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Dear Parents, We had such a fantastic term leading up to Christmas, and already we are extending our learning in term

2. This letter will give you a brief overview of what the children will be learning, as well as providing some important information such as dates for events, which will allow you to begin to plan your schedule for the next few months. The topics for term 2 will be based around the circus; where we live; toys and food. Each topic is carefully planned, incorporating a range of activities that support the childrens learning within seven areas of development according to the Early Years Curriculum. As part of their learning experience, this term we are planning to take the children on an educational trip. Further information will be sent in advance once we have confirmed a location and selected a date. The following table shows you some examples of the types of skills and activities that the children will be experiencing:
Personal, Social & Emotional Development Show increasing independence in selecting and carrying out activities. Talk freely about their home and community. Begin to accept the needs of others. Form friendships with other children. Take initiatives and manage developmentally appropriate tasks. Have an awareness and pride in self as own identity and abilities. Operate independently within the environment and show confidence in linking up with others for support and guidance. Communication and Language Use a greater range of vocabulary to communicate with others, expressing their own wants and needs. Enhance listening skills in small groups. Use talk, actions and objects to recall and relive past experiences. Literacy

Physical Development Balance on various parts of the body. Operate equipment by means of pushing and pulling movements. Further develop skills with small equipment such as mark making equipment and small world toys, as well as balls, quoits and various other PE equipment. Develop travelling skills such as running, skipping and jumping. Show increasing control over clothing particularly fastenings.

Show increasing awareness of rhyme and alliteration. Suggest how a story might end. Use pencils and other writing and mark making instruments with increasing control. Taking opportunities to draw and play-write for different situations. Enjoy an increasing range of books. Maths Use number names accurately in play. Compare two groups of objects, saying when they have the same number. Show awareness of similarities in shapes in the environment. Show interest in shape by sustained construction activity or by talking about shapes or arrangements. Estimate how many objects they can see and check by counting them. Describe solutions to practical problems, drawing on experience, talking about own ideas, methods and choices. Understanding of the World

Expressive Arts and Design Make comparisons and create new connections. Experiment to create different textures. Respond to comments and questions, entering into dialogue about their creations. Construct with a purpose in mind, using a variety of resources.

Explain own knowledge and understanding, and ask appropriate question of others. Begin to understand differences between past and present. Make short-term future plans. Continue to build a good foundation of a variety of ICT skills.

PE Gymnastics - Children will investigate movement, stillness, and how to find and use space safely; explore basic gymnastic actions like travelling on the floor and using apparatus. They will be expected to copy, remember and repeat, short movement phrases of like linked actions, e.g. two jumps, or two rolls. Swimming - Children will have the opportunity to start building confidence in a swimming pool, become aware of safety measures and how important they are, learn personal survival techniques, learn travelling techniques with the use of water wings and play simple games. Music The children will be learning about loud and quiet sounds. They will learn how to control their own vocal sounds and also how to control the volume while playing percussion instruments. They will also continue to add percussion instruments to different kinds of music and add movements to several kinds of songs as well. Portuguese During term two, Reception PFL (Portuguese as a Foreign Language) children will be involved in three different Language Units: Weather and Seasons, Food and Story Telling. The main objective throughout these units is to develop childrens vocabulary, making them feel confident about the Portuguese Language, and improve social language skills in interactive and fun activities. In order to develop these abilities, children will be involved in speaking, listening and art areas. Reception Brazilian children (as well as foreigners who speak Portuguese) will continue with their Portuguese language lessons based on the Brazilian National Curriculum in order to keep up with national objectives for primary education. More details on their weekly topics can be found in our Portuguese Blog. (http://bcbspecialists.weebly.com/portuguese.html).

Please make a note of the following dates for the upcoming term. We hope by sending these to you in advance it will allow you to plan for your child:
January 27th ASA Options Open

February 4th ASAs Begin 7th Reception Class Assembly at 2:30pm 10th School Photographs, Individuals and Siblings 12th School Photographs, Class Photos 14th Non-Uniform Day (Valentines Day) 18th BCBs Got Talent Final 28th - Carnival Competition - (Non-Uniform Day - House Colours) March 3rd 5th School Closed (Carnival) 6th - 7th - Book Days (7th - Non-Uniform Day Favourite Book Character) 10th Swimming Begins 21st- Reports Sent Home 22nd - International Day at WL Campus Week Beginning 31st - Parent / Teacher Consultations April 2nd ASAs Finish 14th - Term 3 ASA Options Open 16th Non-Uniform Day Topsy Turvy 17th End of Term 2, School Finishes at 12pm.

We would like to thank you in advance for your continued support. Should you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me. Yours sincerely, Mrs. Tracey Thomas Reception Teacher- tracey.thomas@britishcollegebrazil.org

Miss. Marcela Pasquini Reception Teaching Assistant