/suppliers in the world. Weve been in the business for a long time and know the industry well. Whether you buy from or sell We strive to make your part search quick to KB Cores, you can expect knowledge, and easy so that you find what youre professionalism, and reliable service looking for with complete satisfaction. All parts are guaranteed to be the right part KB Cores, Inc is a and rebuildable. KB Cores is committed to leading source for selling you high quality parts at the most transmission cores competitive prices. We strongly believe in and transmission quality control and offer worldwide shipping hard parts. We carry for all of our parts. Quality customer service transmission cores and is important to us because we value your hard parts for almost business every make and model transmission. We are

a supplier to some of the biggest rebuilds

Automatic Transmission cores

Transfer Cases Sun Shells

Torque Converters

Front Pumps Planetary Sets Solenoids Differentials

Forward, Direct & Reverse Drums

Sun Gears Valve Bodys

800-822-2673 ext 223 815-929-1668


Kormex Trans Parts 2020 S. Vineyard Ave. Ontario, CA 91761 Toll Free: (800) 429-5464 Phone: (909) 947-0569 Fax: (909) 930-0086 george@karking.com www.kormextrans.com Kotek America, Inc. 17752 Cowan St. Irvine, CA 92614 Toll Free: (888) 865-6835 Phone: (949) 863-3126 Fax: (949) 752-7706 sales@kotek.com www.kotek.com KRS International Corp. 6304 NW 97 Ave. Doral, FL 33178 Contact: Hector Ruiz de Zarate Phone: (305) 513-4494 Fax: (305) 513-4495 info@krsinternational.net www.krsinternational.net
At Life Automotive Products quality is demanded not expected. Life Automotive Products empolys the worlds most renowned independent testing laboratory to perform evaluations on every Smart Blend and Trans Flush Product.

Lintex Auto Parts Co., LTD * Linjia Industrial Park, Jinqing Town, Luqiao District Taizhou, Zhejiang, 318056 CHINA Phone: 0086-579-82386666 Fax: 0086-576-82608056 tommy@benhhy.com www.lintexcn.com LKQ Automotive Core Services * 1710 W. Mount Houston Rd. Houston, TX 77038 Toll Free: (800) 865-6740 Fax: (281) 820-3634 lkq@lkqcorp.com www.lkqcorp.com Long Enterprises 2475 Morse Rd. Sebastopol, CA 95472 Phone: (707) 829-1169 shifthappens@longenterprises.com www.longenterprises.com Lory Transmission Parts 2414 S.W. 8th St. Miami, FL 33135 Toll Free: (800) 966-4621 Phone: (305) 642-4621 Fax: (305) 541-1444 sales@transmissionparts.com www.transmissionparts.com LS Industries 710 E. 17th St. Wichita, KS 67214 Contact: Britton Harper Toll Free: (800) 835-0218 Phone: (316) 265-7997 Fax: (316) 265-0013 info@lsindustries.com www.lsindustries.com

LUBEGARD by International Lubricants, Inc. * 7930 Occidental South Seattle, WA 98108 Contact: Nora Howsare / Justin Archer Toll Free: (800) 333-LUBE (5823) Phone: (330) 769-8484 Fax: (330) 769-8483 nhowsare@lubegard.com jarcher@lubegard.com www.lubegard.com

Makco Transmission Parts 4336 Helton Dr. Florence, AL 35630 Contact: Roger Archer Toll Free: (877) 916-2526 Phone: (256) 767-2840 Fax: (256) 767-2841 sales@MakcoTransmissionParts.com www.makcotransmissionparts.com Management Feedback Systems, Inc./EasyRO 412 W. Broadway, Ste. 211 Glendale, CA 91204 Toll Free: (888) 637-3733 Phone: (818) 546-5806 sales@easyworks.com www.easyworks.com Management Success! * 412 W. Broadway, Ste., 300 Glendale, CA 91204 Phone: (818) 546-5836 Fax: (818) 863-1063 wheresthecash@managementsuccess.com www.managementsuccess.com Marshall Engines 404 W. 8th St. Kearney, NE 68845 Toll Free: (888) 236-9610 Phone: (308) 234-6788 Fax: (308) 234-1978 engine@marshallengines.com www.marshallengines.com GEARS January/February 2014

Libson Twin City Auto & Truck Parts and Services * 1218 Central Ave. NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 Toll Free: (888-521-3537 Phone: (612) 521-3537 Fax: (612) 521-2151 parts@libsontruck.com www.libsontruck.com

Life Automotive Products, Inc. * 6727 Theall, Ste. B Houston, TX 77066 Contact: Steve Farr Toll Free: (888) 422-9099 Fax: (281) 631-0460 smartblend@aol.com www.smartblend.com


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Omega Machine & Tool, Inc., a leader in the supply of Bronze Bushings and Hard Parts for the Automotive After-Market Industry. Omega has been innovating solutions to solve the problems of an ever increasingly complicated transmission industry. Weve evolved to be an international company with customers all over the world. Omega Machine doesnt have to work around the problems associated with most multinational companies. There is no one who is quicker to market than Omega Machine and still retains industry leading quality. Whether you need 1 bushing or 100,000, listen to what the tech lines tell people who call them with bushing needs, Call Omega Machine. Go to our web site to see our Hard Parts and Industry Tools for the Automotive Industry

Newest Kits:
141500 6R80 Ford Truck Bushing Kit 140500 5EAT Subaru Bushing Kit 139500 4EAT Subaru Bushing Kit 138500 U151E Toyota Bushing Kit 137500 6F35/6T40/6T45 Bushing Kit 136500 68RFE Bushing Kit Plus full line of ZF kits

Part number 140500. Subaru 5EAT

Transmission Bushing Kit. Fits: 06-13 B9 Tribeca, 05-13 Legacy, 03-09 Liberty, 05-13, Outback, 11-13 WRX STi

Part number 138500. Toyota U151E

Transmission Bushing Kit. Fits: ES300,330, Avalon, Camry, Highlander, RAV4, Sienna Precision and Innovation for Today 2949 Promenade St #100, West Sacramento, CA 95691 Tel. 916 372 6001 Fax 916 372 6020


Matech BTA, Inc. 1570 St. Charles Blvd. Drummondville, PQ J2C 4Z5 CANADA Toll Free: (800) 567-0929 Phone: (819) 478-4015 Fax: (819) 474-4907 info@matechbta.com www.matechbta.com Marshall Transmissions 10 Grassland Pl. Kahikatea Dr. Hamilton 3204 NEW ZEALAND Toll Free: 0 800 22 8000 Phone: (+) 64 07 847 2799 Fax: (+) 64 07 847 0472 info@marshalltrans.co.nz www.marshalltrans.co.nz Meyer Hydraulics Corp. 522-22 W. Burr Oak St. Centreville, MI 49032 Toll Free: (800) 253-2076 Phone: (269) 467-6302 Fax: (269) 467-6897 info@meyerhydraulics.com www.meyerhydraulics.com MFC Sealing Technology Co., LTD No. 41, Wu-Chuan-Wu Rd., New Taipei Industrial Park New Taipei City, 24888 TAIWAN Phone: 886-2-2298-8670 Fax: 886-2-2299-2189 mfc@mfc.com.tw www.mfc.com.tw Mid States Transmission Parts (MTSP) * 209 W. 76th St. Davenport, IA 52806 Toll Free: (800) 325-6772 Phone: (563) 386-7166 Fax: (563) 386-7822 info@mstp.net www.mstp.net Mid-Cal Trans Parts & Transmission 1627 E. Acequia Visalia, CA 93292 Phone: (559) 635-7589 Fax: (559) 635-0100 www.midcaltrans.com Mitchell 1 14145 Danielson St. Poway, CA 92064 Contact: Gary Hixson Toll Free: (888) 724-6742 Phone: (858) 391-5000 Fax: (858) 391-5262 gary.hixson@mitchell1.com www.mitchell1.com Miyasaki & Co., Inc. Ltd. * 2-2-13 Yaesu Chuo-Ku Tokyo 104-0028 JAPAN Phone: 011 81 (3) 3275 2771 Fax: 011 81 (3) 3281-5510 marketing@miyasaki.co.jp www.miyasaki.co.jp Motive Gear 1001 W. Exchange Ave. Chicago, IL 60609 Toll Free: (800) 934-2727 Phone: (773) 247-3400 Fax: (773) 579-3788 info@motivegear.com www.motivegear.com Moveras, LLC 22 Northwestern Dr. Salem, NH 03079 Toll Free: (877) 866-8372 customerservice@moveras.com www.moveras.com

Midwest Hard Parts Inc. (MHPI) 4930 Hwy 44 Hamlin, IA 50117 Contact: Jeremy Munch / Eddie Mack Jr. Toll Free: (877) 799-4783 Phone: (712) 563-2313 Fax: (712) 563-2514 eddiejr@mhpi.co www.mhpi.co Midwest Performance Converter Hiawatha Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55406 Toll Free: (800) 262-2063 Phone: (612) 724-3004 Fax: (612) 724-3314 www.midwestconverter.com Midwest Performance Converter 602 S. Coteau St. Gary, SD 57237 Toll Free: (800) 658-3021 Phone: (605) 272-5875 Fax: (605) 272-5557 www.midwestconverter.com 4225

Midwest Transmission Center, Inc. 40312 Cty 8 Blvd. Zumbrota, MN 55992 Contact: Leah Schoenfelder Toll Free: (888) 824-2012 Phone: (507) 824-2012 Fax: (507) 824-2487 info@midwesttrans.com www.midwesttrans.com Milestone Inventions, Ltd. 4128 17th St. S.E. Calgary, AB T2G 3W6 CANADA Contact: George Alain Phone: (403) 234-7547 Fax: (403) 234-7546 george@milestoneinventions.com www.milestoneinventions.com

MTS Midwest Transmission Supply * 8625 I St. Omaha, NE 68127 Contact: Steve Farnsworth Toll Free: (800) 731-4510 Phone: (402) 731-4500 mts-steve@questoffice.net www.midwesttransmissionsupply.com Mudlick Mail * 2487 Cedarcrest Rd, Suite 612 Acworth, GA 30101 Contact: Reed Parker Toll Free: (866) 213-3097 info@mudlickmail.com www.mudlickmail.com


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GEARS January/February 2014

Division of NuStar, Inc. www.PowerPusher.com 800-800-9274

Power Pusher, a division of Nu-Star, Inc. 1425 Stagecoach Road Shakopee, MN 55379 Phone: 800.800.9274 or 952.445.8295 http://powerpusher.com

Company Profile
For over 40 years, Power Pusher Company, a division of Nu-Star Inc., has specialized in pedestrian-operated, battery-powered, motorized tugs that are designed to meet safety and productivity initiatives while driving down maintenance and labor costs. Power Pushers tugs meet the diverse and challenging needs of our customers, pushing or pulling wheeled or semi-wheeled loads, mobilizing everything from cars, trolleys, rail cars and roll cages to airplanes and modular buildings.

The People
John D. Adams Vice President, Sales & Marketing Scott Lorch President

The Power Pusher is a battery powered, heavy duty, multi-use device originally designed to move immobilized vehicles. It is able to push or pull almost anything on wheels. The Power Pushers low maintenance and durability are just two of its many features. The Power Pusher moves equipment more efficiently and helps to reduce the risk of injury. The Power Pusher is the most practical tool a service department or fleet can employ. The Power Pusher is not just an extra piece of equipment, its a working member of your team. Our customers tell us its an absolute necessity and the Power Pusher is easily maintained.

Mustang Advanced Engineering 2300 Pinnacle Pkwy. Twinsburg, OH 44087 Toll Free: (888) 468-7826 Phone: (330) 963-5400 Fax: (330) 425-3310 sales@mustangae.com www.mustangae.com MZF-Bayer, Inc.dba Peter Schmid Transmissions 1331 Rollins Rd. Burlingame, CA 94010 Toll Free: (800) 372-8726 Phone: (650) 348-3990 Fax: (650) 348-3019 mzfinc@pacbell.net http://peterschmid.com NATPRO - Arizona * 1450 N. 26th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85009 Contact: Shawn VanZile Phone: (602) 415-9509 Fax: (602) 415-1799 www.natpronet.com NATPRO - Northern California * 145 Mason Cir., Unit B Concord, CA 94520 Contact: Doug Rohrbach Phone: (925) 798-8504 Fax: (925) 798-0548 www.natpronet.com NATPRO - San Diego * 6305 Riverdale St. San Diego, CA 92120 Contact: Bud Nelson Phone: (619) 281-6600 Fax: (619) 281-6606 www.natpronet.com NATPRO - Southern Nevada * 3744 Meade Ave., #12 Las Vegas, NV 89102 Contact: Kevin Moran Phone: (702) 247-4150 Fax: (702) 247-4583 www.natpronet.com NATPRO - Seattle * 1095 Andover Park East Tukwila, WA 98188 Contact: Aaron Baggiore Phone: (206) 862-3270 Fax: (206) 574-6679 www.natpronet.com Nogalitos Gear Company 433 New Laredo Hwy San Antonio, TX 78211 Contact: Dennis Smith Toll Free: (800) 929-5103 Phone: (210) 923-4571 Fax: (210) 923-8205 dennis@ngparts.com www.ngparts.com North American Powertrain Components * 12836-151 St. NW Edmonton, AB T5V 1G8 CANADA Toll Free: (866) 456-4498 Phone: (780) 456-4498 Fax: (780) 406-6622 info@napcltd.ca www.napcltd.ca Northeastern Transparts Co., Inc. 5727 South Park Ave Hamburg, NY 14075 Contact: Brian Gutowski Toll Free: (800) 876-0321 Phone: (716) 646-4500 sales@northeastern.com www.northeasterntransparts.com Northland Transmission Inc. 105 E. Poplar Ave. Cameron, WI 54822 Contact: Bob Newville Phone: (715) 458-2617 Fax: (715) 458-2611 natstran@chibardun.net www.servobore.com

NAN Torque Converters, Inc. 540 Hwy 36 Belford, NJ 07718 Phone: (732) 495-4100 nanconverters@comcast.net www.nanconverters.com Nationwide Torque Converter (NTC) 4710 W. North Ave. Chicago, IL 60639 Phone: (773) 292-9262 Fax: (773) 292-0723 ntctorqueconverter@yahoo.com www.ntctorqueconverter.com

Ohio Gasket & Shim Inc. 976 Evans Ave. Akron, OH 44305 Toll Free: (800) 321-2438 Phone: (330) 630-2030 Fax: (330) 630-2075 sales@ogsindustries.com www.ogsindustries.com Oklahoma Transmission Parts (OTS) * 927 N.W. First St. Oklahoma City, OK 73106 Toll Free: (877) 352-4109 Phone: (405) 236-4391 Fax: (405) 236-1176 www.otsparts.com

NATPRO - National Transmission Products Co. * (Corp. Hdqrtrs & LA Warehouse) 5151 Heliotrope Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90040 Contact: David Jerome Phone: (323) 562-2111 Fax: (323) 562-9130 dave@natpronet.com www.natpronet.com

Omega Machine & Tool, Inc. * 2949 Promenade St., #100 West Sacramento, CA 95691 Contact: J.P. Singh Toll Free: (800) 601-7722 Phone: (916) 372-6001 Fax: (916) 372-6020 info@omegamachine.com www.omegamachine.com


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Omegasonics 330 E. Easy St., Ste. A Simi Valley, CA 93065 Toll Free: (800) 669-8227 Phone: (805) 583-0875 Fax: (805) 583-0561 omegasonics@omegasonics.com www.omegasonics.com Performance Development Manufacturing, Inc. PDM 871 Thornton Pkwy., #165 Thornton, CO 80229 Toll Free: (877) 736-2775 Phone: (303) 288-8120 Fax: (303) 288-8140 sales@pdmusa.com www.pdmusa.com Performance Products & Machining, Inc. PPM * 2115 S. Hellman Ave. #D Ontario, CA 91761 Phone: (909) 923-3011 Fax: (909) 923-3111 info@performanceproductsmachining.com www.performanceproductsmachining.com Peterson Wash & Blast System. 1100 N. Union St. Council Grove, KS 66846 Toll Free: (800) 835-3528 Phone: (316) 634-6699 Fax: (620) 767-6415 www.petersonmachine.com Petron Plus Global, Inc. P.O. Box 1906 Hutchinson, KS 67504 Contact: Gary G. Clark Toll Free: (800) 884-5823 Phone: (620) 663-1800 Fax: (620) 663-8560 gary.clark@petronplus7.com www.petronplusglobal.com PML, Inc. 201 W. Beach Ave. Inglewood, CA 90302 Contact: David Tolin Toll Free: (800) 335-4345 Phone: (310) 671-4345 Fax: (310) 671-0858 yourcovers@pmli.com www.yourcovers.com Portland Torque Products, Inc. * 2830 N.W. 29th Ave. Portland, OR 97210 Toll Free: (800) 640-0970 Phone: (503) 228-2212 Fax: (503) 228-8581 dave@portlandtorque.com www.portlandtorque.com Portland Transmission Warehouse 1016 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, OR 97214 86 Company names with * are proud ATRA Supplier Members GEARS January/February 2014 Contact: Ross Bradshaw Toll Free: (800) 444-4556 Phone: (503) 233-4966 Fax: (503) 233-2642 ross@portlandtrans.com www.portlandtrans.com Posi Lock Puller, Inc. 805 Sunflower Ave. Cooperstown, ND 58425 Contact: Tamara Somerville Toll Free: (800) 533-5761 Phone: (701) 797-2600 Fax: (701) 797-2706 t.somerville@posilock.com www.posilock.com

Parts Un-Ltd 705 S.W. 10th St., Ste. 109 Blue Springs, MO 64015 Toll Free: (800) 332-5331 Phone: (816) 224-9900 Fax: (816) 224-9191 quote@partsun-ltd.com www.partsun-ltd.com Parts-Link Worldwide, LLC 8516 Fairway Bend Dr. Fort Myers, FL 33967 Contact: Don Greenleaf Phone: (239) 454-4335 Fax: (877) 845-4811 sales@partslink-worldwide.com

Power Pusher-Div. of Nu-Star, Inc.* 1425 Stagecoach Rd. Shakopee, MN 55379 Contact: Carol Klein / John Adams Toll Free: (800) 800-9274 Phone: (952) 445-8295 Fax: (952) 445-0231 cklein@nustarinc.com www.powerpusher.com

PDQ Automatic Transmission Parts, Inc. * 8380 Tiogawoods Dr. Sacramento, CA 95828 Contact: John G. Hicks, Jr. Toll Free: (800) 852-3351 Phone: (916) 681-7701 Fax: (916) 681-7716 jhicks@pdqparts.com www.pdqparts.com PDQ Automatic Transmission Parts, Inc. * 1709 Rogers Ave. San Jose, CA 95112 Contact: Robert Del Real Phone: (408) 899-7474 jhicks@pdqparts.com www.pdqparts.com

Powertrain Control Solutions, LLC * 10511 Old Ridge Rd. Ashland, VA 23005 Phone: (804) 227-3023 Fax: (804) 227-3005 sales@ptcs.us www.powertraincontrolsolutions.com PPX, Inc. P.O. Box 644 Hutchinson, KS 67504 Contact: Tanner Engweiler Phone: (620) 663-8559 Fax: (620) 663-8560 tanner.engweiler@ppxformula7.com www.ppxformula7.com

Raybestos has supplied OEM friction and related products to the transmission service industry for more than 100 years. Currently, Raybestos is a supplier to all three major U.S. and various European carmakers, Tier I manufacturers and most of the heavy-duty and off-road equipment manufacturers worldwide. Raybestos also is a major supplier of racing and performance friction products for the racing industry. Raybestos Powertrain is headquartered in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Indiana is also home to 3 manufacturing plants and the Raybestos Technical Center.

The Aftermarket Division of Raybestos Powertrain was formed in 1992 to better serve the transmission service industry with company made products. The division has grown through newproduct development and strategic alliances with other major OEM suppliers. Raybestos products are made in the USA and include bands, steel plates, in-line filters, electrical components and OEM sump filters. Conveniently located at the tech center, the Powertrain A drop-in replacement for passenger and truck applications, the division can rapidly develop new products for automobiles and GPZ100 is currently available for 4L60E, 4L65/70E, 4L80E and heavy-duty vehicles used worldwide. Raybestos manufactures and 44/46/47/48RE(RH) transmissions, 68RFE and Allison LT1000. supplies a truly world class product. For more information on the complete line of Raybestos Powertrain products, visit us at www.raybestospowertrain.com. Product Lines Raybestos manufactures and/or supplies OE transmission friction clutch plates; flex, semi-rigid and rigid bands; steel reaction plates; torque converter friction material, plates and products; transmission sump, valve body and cooler in-line filters; and various service items for domestic and foreign transmissions. Products coverage ranges from 1948 Dynaflow to the current assembly-line transmissions such as the GM 6T75, Ford 6F35 and Chrysler 68RFE. The newest product offerings are Raybestos Solutions such as the Z Pak single-sided clutch system; GPX and GPZ100 friction materials; solenoids; torque converter hubs, bearings and piston assemblies; and Blue Plate Special gen2 and Stage 1 Performance friction materials.


Al Avila. Avila .................. VP Sales and Marketing ......... 765-359-2861 ..............................VP Sales and Marketing................ 765-359-2861 Kathy Gelzleichter...Customer Service ...... 800-729-2671 Kathy Gelzleichter.......... Customer Service Manager Manager............. 800-729-2671 Chris Horbach.........Product Application Irvin Gers...................Product Dvlpmt. Support Engineer....765-359-2888 Engineer........ 800-729-7763 Irvin Gers .................Product Dvlpmt Engr ...800-729-7763 Reinhard Brinkmeier. ...............Director of Support Sales...................... 630-581-2301 JP Gonzalez ... International Sales Manager.. 765-359-2889

Sales Training Materials

Raybestos engineers and sales personnel regularly present product and technical programs for distributors, parts sales staff, technicians, shop owners and their invited guests. Each program is customized to deliver current and relevant information pertaining to a specific business, the transmission service industry, Powertrain Featured Product - The GPZ100 Friction Plate products or the automotive market in general. Programs can be The GPZ100, the industrys first and only warranted clutch plate, requested by contacting Raybestos directly. Support material also is provides enhanced durability and performance at the same price available in the form of technical bulletins, product information you would expect to pay for OE. It gets its engineering and proven sheets, engineering guides and catalogs. performance by using the same friction materials developed for the Z Pak clutch system, material that withstands high stress, high Distributors temperatures and repeated cycling. All premium OE-quality distributors stock and sell Raybestos Raybestos Powertrain is so confident in the GPZ100's exacting Powertrain products. For a specific distributor in your immediate manufacturing process that any plate carrying the GPZ100 name is area, contact Raybestos directly or visit our website at warranted for 5 years or 100,000 miles. (See www.raybestospowertrain.com www.raybestospowertrain.com/warranty for more information.)

Raybestos Powertrain 711 Tech Drive Crawfordsville, IN 47933 Ph: 765-359-2882 Fax: 765-364-4573 Tech Line: 800-729-7763 Email: raypt@raybestospowertrain.com Web Site: www.raybestospowertrain.com

Phone: (315) 738-1412 Fax: (315) 738-1467 rick@professionaltran.com www.professionaltran.com Precision European, Inc. * 11594 Coley River Cir. Fountain Valley, CA 92708 Contact: Sales Phone: (714) 241-9657 Fax: (714) 241-9659 sales@peius.com www.peius.com

Randy's Ring & Pinion 10411 Airport Rd. Everett, WA 98204 Toll Free: (800) 292-1031 Phone: (425) 347-1199 Fax: (425) 355-4164 www.ringpinion.com

ProfitBoost Software, LLC * 1060 S. Main St., Bldg. A - Ste. 3 St. George, UT 84770 Toll Free: (888) 274-3776 Fax: (888) 274-3787 info@profitboost.com www.profitboost.com ProTorque 1440 Church St. Bohemia, NY 11716 Contact: Joe Rivera Phone: (631) 218-8700 Fax: (631) 218-9782 joe@protorque.com www.protorque.com PTM Electronics "A Member of ATP Industries Group" 221 Dino Dr., Ste. A Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Phone: (734) 426-9010 Fax: (734) 426-9203 info@ptmelec.com www.atp-group.com

Precision International * 14 Todd Ct. Ext. Yaphank, NY 11980 Contact: John Sollazzo Toll Free: (800) 872-6649 Phone: (631) 567-2000 Fax: (631) 567-2640 jsollazzo@transmissionkits.com www.transmissionkits.com Precision of New Hampton, Inc. * 515 Bailey Ave. New Hampton, IA 50659 Toll Free: (800) 654-1220 Phone: (641) 394-5955 Fax: (877) 394-5671 gopnh@gopnh.com www.gopnh.com Precision Torque Converters of Maryland, LLC. * 1953 Benhill Ave. Baltimore, MD 21226 Phone: (410) 350-0011 Fax: (410) 350-0018 www.gopnh.com Pro UltraSonics, Inc. P.O. Box 999 Nebo, NC 28761 Phone: (828) 584-1005 Fax: (828) 584-9005 info@proultrasonics.com www.proultrasonics.com

Raybestos Powertrain * 711 Tech Dr. Crawfordsville, IN 47933 Contact: Al Avila Toll Free: (800) 729-2671 Phone: (765) 362-3500 Fax: (765) 359-2566 aavila@raybestospowertrain.com www. raybestospowertrain.com

Parts Catalog



ORIGINAL e q u i p m e n t

Quality Gear 16742-111 Ave. Edmonton, AB T5M 2S5 CANADA Toll Free: (888) 452-7979 sales@qualitygear.com www.qualitygear.com




ORIGINAL e q u i p m e n t

711 Tech Drive, Crawfordsville, IN 47933 Toll Free: 1-800-729-7763 Fax: 1-765-364-4573 Email: raypt@raybestospowertrain.com www.raybestospowertrain.com

Raybestos Powertrain is a vibrant, global leader in product innovation, manufacturing and distribution of a diverse line of OEM and Aftermarket transmission parts.

Quality Parts Supply, LTD 15844 S. Interstate Hwy. 35 Bruceville, TX 76630 Contact: Carl London Professional Transmission & Converter Toll Free: (800) 527-2914 Corp. * Phone: (254) 857-4629 9562 River Rd. Fax: (254) 857-3527 Marcy, NY 13403 carllondon@qualitypartssupply.com Toll Free: (800) 738-1412 www.qualitypartssupply.com Company names with * are proud ATRA Supplier Members 88

Ream Man Valve Bodies 235 S. Homer St. Lansing, MI 48912 Toll Free: (877) 337-4681 Phone: (517) 337-4681 www.reamman.com GEARS January/February 2014

*See our website for full warranty details

Red Kap - Watauga Group 1600 N. Orange Ave. Suite 13 Orange, FL 32804 Toll Free: (800) 733-5271 www.redkap.com Reman Industries, Inc. 951 Fargo Ave. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007 Toll Free: (800) 729-8726 www.remanindustries.com Revmax Converters * 4520 Westinghouse Blvd., Ste. B Charlotte, NC 26273 Phone: (704) 247-9781 Fax: (704) 247-9784 RMP Powertrain Solutions, Inc. 9040 Burrough Dover Ln. Pennsauken, NJ 08110 Toll Free: (800) 257-7418 Fax: (800) 584-1364 sales@rmpparts.com www.powertrainsolutions.com teibel@rostra.com www.rostratransmission.com

Rostra Precision Controls recently released their new electronic products for automatic transmissions application guide. Loaded with over 280 part numbers covering thousands of vehicle applications, the new catalog is the most comprehensive solenoid, sensor & wire harness listing in the industry. We have included original equipment part numbers as well as many of the industry part numbers as a quick reference tool. A pdf download of this new guide can be downloaded at www.rostratransmission .com or contact us

Seal Aftermarket Products * 2315 S.W. 32nd Ave Pembroke Park, FL 33071 Toll Free: (800) 582-2760 Phone: (954) 364-2400 Fax: (954) 364-2401 www.sealaftermarketproducts.com Shreves Engines Rebuilders * 3815 N. 21st St. St. Louis, MO 63107 Phone: (314) 421-5585 Fax: (314) 421-1436 info@shrevesengines.com www.shrevesengines.com Shure Manufacturing Corporation 1901 W. Main St. Washington, MO 63090 Toll Free: (800) 227-4873 Phone: (636) 390-7100 Fax: (636) 390-7171 sales@shureusa.com www.shureusa.com Silver Star Transmission 214 W. Edmond Rd. Edmond, OK 73003 Toll Free: (800) 369-6601 Phone: (405) 330-9300 Fax: (405) 330-9446 susan.sstrans@gmail.com www.silverstartransmission.com

directly for a hard copy.

Rockland Standard Gear, Inc. 150 Rte. 17 / P.O. Box 13 Sloatsburg, NY 10974 Contact: Mike Weinberg Toll Free: (800) 227-1523 Phone: (845) 753-2005 Fax: (877) 774-3294 info@rsgear.com www.rsgear.com RONCO 267 North Rivermede Dr. Concord, ON L4K 3N7 CANADA Toll Free: (877) 663-7735 Phone: (905) 660-6700 Fax: (905) 660-6903 ronco@ronco.ca www.ronco.ca Rostra Precision Controls Inc. * 2519 Dana Dr. Laurinburg, NC 28352 Contact: Tom Eibel Toll Free: (800) 782-3379 Phone: (910) 276-4853 Fax: (910) 276-1354 90

S & K Trans Parts, LLC 301 Brick Pike Muscle Shoals, AL 35661 Toll Free: (800) 888-3739 Phone: (256) 381-3739 Fax: (256) 381-3797 info@sktransparts.com www.sktransparts.com Schaeffler Group USA * 5370 Wegman Dr. Valley City, OH 44280 Toll Free: (800) 274-5001 customer.service@schaeffler.com www.schaeffler-aftermarket.us Scribner Plastics 11455 Hydraulics Dr. Rancho Cordova, CA 95742 Toll Free: (800) 552-5847 Phone: (916) 638-1515 Fax: (916) 638-2278 info@scribnerplastics.com www.scribnerplastics.com

SKF * 890 N. State St., Ste. 200 Elgin, IL 60123 Contact: Wade Zimostrad Toll Free: (800) 882-0008 Phone: (847) 742-7840 Fax: (224) 535-4891 SKFpartsinfo@skf.com www.vsm.skf.com

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customerservice@seauto.com www.seauto.com Slauson Transmission Parts * 15407 S. Broadway Gardena, CA 90248 Contact: Chris Wilson Toll Free: (800) 421-5580 Phone: (310) 768-2099 Fax: (310) 768-8298 cwilson@slauson.com www.slauson.com Sun Coast Converters, Inc. * 819 Navy St. Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547 Toll Free: (800) 868-0053 Phone: (850) 864-2361 Fax: (850) 864-0943 info@suncoastconverters.com www.suncoastconverters.com Sunbelt Valve Body Builders 4819 N. Cortez Ave Tampa, FL 33614 Phone: (813) 961-5560 information@sunbeltvalvebodies.com www.sunbeltvalvebodies.com SuperFlow Dynos and Flowbenches * 4060 Dixon St. Des Moines, IA 50313 Toll Free: (888) 442-5546 Phone: (515) 254-1654 Fax: (515) 254-1656 info@superflow.com www.SuperFlow.com

Southern Gear Co. 4369 W. Atlanta Rd. Smyrna, GA 30080 Contact: Jeff R. Hughes Toll Free: (800) 289-7432 Phone: (707) 435-1461 Fax: (707) 438-7207 jrhsgc@aol.com Sprinter Transmissions 1211 Upland Dr., Ste. A Houston, TX 77043 Toll Free: (866) 464-1871 www.sprintertransmission.net State Compensation Insurance Fund * 900 Corporate Center Dr. Monterey Park, CA 91754 Toll Free: (800) 252-0419 Phone: (323) 981-6620 www.statefundca.com STE (Standard Transmission Exchange) * 1271 S. Talt Ave. Anaheim, CA 92806 Toll Free: (800) 883-6188 www.stecouplers.com

Smart Blend by Life Automotive Products, Inc.* 6727 Theall, Ste. B Houston, TX 77066 Contact: Steve Farr Toll Free: (888) 422-9099 Fax: (281) 631-0460 smartblend@aol.com www.smartblend.com Softelectronic Usta Kolyo Ficheto Str. No. 25a Varna, 9000 BULGARIA Contact: Ivan Paykov Phone: 00 35 9885 609205 support@softelectronic.com www.softelectronic.com

Sonnax * 1 Automatic Dr. Bellows Falls, VT 05101 Contact: David McGee Toll Free: (800) 843-2600 Phone: (802) 463-9722 Fax: (802) 463-4059 dgm@sonnax.com www.sonnax.com Southeast Worldwide Manufacturers, LLC 7575 N.W. 74th Ave. Miami, FL 33166 Toll Free: (800) 888-5489 Phone: (305) 885-8689 Fax: (305) 888-8215 92

Stellar Automotive Group * 4935 Panther Pkwy. Seville, OH 44273 Contact: Nora Howsare Toll Free: (800) 458-5487 Phone: (330) 769-8484 Fax: (330) 769-8483 nora@stellargroupinc.com www.stellargroupinc.com STK Transmission Parts Co., LTD 6400 Ohio Dr. #1226 Plano, TX 75024 Contact: Bei Chen Phone: (972) 268-6895 sales@stkat.com www.stkat.com

Superior Transmission Parts, Inc. * 3770 Hartsfield Rd. Tallahassee, FL 32303 Contact: Bob White Toll Free: (800) 451-3115 Phone: (850) 574-2369 Fax: (850) 575-9097 bob.stp@comcast.net www.superiortransmission.com


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GEARS January/February 2014


450 Industrial Dr. Dunkirk, IN 47336 Toll-Free: 800-722-0215 Fax: 765-768-1607 www.tealautomotiveinc.com Jeff Sheryl Brad -Owner Bruce Clark Nate

Founded in 1975, Teal Automotive, Inc. provides focused service and quality parts to our customers. Teal Automotive, staffs a number of employees who have extensive experience and/or technical backgrounds and expertise in a variety of areas gained thru years of experience.

Experience and Education

Teal Automotive, Inc. is able to house a large inventory due to our high volume accounts . Each area of our warehouse has an experienced team leader specifically trained to understand the parts in their department. The team leader along with our knowledgeable sales staff collaborate with customers and rebuilders, we then add all the new information along with picture IDs to our data base to provide a distinct combination of experience, knowledge, service and current training on new and used transmission parts.


Domestic and Import Automatic used Hard Parts

OEM and Aftermarket Parts Remanufactured Valve Bodies Borg Warner Soft Part Kits Precision Torque Converters Superior Shift Correction Packs Trans Go Shift Kits Borg Warner Steels LubeGard Filters, Bands, Pan Gaskets New Solenoids Teal Automotive, Inc distributes a wide selection of used, new and remanufactured automatic transmission parts.
Call for our complete list

Technical Support
Teal Automotives technical staff is 2nd to none. Teal is current with new domestic and import transmissions, as well as, the many engineering changes and updates of all automatic transmissions. Our technical support program, led by Jeff Burris, can help you with your most difficult tasks. Team Leader Experience: Jeff Burris - 30 years Onny Craw - 23 years Jeremy Stocker-21 years West Moore-16 years Shannon Garringer - 12 years

Brad Alspaugh Bruce Alspaugh Jeff Burris Beth Fallis Sheryl Jackson Tony Clark Nathan Harris Jeff Fallis


President Vice President Sales and Technical Director HR and Director of Marketing, Sales - 19 years Sales- 13 years Sales 11 years Sales 2 years w/ Teal, 23 in industry

Thank You

To our customers, We thank you for your contribution to the success of our company. Your loyalty, your trust and your suggestions have made Teal Automotive a leader in the transmission parts industry.

We serve clients from 1-bay shops to the nations largest remanufacturing companies




TCRA - Torque Converter Rebuilders Association Box 2546 Reno, NV 89505 Contact: Chris Horbach Phone: (765) 376-3048 tcratech@gmail.com www.tcraonline.com TCS Transmission Products * 6217 - 205th St. Langley, BC V2Y 1N7 CANADA Toll Free: (800) 960-1177 Phone: (604) 533-8675 www.tcsproducts.com Teal Automotive, Inc. 450 Industrial Dr. Dunkirk, IN 47336 Contact: Brad Alspaugh Toll Free: (800) 722-0215 Phone: (765) 768-7726 Fax: (765) 768-1607 brad@tealautomotiveinc.com www.tealautomotiveinc.com The Lubrizol Corp. * 29400 Lakeland Blvd. Wickliffe. OH 44092 Phone: (440) 943-4200 www.lubrizol.com

Sussex Auto Parts, LTD * Units 40. Station Road Industrial Estate Hailsham, East Sussex BN27 2EY ENGLAND Phone: + 44 (0) 1323 848886 Fax: +44 (0) 1323 843487 parts@sussexautos.co.uk www.sussexautos.co.uk SystemOne Technologies, Inc. 8305 NW 27th St., Ste. 107 Miami, FL 33122 Toll Free: (800) 711-1414 Phone: (305) 593-8015 Fax: (305) 593-8016 info@systemonetechnologies.com www.systemonetechnologies.com

Toledo Driveline, LLC * 1110 Napoleon St. Fremont, OH 43420 Contact: B. Funk Toll Free: (888) 604-9811 Phone: (419) 355-1200 Fax: (419) 355-1230 info@toledodriveline.com www.toledodriveline.com TPI Converters 8443 Wabash Ave. Berkley, MO 63134 Toll Free: (800) 874-9643 Phone: (314) 521-5811 sales@tpiconverters.com www.tpiconverters.com

T.E.S.T. Research 24 GH Carter Dr. Danville, NH 03819 Contact: Stevie Lavalle Phone: (603) 770-8709 testresearch@comcast.net www.testresearch.com Tapeswitch Corporation 100 Schmitt Blvd. Farmingdale, NY 11735 Contact: Barry Lipsman Toll Free: (800) 234-8273 Phone: (631) 636-0442 Fax: (631) 630-0454 marketing@tapeswitch.com www.tapeswitch.com TCI Automotive 151 Industrial Dr. Ashland, MS 38603 Toll Free: (888) 776-9824 Phone: (662) 224-8972 Fax: (662) 224-8255 www.tciauto.com TeckPak-Fitzall * 3386 S. Westwood Blvd. Poplar, Bluff MO 63901 Toll Free: (800) 527-2544 Phone: (573) 785-8238 Fax: (573) 785-3303 customerservice@teckpak-fitzall.com www.teckpak.com TEKLYNX International 409 E. Silver Spring Dr., Ste. U12 Whitefish Bay, WI 53217 Phone: (414) 837-4800 Fax: (414) 837-4801 customerservice@teklynx.com www.teklynx.com TEMCO 4613 NW 61ST St. Oklahoma City, OK 73122 Toll Free: (800) 245-1869 Phone: (405) 721-4915 Fax: (405) 721-0465 temco@washparts.com www.washparts.com

TRANSBRITE/Allen Woods & Associates, Inc. * 2515 Clearbrook Dr. Arlington Heights, IL 60005 Contact: Jack Daul Phone: (847) 806-4000 Fax: (847) 806-4010 jack@transbrite.com www.transbrite.com Transcel - RatioTek 15902-A Halliburton #272 City of Industry, CA 91745 Contact: Steven Younger Phone: (626) 968-2754 Fax: (626) 961-8563 info@ratiotek.com www.ratiotek.com


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GEARS January/February 2014

Transfer Case Express, Inc. 1285 Embarcadero Oakland, CA 94601 Toll Free: (800) MUD-ROAD or (800) 683-7623 Phone: (510) 533-2273 Fax: (510) 533-2298 www.transfercases.com Transfer Case Express, Inc. 500 UCCI Way Spartanburg, SC 29303 Toll Free: (800) MUD-ROAD or (800) 683-7623 Phone: (864) 579-1960 Fax: (864) 578-8348 www.transfercases.com TransGo * 2621 Merced Ave. El Monte, CA 91733 Phone: (626) 443-7451 Fax: (626) 401-2715 www.transgo.com Transmission Crafters 2208 Newton Rd. Albany, GA 31701 Toll Free: (800) 535-0414 Phone: (229) 883-8490 Fax: (229) 888-5152 email@transmissioncrafters.com www.transmissioncrafters.com Transmission Digest P.O. Box 2210 Springfield, MO 65801 Contact: Bobby Mace Toll Free: (800) 274-7890 Phone: (417) 866-3917 Fax: (417) 866-2781 bmace@transmissiondigest.com www.transmissiondigest.com Transmission Parts & Cores Inc. * 1981 W. Winton Ave. Hayward, CA 94545 Phone: (510) 783-5222 Fax: (510) 783-1162 buffone.nick@yahoo.com www.transmissionspartsandcores.com

Transmission Specialties 375 Turner Industrial Way Aston, PA 19014 Contact: Ken Kelly Phone: (610) 485-9110 Fax: (610) 485-9356 kenktsi@comcast.net www.transmission-specialties.com Transpac Transmission Parts 12401 Woodruff Ave. Downey, CA 90241 Toll Free: (888) 803-9037 Phone: (562) 803-9027 www.transpacparts.com Transpac Transmission Parts 1121 Sharp Cir. N. Las Vegas, NV 89110 Toll Free: (888) 803-9037 Phone: (702) 222-9037 www.transpacparts.com Transparts San Diego * 2280 Palm Ave. San Diego, CA 92154 Phone: (619) 424-0057 www.sotostransmission.com Trans-Pro Transmissions, Inc. 2555 South Park Ave. Dothan, AL 36301 Contact: Gary Maddox Toll Free: (888) 395-8726 Phone: (334) 792-6649 Fax: (334) 673-0669 gm419@aol.com www.transproparts.com

Transmission Parts Unlimited, Inc. 4788 Hwy. 42 Ellenwood, GA 30294 Toll Free: (800) 241-3880 Phone: (404) 366-1455 Fax: (404) 366-6428 www.transpartsunlimited.com Transmission Rebuilders Network International (TRNi) 6501 E. Greenway Pkwy., Ste. 103/298 Scottsdale, AZ 85254 Toll Free: (888) 582-8764 info@trannybuilder.com www.trannybuilder.com Transmission Rebuilders Network Worldwide (TRNW) 2825 Walnut Ter. Modesto, CA 95355 Contact: Tod Chretien Phone: (209) 551-0599 Fax: (209) 551-3992 tod@trnw.net www.trnw.net

Transmission Exchange Co. * 1803 N.E. Martin Luther King Junior Blvd. Portland, OR 97212 Contact: Spencer Hodes Toll Free: (800) 776-1191 Phone: (503) 284-0768 spencer@txchange.com www.txchange.com 96

Transmission Remanufacturing Company, LLC (TRC) * P.O. Box 1021 Kent, WA 98035 Contact: Ben DeMeerleer Toll Free: (800) 336-5525 Phone: (253) 872-8200 Fax: (253) 867-1611 sales@trctrans.com www.trctrans.com

Transtar Industries, Inc. * 7350 Young Dr. Cleveland, OH 44146 Contact: Stephanie Cargill Toll Free: (800) 321-8830 Phone: (440) 232-5100 scargill@transtar1.com www.transtar1.com

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GEARS January/February 2014

Transmission Remanufacturing Company

High Quality Dyno-Tested Transmissions since 1981 - Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Company Profile
TRC is one of the nations largest production rebuilders. We supply automatic and standard transmissions for nearly all years, makes, and models; foreign & domestic. We ship nationwide (including Alaska and Hawaii) to transmission and automotive repair shops, dealers, extended warranty companies, and municipalities. TRC is a member of the Envirostars community, we respect the environment and encourage conservation in our production methods.

Our Products

Our transmissions meet or exceed OE spec, with computerized dyno-testing to ensure perfect operation right out of the box. We stand behind our work. Ask us about our warranty options, up to lifetime warranties are available. Most units are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. We also sell our own line of torque converters (including racing and heavy duty).

Customer Service
We are here to help you. When you call TRC, youll hear a live person right away. Let us know what we can do to help you make the sale. Get to know us before you buy, call our free technical support hotline with any transmission questions, our unit or not.

(800) 336-5525
Automatics Standards

Transmission Remanufacturing Company 710 Washington Ave N. Kent, WA 98032

- Transfer Cases Differentials

Learn more at


Transtar Industries, Inc. * 2415 Phoenix Ave. N.E. Albuquerque, NM 87107 Toll Free: (800) 275-1229 Phone: (505) 889-0014 Fax: (505) 889-0072 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 3015 Industrial Ter. Austin, TX 78758 Toll Free: (888) 263-1544 Phone: (512) 977-8550 Fax: (512) 977-8556 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 2425 Irving Blvd. Dallas, TX 75207 Toll Free: (800) 274-2631 Phone: (214) 583-9100 Fax: (214) 920-7020 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 12330 E. 46th Ave., #700 Denver, CO 80239 Toll Free: (800) 525-9096 Phone: (303) 307-1999 Fax: (303) 307-0999 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 3202 Harrisburg Blvd. Houston, TX 77003 Toll Free: (800) 456-7925 Phone: (713) 228-7925 Fax: (713) 221-3090 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 1528-30 River Oaks Rd. W. New Orleans, LA 70123 Toll Free: (800) 525-2512 Phone: (504) 733-0731 Fax: (504) 734-9792 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 1339 South Brazos St. San Antonio, TX 78207 Toll Free: (800) 289-1457 Phone: (210) 704-1000 Fax: (210) 704-1040 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 780 W. Belden Ave., Ste. G Addison, IL 60101 98 Toll Free: (800) 214-8710 Phone: (630) 628-0770 Fax: (630) 628-0794 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 1200 Century Cir. N. Cincinnati, OH 45246 Toll Free: (800) 543-2723 Phone: (513) 671-5160 Fax: (513) 671-2924 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 3900 Jackson St. N.E., Ste. 150 Minneapolis, MN 55421 Toll Free: (888) 873-4282 Phone: (763) 781-5888 Fax: (763) 781-5870 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 514 W. Merrill St., Unit B Indianapolis, IN 46225 Toll Free: (866) 244-2032 Phone: (317) 925-5555 Fax: (317) 925-5275 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 1651 N. Topping Ave. Kansas City, MO 64120 Toll Free: (800) 741-3676 Phone: (816) 241-3676 Fax: (816) 241-3764 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 2915 Prairie St. S.W. Grandville, MI 48418 Toll Free: (800) 326-3314 Phone: (616) 249-9622 Fax: (616) 249-9662 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 4001 Produce Rd. Louisville, KY 40218 Toll Free: (800) 289-1487 Phone: (502) 380-9801 Fax: (502) 380-9819 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 4605 World Pkwy. Cir. Berkley, MO 63134 Toll Free: (800) 446-7171 Phone: (314) 428-0335 Fax: (314) 428-0391 Company names with * are proud ATRA Supplier Members www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 3543 Lamar Ave. Memphis, TN 38118 Toll Free: (800) 998-5025 Phone: (901) 362-2821 Fax: (901) 541-6599 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 654 East 10 Mile Rd. Hazel Park, MI 48030 Toll Free: (800) 245-9754 Phone: (248) 398-7877 Fax: (248) 398-1430 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 3655 N. 126th St. #F Brookfield, WI 53005 Phone: (262) 373-0911 Fax: (262) 373-0912 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 404 S. Eagle Ln. Oklahoma City, OK 73128 Toll Free: (877) 878-2739 Phone: (405) 603-3636 Fax: (405) 603-3641 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 2622 Texas Ave. Knoxville, TN 37921 Phone: (865) 525-7364 Fax: (865) 525-7305 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 6110 Merger Dr. Holland, OH 43528 Toll Free: (866) 463-2633 Phone: (419) 861-3839 Fax: (419) 861-1788 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 330 Campus Dr. Edison, NJ 08837 Toll Free: (800) 254-0369 Phone: (732) 225-0202 Fax: (732) 225-4101 www.transtar1.com

GEARS January/February 2014

375 TURNER INDUSTRIAL WAY ASTON, PA 19014 PHONE (610) 485-9110 FAX (610) 485-9356 www.transmission-specialties.com

With over 30 years of hard work and dedication to excellence, Transmission Specialties has become one of the premiere manufacturers of high performance automatic transmissions, torque converters and related parts in the U.S.A.

Some of our innovative products, such as the XLS-Spragless Torque Converters, Pro-Line Powerglide Transmissions, 1:80 Unbreakable Gear Sets, Torque Converter Component Kits and Transmission Related Parts are all manufactured in-house. Every product is specified to meet or exceed the toughest industry standards.

Service is where Transmission Specialties prevails, when you call to place an order, you will get a person not an automated phone system to waste your time. We pride ourselves on same day shipping. We are a company large enough to serve you and yet, we are small enough to know you!


Transtar Industries, Inc. * 451 E. Ross St. Lancaster, PA 17602 Toll Free: (800) 445-6700 Phone: (717) 291-1958 Fax: (717) 291-5784 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 1360 Ingleside Rd. Norfolk, VA 23502 Toll Free: (800) 622-6997 Phone: (757) 853-7333 Fax: (757) 853-1036 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 6550 Hamilton Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15206 Toll Free: (800) 999-5590 Phone: (412) 441-7353 Fax: (412) 441-4242 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 125 Newton Rd., Ste. 400 Plainview, NY 11803 Toll Free: (800) 645-2242 Phone: (516) 249-2270 Fax: (516) 249-4211 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 5 Marway Cir. #12 Rochester, NY 14624 Toll Free: (800) 999-5590 Phone: (585) 247-6906 Fax: (585) 247-7009 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 7 Raymond Ave., Units 1-2 Salem, NH 03079 Toll Free: (800) 446-9888 Phone: (603) 870-8075 Fax: (603) 893-7210 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 3 Polito Dr. Shrewsbury, MA 01545 Toll Free: (800) 688-0026 Phone: (508) 795-7889 Fax: (508) 795-7291 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 6405 Ammendale Rd. Beltsville, MD 20705 100 Toll Free: (800) 878-4249 Phone: (301) 931-2496 Fax: (301) 931-7011 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 2917 3rd Ave. S. Birmingham, AL 35203 Toll Free: (800) 322-1026 Phone: (205) 324-0615 Fax: (205) 322-0672 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 1316 Atando Ave. Charlotte, NC 28206 Toll Free: (800) 532-6670 Phone: (704) 377-4270 Fax: (704) 377-0334 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 501 County Rd. 30 Florence, AL 35634 Toll Free: (800) 633-3340 Phone: (256) 767-3141 Fax: (256) 767-7455 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 472 W. McNab Rd. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Toll Free: (866) 795-6666 Phone: (954) 917-7500 Fax: (954) 917-7505 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 600-3 Suemac Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32254 Toll Free: (800) 633-3340 Phone: (904) 693-1900 Fax: (904) 693-4800 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 350 Dixon St. Lexington, NC 27292 Toll Free: (866) 571-2682 Phone: (336) 956-0444 Fax: (366) 956-0455 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 4290 Seaboard Rd. Orlando, FL 32808 Toll Free: (800) 274-5226 Phone: (407) 299-4400 Fax: (407) 290-6909 Company names with * are proud ATRA Supplier Members www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 1029 North West St. Raleigh, NC 27603 Toll Free: (800) 451-5468 Phone: (919) 834-2581 Fax: (919) 828-3338 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 2229 Whitfield Park Dr. Sarasota, FL 34243 Toll Free: (800) 899-9623 Phone: (941) 756-5553 Fax: (941) 758-5715 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 3710 Vulcan Dr. Nashville, TN 37211 Toll Free: (877) 413-1952 Phone: (615) 292-9041 Fax: (615) 292-9043 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 5755 Goshen Springs Rd., Ste. A Norcross, GA 30071 Toll Free: (800) 241-8524 Phone: (770) 491-6055 Fax: (770) 491-0547 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 1112 N. Marshall El Cajon, CA 92020 Toll Free: (800) 249-9355 Phone: (619) 596-1444 Fax: (619) 596-1448 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 704 G St. Fresno, CA 93706 Toll Free: (800) 275-3961 Phone: (559) 268-3961 Fax: (559) 268-7159 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 5015 208th St S.W., Unit 6 Lynnwood, WA 98036 Toll Free: (800) 872-8051 Phone: (425) 672-6839 Fax: (425) 744-2392 www.transtar1.com

GEARS January/February 2014

Transtar: The Name You Know and Trust

Transtar Industries, Inc. understands that every project, every passion and every person calls for a unique solution. And were committed to delivering those solutions as your trusted partner. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, were the worlds leading provider of transmission-related parts. With our expansive distribution network, you will have same or next-day delivery on the parts you need to get the job done. At Transtar, our reach is global, but our focus is personal.

Our unbeatable product lines include Automatic and Standard Transmission Rebuilder Kits, Recon Torque Converters, Electrical Products, OE New/Remanufactured/ Good Used Hard Parts, Hub and Wheel Bearings, Specialty Tools and Service Items and many other products. Plus, Transtar is proud to offer the most comprehensive line of Complete Automatic Transmission, Standard Transmission and Transfer Case Units, all backed by our Transtar P3 Warranty. Your work demands the most reliable parts the industry has to offer and thats exactly what we deliver.

Our Mission is Your Mission

Transtar is home to the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. Our seasoned sales staff has a combined total of over 5,000 years of experience. While these experts further our mission, theyre also committed to meeting the individual needs of each customer. With Transtar, youre in good hands.

Its More than Parts Its a Partnership

When you choose Transtar, youre choosing the power and performance of the highest quality parts and so much more. Youre choosing an industry leader that delivers world-class customer service to back those parts up. Your customers rely on you to provide innovative solutions, and you can turn to us for the same. Transtar offers an extensive inventory of unrivaled products, and the quick delivery and real value you need to keep your business running and your customers on the road. Our products are built to last, and so are our partnerships. Choose Transtar, and theres no limit to what we can accomplish together.

Trust the Transtar Seal of Quality

Whether youre rebuilding, repairing or replacing, you need to get the job done right the rst time, every time. And thats just what you can expect when you see the Transtar Seal of Quality. Every part that carries this seal has been researched and approved by our technical experts and sourced from the most reputable vendors.

www.Transtar1.com (855) TRANSTAR info@transtar1.com

Transtar Industries, Inc. * 1006 W. Hoover Ave. Orange, CA 92867 Phone: (714) 937-9370 Fax: (714) 937-9374 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 4530 North 43rd Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85031 Toll Free: (800) 275-9709 Phone: (623) 848-8459 Fax: (623) 848-3164 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 1814 N.E. Argyle St. Portland, OR 97211 Toll Free: (800) 345-7500 Phone: (503) 235-6672 Fax: (503) 235-6673 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 12550 East 4th St. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 Toll Free: (800) 275-9736 Phone: (909) 481-8200 Fax: (909) 481-8335 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 4350 Raley Blvd., Ste. 400 Sacramento, CA 95838 Toll Free: (800) 446-2600 Phone: (916) 927-2794 Fax: (916) 927-3396 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 3472 West 2100 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84119 Toll Free: (800) 275-0651 Phone: (801) 973-0700 Fax: (801) 973-0750 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 434 Perrymont Ave. San Jose, CA 95125 Toll Free: (800) 275-2113 Phone: (408) 885-0303 Fax: (408) 885-0310 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 1987 Davis St. San Leandro, CA 94577 Toll Free: (800) 275-2588 102 Phone: (510) 553-0111 Fax: (510) 553-0777 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 314 N. Crestline St. Spokane, WA 99202 Toll Free: (800) 876-2292 Phone: (509) 535-9704 Fax: (509) 535-0822 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 22435 76th Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032 Toll Free: (866) 254-1198 Phone: (253) 437-2001 Fax: (253) 437-2002 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 3139 S. Dodge Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85713 Toll Free: (800) 831-1971 Phone: (520) 622-1220 Fax: (520) 792-9745 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 15010 Calvert St. Van Nuys, CA 91411 Toll Free: (800) 231-9000 Phone: (818) 785-2000 Fax: (818) 785-4758 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 2801 W. Idaho St. Boise, ID 83702 Toll Free: (866) 900-2277 Phone: (208) 424-7780 Fax: (208) 424-7782 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 3913 Nebraska St. Newportville, PA 19056 Toll Free: (866) 750-8860 Phone: (215) 788-6780 Fax: (215) 788-7818 www.transtar1.com Transtar Industries, Inc. * 718 South Edisto Ave. Columbia, SC 29205 Phone: (803) 799-6111 Fax: (803) 799-7210 www.transtar1.com Company names with * are proud ATRA Supplier Members TransMart * 1674 Los Caobos Industrial Park Ponce, PR 00716 Phone: (787) 259-1400 Fax: (787) 259-1616 www.transtar1.com TransMart * Lomas Verdes Ave., #1C-30 Bayamon, PR 00956 Phone: (787) 778-5577 Fax: (787) 780-8151 info@transtar1.com www.transtar1.com TransMart * Carr #1, KM30 Bo Bairoa Caguas, PR 00725 Phone: (787) 286-0171 Fax: (787) 286-0174 TransMart * Mendez Vigo, Num 203 Oeste Mayaguez, PR 00681 Phone: (787) 831-0777 Fax: (787) 832-0171 TransTeam Employment USA 7457 Alhambra Ct. Spring Hill, FL 34606 Contact: Art Little Toll Free: (888) 859-0994 www.transteam.com

TransTec by CORTECO * 11617 State Rte. 13 Milan, OH 44846 Contact: Patty Richards Phone: (419) 499-2502 Fax: (419) 499-2804 par@fnst.com www.transtec.com Trans-Tool, LLC 110 Connelly St. San Antonio, TX 78203 Contact: Bob Safstrom Toll Free: (800) 531-5978 Phone: (210) 225-6745 Fax: (210) 225-2114 bob@trans-tool.com www.trans-tool.com

GEARS January/February 2014

Company Profile
Valve Body Pro is customer driven. Our path to success is not driven by the bottom line. Our path may be called process, partnership, stewardship. Valve Body Pro is a team of individuals who strive to fill the customers needs. That is our success.

464 Perrymont Ave. San Jose, CA 95125 Phone: 408-287-4500 | Fax: 408-297-2434 ValveBodyPros.com | SolenoidPro.com FB: @ValveBodyPro

Bob Sanghera ..CEO Juliet Sequeira .. Office Manager/Sales

Rebuilt valve bodies and related products for most domestic and import vehicles currently in production. The company offers valve bodies, pressure-control solenoids and repair kits constructed with ProProven parts and cutting-edge solutions.

Customer Support Services

We help you before, during and after the sale. With resources and almost 60 years of combined experience, our technical staff can offer unparalleled advice. The valvebodypros.com web site includes TECH TIPS, which provide solutions to many valve body related issues. Sales Hotline: 408-287-4500 Tech Hotline: 408-287-4503 Sales: sales@valvebodypros.com Tech: bob@valvebodypros.com

The Products

Domestic, European, & Asian Rebuilt Valve Bodies SOLPRO Solenoids ProProven Solenoid Repair Kits Solenoid Blocks & Repair Kit with Maxx Fluxx Bushings

Featured Products
The Industrys Highest Quality Rebuilt Valve Bodies
PRO-Proven BEST In The Industry PRO-Proven Best Warranty PRO-Proven Best Unparalleled Product Support

Aisin Solenoid Bushings Ford 5R55N/W/S Engineered by Valve Body Pro Solenoid Blocks or Repair Kit With Maxx Fluxx Bushings A Patented Solution Addresses Most of the Common Vehicle Complaints that are Linked to VFS Solenoid Functional Failures:
Harsh Reverse Engagement Harsh Forward Engagement Flared or Slipping Up-Shifts Bind-up on Shifts Downshift Clunk

Minimal or No Adjustment

Maintains Stable Pressure at all

Temperatures Fast adaptation or Re-learn AW55-50SN/TF60-SN (09G,K,M) TR60-SN (09D) / TF80-SN/TF81-SN (AW21) / AF4 Toyota A750E,F / Lexus A761E

Tri Component Products Corp. 973 Brook Ave. Bronx, NY 10451 Contact: Charles Parker Toll Free: (800) 366-3874 Phone: (718) 402-2400 Fax: (718) 402-2151 c.parker@tricomponent.com www.tricomponent.com Tribco, Inc. 18901 Cranwood Pkwy. Cleveland, OH 44128 Phone: (216) 486-2000 Fax: (216) 486-2099 sales@tribco.com www.tribco.com TSYS Merchant Solutions 1601 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68197 Toll Free: (800) 228-2443 merchantsalessupport@tsys.com www.tsys.com Fax: (757) 826-2120 VS-CustomerService@Valeo.com www.valeoserviceusa.com VTP South Transmission Parts 7025 Camdon Ave. Pennsauken, NJ 08110 Toll Free: (800) 873-9770 Phone: (856) 488-4451 Fax: (856) 488-6125 info@vtpsouth.com www.vtpsouth.com

Valve Body Pro * 464 Perrymont Ave. San Jose, CA 95125 Contact: Bob Sanghera Toll Free: (877) 611-7767 Phone: (408) 287-4500 Fax: (408) 297-2434 sales@valvebodypros.com www.valvebodypros.com Van Norman, a Division of Kwik-Way Products Inc. 500 57th St. Marion, IA 52302 Toll Free: (800) 553-5953 Phone: (319) 377-9421 Fax: (319) 377-9101 sales@kwik-way.com www.van-norman.com

Wade Transmission & Gear Co. 2222 Sylvan Ave. Dallas, TX 75208 Toll Free: (800) 228-6704 Phone: (214) 747-4868 Fax: (214) 745-8947 wadetransmission@sbcglobal.net www.wadetransmission.com Weller Auto Parts 2525 Chicago Dr. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49509 Toll Free: (800) 822-2375 Phone: (616) 538-5000 Fax: (616) 538-4159 www.wellerauto.com West Coast Standards, Inc. * 255 Jason Ct. Corona, CA 92879 Toll Free: (866) 5714327 Phone: (951) 520-1085 Fax: (951) 520-9251 info@westcoaststandards.com www.westcoaststandards.com

U.S. Jack Company 1125 Industrial Ct. Benton Harbor, MI 49022 Toll Free: (800) 535-2257 Phone: (269) 925-7777 Fax: (269) 925-6656 sales@usjack.com www.usjack.com United Gasket Corp. 1633 S. 55th Ave. Cicero, IL 60804 Phone: (708) 656-3700 Fax: (708) 656-6292 info@unitedgasket.com www.unitedgasket.com

Valeo Service USA 301 West Park Ln. Hampton, VA 23666 Toll Free: (888) 718-2536 Phone: (757) 827-0310 104

VBX - ValveBody Xpress, Inc.* 150 Mid-Atlantic Pkwy. Paulsboro, NJ 08066 Contact: Jenna Rink Toll Free: (866) 2GET-VBX Phone: (856) 848-0908 Fax: (856) 848-1080 kdevlin@valvebodyxpress.com www.vbxus.com Vehicle Service Equipment (VSE) 2910 N.W. 17th Ter. Oakland Park, FL 33311 Phone: (954) 484-4444 Fax: (954) 484-8844 info@vsequip.com www.vsequip.com

Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - KY * 4282 E. Blue Lick Rd. Louisville, KY 40229 Phone: (502) 955-6035 Fax: (502) 955-6077 www.wittrans.com

Company names with * are proud ATRA Supplier Members

GEARS January/February 2014

The Affordable Solution to Your Valve Body Problems

ABOUT US Valve Body Xpress was born as an idea over a dining room table more than 10 years ago. As owners of a transmission shop, we knew all too well the choice customer support team that is second to none. Our entire staff is fully committed to solving our customers valve body needs professionally, expertly, and costefficiently. We are ATSG members and ATRA supplier members. ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS At VBX, we remanufacture valve bodies. Thats all we do, and weve been doing it since 2002, so were very good at it. Take a look for yourself. Our extensive product catalog written in laymens terms is available on our website, www.vbxus.com. updates and Precision gaskets, we use our own exclusive VBXtra updates to guarantee that our customers always receive the highest quality product. ABOUT OUR GUARANTEE At VBX, our focus on quality and service is simply unmatched. Its because we go the extra mile in our manufacturing process, every time, that we are confident and LIFETIME proud to offer GUARANTEE customers a lifetime guarantee against any and all defects on every valve body we sell. No questions asked.

transmission shops were forced to make: Do we buy expensive new valve bodies from a dealer or take a gamble on used valve bodies from a junkyard? The first option was too expensive, and the second just too risky. So it became our goal to offer transmission shops an alternative a remanufactured valve body that cost much less than one from a dealer and was guaranteed to work. And so VBX became the first company dedicated exclusively to providing the industry with an affordable, alternative, guaranteed valve body product. Today VBX features a fully staffed research and development center, with a

Our remanufactured valve bodies are individually tested and calibrated to ensure peak performance. All solenoids are either new OEM or individually tested for integrity and efficiency. In addition to multiple industry

VBX stands today as the industry leader in producing guaranteed remanufactured valve bodies. Not bad for a company hatched over dinner. So save time, save money, and save your reputation. Trust VBX for all of your remanufactured valve body needs. Call us at (866) 2GET-VBX or visit us online at www.vbxus.com.


(866) 2GET-VBX


Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - KY * P.O. Box 547 Hillview, KY 40129 Phone: (502) 955-6035 Fax: (502) 955-6077 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - NC * 1238 Amble Dr. Charlotte, NC 28206 Phone: (704) 716-7272 Fax: (704) 716-7265 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - TN * 1212 Gallatin Pike Nashville, TN 37115 Phone: (615) 870-0903 Fax: (615) 870-0942 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - GA * 1700 B McCoba Dr. Smyrna, GA 30080 Phone: (770) 433-8317 Fax: (770) 433-8931 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - MO * 1525 Page Industrial Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63132 Phone: (314) 733-0003 Fax: (314) 733-0006 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - TX * 9210 King Arthur Dr. Dallas, TX 75247 Phone: (214) 631-1950 Fax: (214) 631-1951 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - PA * 220 Clark Rd. Duryea, PA 18642 Phone: (570) 655-4200 Fax: (513) 655-0900 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - OH * 9814 Princeton-Glendale 106 Cincinnati, OH 45246 Phone: (513) 942-1300 Fax: (513) 942-1334 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - FL * 4771 Distribution Dr. Tampa, FL 33605 Phone: (813) 247-9200 Fax: (813) 247-9205 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - AL * 4180 Rushton St. Florence, AL 35630 Phone: (256) 383-9181 Fax: (256) 383-9143 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - FL * 4122 Mercy Industrial Ct. Orlando, FL 32808 Phone: (407) 522-4417 Fax: (407) 522-4603 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - AL * 3825 4th Terrace N. Birmingham, AL 35222 Phone: (205) 595-2309 Fax: (205) 592-2171 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - OK * 10877 E. 11th St. Tulsa, OK 74128 Phone: (918) 437-6444 Fax: (918) 437-6446 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - MN * 1508 S. Keyston Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203 Phone: (317) 471-8790 Fax: (317) 780-1271 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - TN * 100 East Inskip Rd. Knoxville, TN 37912 Phone: (865) 687-4990 Fax: (865) 687-3745 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - MS * 618 S. Gallatin St. Jackson, MS 39204 Phone: (601) 355-0650 Fax: (601) 352-5510 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - TX * 6504 Midway Suite 130 Halton City, TX 76117 Phone: (817) 222-9122 Fax: (817) 222-9709 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - MN * 3765 Dunlap St. N. Arden Hills, MN 55112 Phone: (651) 484-5080 Fax: (651) 484-5099 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - IN * 509 North 9th Ave. Evansville, IN 47712 Toll Free: (800) 423-4199 Fax: (812) 426-7382 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - FL * 1371 S.W. 8th St. Pompano Beach, FL 33069 Phone: (954) 941-0671 Fax: (954) 971-0675 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - OH * 1001 Webster St. Dayton, OH 45404 Phone: (937) 262-7452 Fax: (937) 262-7476 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - CO * 5142 E. 39th St. Denver, CO 80207 Phone: (303) 320-3030 Fax: (303) 320-3360 www.wittrans.com

Company names with * are proud ATRA Supplier Members

GEARS January/February 2014

AL- Birmingham Florence CA-Los Angeles San Diego Sacramento CO- Denver FL - Orlando Tampa

FL - Ft. Lauderdale GA - Atlanta IL - Chicago IN - Evansville Indianapolis KY - Louisville MS - Jackson

MN - Minneapolis MO - St. Louis NC - Charlotte Raleigh OH-Cincinnati Dayton Cleveland OK - Tulsa

PA - Scranton TN - Knoxville Nashville TX - Dallas Fort Worth VA - Richmond

Buy on Line @ witt wittrans.com wittr rans.com ran

Company Profile
Whatever It Takes (WIT) was founded in 1999 by Kenny Hester, a 30 plus year veteran in the Transmission parts supply business. WIT is the complete source for all its customers transmission parts needs, whether it is new, used, or remanufactured. Parts are currently distributed by 29 branch locations throughout the U.S. With the main remanufacturing and distribution located within 10 minutes of U.P.S. major Air Hub, Whatever It Takes is able to quickly ship parts worldwide. The majority of the sales staff have been in the business for over 20 years. WIT is an employee owned, customer driven company, there are no stockholders or investors to report to. As owners, the WIT employees only job is to provide the customer with the things they need to be the most successful shop possible.

Whatever It Ta T Takes kes carries top-qualit top-quality products odu ts f from manufacturers such as Raybestos, Toledo Trans-Kits, Allomatic, ATEC-Transtool, ATSG, Autocraft Manufacturing, Borg Warner, CVC Torque Converters, DT Components, Hayden Coolers, Life Automotive, Lubegard, Powertrain Systems, Precision International, Rostra, Sachs Clutch Kits, Sonnax, SPX Filtran, Stellar Group, Superior, Teckpak-Fitzall, Transgo, Tri- Components, TTXE, Valeo Clutch Kits, Zoom Technology, OE manufacturers and many others. In addition to new O.E. parts, W.I.T. also carries a full line of remanufactured and used parts for both Automatic & Standard transmission. W.I.T. remanufactures Standard transmissions & transfer cases that include a 12 month/ unlimited mile warranty against parts and workmanship.*

Customer Service
Customer Service is the cornerstone that W.I.T. was founded on, and has helped it become a major competitor in the transmission parts business. Whatever It Takes prides itself on its excellent customer service and having the parts you need by maintaining a minimum fill rate of 98.8%. W.I.T. prides itself on taking care of its customers. Service, Experience, Quality, Product Availability, Timely Credits, a dedicated Customer Service line are just a few of the reasons why Whatever It Takes has become a major competitor in the transmission parts business. WIT is able to ship its parts overnight to most of the North and South Eastern U.S. With its strategically placed stores, it is possible for WIT to service about 80 % of the country within 2 days. In addition to using UPS & Fed-Ex to ship its packages Whatever It Takes also offers free Night-Box delivery to many areas. By making this commitment, WIT helps to increase its customers profit margin. With Night-Box delivery, Builders no longer have to wait around for UPS or FedEx to arrive; their package is delivered overnight so the parts are waiting on them the next morning.

Research & Development

The Research & Development team stays current with the latest transmissions & take photos of every part in these transmissions in order to provide most complete transmission catalog in the industry. They gather information on common wear issues with each new transmission, and develop text descriptions for all the Catalogs and WITs website (www.wittrans.com). The R & D team was responsible for creating W.I.T.s Catalog CD with point and click technology, The Award winning & most up-to-date Vehicle to Automatic Transmission Guide in the Industry, & now the most up to date Vehicle to Manual Transmission Guide in the industry!

Kenny Hester, President.......................800-940-0197 ext.1150 Rick Skaggs, VP of Operations....................800-940-0197 ext.1166 Rodney Peters, VP of Sales & Marketing..800-633-3134 ext. 2134 John Huff, VP of Finance.......800-940-0197 ext.1151 Customer Service800-940-0197 ext.8560

Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - NC * 6316 J. Richard Dr., Ste. B Raleigh, NC 27617 Phone: (919) 786-2537 Fax: (919) 786-2538 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - IL * 2464 Wisconsin Ave. Downers Grove, IL 60515 Phone: (630) 963-1739 Fax: (630) 963-4841 www.wittrans.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. - VA * 5393 Glen Alden Dr. Richmond, VA 23231 Phone: (804) 226-7815 Fax: (804) 226-7816 www.wittrans.com Winona Van Norman 710 E. 17th St. Witchita, KS 67214 Contact: Darryl Wilson Toll Free: (800) 533-8008 Phone: (316) 219-3500 Fax: (316) 219-3510 info@winonavannorman.com www.winonavannorman.com Worldwide Transmission Group 650 Chruch St. Lake Zurich, IL 60047 Toll Free: (800) 822-1436 Phone: (847) 550-8152 Fax: (847) 550-8183 hardparts@worldwidetransmissions.com www.worldwidetransmissions.com

ZAMCO Tools USA 8603 S. Flores San Antonio, TX 78221 Toll Free: (877) 826-7497 Fax: (210) 924-1036 www.zamcotoolsusa.com Zumbrota Bearing and Gear Inc. 622 West 1st St. Zumbrota, MN 55992 Toll Free: (800) 658-2537 Phone: (507) 732-7994 Fax: (507) 732-5432 www.zbag.com ZF Services, LLC * 777 Hickory Hill Dr. Vernon Hills, IL 60061 Contact: Meagan Moody-Jensen Toll Free: (800) 321-00784 Phone: (847) 478-6868 Fax: (847) 478-6843 meagan.moody-jensen@zf.com www.zf.com/us



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Ewell Dickerson, April 16, 1940November 15, 2013

Ewell Dickerson, owner of Dunn Transmissions in Tyler, Texas, passed away November 15, 2013, after a lengthy illness. He was a longtime ATRA Member; one of the first shop owners to join the newly incorporated Association. Over the years he served on ATRAs board of directors and was a past president of the Association. But that simple description doesnt begin to cover who Ewell was as a person. GEARS Managing Editor Rodger Bland probably put it as succinctly as possible: He was the epitome of the ATRA Good-guy. And theres little doubt that he lived his life as a good and decent man, who devoted his life to helping others. An active member of the Marvin United Methodist Church, Ewell took a leadership role in Marvin Menders; a missions group dedicated to providing home repairs and construction for those in need. He looked forward to Marvins annual mission week every year, and delighted in teaching others how to build and repair. Theresa Hawkins is the office and financial manager for Dunn Transmissions, and a member of the Dickerson family. She knew Ewell forever, and worked with him in the Marvins Menders program. She remembers how accepting he was to work with women in the program. He was meticulous in his work, says Theresa. He measured to the nth; he wanted things to fit perfectly. And he was always excited to work with new people to teach. I learned how to measure from him. And when he passed away, I asked for his measuring tape, because it meant a lot to me. Ewell was also active in the Masonic Lodge and was a member of the Rose Festival Strutters; a group of volunteers who help plan and implement the Tyler Rose Festival every year. And he was a member of Civitan; an 110

association of local civic groups dedicated to helping people in their own communities. Heres what ATRA CEO Dennis Madden had to say about Ewell: I first met Ewell in 1990; Id see him regularly when we did seminars in the Dallas area. He was one of the nicest, kindest, most gentle men Id ever met a very giving person who never expected anything in return. He always knew your name, greeted you with a warm smile and a handshake he took a personal interest in the people he met. Hell be missed. Ewell is survived by Sue, his wife of 54 years; daughter Donna Phillips (Clint); daughter Diane Hawkins (Terry); and son David (Stacy); five grandchildren: Melissa Lee (Chris), Nicole Collins (Joel), James Phillips,

Mia and Anna Dickerson; and four great-granddaughters: Ryan, Reagan, Amelia Lee, and Elenore Collins; as well as many brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. Ewell retired several years ago; Dunn Transmissions is still operating under the supervision Ewells nephew, General Manager Roscoe Dickerson. And it still operates under the philosophy of honesty and integrity that Ewell lived by. Even after retirement Ewell would come to ATRAs EXPO to see old friends and make new ones. Many people still have the small Yellow Rose of Texas he would hand out to friends at the show for their EXPO memento collection. And thats a legacy that any of us would be proud to leave behind. GEARS January/February 2014

Sonnax Adds to Sales Team and Technical Support

Two individuals recently joined Sonnaxs world headquarters in support of the companys commitment to provide outstanding service for rebuilders.

Now in its third year, with station affiliates from coast to coast, Horsepower for an Hour automotive talk radio show is taking America by storm.

Horsepower for an Hour Hottest Auto Talk Radio Show in the U.S.

their active web site and social media pages. Donny Caccamise brings 34 years of automotive experience to the mic; Tom Spence provides 36 years of broadcast experience. Together they create a unique and entertaining automotive specialty show that is truly your ultimate stop in automotive radio. Outside the coverage area? No problem: Tune in anytime via the podcast at www.HorsepowerForAnHour. com. Its your ultimate stop in automotive radio.

Travis Phillips

TransTec Introduces New Transmission Kits

New Anno

The companys newest sales team member is Travis Phillips, a selfdescribed gearhead with more than a decade of success in both sales and service. He is the point person for Sonnaxs growing driveline products, consisting of aluminum yokes, shafts, and bushings, as well as high-quality performance slip yokes.

TransTec has introduced two new kits to their lineup: GM 6T30 2613 for GM 6T30 2612 for Aisin TW-40LS

Brian Wing

The Sonnax technical support group has expanded to include new Technical Writer/Technical Support Representative Brian Wing. He plays a key role in creating and organizing written technical materials, while maintaining close contact with rebuilders as a member of the Sonnax tech support team. A factory-trained BMW master technician, Wing holds an associates degree in automotive technology and brings more than 19 years of repair and diagnostic experience to his position. For more, visit Sonnax on line at www.sonnax.com. GEARS January/February 2014

Its a two-hour, highly producedand-polished show that presents some of the latest and most innovative inforGM 6T30 mation in automotive technology. TransTec overhaul kit 2613 serThe first hour features new car Now available from your trusted source, TransTec overhaul kit vices the GM 6 speed 6T30 transmispreviews, automotive headlines, and This kit services the GM 6 speed 6T30 transmission found in the 2 sion found in: powertrain developments; the second UP Buick Excelle, 2009-UP Chevrolet Aveo, Cruze, Lova, Onix, Orla 2009-up Buick Excelle focuses on performance and hotrod topSonic, Trax, Viva, and 2011-UP Daewoo Gentra, Lacetti models 2009-up Chevrolet Aveo, Cruze, ics everything from superchargers to Lova, Onix, Orlando, Sonic, Trax, performance overdrive systems. Featured and Viva Sub Kits and Components Horsepower for an Hour brings Daewoo Gentra and you fascinating stories, cutting edge TransTec2011-up Description Years news, and cool insights into real-world Number Lacetti Valve body gasket kit Featured Sub Kits and Components 09-UP problems previews of upcoming 4600 3547 Sealing ring kit 09-UP technology behind-the-scenes access 09-UP TransTec Molded rubber pan gasket to industry events insider secrets B34404 Description Years Number Converter hub seal 09-UP about the automotive world and per- B37183 sonal interviews with the greatest per- B37181 Axle seal, left 09-UP Valve body gasket 4600 2009-up sonalities in our field. B37182 Axle seal, right 09-UP kit Youll hear reports on product 3547 Sealing ring kit 2009-up showcases, such as the new Porsche Molded rubber pan 911 GTR, McLarens new MP4 12C B34404 2009-up gasket Kit 2613 is in stock and available for immediate delivery! Spider, and the Ferrari FF; and celebrity interviews with John Force, Adam B37183 Converter hub seal 2009-up Carolla, George Barris, Alexis DeJoria, B37181 Axle seal, left 2009-up J.D. Power, Don (Snake) Prudhomme, Axle seal, right 2009-up Christi Edelbrock, and dozens of oth- B37182 ers. You can even receive answers to 11617 State Route 13 Milan, Ohio 44846 T: 419-499-2502 F: 419-499-2804 www.T your most vexing car problems through
2013 Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies



TransTec overhaul kit 2612 services the Aisin RWD 4-speed TW-40LS transmission. This transmission is found in:


Shop address, Phone #, & Email address and get 90 days of unlimited access at no charge. No sign up or commitment required. After 90 days, sign up or drop the program; theres no commitment. For more, visit www.BulletinFilter. com or contact Thom Tschetter at 480773-3131 or email coachthom@gmail. com.

Alto Introduces New Clutches for Nissan Torque Converters

Precision Introduces New Nissan Kits

1998-up Chevrolet Veryca 2000-07 Ford Pronto 2014 Mitsubishi Mini Cab Van e TransTec2013-up overhaul 2612 which services the Aisin Nissan kit A Van 2004-up Suzuki EveryThis transmission is found in d TW-40LS transmission. 2005-up Suzuki Jimny/Wide models. Featured Sub Kits and Components

Chevrolet Veryca 2000-07 Ford Pronto TransTec Description Years ubishi Mini Cab Van 2013-UP Nissan A Van Number 1998-up Suzuki Jimny/Wide. Suzuki 3571 Every Sealing ring kit 2005-UP
4903 Valve body gasket kit Pan gasket, cork 1998-up

Alto Products Corp now offers friction and steel clutch plates for the Nissan RE7R01A/JR710E torque converter. These plates are available as a complete kit, Alto part number 174759A, or as individual frictions and steel plates under part numbers 174722-180, 174723-180, and 174762A. For more information on these clutches and other Alto products, visit www.altousa.com.

Transmission Specialties Introduces Multi-Plate GM Lockup Kits

B11581 Sub Kits and Components 1998-up Featured and rubber B29172 B37207

Tec ber

Description Rear extension

housing seal

Converter hub seal

1998-up 1998-up

98-UP Precision International now has Overhaul, 98-UP Banner, and Master kits

Sealing ring kit

available for RE4F03A/B 98-UP Overhaul Kit: Bulletin Filter K63900KX-MD (without pistons) 72 Converter hub seal 98-UP Announces Alliance K63900K-MD (with pistons) 07 Rear extension housing seal 98-UP with EasyCatchy Banner Kits: Transmission Specialties of Aston, Bulletin Filter www. K6300KXW/O (without pistons) Pennsylvania, is pleased to introduce BulletinFilter.com performs diagK6300KW/O (with pistons) its new Multi-Plate GM Lockup kits for nostic tech bulletin searches filtered Master Kits: 4L60E, 6L80E, and 4L80 transmissions. by year, make, and model, matched to K6300KX (without pistons) The kits contain a flanged impeller the specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes K6300K (with pistons) hub, billet turbine splines, billet piston, (DTCs), symptoms, and malfunctions Application: and a billet multiplate cover. It comes 12 is in observed. stock and available for immediate delivery! Nissan (USA): 2007-13 Versa with two Raybestos lockup plates with EasyCatchy www.EasyCatchy. Nissan (non-USA): high carbon lining. com combines easy-to-use Customer 2007-13 Bluebird/Slyphy, Livina/ The cover has three popular GM Geniss, Grand Livina, Latio, Relations Management software (CRM) bolt circles to fit multiple flexplates; all March, Micra, Note, Sentra, Teana, to organize, categorize, and prioritize the bearings, O-rings and billet stator Tild/Tatio/Qiday/Yida, Versa, your contacts, along with drip email caps are included. The new kit is patent Wingroad marketing and bulk email. pending; all kits are in stock and ready 2007-09 Cube/Cubic ATRA Members can receive a for shipping. 2007-11 Maxima, Tsuru free, 90-day subscription to Bulletin Contact Ken Kelly at Transmission All kits are available for immediate Specialties, 610-485-9110 or email Filter. Its normally $19.95 per month, but, for a limited time, send an email to delivery. For more, visit Precision on kenktsi@comcast.net. Milan, Ohio 44846 T: 419-499-2502 F: 419-499-2804 www.TransTec.com coachthom@gmail.com with: line at www.transmissionkits.com. Your first and last name, Shop name, NPA 11/18/13

Both kits gasket are in stock Valve body kit and avail-


Pan gasket, cork & rubber

able for immediate delivery.


GEARS January/February 2014

Slauson Opens New Facility in Portland

Slauson Transmission Parts, in association with Perfection Plus, now brings a full line of automatic hard and soft parts to the Pacific Northwest. Located in Portland, Oregon (7500 NE 11th Avenue), the Perfection Plus facility now houses Slausons top quality, reasonably priced line of soft parts and new hard parts, in addition to its own extensive hard parts inventory. Contact your Slauson representative at 800-421-5580 or visit them on line at www.slauson.com for local delivery and free overnight shipping options.

Alto Introduces Audi 7-Speed Clutches to Their Lineup

Corteco is proud to announce the availability of its new overhaul kit for the Allison and 2000, 4th ALLISON LCT 1000 SERIES 2010-UP Generation 2010-on transmission.

Corteco Introduces Allison LCT Series Kits for 2010-on

New Product Announcement

AAM Adds New Camaro Axle Parts

Alto Products Corp now offers friction and steel clutch plates for the Audi 0B5 (DL501) 7-speed, dual-clutch transmission. These plates are offered in complete kits as Alto part numbers 211752 and 211753, or as individual frictions and steel plates. For more information on these clutches and other Alto products, please view their catalog at www.altousa.com.


AAM, a leading manufacturer of axle and drivetrain components for OE vehicles, has announced the addition of new axle parts for 2010-and-newer Chevy Camaros. The new parts are available in three axle sizes:

seal kits, pinion seal, installation kits, and TracRite PC traction enhancing differentials. AAM parts are the same OEM production parts many shops have come to demand when installing replacement parts. AAM parts fit right, install right, and perform right the first time. AAM displayed its new line of Camaro axle parts along with its complete selection of axle and drivetrain components at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. AAM is the aftermarket division of American Axle Manufacturing. Based in Detroit, AAM provides a comprehensive line of aftermarket axle and driveshaft components that were originally built for OE vehicle manufacturers. AAM designs, engineers, tests and validates components to OE exact specifications, which ensures a first-time, proper fit installation. For more information, visit www. demandaam.com, phone 313-758-4176, or email info@aam.com.

Mister Transmission Announces Acquisition by Responsive Brands Inc.

th co is proud to announce the LCT availability of with a new4 overhaul kit for the ers the Allison series n 1000 & 2000 4th Generation 2010-UP transmission. TransTec Generation controls in 2010-on models, aul kit 2627 the Allisonpistons. LCT series with 4th Generation andcovers includes bonded ols in 2010-UP models, and includes bonded pistons. This new kit also offers a change in year coverage on existing kits and

TransTec overhaul kit 2627 cov-

this announcement comes a change year coverage on existing components; refer to chart in for coverage nd components as well. updates. (see chart below) 195mm rear axle 10-bolt Please refer to chart below for coverage updates for immediate shipment.

All kits are in stock and available

For more, visit TransTec on line at Description www.transtec.com. Description

218mm rear axle 10-bolt 250mm ZLI rear axle bolt AAM Chevy Camaro axle parts Yearssets, bearing kits, output include gear
06-09 06-UP



Years 2006-09 2006-on 2010-on 2000-on 2006-on 2000-on 2000-09 2010-on


2504 2627

10-UP Generation) 00-UP Overhaul Kit w/o Bonded Pistons (4th Generation)

Overhaul Kit w/Bonded Pistons (4th Generation)

00-UP 00-09 10-UP


B82277 B82278 B82276 B82498

C1 Clutch, Balance Piston C2 Clutch, Balance Piston C3 and C4 Clutch Piston C3 and C4 Clutch Piston


C1 Clutch, Balance Piston (4th Generation)

All kits are in stock and available for immediate shipment

Mister Transmission (International) Limited, Canadas largest chain of transmission and driveline repair shops, is pleased to announce that their interests have been sold to Responsive Brands Inc. Randy Moore, president and CEO of Mister Transmission (International) Limited, states It was a difficult decision for the Brillinger family to divest their interests in the Mister Transmission business. However, we all agreed that it was the right thing and we are ecstatic that we have chosen the absolute best partner for us. Responsive and the existing Mister Transmission team are equally committed to increasing our value to the franchisees, growing same store sales, and growing our franchisee base. Mister Transmission www. mistertransmission.com is Canadas leading franchise organization of transmission repair and technology specialists. We are actively looking for great employees and franchisees. Responsive Brands Inc www. responsivebrands.ca is a private company making private placements in strongly branded companies. 113

GEARS January/February 2014



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Authorized Parts Distributor

Division of Wentworth Engineering

We are a full line supplier with 3 locations to serve you. Automatic, Standard, Transfer Case Parts. New & Used. Our Machine Shop rebuilds pumps, converters repairs drums and welds aluminum...

Reman Trans 6HP - 5HP - 4HP BMW - Audi - Jaguar - Range Rover Valve Bodies & Torque Converters

Hard Parts: NEW / USED / REMANUFACTURED Soft Parts / Friction Kits / Steel Kits / Repair Manuals Lifetime Fluids / Rebuild Kits / Valvebody Kits

Mention this ad and receive a 10% discount off any ticket $500-$1000. One time use. Thru nov 2013


Fax: (860) 395-0047

146B Elm St., Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Foreign & Domestic
Off Vehicle Flash Programming
Computer Module Specialist


A/C COMPRESSORS A/C Parts Specialist

Engine Control Module (ECM) Transmission Control Module (TCM)

Accept Major Credit Cards

One Year Warranty


Technologies, Inc.


8515 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77037

CASH for

Its a good one!

Solenoid CORES
Aisin AW 5- & 6-Speed Chrysler 45RFE/545RFE/68RFE (early & late) & 62TE *Ford 5R55N/W/S & E4OD/4R100 Honda 5-Speed Dual Linear

Sprinter Ansermatic sTested

Visit www.sonnax.com to start a core return online, or call (800) 843-2600, Ext. 379
*OE & Remanufactured

1-800-369-6601 silverstartransmission.com

Remanufactured Transmissions with Converter IN STOCK

Dyno Tested

GEARS January/February 2014


Equipment Manufacturing Corp.

BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi

Remanufactured to Perfection
Hundreds of Transmissions in-stock. Immediate installation available. 2 year unlimited warranty. Dyno-tested. Remanufactured torque converter included.


In Stock

Toll free 800 - 372 - TRANS

1331 Rollins Road Burlingame, CA 94010 tel 650 - 348 - 3990 fax 650 - 348 - 3019



Just Ask!

Hard partsneed one? Need 100? Cant find what youre looking for?

G-CorAutomotive.com 1.877.888.5160

GEARS January/February 2014

gcor-td-225x3-blue.indd 1 2/28/12 9:32 PM




GEARS Shopper advertising costs $325.00 for a one time insertion ad, (2 1/4 X 3) 2.25 X 3. Larger ads can be placed elsewhere in the magazine and are charged at comparable rates. Check or money order must accompany all orders. For information on Shopper advertising in GEARS, contact GEARS, 2400 Latigo Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030, or call (805) 604-2000.


Fix it in less than fifteen minutes with one of our easy to use kits. No machine shop required.


Standard Transmissions Transfer Cases New & Used Parts Rebuilt Units *ONE CALL DOES IT ALL*

Northland Transmission Inc.




Phone: 715-458-2617

Fax: 715-458-2611

4 3 2 7


* Complete Remanufactured* *Individually Tested* *SONNAX Updates* * 1 YR Warranty* *Tech Support* *Family Owned & Operated* *Nationwide Shipping* *N NOW OFFERING *SONNAX Updated Pumps*

(877) 337 - 4681



HARD PARTS FOR Domestic and Foreign AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS Late and Early models

Have you ever wondered where your competitors are buying their parts? We are the premier wholesale provider of new and remanufactured manual transmissions, transfer cases, differentials,and all related components.
622 West 1st Street Zumbrota, MN 55992 1-800-658-2537 Multiple Distribution Locations

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Overhaul System!

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GEARS January/February 2014

Transfer Case Assemblies with Encoder Motors Reman Transmissions New & Reman Engines 3 yr./100,000 Mile Parts & Labor Warranty Nationwide Delivery Truckload Pricing
Only at

SPRINTER Transmissions
Remanufactured Sprinter 722.6 Transmissions

Updated with latest Sonnax performance parts

3-year/100,000-mile warranty



Leading The Industry Since 1978



www. Trans-Tool .com

1285 Embarcadero Oakland, CA

600 Bruckner Road Spartanburg, SC

Best! Expect the

Quality Remanufactured Torque Converters

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GEARS January/February 2014



January/February 2014

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Maxx Fluxx Bushings

Minimal or No Adjustment Required

Innovative Solenoid Solutions

For The Ford 5R55N/W/S

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Available Nationwide.
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has multiple locations (860) 388-4418 (503) 284-0768 (713) 697-5511 (641) 394-5955 (305) 642-4621 (305) 885-7355

Highest Quality Remanufactured Valve Bodies

A&REDS Transmission Parts Eriksson Industries Transmission Exchange Co. Autocomp Technologies Precision of New Hampton Inc Lory Transmission Parts Miami Transmission Kits

PRO-Proven BEST In The Industry PRO-Proven Best Warranty PRO-Proven Best Unparalleled Product Support

License #0564249

Sales@ValveBodyPros.com ValveBodyPros.com

Valve Body Pro

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ART Auto Sport Unlimited (616) 748-5725 Remanufactured Transmissions Weller Auto Trucks Instaclean Silver Star Transmission Trans-Pac Motor Parts Transfer Case Express Has many different shop locations (928) 680-4445 (405) 330-9300 (310) 637-9156 has multiple locations

Domestic and Foreign Repair Manuals Available at Everyday LOW Prices Call Today 800-428-8489!!!


BUSINESS FOR SALE: 12 Bay Transmission Shop with 7 lifts and over $200,000 worth of equipment and inventory includes modern 12 camera DVR , large waste oil heater , customer list going back 10 years and much more asking $180,000. Also available 9800 sq. ft. building for sale or rent located less than half a block from one of the busiest 4 lane highways in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Call Lucy Sane (706) 979-1287. ATRA Mbr
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HELP WANTED: Inside Sales International clutch plate manufacturer seeking an inside sale position. Good Technical skills and experience in automatic transmission parts is preferred. Send resume to: hr@altousa.com. ATRA Mbr HELP WANTED: Well established transmission shop with multiple locations looking Service Writer, R&R Technician and Trainee/Driver. Contact (818) 8238685 or (714) 552-6608. ATRA Mbr

atra bookstore.indd 2

EQUIPMENT FOR SALE: TCRS single gun torque converter welder. Works good with all adapters. For information or photos please contact Marcin at (239) 7078054. ATRA Mbr
Success Through Training!

8/24/12 1:18 AM

future. Shop is located approx 30 minutes from the beaches, mild winters, and within minutes of the St. Johns river, world famous for its great shing! Great relocation opportunity for the right technician, no state or local income taxes! Contact Jason for more information: aamco356@gmail.com. ATRA Mbr HELP WANTED: Experienced Installer/ Swingman who wants to learn to rebuild from a master rebuilder. Must have current references, 40 hours per week, no weekends, A/C in the summer and Waste oil heat in the winter, 401k plan, one week paid vacation after one year. Call Jay at (860) 646-0022 - 24/7, Manchester CT. ATRA Mbr

HELP WANTED: Large 12 bay shop searching for a driveability / diagnostic technician in the Jacksonville, FL area. Experience required, w/ good leadership skills. Locally owned and operated, looking for a new addition for our team to continue to grow in the


GEARS January/February 2014

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GEARS January/February 2014


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ATRAs Powertrain Expo 2014 .......................................................45 www.powertrainexpo.com ATRA Seminars ........................................................................52, 53 members.atra.com A & Reds Transmission Parts.........................................................55 www.areds.com A&A Midwest ..................................................................................56 www.aamidwest.com Adapt A Case..................................................................................57 http://adapt-a-case.com ATK and Parts, LLC........................................................................51 www.atkits.com Autoshop Solutions ........................................................................59 www.autoshopsolutions.com BAAN Powertrain Corp...................................................................61 www.baanpowertrain.com BorgWarner Automotive ...........................................................15, 62 www.borgwarner.com Capital Core Inc..............................................................................41 http://cctransmissionparts.com CVC - Consolidated Vehicle Converters ........................................63 www.cvcconverters.com ETE Reman ......................................................................................3 www.etereman.com EVT Parts .............................................................................OBC, 65 www.evtparts.com Exedy Globalparts Corporation ......................................................67 www.exedyusa.com Ford Customer Service Division.......................................................9 www.fordparts.com G-Cor Automotive Corp ............................................................35, 69 www.g-corautomotive.com GearSpeed .....................................................................................40 www.gearspeedpartsstore.com GEARS Magaizne ........................................................................109 www.gearsmagazine.com Gear Box ........................................................................................71 www.raybestospowertrain.com GFX, Inc .........................................................................................39 www.gfxcorp.com G-TEC, Inc. ....................................................................................73 www.g-tec.com H & A Transmissions, Inc. ..............................................................75 www.hnatrans.com Jasper Engines & Transmissions ...........................................77, IBC www.jasperengines.com K B Cores, Inc. ...............................................................................79 www.kbcores.com

Life Automotive Products Inc..........................................................13 www.smartblend.com Mid States Transmission Parts.......................................................41 http://mstp.net/ Omega Machine & Tool, Inc. ..........................................................81 www.omegamachine.com Power Pusher By Nu-Star, Inc. ......................................................83 www.powerpusher.com Precision European Inc .................................................rider, 85, 119 www.PEIus.com Precision International ....................................................................21 www.transmissionkits.com Raybestos Powertrain ................................................................7, 87 www.raybestospowertrain.com RMP Powertrain Solutions Inc. ................................................19, 89 www.powertrainsolutions.com Seal Aftermarket Products..............................................................25 www.sealaftermarketproducts.com Slauson Transmission Parts ...........................................................27 www.slauson.com Sonnax Industries......................................................................... IFC www.sonnax.com Superior Transmission Parts ..........................................................43 www.superior-transmission.com Sussex Auto Parts Ltd. ...................................................................91 www.sussexautos.com Teal Automotive, Inc. ......................................................................93 www.tealautomotiveinc.com Teckpak-Fitzall ................................................................................37 www.teckpak-fitzall.com Transmission Exchange Co. ..........................................................95 http://transmissionsuperstore.com Transmission Remanufacturing Company LLC..............................97 www.transmissionrebuildcenter.com Transmission Specialties ..........................................................31, 99 www.transmission-specialties.com Transtar Industries, Inc. ..........................................................17, 101 www.transtar1.com TransTec By CORTECO.................................................................33 www.transtec.com Valve Body Pro .............................................................................103 www.valvebodypro.com VBX - ValveBody Xpress, Inc. ................................................29, 105 www.valvebodyxpress.com Whatever It Takes Transmission Parts, Inc. ............................ 11,107 www.wittrans.com

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GEARS January/February 2014


A340 O/D Planet Set

V6 $125 V8 $175