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E62 US en[1]

E62 US en[1]


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user guide for nokia e62 phone
user guide for nokia e62 phone

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Published by: saintclock on Jul 19, 2007
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Select Menu > Office > Notes.

You can create and send notes to other compatible devices, and save plain text files (.txt format) that you receive to Notes.

To write a new note, select Options > New note, write the text and press Done.

In the Notes main view, the following options are available:
•Open — Open the selected note.
•Send — To send the selected note, select Via text message, Via multimedia, Via e-mail, Via Bluetooth, or Via infrared as the

sending method.
•New note — Create a new note.
•Delete — Delete the selected note.
•Mark/Unmark — Select a note or multiple notes, and apply the same rule to each.
•Synchronization — Select Start to initialize synchronization or Settings to define the synchronization settings for the note.
When viewing a note, select Options > Find to search the note for a phone number, Internet telephone address, e-mail or Web

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