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AGS/AJHS greatest features

By Nickolau Gabin D Dela Cruz 8-Campion

The best features in AJHS/AGS is way too many to describe so Ill just pick some out from random. Well the first is the people that stay in the Ateneo itself. For one reason they are polite, courteous and humble people from the headmaster to the janitors. Another one of the many great things in the Ateneo is the events that take place. The students always look forward to is the ACT plays. Other such events are the contests which test the class representatives in English, Filipino and Math. I am proud that the Ateneo has is the classes themselves. They all have a distinct feature that differs from one class to another. The Coca or clubs are one of the many ways to let the students enjoy what they enjoy the most. The library has a wide assortment of books so that any bookworm would not get bored of the library easily. The last but the greatest is the building in the Ateneo. All the building that have the students study in is named after past headmasters. Other buildings like the blue eagle gym and the Irwin theater.