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E62 US en[1]

E62 US en[1]


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user guide for nokia e62 phone
user guide for nokia e62 phone

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Published by: saintclock on Jul 19, 2007
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Outline view enables you to open and navigate worksheets, charts, and named cells.

In outline view, each worksheet has its own main level icon. Under the main level there are sub-items for charts and named

To open the outline view, scroll to the folder and file, and press the joystick. The outline view opens. Recently used worksheet
opens the latest view and settings.

To show and hide charts and cells, scroll to the worksheet, press the joystick, and select Options > Collapse or Expand.

To delete or rename worksheets, charts, or named cells, scroll to the item, and select Options > Worksheet, Chart, or Named
cell, and the appropriate option.

To create a new worksheet, chart, or named cell, scroll to the position you want to add the new item, and select Options >
Insert > Worksheet, Chart, or Named cell.

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