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user guide for nokia e62 phone
user guide for nokia e62 phone

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Published by: saintclock on Jul 19, 2007
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Select Options > Edit or New landmark > Enter manually. Enter location, name, category, address, latitude, longitude, or altitude.

With each landmark, select Options and from the following options:
•Select categories — Organize the landmark in a group of similar landmarks. Scroll to the category, and press the joystick to
modify landmark information. Landmark information may include a name, category, address, latitude, longitude and altitude.
•Current position — Request and automatically fill in the geographical latitude and longitude coordinates to make a landmark
of your current location.
•Landmark icon — Change the icon of the landmark. Scroll to the desired icon, and press the joystick.
•Send — Send the landmark to compatible devices.
Available options may vary.

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