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user guide for nokia e62 phone
user guide for nokia e62 phone

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Published by: saintclock on Jul 19, 2007
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You can create four types of calendar entries:
•Meeting entries have a specific date and time.
•Memo entries are related to the whole day but not to a specific time of the day. Memo entries do not appear in the weekly
time schedule view.
•Anniversary entries remind you of birthdays and special dates. They refer to a certain day but not a specific time of the day.
Anniversary entries are repeated every year.
•To-do note entries remind you of a task that has a due date but not a specific time of the day.
To create a calendar entry, scroll to a date, and select Options > New entry. Select an entry type. Available settings for meeting,
memo, anniversary, and to-do entries vary.

Select from the following:
•Subject or Occasion — Enter a description for the entry.
•Location — Enter any necessary location information.
•Start time — Enter the start time.
•End time — Enter the end time.
•Start date or Date — Enter the start date or date the event occurs.
•End date — Enter the end date.
•Alarm — Set an alarm for meeting and anniversary entries. The alarm is displayed in the Day view.
•Repeat — Specify whether you want the entry to be repeated and when. Define the repeat type, frequency, and possible

ending date.

•Synchronization — If you select Private, the calendar entry can be seen only by you and is not shown to others with online
access to view the calendar. If you select Public, the calendar entry is shown to others who have access to view your calendar
online. If you select None, the calendar entry is not copied to your PCwhen you synchronize.

Tip: Make sure you have selected the correct city in the Clock application, because scheduled calendar entries may
change when the current city is changed and is on another time zone.

To open and edit an existing entry, scroll to the entry, and select Options > Open. Edit the details in the various fields.

Tip: When you edit or delete a repeated entry, choose how you want the change to take effect. If you select All calendar
entries deleted, all repeated entries are deleted. If you select Delete entry, only the current entry is deleted.

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